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2001-09-17 12:33:11 PM  
ahhhhhhhhhh, the Buscemi story is alive and well

God speed Steve Buscemi
2001-09-17 12:48:55 PM  
huzzah for buscemi, wheres his tag?

he hasnt been debunkededed yet!
2001-09-17 12:54:11 PM  
Sweet, thanks to whomever submitted this, I've been wondering what all is true and what isn't.
2001-09-17 12:55:43 PM  
Whats this about Buscemi??? I must have missed this one.
2001-09-17 12:56:45 PM  
what kind of psyco fakes a call from her husband traped in the the fallin building mess. sick lady, i put her in the, killed my seven kids, mental disorder needs attention group.
2001-09-17 01:07:17 PM  
i said again and again to the farkers annoyance that the story of the guy "riding the building down" was not true. in fact, could not be true.
a soft fleshy man, falling 80 stories with another 30 stories crashing down on his head stands as much chance of surviving as does a watermelon placed inside an industrial blender set to HIGH.

hate to say i told you so. but i told you so.
2001-09-17 01:12:45 PM  
Dunno about there, but I've heard more than one kid here, when seeing the planes hit:
"Oh, cool!"
2001-09-17 01:13:32 PM  
The riding the rubble down rumor is from the cop who was pulled out and said he was on the 82nd floor when the building collapsed, the idiot news reporter said something to the effect of "he rode the rubble down" or whatever,
2001-09-17 01:21:09 PM  
Tooth, are you saying that the cop claimed to be on the 82nd floor but was lying? or that the reporter made it up?
(maybe the cop was on the 82nd floor of 2nd building when the first fell?)
he sure didn't run down the stairs faster than the building

The Buscemi story is that he showed up Wednesday in his old firemans suit (why would he still have it?) and is helping in the relief efforts.

Even if it ain't true, he still whoops Walken in a fight.

you say potato, i say potato
2001-09-17 01:22:37 PM  
We had an extended discussion of "what would you do" this weekend. You know, what would you do if you KNEW wht building was going to collapse. Lots of serious thought.

But the best answer was: "I'd strip naked, make a cape out of something and jump off the roof."

"That way, I'd be the endless loop that they keep playing. Also, nobody would wonder if I was alive or dead."

Gotta love a sense of humor in a time of pain.
2001-09-17 01:25:26 PM  
How about the rumor that there were still 4 hijacked planes in the sky after the 4 that went down? Some of the networks were reporting this very early on in the coverage, then it just disappeared.
2001-09-17 01:34:10 PM  
Okay, does anyone have the real scoop on the "Celebrating Palestinians" footage?

First I heard it was from 1991, then someone said "no, one of the kids has a shirt from some 1996 event", then the shirt was from a 1998 event... and this article doesn't really clarify anything.
2001-09-17 01:43:42 PM  
What about Whitney Houston having an overdose?
2001-09-17 01:44:45 PM  
Agreed. If you knew you were going to die, why not do it with a little bit of pazzazz!
2001-09-17 01:45:41 PM  
What about the rumor that J-Lo accidently brushed her butt against the tower and it came down?
2001-09-17 01:48:15 PM  
Ah, I see there's an entire thread devoted to the CNN footage. Nevermind, then.
2001-09-17 01:53:14 PM  
What about the supposed State Department car bomb? Remember that?
2001-09-17 01:57:46 PM  
it probably was from 1991 (my opinion). however,

1. this does not mean that there werent people celebrating. there were.
2. even though there were people celebrating doesnt mean that using footage from 1991 is "ok".

it came from 1996! 1998! its recent! we swear it!
its all propaganda.

bush. legit president? accident? conspiracy?
for a guy with not so wonderful approval ratings, a questional election, who deliberately cut taxes he knew the country couldnt afford to set the stage to further his corporate agendas, he sure is doing well now, isnt he?

osama bin ladin? emanuel goldstein?

we are all being subtley manipulated. good questions:
who is saying this? do we have proof? does what i'm hearing make logical sense? what happened? what could have happened? why did this happen? why did this happen right at this moment? who benifits from this happening?

on an aside, interesting article here:
2001-09-17 02:45:50 PM  
"You hear about jim. Yeah, he passed away. Just silently in his chair. Ahh yeah, but did you hear about Ed? Ed? He died! He had a 30 minute seizure in the hotel lobby. He actualy had bellhops appluading at the end." - Carlin
2001-09-17 03:01:33 PM  
Fox News was the one that reported the lady with the cell phone and reporting the 10 policemen and fire men still alive under the rubble. They were interviewing 2 rescue working that were telling a Fox reporter what was happenng. These two workers said they were pulling people out alive. Thought this was stange from everything I was hearing. No one else was reporting this BIG NEWS ITEM. A good example of going for the ratings me thinks.
2001-09-17 03:42:26 PM  
The American public still doesn't know for sure if Richard Gere ever really got a gerbil stuck in his ass.

Thanks for nothing, St. Petersburg times.
2001-09-17 03:43:08 PM  
That's interesting about bin Laden's brothers in Boston. Can you imagine being one of them? And I thought my brother could be embarrassing.
2001-09-17 03:45:30 PM  
12345678: "does what i'm hearing make logical sense?"

Does what you're saying make logical sense?

In a word, no.
2001-09-17 03:46:28 PM  
12345678: Interesting......godd theory , youre thinking it not tofar from mine . Ok , give a gun and bring me the president . I wanna know the true NOW !
2001-09-17 03:52:07 PM  
WoodyTX: Sorry to hear that. Keep trying.
2001-09-17 04:38:39 PM  
I thought the guy "riding the building down" rumor was true. I saw some doctor from St. Vincent's talking about it on NBC news over the weekend. He said the guy was a cop and that he had very few injuries, but that his kidneys were failing. Was that just a lying NBC production assistant in scrubs?
2001-09-17 04:53:04 PM  
Incidentally, doo-dah, doo-dah.
2001-09-17 05:10:06 PM  
What about the report last week that a second (much smaller) debris field, several miles from the main wreckage, was found from the PA crash?
2001-09-17 06:12:56 PM  
it was probably shot down. which makes sense actually. if you saw three planes get plowed into major building with massive loss of life, and one was left in the air ready to do the same, what other options are there?
2001-09-17 08:18:53 PM  
to fart.
2001-09-18 07:15:13 PM  
When I die, I am going to be cremated, have my wife put me in the douche bag, and run me through one last time... What a way to go!!!
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