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(Charleston)   SC governor wants state run like Wal-mart. All officials now must live in trailer parks, watch NASCAR   ( charleston.net) divider line
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2003-03-13 10:29:47 AM  
Yeah and it's real hard to get a job down here with Columbia expanding like crazy. Don't forget all the new factories opening all around the state. Why do you judge some place that you have no knowledge of?
2003-03-13 10:29:53 AM  
[image from netstate.com too old to be available]

[image from netstate.com too old to be available]
2003-03-13 10:30:41 AM  
I don't know. One of my best friends moved to South Carolina to get her Ph.D at Clemson. She says every stereotype was pretty much confirmed within 2 days of moving there. And she's a pretty down home Midwestern Girl herself, so it's not like she has her nose in the air. I'm just amazed that even some of her profs are still fighting the Civil War. I told her to tell them my "Yankee" opinion next time they start biatching about the North. And that is that some of us up here wish they would have won and separated as well.
2003-03-13 10:30:56 AM  
Oh nevermind. I need more coffee
2003-03-13 10:31:06 AM  
Reading comprehension seems to be slipping. Do you really think "run like Wal-Mart" means "act like a stereotypical Wal-Mart customer," or do you really think the millionaires who run Wal-Mart live in trailer parks?
2003-03-13 10:33:45 AM  
The South Carolina State Flag
Dating back to 1765, the South Carolina State Flag reminds us of its role in the American Revolution and maintains its place in the anals of the Civil War with a design that was formulated as a National banner when the state seceded from the union on December 20, 1860.

Components of the current state flag were first seen in 1765, on a banner carried by South Carolina protesters of the Stamp Act. The banner that the protesters hoisted displayed three white crescents on a blue background. Ten years later in 1775, Colonel William Moultrie was asked by the South Carolina Revolutionary Council of Safety to design a banner for the use of South Carolina troops. Colonel Moultrie chose a simple and direct design that displayed the crescent (new moon)on a blue field. The new flag was the same blue color of the soldier's uniforms and the silver crescent echoed the symbol that the soldiers wore on the front of their caps.

( Click here for a larger image. )
Almost 100 years later, South Carolina seceded from the Union it had fought to create. A new banner was needed to fly above the newly created nation. Many designs were reviewed but the General Assembly settled on one simple change to Moultrie's Revolutionary War design. A Palmetto tree was added and centered on the blue field. The Palmetto, the South Carolina State Tree, had been attributed as instrumental in Colonel Moultrie's defense of Sullivan's Island against an attack by British warships in June, 1776. Cannonballs fired at the fort from the British ships could not destroy the walls of the fort which were built of Palmetto logs. Instead, the cannonballs simply sank into the soft, tough Palmetto wood.

The flag that flies over the state of South Carolina today is of the same design that flew over the independent South Carolina during the Civil War.
2003-03-13 10:34:30 AM  
The same asshats that love Southern stereotype "humor" would have a leg-wetting hissy fit if racial stereotype humor is posted.

Sounds to me like this Governor is at least trying to do right by his constituents.
2003-03-13 10:34:36 AM  
at least we're consistent
2003-03-13 10:35:44 AM  
Acetonic: Well, the old man than ran it did still drive around in an old pick-up truck before he died if I remember correctly....

Actually, I'm supposed to visit South Carolina sometime this spring. I've been to every other Deep South state. I've found that their people are generally very kind and polite. Of course, I look very white and Protestant. (If only they knew...)
2003-03-13 10:38:17 AM  

How can you call yourself a farker and be so damn sensitive?

Im from Wisconsin. We're fat. We eat cheese, brats, beer, and occasionally EACH OTHER!

You sound like a bunch of whinning pansies. Every region has it's flakey stereotypes. Embrace them and get a damn sense of humor.
2003-03-13 10:39:24 AM  
Mayoboy, you have no idea what you're talking about...the South is a great place. I have been all over this country, and there are "rednecks" everywhere. It's also not a whole lot hotter in the south than it is in the northeast in the summer....but the women up North can't hold a candle to our Southern ladies.
2003-03-13 10:39:40 AM  
Speaking as someone who goes to Super WalMart every other day I must say it's the bomb and I'd move to that city lol
2003-03-13 10:42:09 AM  
Scarneck: Very true. I'm from Indiana. We're the fattest state (I'm 5'10" and 155, so don't even start). We have more than our share of NASCAR fans and trailer parks. I certainly won't get defensive if someone rips on Indiana. I'll just join in.
2003-03-13 10:44:31 AM  
but the women up North can't hold a candle to our Southern ladies.

That's because if they did hold a candle to Southern ladies they would go up in a giant flame of hairspray....
2003-03-13 10:46:25 AM  
"anals" heehee

Can some of your Southerners chime in with how great it is to be black (African American) and live there?
2003-03-13 10:46:33 AM  
Mayoboy, the average temp difference between NY and the A.T.L. in July is 5 degrees...
2003-03-13 10:47:45 AM  
Hey, doesn't Farker Wakamole do CD reviews for that paper?
2003-03-13 10:47:55 AM  
What's the diff in humidity though? And air flow?
2003-03-13 10:48:33 AM  
Why yes...yes I do, Wakamole. Thanks for pointing that out.
2003-03-13 10:49:38 AM  
Hey Wackamole which paper would that be?
2003-03-13 10:49:46 AM  
Hey, no problem.

/end of shameless self-promotion
2003-03-13 10:50:15 AM  
That's because if they did hold a candle to Southern ladies they would go up in a giant flame of hairspray....

Okay, I'm Southern and I like Southern women but damn I just spit coke all over my keyboard laughing at that one.
2003-03-13 10:50:35 AM  

We better hope none of the Indiana legislators here about this. Our House of Bubbas would just love this sort of thing.
2003-03-13 10:51:23 AM  
WorldCitizen, I happen to like the humidity, and, as far as air flow is conderned, southerners are known for their fondness of cool breezes, which are common in the evening throughout the year.
2003-03-13 10:51:30 AM  
The good ol' Post & Courier, Jive. (I believe I met you at Club Habana when Drew was last in town)
2003-03-13 10:51:40 AM  
How did a joke about Wal-mart customers get twisted into an anti-South joke? Don't they have Wal-marts north of the Mason-Dixon line?

Southern OR Northern, you have to admit that Wally World attracts lots of NASCAR fans and mullets.

I grew up in Cincy, OH but my entire family is from West Virginia, which is where I live now. And yes, some of the stereotypes are true. On average you'll find quite a few more used diapers and wads of chewin' tobacco in Wal-mart parking lots than at say, Sears of JCPenney parking lots. I shop there too, I just step over the debris.

Bottom line, the headline is funny.
2003-03-13 10:59:32 AM  
holy crap, WorldCitizin...that was farkin' funny.
2003-03-13 11:01:03 AM  
By the way, ever since Target came to town, I haven't set foot in a Wal-Mart...

(flame on)
2003-03-13 11:01:29 AM  
just a simple observation from a SC resident.
when you travel into South Carolina on any major hiway, you are greeted with a welcome sign and a welcome center (complete with free maps, food etc). when you travel into a northeastern state, like New Jersey, you are greeted with a tollbooth and a finger.
Every state certainly has its share of backwards, poor idiots. And in someways, it does seem that SC has more than its share from time to time, but what the governor is trying to do right now is SAVE MONEY. I don't know about your state, but SC is in a major cash crunch. Unlike some states, SC is required by its constitution to have a balanced budget each year. they cannot run a deficit of $1. so there is a serious effort underway, at all levels, to cut costs without gutting services.
Finally this thought, for all of the Yankees who come down and say that all of the stereotypes are true, realize that the folks you see are saying the exact same thing about you!
2003-03-13 11:09:00 AM  
Preach on Ape.

Wakamole. That's right I remember you. I have a friens that writes for the P and C in N. Chuck
2003-03-13 11:09:55 AM  
Southern OR Northern, you have to admit that Wally World attracts lots of NASCAR fans and mullets.

And primer colored Camaros in the parking lots.
2003-03-13 11:11:17 AM  
Sanford is the man. When he was a US Representative in DC a few years ago, he refused his housing allowance and slept on a futon in his Congressional office. He's all about saving money. Thank god he's in and that farkin' loser Hodges (our last SC gov'nr) is out.

(steps off soapbox)
2003-03-13 11:15:07 AM  
I live in a university town. It's really funny how it is essentially two different cities. And you can divide it up by department stores. You have the Target Crowd and the Wal-Mart Crowd. The Target Crowd is the university half of the city and the Wal-Mart Crowd is the local half of the city. You find all of the things at the Wal-Mart here that we're making fun of the South for having. It would make for an interesting sociology study.
2003-03-13 11:19:59 AM  
I'm certain we can all agree that Wal-Mart attracts our most colorful citizens. My fellow shoppers at Wal-Mart never fail to entertain me with their antics. I especially liked the earlier post about the redneck smacking their kid around when they stop to check out the cookies.
2003-03-13 11:23:26 AM  
North Carolina rules, South Carolina blows. Simple as that.

Of course, with all the Yankees living around my western NC town, you can hardly call it the South anymore.
2003-03-13 11:28:46 AM  
Ummm... this is the "We abuse our employees and pass the savings on to you!" Wal-Mart we're talking about, right?

Yeah, that's what I thought.
2003-03-13 11:31:15 AM  
"for all of the Yankees who come down and say that all of the stereotypes are true, realize that the folks you see are saying the exact same thing about you!"

Just out of curiousity, what are the Northerner stereotypes?
2003-03-13 11:34:57 AM  
My girlfriend and I have noticed a new trend recently, mostly at Wal-Mart, but spreading to other stores as well. (Disclaimer: The only reason I go into Wal-Marts is to check their selection of action figures. Sometimes they get exclusives that other stores don't.) The trend? Pulling their shopping carts. Yep, walking in front and to the left of the cart and pulling it alongside them. As if Wal-Mart's aisles weren't narrow enough. As if Wal-Mart's customers weren't wide enough. I don't know if they simply can't figure out the mechanics of the shopping cart, or if their stomachs extend too far forward for their arms to reach the cart's handle. Or perhaps it's some atavistic caveman-like instinct to drag one's food behind you. Whatever it is, it's spreading. Be on the lookout for it.
2003-03-13 11:35:35 AM  
Just out of curiousity, what are the Northerner stereotypes?

Always comparing southern ways to the way they "do it" up north
Crap tippers
Flaunt money if they have it
2003-03-13 11:40:47 AM  
I'm not sure whether the South actually has more stupid people than other places, but they've certainly got more pride in their condition here. However, the people are most definitely nicer here. Unfortunately, that earns no points.
2003-03-13 11:42:27 AM  
Thanks, Jive.

Having lived on both sides of the fence I can see some truth in those, too. I've noticed when I work out in the public here in WV it never fails that the "country folk" who drive up in their beat up trucks or 1978 Oldsmobuicks are much friendlier than the "city folk" who drive up in their BWMs and SUVs. I guess there's some truth in both stereotypes.
2003-03-13 11:43:46 AM  
If anyone wants to make fun of South Carolina, well...it's already all been said, but objectively, this is a very nice place to live: nice weather (yes, it's hot in summer, but at least I can wear shorts till november!), low cost of living, low taxes, an abundance of gorgeous women, most people are polite (northerners: look it up in the dictionary as I'm sure the concept is a foreign one)...we've got Charleston, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach and all of the beaches between, the Blue Ridge just an hour away with mountain resorts, outdoors activities abound, fresh Calabash seafood, the best BBQ in the universe (don't start!) and fantastic southern cooking (watermelon pie? only here)...go ahead and make racism jokes and redneck comments, statistics show more racial violence occurs north of the mason dixon line. Don't knock this place till you've tried it, you'd be surprised.
2003-03-13 11:44:07 AM  
Jive_Turkey: Funny, that pretty much corresponds to what people overseas think of all Americans. I will admit that we're not as "go out of your way friendly" up here. I just really don't care what my neighors are doing and there are too many people to wave at/say hello to.

I think all of the those "Northern" stereotypes are pretty generic. From living "up here" and having traveled around all of our sub groups, I'd say that there's a large difference in levels of politeness and volume between say, Brooklyn, NY and Madison, WI.

And I tip 20% as a standard, unless the service is bad.

I realize this is the "Old South", but wasn't it basically an aristocracy? Isn't that flaunting your money to the greatest extreme? With all of that genteel living?

And please, "Yee-Ha" isn't loud? ;)
2003-03-13 11:44:17 AM  

You forgot that those dirty Yanks speak too quickly.
2003-03-13 11:44:36 AM  
What I really hate about Yankees is the way they think, "The war of Northern aggression is over."

I also hate the way that Yankees don't have Rebel flags hanging from their porches and car antennas.
2003-03-13 11:46:18 AM  
Interesting Fact:

South Carolina is the most poorly educated state in the nation.

2003-03-13 11:47:05 AM  
Peter: You haven't driven around southern Indiana much have you? We have rebel flags everywhere. Which again makes my point that Indiana is a Southern state in Northern clothing. (at least southern Indiana).
2003-03-13 11:51:52 AM  
Paulson, I don't know where you pulled that "fact" from, but I can assure you that the public education system in Louisiana is far, far worse than South Carolina.
2003-03-13 11:52:31 AM  
Fiver- I just saw that the other day too. I can't explain it either (the ones I saw didn't have the "too fat" excuse). Maybe they think it's like having front wheel drive on your cart. It certainly does seem to get things in the way more since its much more difficult to back it up/move over. Perhaps they want quick access to the cart instead of having to reach over the handle and baby carrier? I dunno, but, like country music, it's spread needs to be stopped.
2003-03-13 11:53:56 AM  
And please, "Yee-Ha" isn't loud? ;)

For the record:I have never said Yee haw

I thought that was a Texas thing

I'd say that there's a large difference in levels of politeness and volume between say, Brooklyn, NY and Madison, WI.

I totally concur with that statement. Yankees are primarily from the Northeast, not the midwest.
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