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(Some Guy)   Man builds son working 1/5 scale tank   ( divider line
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23130 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Mar 2003 at 7:20 AM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2003-03-15 7:23:26 AM  
Pow-pow Power Wheels, with real artilery action!
2003-03-15 7:23:37 AM  
Make sure you report this as a possible threat to Iraq, just like the model airplane that Saddam has.
2003-03-15 7:27:14 AM  
Now that is a cool dad.

Vovak, nice try.
2003-03-15 7:27:22 AM  
Just imagine the looks on your neighbors faces when you rumble into the midst of their barbecue in a Panzer, and paste the beer cooler with your 37mm potato cannon. That'll teach 'em to drink imported beer on the 4th of July.

So the tank can be German, but not the beer?

But seriously, this has got to be the Coolest.Dad.Evar. Who wouldn't want one of these as a kind. Wow.
2003-03-15 7:32:20 AM  
Never has there been a better use of
2003-03-15 7:36:34 AM  
Check out this guys other project

Some cool stuff
2003-03-15 7:42:31 AM  
So I suppose we won't be seeing Norm building this on "New Yankee Workshop?" No Bob Vila on "This Old Tank?" Gee.

Got to admit, though, that's pretty hip. Wonder what he's going to do with it next week when his son outgrows the thing?

2003-03-15 7:43:24 AM  
The tank is the best project in the bunch.

Your name worries me, especially when you write about a tank. You could cause some serious injury to a kid.
2003-03-15 7:47:27 AM  
So the tank can be German, but not the beer?

Ummm... he said "Sherman," not "German."

This is one lucky kid.
2003-03-15 7:57:51 AM  
Kiribub: Got to admit, though, that's pretty hip. Wonder what he's going to do with it next week when his son outgrows the thing?

Sell it on eBay.
2003-03-15 7:58:48 AM  
This guy rules the world. He is definately the coolest Dad ever that kid is lucky. I would hazard a guess that this guy really is a great father outside of the building projects. The only thing my dad ever built for me is the Ass-Kick-O-Matic it kicked my ass when he was'nt home.
2003-03-15 7:59:45 AM  
WHat an awsome Dad!
2003-03-15 8:02:57 AM  
Is this the same guy who built a Mech Warrior treefort for his kids?

Or who was that guy? Does anyone have a link?
2003-03-15 8:04:49 AM  
Just drive a few around Iraq when the war starts. That way, we won't need to drive REAL tanks around to get the swiss-cheese ring to surrender.
2003-03-15 8:11:50 AM  

This what you're looking for?
2003-03-15 8:16:48 AM  
it's be already mentioned, but, best dad ever
2003-03-15 8:20:50 AM  
This guy is pretty impressive. The whole aluminum foundry thing is really nifty.
2003-03-15 8:23:28 AM  
I'm surprised no one has complained about all that compressed air several inches from the kid's face. I thought for sure all the tree-hugging hippy farkers would make an appearance for that one.
2003-03-15 8:25:17 AM  
That is very cool. I love the way the kids head pops out of the top, great picture!
Great Dad!
2003-03-15 8:28:31 AM  
Ebell he mentions Panzer, which is the most bad ass German tank ever made. And that is a lucky kid, soon as he gets that working potato gun cannon.
2003-03-15 8:43:42 AM  
The guy who built this can waste so much time, he should be our president.
2003-03-15 8:50:23 AM  
The guy who built this can waste so much time, he should be our president.

Building something cool and creative for your son is a waste of time how, exactly?

Not only does this child get a great toy, he gets to watch his dad do all the things necessary to do it right.
He learns so many great lessons, but most of all he experiences first hand the love of a dad. I had a dad like this, and I miss him daily.
2003-03-15 8:51:46 AM  
The best thing my dad ever built me was a wagon w/ wheels from some wheel barrows, and a rubberband gun. Lucky kid.
2003-03-15 8:51:51 AM  
Is this the same guy that built the Mechwarrior Mech treehouse for his kids?
2003-03-15 8:55:02 AM  
Yeah, the pneumatic gun right in front of the kid's face seems sketchy... but I've seen more dangerous, and less cool, toys. I mean, this rules! Although, seems like the wooden treads would become matchsticks in no time. But damn, I wish I had something like this back in the day! What a cool, involved dad. Those are the best kinds of parents, the ones who still have that kid streak in them... unfortunately, those kinds of people are usually sensible enough to not have children, heh heh...
2003-03-15 8:55:56 AM  
This is much better than making your kid dress up in chainmail.
[image from too old to be available]

Or making them learn how to "swordfight".
2003-03-15 9:29:46 AM  
I knew I should have went to engineering school. As it is, the most I'll be able to make my kid is meth-amphetamines and chemical bombs.
2003-03-15 9:30:17 AM  
Definitely the height of cool for Dads.

But if people get upset over kids playing with toy guns, what the heck are they going to think about this? I feel sorry for the whole family if one of those fanatics lives in the neighborhood.

I can hear it now. "You're teaching the child that war is fun!" Hell, they'll probably call Social Services on the Dad.
2003-03-15 9:30:25 AM  
This is the coolest toy EVER.
2003-03-15 9:34:37 AM  
Poor site, first fark, now slashdot (link might not work yet, its a future post)

hopefully it can surviving a slashdotting
2003-03-15 9:35:17 AM  
Quote:I'm surprised no one has complained about all that compressed air several inches from the kid's face /End...

shiat its not our kid , right? Great response ,Kiribub, Thats the coolest F`in thing, to be able to think some crazy ass idea like this and build it , by hand , and for his kid ..With a working gun no less!!!!! Kudos to this dude , dad of the year award!!
The Dirt
2003-03-15 9:50:54 AM  
I want one of these for myself!

Think of the cats you could terrorize with that!
2003-03-15 9:51:10 AM  
Panzer is short for Panzerkampfwagen, which is what the Germans called all of their tanks in WW2. Maybe you're thinking of a particular model, like the Panther (Pz V) or the Tiger (Pz VI), being the most bad ass German tank ever made.
2003-03-15 9:52:50 AM  
1/5 full
2003-03-15 9:54:08 AM  
'Show & Tell' will never be the same.

Then again zero tolerance wouldn't allow that in school.
2003-03-15 9:56:30 AM  
this is how you build a tank, and a lifelong relationship with your children at the same time. Way to go dad.
2003-03-15 9:58:14 AM  
I think that is probably the coolest dad in the world.

Well, my dad let us play with real guns and explosives, so he's pretty cool too.
2003-03-15 10:00:29 AM  
"the only reason we men have kids is so we can play with their toys"

I'm sorry, someone had to point that out.
2003-03-15 10:11:07 AM  
I must have the plans for that tank..
I'd build it full scale and drive it to work every day ..

Just imagine rolling that thing into the parking lot evey morning ;}
2003-03-15 10:11:53 AM  
"I've been very lucky in that my son hasn't grown an inch since I started this project!"... And so is he since it appears his father built a tank around him.

[image from too old to be available]

He does look happy though. Kindof living every little boys dream if you ask me. Way to go dad.
2003-03-15 10:38:10 AM  
Unless I am mistaken, potato guns are illegal and could get you a visit from the ATF. Not a good idea for him to attract a lot of attention to this.
2003-03-15 11:05:08 AM  
Good going, dad!
2003-03-15 11:05:55 AM  
Newsflah - the French have just ordered 20 for the upcoming war in Iraq. French spokesperson says that they may not show due to long delivery times!

"this is how you build a tank, and a lifelong relationship with your children at the same time. Way to go dad."

I agree with you 100%
2003-03-15 11:14:38 AM  
This is extremely cool. Seems like you could make a slightly bigger version out of an old riding lawn mower or golf cart.

I felt his pain about discovering a plastic gear. Same thing happened to me when I investigated the failure of my Crapsman garage door opener.
2003-03-15 11:23:09 AM  
Pretty farking cool
2003-03-15 11:28:38 AM  
It would be nice if people read the posting instructions...

Credit: b3ta.
2003-03-15 11:43:11 AM  

Yeah, I'm 24 years old but surely he could still adopt me.
2003-03-15 11:52:30 AM  
Hey kids, time for violence!
2003-03-15 12:04:13 PM  
Now he can go on vigilante missions and even the cool kids with the FBI vans can't stop him.
2003-03-15 12:04:37 PM  
That is so freaking cool.
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