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2003-03-13 03:08:52 PM  
Reading is a scary town, day or night.
2003-03-13 05:16:35 PM  
What a pisser.
2003-03-13 05:21:05 PM  
Am I the only one who thought the headline implied the street was being dissolved, like the Colorado River forming the Grand Canyon?
2003-03-13 05:23:32 PM  
There is nothing wrong with eroding Reading.
2003-03-13 05:23:49 PM  
03-13-03 05:21:05 PM StephenFalken
Am I the only one who thought the headline implied the street was being dissolved, like the Colorado River forming the Grand Canyon?

No, you're not. In fact, if the headline were accurate, it would indeed be an weird, interesting article. As it is, it's just some people biatching about drunks.

2003-03-13 05:25:14 PM  
What about public burnination?
2003-03-13 05:29:03 PM  
public burnination is encouraged.
2003-03-13 05:30:31 PM  
Apparently a drunk also pissed in the poster's ear and eroded their brain. There's nothing about eroding a street in here (which WOULD be worth reading).

Now I hear there's this old dirt road at Cornell that's also been hosed down by drunks ...
2003-03-13 05:30:46 PM  
I think this is just another feeble attempt by hairy, fat-assed, lesbian, feminists, suffering from penis envy trying to keep the man down
2003-03-13 05:37:40 PM  
Sounds like the old west in the US. Makes ya wonder how hotel patrons dealt with horse turds back then.
2003-03-13 05:39:49 PM  
If piss could eat through stone, then men everywhere would have holes in the front of their underwear.

2003-03-13 05:42:39 PM  
I used to work on that very street. In the Unemployment Office. My boss used to go over the road to the Central Club to score weed. I'm lucky to be alive.
2003-03-13 05:49:23 PM  
Sounds like a fun town. heh

perhaps the pubs and clubs should stay open till 7 the next morning or something of that nature, that way ppl would trickle out of pubs verses leave in hoards and therefore that would make ppl less brave, and less binge drinking before last call..essencially make a person to sleepy to drink anymore verses thrown onto the street right in the middle of the intoxication.

just a thought.
2003-03-13 05:49:58 PM  
When you gotta go,you gotta go...

/Born in Watford,live in US.
2003-03-13 05:52:51 PM  
Did it take a wiz for them to figure it out?
2003-03-13 06:00:23 PM  
They need to install those cool new pop-up toilets...

[image from news.bbc.co.uk too old to be available]

Full story
2003-03-13 06:02:24 PM  
Hmm...old dirt road at Cornell? Do you mean that path next to the law school that runs past DKE, between West Campus and Collegetown?
(yes, I know what you really meant)
2003-03-13 06:02:37 PM  
Constant public urination erodes ancient London Street teeth.
2003-03-13 06:05:31 PM  
[image from bbc.co.uk too old to be available]

"Urine trouble now, boys. Hey, you hear what I just said? Urine trouble. Heh heh."
2003-03-13 06:13:24 PM  
[image from ahshc.org too old to be available]
2003-03-13 06:14:10 PM  
I read it as "Constant public burnination erodes ancient London Street"
2003-03-13 06:17:23 PM  
"Sorry, we spilled urine on the fark.com server again and it eroded away."
2003-03-13 06:22:37 PM  
[image from artistdirect.com too old to be available]
Yeah, those Brits sure do like to pish on shiate, don't they.

2003-03-13 06:32:25 PM  
Tell em to carry guns and...oh..

2003-03-13 06:32:37 PM  
All in all I just took another piss on the wall.
2003-03-13 06:33:30 PM  
And I know thats not floyd in the picture... Just tryin to draw an anology about pissin it all away :)
2003-03-13 06:33:43 PM  
10 bucks says it's a combined effort by the IRA....

drunks pissing on english streets... hmmm...
2003-03-13 06:35:15 PM  
I got a question,
was there a soccer game?
2003-03-13 06:41:30 PM  
The English are just slightly cleaner than the French. Paris is the most disgusting city I have ever been in for public urination and other people filth.
2003-03-13 06:43:02 PM  
I hav eno joke, I just like saying "Constant Public Urination".
2003-03-13 06:45:31 PM  
At work 2marrow
.....and then he said "was there a soccer game" HHHHHHHHHAaaaaaa
2003-03-13 06:52:08 PM  
That flashing X10 camera add in the upper-right corner is eroding my brain stem
2003-03-13 07:06:59 PM  
"One night they'll dismantle a bus stop, smash a window. The next they'll kick away at the steps of my listed building.

"I've seen people drag pallets out of skips and throw them at cyclists and passing cars.


i don't know. you choose to live in a street near lots of bars, you're going to wind up with stuff broken and pissed on. drunk people who are outside pee on public things, and drunken men will just whip it out in public (drunk girls usually try and find an alley.)
2003-03-13 07:07:32 PM  
So this is why there are so many potholes in the French Quarter. Or is it "Freedom Quarter"??
2003-03-13 07:10:23 PM  
Just a quick question, what exactly is a "car bonnet?" Is it Brit slang for a hood?
2003-03-13 07:17:03 PM  
A car bonnet is the hood.
2003-03-13 07:32:54 PM  
King_gorack: Thanks, I kinda figured that's what it was. :)
2003-03-13 07:41:20 PM  
They should employ the "deterrent" that cops use in New Orleans... When cops catch someone pissing on the street, they make the pissers wipe it up with their shirt and tell them that they won't go to jail if they comply. Then after all the piss is wiped up (and yes, they make you put the shirt back on) they take you to jail anyway. I've been there AND done that and will not be pissing anywhere in New Orleans again.
2003-03-13 08:13:47 PM  
Whenever I think of Reading I think of Sir John Betjemen

"Come friendly bombs and fall on slough!

It Isn't fit for humans now.

Reading is pretty much the same as Slough. Or worse.

Mind you, I don't think you solve town planning problems by dropping bombs all over the place, he's embarrassed himself there.
2003-03-13 08:20:51 PM  
January Weekend Update says "hi."

There goes the "Tina steals from Fark" people.

Sean O
tina :(
2003-03-13 09:17:13 PM  
Pallets? Skips? SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!!
2003-03-13 09:25:17 PM  
Problems include muggings, brawls, drunks urinating in doorways and hurling abuse, vandalism, and traffic chaos caused by clubbers arriving at The Matrix and After Dark by car.

What is the Matrix?

(Sorry, I just couldn't resist ...)
2003-03-13 09:31:31 PM  
Pallet = british slang for "baby"
Skips = british slang for "baby entrails"
2003-03-14 12:38:30 AM  
I too thought that the street was literally dissolving.
2003-03-14 01:34:50 AM  
well...the street was telling those people

2003-03-14 07:43:25 AM  
So how does that substantially differ from teh ages old English practice of dumping chamber pots into the street?

It seems that they are just returning to their old ways.

fark 'em. Sell Reading to the french and have done with it.
2003-03-14 07:45:39 AM  
Go_JohnnyGoGoGoGo :

you missed off the following...


I got punched outside a kebab shop in Reading once, which was nice. Didn't hurt though. I'm nails, me.
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