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(It's about time)   Brat toddler tossed from flight   ( divider line
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30799 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Mar 2003 at 12:41 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-13 12:42:48 PM  
Way to go, British Airlines!
2003-03-13 12:44:18 PM  
I guess it would be too much to hope for that it was in midair.
2003-03-13 12:44:31 PM  
They can't guarantee you'll get to your detination alive, but they promise to protect you from noisy kids.

2003-03-13 12:44:36 PM  
Why don't airlines start having child free flights?
2003-03-13 12:44:49 PM  
too bad they didnt wait til they were in they air to toss him out.
2003-03-13 12:44:51 PM  
It's about time someone did something about these little ankle-biters and their asshat parents.
2003-03-13 12:45:20 PM  
Be more patient. Wait till you get to 30,000 feet THEN toss the little brat.
2003-03-13 12:45:30 PM  
2003-03-13 12:45:36 PM  
God, if only British Air flew from Seattle to Denver they'd get my money exclusively.
2003-03-13 12:45:40 PM  
Get your kids under control! If you are not able to control kids you should not have kids.
2003-03-13 12:45:58 PM  
Speaking as someone who hates kids and fat people; I simply love the way the airlines think.
2003-03-13 12:46:02 PM  
I know that young children have to fly sometimes but I would gladly pay a little extra to fly on a no-children-allowed airline should it ever be created.
2003-03-13 12:46:05 PM  
Thank god. Either that or have everyone on the flight spit in their gaping twats. Shoot them in the face!
2003-03-13 12:46:12 PM  
Ah, I see that none of you have been 2 years old before.
2003-03-13 12:46:19 PM  
When I'm at the store or something and a kid starts throwing a fit and the parents ignore them, I say something to the parents. I understand kids will be kids, but sometimes it's so obvious that the child is a spoiled brat who's parents really don't care. Quite frankly I don't have brat kids for a reason, so I'll be damned if I'm gonna listen to yours.

By the way, it's hilarious when a soccer mom threatens to beat you up.
2003-03-13 12:46:19 PM  
"Brat toddler" is redundant.

Kids make noise and have fits. You did too at that age.
2003-03-13 12:46:32 PM  
Couldn't the airline have been more patient the grandmaother inquired? I'll second that! The airline should have gone ahead, taken off, and then when the kid continued to scream and be a butthead the airline should have tossed him out while in air. That would have shown the granny patience and understanding.
2003-03-13 12:46:38 PM  
Thank farking God! Screaming kids are the first type of people I can't stand on flights (not including terrorists obviously), and fat people who try and fit asses 3 seats wide into the seat next to me are the second. We're almost there!
2003-03-13 12:47:06 PM  
screw little brats ugh, if i ever get the strange urge to get a kid, and he turns out to be a brat (which is parents fault so he shoudlnt' be unless i marry somone and get whipped to hell but hey..anyway) i would not have it, im not mean or strict (i imagine i woudln't be anyway) but ugh they are so annoying and reason i don't want a kid.
2003-03-13 12:47:41 PM  
well err of course id have to marry somone i just meant somone whod bratize a kid.
2003-03-13 12:47:44 PM  
As anyone with kids will tell you - they do this sh!t all the time. The airline shouldn't have made such a thing out of it, that just worked the kid up even more. My only problem with screaming kids in public is when the parents are using the "just ignore him and he'll stop" mentality.... cause the kid NEVER stops... You wanna try that route - fine. Do it at home. Out in public, they need to behave or remove them from the movie/mall/whatever whilst they scream till they puke (sometimes they do that you know...)
2003-03-13 12:47:56 PM  
I used to be a consultant on 100% travel and I wholeheartedly say, "Huzzah!"

I certainly don't envy parents who have to travel with kids, especially infants. But by 2-years old, I would hope you have better control over your kid.
2003-03-13 12:48:29 PM  
you were a little brat too once.. and some kids have behavioural disorders etc.
be a little more tolerant.
(yes i hate them too)
2003-03-13 12:48:29 PM  
I prefer my brats with sauerkraut and a whisper of ketchup and mustard.
2003-03-13 12:48:48 PM  
wow , i can't spell, or type or have any grammer what so ever... sorry for crappy posts but..hey what did you expect from me?
2003-03-13 12:49:00 PM  
Most appropriate use of the HERO tag. Now if they can just figure out a way to deal with these rugrats DURING the flight, life will be good.

There's nothing more annoying than having a rugrat in the seat behind constantly kicking your seat. What's even more annoying are the parents that allow this behavior and give you the "he's just a child" song and dance!
2003-03-13 12:49:01 PM  
Damn. For awhile there, I thought they through him out the drop hatch during flight. That would have been cool.
2003-03-13 12:49:08 PM  
They should have waited until the plane was in the air to get rid of the kid...
I'd probably give my first born to see that
2003-03-13 12:49:42 PM  
What does a 2 year old need to fly for anyway? Does he have an important business meeting somewhere? Is he in desperate need of a vacation?

I'm with Conthan - child-free flights sounds like a great idea. I would even be willing to pay a little bit extra if I could be guaranteed that there would be no screaming brats on my flight. Same goes for ultra-slow, clueless, talkative, old people, horribly fat people, and any others who unfairly make my travel experience a bit more miserable than it has to be.
2003-03-13 12:50:16 PM  
Mme.Mersault THAT's the problem. If you dare repremand your child in public, some self rightous zipperhead will call CPS. It ties the hands of parents and teachers in providing proper disipline.
2003-03-13 12:51:12 PM  
2003-03-13 12:51:36 PM  
You are all a bunch of ignorant morons!!! I guess none none of you were ever children. Or if you were you were the most well behaved children ever to be found on the face of the earth. The tag should be "Asinine". If you don't want children on a flight you are on buy your own farking airplane or don't fly! Air travel can be stressful on grown adult...think about what it must have been for a 2 year old. Raising a child is the hardest job in the world and all you arrogant farks just piss me off. Keep the subjects to something else most of you know nothing about....politics and shut the fark up how children annoy you!
2003-03-13 12:51:37 PM  
That's pretty funny... I mean, I love kids and I know that the littlest ones aren't responsible for their behavior (i.e. they don't know they are bugging the f*ck out of eveyrone else), but my feeling is that parents need to take more responsibilty for their kids when travelling.

I was on a flight recently where I had chosen an empty row in the front of a plane...and some parents with an infant sat down NEXT to me AND another set sat down DIRECTLY BEHIND me. Needless to say, I moved immediately. The kids both screamed their heads off the whole 3-hour flight. I thought people with babies/toddlers were asked to sit towards the back of the plane to bug as few people as possible, but I guess not.
2003-03-13 12:51:48 PM  
Two-year-old Marcello Ferrand was traveling with his grandparents on a flight, but when flight attendants tried to make him wear his seat belt, the toddler screamed and cried, and hid under his seat.

To everyone saying "it's not that big a deal", what should the flight crew have done? Let the kid stay under the seat for takeoff?

The article is pretty vague, but I read it as saying the kid was taken off because he wouldn't sit in his seat and wear his seatbelt.
2003-03-13 12:52:23 PM  
Early childhood memory: when I was 2 or 3 yrs. old I threw a fit in the grocery store when I did not my sugar coated cereal that I wanted. After about two mintues of tantrum, my mom reached back and biatch slapped my ass to the floor. I shut up and threw no more fits that day.
2003-03-13 12:52:37 PM  
Newsflash! ALL 3 year olds are prone to this behavior.
Now if the kid is 7 or 8 and acting like this, ok blame the parents.

Of course most of you would never know because you have to
have sex with a live female to have a kid.

2003-03-13 12:53:00 PM  
It's an example of just how edgy airport employees are with the threat of terrorism.

Um, no. They're probably just tired of putting up with screaming kids and parents who do nothing about it.
2003-03-13 12:53:30 PM  
Beat them and they'll stop. Worked for me - I never threw tantrums out of fear. Might not be the best solution, but at least we never got thrown off of flights when I was a kid... Bring back beatings!
2003-03-13 12:53:32 PM  
thought; free beer for kids travelling on planes
2003-03-13 12:54:00 PM  
I think that if I behaved like that even at 2 years old, I would have likely been beaten unconscious.
2003-03-13 12:54:07 PM  
Personally, I woulda thumped that kid on the butt. Then I would have been jumped by 16 fellow passengers and up to two air marshals. Hilarity would be bound to ensue.
2003-03-13 12:54:15 PM  
i don't believe 99.9% of ADD or ADHD cases are really that, i also wasn't ever a brat, mainly because my big brother was and i hated him at the time and wanted to be nothing like him =) lol..sorta still like that except i dont' hate him lol.
2003-03-13 12:54:24 PM  
About time...
2003-03-13 12:54:30 PM  
Let's see, the kid was whining and crying.

Hmmmm. Sounds alot like the farkers on this thread who think the airline did the right thing.

Perhaps you should be thrown off Fark so the rest of us don't have to put up with to YOUR little hissy fits?

Fair is fair.
2003-03-13 12:54:57 PM  
Squishy...I was never a child...and I have my own airplane...I simply fly British airways for the sheer comedy...
2003-03-13 12:55:00 PM  
You are all a bunch of ignorant morons!!!

Isn't this the mating call of the ignorant moron? Methinks it is.
2003-03-13 12:55:17 PM  
Ummm..., Squishy..., this kid was OBVIOUSLY unruly and the grandparents did little to help.
2003-03-13 12:55:26 PM  
And in other news, needing money to support his lavish lifestyle, Michael Jackson applies for a job with British Airlines.

[image from too old to be available]

2003-03-13 12:55:45 PM  
The airlines ought to keep a tank of gas on board all flights to knock people out for a couple of ours: noisy kids, complainers, drunks, terrorists...all of 'em should be put to sleep 'til the flight lands!!
2003-03-13 12:55:51 PM  
The flight attendants should have just formed a slap-line like that scene in Airplane.
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