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(The Smoking Gun)   The world's ugliest hooker? Mug shot and police report from "CumFest 2003" hotel orgy. TSG is there   ( divider line
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183999 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Mar 2003 at 11:18 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-17 11:34:57 AM  
She even took the time to comb her bangs down over her Par 6 forehead. That's like adding a sprinkle of glitter to a couple of festering anal boils. Talk about gilding the lily.
2003-03-17 11:35:29 AM  
You guys ever see TSG's Attractive Mugshot list? There are some pretty cute lawbreakers out there.
2003-03-17 11:36:09 AM  
she looks pretty rough. i'm sure she has a *great* personality!
2003-03-17 11:36:20 AM  
I think Divine Brown gets to keep her title.
2003-03-17 11:36:29 AM  
Not as bad as some. (SFW, just mug shots)
2003-03-17 11:36:37 AM  
Damnit, Buggernuts beat me to the goggles remark.
2003-03-17 11:37:21 AM  
It does say she's 504 feet tall though. I mean, she's ugly, but I'd hit it just to go through an interesting experience.
2003-03-17 11:37:44 AM  
OH JESUS AND MARY! Why would anyone PAY for that?!
2003-03-17 11:37:47 AM  
I'd not hit it.
2003-03-17 11:37:54 AM  
Like Red Foxx would say: "I could press her face in dough and make gorilla cookies."
2003-03-17 11:37:54 AM  
Ugly? Yes.

Ugliest hooker ever? Lemme tell ya about the crack hos on Vancouver's downtown eastside. They come up to ya all twitchy and itchy and offer $10 blowjobs which make me think:

1) Ick
2) ICK!
3) I'll consider giving you $10 if you DON'T touch me anywhere.
4) The idea of you touching my genitals and me PAYING for it is too bizzarre to comprehend
5) I cannot believe you make enough money at this to support your crack/heroin habit.
2003-03-17 11:38:09 AM  
Couldn't they find some slutty college girl? At least if she was ugly they could put a bag over her head (with hole in it) b/c the body wouldn't be so bad.


Also, aren't men who engage in an event where there are more men than women....a bit gay, and maybe they don't know it?
2003-03-17 11:38:46 AM  
Hhahaha! There's a Facial hair category!
2003-03-17 11:39:24 AM  
2003-03-17 11:40:04 AM  
She's from Belcher Largo. Heehaw.
2003-03-17 11:41:58 AM  
Heh, Romulus. Not a cool place
2003-03-17 11:42:04 AM  
Checked ByteBlock's link. I am dead set that this was once a man.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-17 11:42:25 AM  
She is so hot.
2003-03-17 11:42:32 AM  
So, would the bag go over her face, or your own face ?

Really think about it. Farkers have probably left bars with women who looked much worse, and spent more than $15 in money trying to get her to go home with ya anyways.

I hope that picture quiets up the farkers who say they would never hit Britney Spheres. This would be your alternative in Bizarro World.

2003-03-17 11:44:24 AM  
The swinging lifestyle is sooooo glamorous
2003-03-17 11:46:40 AM  
2003-03-17 11:47:23 AM  
Hey I don't remember seeing her I mean.....
2003-03-17 11:47:55 AM  
The report says the tattoo on her right thigh says "David's girl". If I were David, I'd force her to remove it...
2003-03-17 11:48:05 AM  
EWWWWW! The kittens are safe!
2003-03-17 11:49:16 AM  
There is a lady here at my office, who my brother and I both agree is the ugliest woman in the world. I think I am going to bring my digital camera into work and get a picture of her for you guys. I can post it in the next ugly girl thread.
btw... Have some standards people! I pity those dudes who went to this party. That is just so incredibly pathetic.
2003-03-17 11:49:29 AM  
to refresh peoples memories... they caught this "party" cuz some 17 yr old guy got an email inviting him, and his mom caught it and reported it to the police.
i remember in the original thread, people were bagging on the mom for snooping in her sons e-mail and stuff. but after seeing what she protected him from, all i can say is best. mom. evar.
can you imagine what mental scars you would carry for all eternity if, when you were 17, you went to what you thought would be a fun sex party and saw THAT getting the glazed donut treatment? there's not enough EW in all the world.
2003-03-17 11:50:13 AM  
Did she acutally get paid for the train or does she just usually charge for her naseua-inducing services? I got the idea from the article that she did this one for free.
2003-03-17 11:50:45 AM  
heh.. I didn't know the Romulans occupied some parts of the US.
2003-03-17 11:54:31 AM  
Here kitty kitty. It's okay. Well, sure I have a history of killing kittens, it's just... Well, after that mug shot, I can't.

That pic is to killing kittens as Spike's chip is to vampire attacks.

/Buffy geek
2003-03-17 11:55:27 AM  
they flew this pig in especially for the "fest"?
*shudder* not safe for reading.

and I would imagine you have to play the $15 BEFORE you see the merchendise.
walk in... one look... "refund?"
2003-03-17 11:55:36 AM  
l­um­p­y2­2[nospam-﹫-backwards]oohay*co­m, you're mine now!
2003-03-17 11:57:09 AM  
I didn't know they still MADE Toni home perms...

What's up with her bangs, looks like someone strung a bunch of paper clips from her forehead. I'm thinking Gwyneth Paltrow's going to look like her in a few years.

Wonder who David is from the "David's Girl" tattoo? Wonder if that tattoo's in braille.
2003-03-17 11:58:09 AM  
i´m never gonna get it up again.

i mean my sense of humor, of course.
2003-03-17 11:58:14 AM  
That's a MAN, baby!
2003-03-17 12:00:15 PM  
Kittens safe? I think 5000 kittens just spontaneously popped into existence somewhere.
2003-03-17 12:02:31 PM  
The Orgy Master lives in Hazel Park, about a block from my brother.

Hazel Park, for those who don't know, is where all the hillybillies and rednecks live in the Detroit area. Well, those who don't live in Taylor, that is. Romulus is where the Detroit Metropolitan Airport is.

Wow. What a waste of $15 bucks.

But, my favorite line in the TSG report is "An invesigation revealed the possibility of sexual activitity in the list rooms." For two reasons:

1) Activi-tity? Hmmm...Someone has sex on the brain.
2) Sexual activity in a hotel? GOD FORBID!!!

2003-03-17 12:16:34 PM  
That picture traumatized me so much I lopped off my genitals and threw it at my screen. Thank you TSG.
2003-03-17 12:17:13 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-17 12:18:44 PM  
I actually stayed at that hotel about 2 weeks ago, before i left for Vegas. If only i had known....and no, i didn't stay in either of those rooms. They need to get the black light in those rooms. Someone call Haz-Mat!
2003-03-17 12:27:57 PM  
Almost as bad as this...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-17 12:28:05 PM  
IF this woman was not being paid for her services - which seems easy enough to believe...who'd pay? - I don't think she committed any crime (at least none of the ones listed on the charge sheet...few others against God and good taste without question).
She claims to love sex. One wonders how she would know, it being doubtful that anyone had ever been drunk enough to fark her the first time, but the testimony of the unfortunate cop who attended undercover seems to count in her favour, credibility-wise.
Bunch of consenting adults defraying the cost of the hotel room. Nothing to see here folks...move along.
Problem, I expect, will be with emailing minors to attend the party...but that has nothing to do with the fugly whore.
2003-03-17 12:29:35 PM  
Bill_Wick's I always wonder about that too--how do those skaggy crack addicts actually make enough money to support any kind of drug habit, since no man ever admits to being with one of them?

DARE--Drugs are really expensive!
2003-03-17 12:31:41 PM  
I blame porn for my dashed hopes of hot women 'n' goodlooking men in orgies.

'cause the reality is NASTY!

I shall now sue every porno maker in America.

2003-03-17 12:38:26 PM  
He promised to take only "body shots" for uploading to the 'net.

2003-03-17 12:39:06 PM  
I'd hit it over and over again............
with my car!
2003-03-17 12:41:17 PM  
David's Girl LOL...wonder what David has to say about this!
2003-03-17 12:53:51 PM  
Jeez..... that e-mail they sent out was way off.
2003-03-17 12:55:42 PM  
This crap pisses me off. Where's the reason they got arrested? I can see the Hotel telling them to get out, but there was no crime. No prostitution, no harm, no foul. Pay your $15, and worst case, run like hell when you see the cute-coeds are actually NOT... I hope to god somebody nails that police Dept for hasseling them simply because they don't LIKE what they are doing.

Yes they sent an invite to a 17yr old... How'd he get on the mailing list? Probably clicked a "Yes, I'm 18" button on a web site... so screw him. (and his mother)

Let people have their fun. If that's the best peice of meat some guys can get, then at least let them have it... Better than jumping some young girl in an alley because they're frustrated.
2003-03-17 12:56:52 PM  
Aaahhh...The invention of 15watt bulbs!
2003-03-17 12:59:12 PM  
eww.. that nasty lookin' chick lives between my work and home. In fact she lives a few blocks away from my son's daycare.

The road is Belcher, and the city is Largo.. it's not "Belcher Largo". Ohh.. and it doesn't refer to a belch, it's a guy's last name that first owned most of largo.

That's freaky though. Hmm.. maybe I should print-out the mug shot page, and go to her house to get an autograph.

Or maybe I should just print-out this whole list and leave it on her doorstep. Ideally, I could ring the doorbell and run.. hide in the bushes and snap off a few pictures of her for you guys.

I don't wanna' get Fark in trouble though.
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