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(IOL.co.za)   New diet lets you eat anything you want as long as you struggle for two hours to pick it up with chopsticks   ( iol.co.za) divider line
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2003-03-17 02:23:45 PM  
I don't think I'd choose something called fish pie if I could eat anything.
2003-03-17 04:14:11 PM  
Never mind those of us who actually are not lame and can eat with chopsticks.

2003-03-17 04:34:46 PM  
i HATE tat goddamn song
2003-03-17 05:13:39 PM  
Since learning how to use them a million years ago, I actually find myself eating a lot of things with chopsticks. Salads, hot peppers out of a jar, Cheetos, Doritos. You can eat Cheetos and Doritos without getting orange shiat on your fingers, and when you eat salad with chopsticks you don't stab holes in the styrofoam thus causing the dressing to run out all over your desk. Much more "civilized" that way.
2003-03-17 09:13:47 PM  
Could work for people that use food to entertain themselves. To bad those people are way too lazy and will pick up a fork after 3 minutes.
2003-03-17 09:14:25 PM  
i hate the damn french.
2003-03-17 09:14:28 PM  
Let's not forget the nearly 1.5 billion folks in Asia that do this everyday and don't suffer obesity.
Leave it to an American to teach themself how to use chopsticks to pick up a Big Mac. Debu na baka
2003-03-17 09:15:34 PM  
..."And I will lose weight?"

"You might... it's a free country!"
2003-03-17 09:15:46 PM  
Does stabbing things with a sharpened chop stick count?
2003-03-17 09:15:48 PM  
hey, I can use chopsticks.. guess I get to be fat then huh?
2003-03-17 09:16:04 PM  
I learned to use chopsticks. Very handy. Not like this impacts any of you though...
2003-03-17 09:16:10 PM  
I don't know. I can wolf down a good Oriental meel pretty quickly using chopsticks......
2003-03-17 09:16:54 PM  
If I ate everything I could with chopsticks, I'd be mighty fat!
2003-03-17 09:16:58 PM  
I use chopsticks to eat most everything already.
2003-03-17 09:17:05 PM  

My first FARK spelling error! Yay!
Azz [TotalFark]
2003-03-17 09:18:29 PM  
chickity* china the chinese chicken...

* = sp?

2003-03-17 09:18:56 PM  
Pardon me if this sounds like a waste of my time.

Along the way, she dropped several dress sizes and, she says, learnt to love her body.

How inspiring.
2003-03-17 09:18:57 PM  
how bout u can eat whatever u want if u can eat it with ur teeth together
2003-03-17 09:18:58 PM  

or meatmouth
2003-03-17 09:19:39 PM  
"More than half of the UK's population is now officially overweight or obese, and as the nation has ballooned,"

Aha! A typo. They surely mean "the United States' population".
2003-03-17 09:21:38 PM  
But you can spear twinkies. You can spear a lot of twinkies with one chop stick.

I was at a bar in S. Jersey this weekend and I noticed how many fatasses there were. Especially with the women. Christ at least the guys weren't all wearing skimpy clothes. I wanted to put my eyes out. That and they didn't have yuengling...just budweiser.
2003-03-17 09:23:16 PM  
hey sockmonkey - what town / what bar in south jers? i enjoy frequenting those establishments in order to laugh at smelly toothless fatties.
2003-03-17 09:27:07 PM  
No...80% of the US population is fat...10% are anorexic/bulemic, and the rest suck. ;)
2003-03-17 09:27:11 PM  
[image from minnesotatwisters.com too old to be available]
2003-03-17 09:29:03 PM  
Roughly 47 hours or so until the Fernch lose their arms sales dollars from Iraq.
2003-03-17 09:29:29 PM  
I thought those were just oversized toothpicks... silly me!
2003-03-17 09:29:39 PM  
uh, and the French, too.
2003-03-17 09:31:06 PM  
Drinking 80oz of water a day is more effective.
2003-03-17 09:33:23 PM  
"The trick is to eat only because you are hungry and stop when you are full"

No shiat, really?

Chopsticks aren't that tough to use for most things.

Why is the concept of "stop eating when you are full" such a revelation?
2003-03-17 09:36:54 PM  
Toiretachi "Debu na baka"

Hmm my Nihongo is (quite) a bit rusty, I know "baka no gaijin" (and I'm sure I even got that wrong) baka is sick/crazy, right? what is debu?
2003-03-17 09:38:33 PM  
I'm afraid I still eat like a crazed barricuda when I use chopsticks.
2003-03-17 09:39:56 PM  
Chopsticks are just as fast if you know how to use them, ie if you aren't a total insular xenophobic loser.
2003-03-17 09:40:58 PM  
Puffy999 - Yeah, so it goes.

It sounds from this article that the UK is about as bad off as the USA is in regard to obesity.

I'm thinking that the rate of obesity in the US is in the same neighborhood as that of any other wealthy, developed country.
2003-03-17 09:41:29 PM  

Now that feel better !
2003-03-17 09:41:45 PM  
Stopping eating when you are full is not easy for everyone. When I'm goin down on some good food like a giant sub or a plate of spaghetti...the signal of fullness takes about ten minutes to register after I am actually full. I have tested this time and again by intentionally stopping halfway through a meal and noting that my appetite drops drastically after about ten mintutes.
2003-03-17 09:42:50 PM  
I live for Ban Pho...(Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup)...The only soup you can eat with a spoon, and chopsticks...

Acutally, I like chop sticks. It is easier to eat food with them then a fork sometimes.

Cute girls Hollaback Thanks ! :)
2003-03-17 09:42:51 PM  
GojiraXP -- "debua na baka" means fat idiot
2003-03-17 09:43:44 PM  
Thanks Hollaback for posting the hotties using chopsticks.
2003-03-17 09:43:48 PM  
sorry, "debu"

damn, should have checked my typing before hitting send
2003-03-17 09:46:58 PM  
GIS for chopstick:

[image from too old to be available]

Hope she washes them before putting them back in the rack...
2003-03-17 09:47:20 PM  
Yep, Chopsticks are fun. A friend and I routinely challenge each other to see what we can manage to eat with them. We haven't attempted a Big Mac yet (but, honestly, they fall apart even when you're eating with your hands) but we can shovel rice almost as fast as Genma, and in one impressive display, we ate a bowl of jello with 'em. (and I do mean using them properly, not stabbing)
2003-03-17 09:48:25 PM  
Thank you, Kawada. My prof in "History of Japanese Culture, 19th and 20th centuries" back in college said he used to get called "baka no gaijin" (possibly "baka na gaijin") when he lived there to study. This was a result of his admittedly very eccentric behavior, which entertained his hosts no end. He wasn't specific about the meaning of baka (other than to say it wasn't polite enough for us to be learning in basic Japanese, which I was also taking at the time), but from context I took it to mean crazy-sick. Idiot works there too.

I haven't had a need to excercise the Japanese language courses I took back then (recently, anyway). I've a great interest in it, but as we have a native speaker handling that language where I work, my skills there aren't needed. (sadly, she doesn't seem too interested in them either...)
2003-03-17 09:49:10 PM  
Do you know how easy it is to eat Twinkies with chopsticks? Just spear the darn things and stuff them in your mouth.
2003-03-17 09:49:48 PM  
Heh, no problem, figured it was a mistype. I know just enough about Japanese to know that "debua" didn't have a likely end for a word in that context. :)
2003-03-17 09:51:16 PM  
WizardX -- Never done jello with chopsticks, but I can't imagine it being any more difficult than tofu, which I've eaten with chopsticks a lot. More often than I'd like actually--I've got no love for that stuff.
2003-03-17 09:51:50 PM  
A bigot is a bigot, whether he's speaking English or Japanese.
2003-03-17 09:53:38 PM  
Genki831 That is true, and I'm sure the slowness of eating helps that 10 minute lag go by and is one reason why that works. The thing is, if someone needs to lose weight, and KNOWS that if they slow the heck down they won't eat so much, well they shouldn't need external mechanisms to enforce that.

That and I don't eat any slower with sticks than with fork and knife (except for rice on a plate. It belongs in a bowl where it can be shoveled properly without getting it on the table).
2003-03-17 09:55:32 PM  
I tried this diet and ended up looking like a damn hermit crab. All the muscles in my right hand bulked up, and I never could get the hang of it with my left. Really messed up my sex life, too.
2003-03-17 09:55:38 PM  
Scrotar: clarify the bigot comment, please? I re-read the thread and can't find a bigoted comment there.
2003-03-17 10:02:30 PM  
I'm proud to say I am a chopstick virtuoso - I hold pens in a strange way using all 5 finger tips and I adapted this odd grasping technique to perfectly fit chopsticks. Since I live in a predominantly Asian neighbourhood, I impress my friends by picking up individual grains of rice while they struggle to pick up noodles, even though some of them use chopsticks daily.

The chopsticks diet or whatever else is proposed in that article only makes sense if you are eating food that is prepared right and cooked in small pieces - eating a 12oz steak with chopsticks is retarded and borders on impossible. Stabbing does *not* count as proper technique; it renders chopsticks into forks, and if you stab food with chopsticks you might as well use a fork and not look like an idiot.
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