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(1010WINS)   Patty Hearst empathizes with Elizabeth Smart; apocalypse arrives as Farker one-liners begin to come true   ( 1010wins.com) divider line
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2003-03-14 09:12:52 AM  
Has anyone noticed that the media refers to her as Patricia now instead of Patty? I guess either she's trying to shed her image or they are trying (unsucessfully) to give her some credibility.
2003-03-14 09:50:40 AM  
Hate to be the spelling Nazi but I think you mean "empathizes" rather than "emphasizes"...
2003-03-14 09:51:09 AM  
In addition to adding all that emphasis, I imagine she proabably EMPATHIZES with her, as well.
2003-03-14 09:51:11 AM  
I'd hit them.
2003-03-14 09:51:54 AM  
that mistake has nothing to do with spelling, they just picked the wrong word. that's even more retarded than spelling the right word wrong.
2003-03-14 09:52:12 AM  
i'd hit the headline writer's english teacher for doing a really lousy job.
2003-03-14 09:52:31 AM  
And I just bought the 300th case of beer from the same store. Wow film at 11 and everything, Bloody lame
2003-03-14 09:52:57 AM  

2003-03-14 09:54:04 AM  
I'm a drifter.
2003-03-14 09:55:11 AM  
Is it me, or does the tagline not make any sense? I mean aside form the misuse of emphasize.
2003-03-14 09:55:17 AM  
Patty Hearst would hit it since she's Lebanese. Oh wait, it's Symbionese. My bad.
2003-03-14 09:55:25 AM  
At least something other than the Gulf War II: Son of Bush...
2003-03-14 09:55:29 AM  
Not quite a malapropism, just poor word choice.
2003-03-14 09:56:23 AM  
"Judge, can we get Elizabeth Smart the f*ck out of here?" ;)

/john waters reference
2003-03-14 09:56:25 AM  
Was that is emphasizes thing is funnier than the story.

A malapropism of that magnitude reminds me of a classic ACC story:

Charles Shackleford (an NC State basketball player) was asked what he thought made him a good scorer, and his answer was:

"I can go to my left or right, I am amphibious." (he meant ambidexterous)
2003-03-14 09:56:53 AM  
Out of the frying pan,
and into the fire.
2003-03-14 09:56:58 AM  
That's some seriously emphatic empathy!
2003-03-14 09:57:22 AM  
I haven't read the article. Just what were these two ladies emphasizing, anyway?
2003-03-14 09:57:39 AM  
I should emphasize that whoever wrote the headline is an idiot. But I empathize with that person.
2003-03-14 09:58:20 AM  
A_pavlovdog, wrong comment thread
2003-03-14 09:58:33 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Wait for it...

Picture of an empath who emphasizes her bust (sometimes).
2003-03-14 09:59:24 AM  
Bjorky: You win the Fark "High Brow" award for correct use of the word "malapropism". Bravo!
2003-03-14 09:59:41 AM  
oh man, it just got worse. Thanks for cutting and pasting, Windows!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-14 10:01:03 AM  
So once a gargantuan cock-up like this has been posted on FARK, is there NO WAY that it can be altered? We see this all the time, and it boggles my mind that there is no way to go back and fix it.
2003-03-14 10:01:19 AM  
How did Elizabeth get out of my dungeon???

And who is going to keep Laci Peterson company while I'm away at my meat packing job???

2003-03-14 10:02:12 AM  
Worst headline typo, ever. If you're responsible, fess up so we can beat you.
2003-03-14 10:03:15 AM  
What I want to know is why doesn't anyone biatch about the societal brainwashing that starts at age 0 and continues the rest of one's life. How come that's ok but re-programming someone isn't. I mean, who /wouldn't/ want to be a dirty, crazy street preacher?
2003-03-14 10:03:51 AM  
umm, it is clearly a malapropism-

Malapropism: the accidental use of a word which resembles the one intended, but has a different, often contradictory meaning.
2003-03-14 10:03:57 AM  
Charles Foster Kane has no comment.
2003-03-14 10:05:15 AM  
I can condescend her perspective. Patricia's experience with her chapters makes her shlyly mollified to speak on the suspect.
2003-03-14 10:05:32 AM  
Is it me or is something not right about this little girl's story?
2003-03-14 10:05:50 AM  
Patty Hearst heard the burst

Of Rollands' Thompson gun and

Bought it.
2003-03-14 10:05:58 AM  
hi i am a generic Fark user and what i care about most is complaining about things which do not matter aka headlines. late.
2003-03-14 10:06:52 AM  
2003-03-14 10:06:59 AM  

03-14-03 09:59:24 AM Diogenes
Bjorky: You win the Fark "High Brow" award for correct use of the word "malapropism". Bravo!

and a good thing, too. The irony of using the word "malapropism" incorrectly would be unbearable.
2003-03-14 10:08:11 AM  
RandyJohnson: Kane?

[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
2003-03-14 10:08:18 AM  
Dubya would be proud of that headline! ;)
2003-03-14 10:09:23 AM  
Patty Hearst e-Smart

Patty Hearst emphasizes with Elizabeth Smart.
2003-03-14 10:10:07 AM  
Is it me or is something not right about this little girl's story?

Understatement of the week.
2003-03-14 10:13:25 AM  
03-14-03 09:50:40 AM SmoothTex
Hate to be the spelling Nazi but I think you mean "empathizes" rather than "emphasizes"...

Then don't do it, dork. And nice all bold you lamer.
2003-03-14 10:16:08 AM  
2003-03-14 10:17:05 AM  
Hey, I think that the headline writer accidentally used the wrong word.

2003-03-14 10:20:53 AM  
Seems ironic that the lowly farker is also a rabid grammer nazi.
2003-03-14 10:21:21 AM  

Someone needs to return that poor girl to her husband
2003-03-14 10:21:45 AM  
I didn't know Norm Crosby was a farker!!
2003-03-14 10:25:17 AM  
thou sayeth.
2003-03-14 10:25:46 AM  
Heads up. Nothing unusual here. Typical kidnapping with usual brainwashing. What's to theorize about?

Its NOT surprising. At all. Get over it.

03-14-03 10:05:15 AM Diogenes - You're cracking me up already!!:D
2003-03-14 10:26:26 AM  
I think Smart wasn't kidnapped/brainwashed.. it's more like she ran away on her own accord. The media is trying to paint every ohter picture except for the truth... as usual.
2003-03-14 10:26:28 AM  

2003-03-14 10:27:09 AM  
I'd hit it....

..aww, I got nuthin.

No, wait a minute....

Nope. Nuthin.

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