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(NCBuy)   Jackyl to debut first guitar/chainsaw this weekend   ( divider line
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7772 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Mar 2003 at 2:56 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-13 02:59:31 AM  
Cutting edge.
2003-03-13 03:01:16 AM  
Too bad he wasted all of his time coming up with that monstrosity. He could have spent his time trying to pick up some musical talent.
2003-03-13 03:01:22 AM  
Keep Steve Vai away from that thing!
2003-03-13 03:02:39 AM  
Jackyl:saw-tars::Great White:pyrotechnics
2003-03-13 03:03:53 AM  
wow... I can't wait to see Jackyl in concert now! Because, you know, having a chainsaw makes their music suck less somehow.
2003-03-13 03:04:03 AM  
I heard his next tour is going to be through the boreal coniferous forests - rock and roll and fight the pollution!
2003-03-13 03:04:37 AM  
that was MY idea!

/files lawsuit
2003-03-13 03:04:40 AM  
You've GOT to be kidding!
2003-03-13 03:04:50 AM  
And in future news:

"Families of those injured in last night's concert disaster are suing the makers of the world's first Chainsaw / Guitar. This tragedy, wherein hundreds of concertgoers were hurt and dozens killed, was doubly painful being the return show for the rock band Great White."
2003-03-13 03:05:28 AM  
no cure for cancer?
2003-03-13 03:06:06 AM  

Ok. I'll be honest, this means nothing to me.
2003-03-13 03:07:41 AM  
all your guitar / chainsaw are belong to JackHole.

*i got nothin'*
2003-03-13 03:08:15 AM  
I-Mockery has the saw-tar featured in a Metal-Mockery article
2003-03-13 03:09:05 AM  
is it possible that jackyl sucks less now than they did ten years ago?
2003-03-13 03:09:16 AM  
This is Quak-tastic!
[image from too old to be available]

I got nothing...
2003-03-13 03:09:18 AM  
All Paul Bunyan style.

"She Loves My Ox!"
2003-03-13 03:11:22 AM  
Let me try that again.
The Metal Mockery article
2003-03-13 03:12:20 AM  
how about "re-tard"
2003-03-13 03:13:38 AM  
and this further goes to further my theory....germans love david hasselhoff... nothing...its either this or a pic of admiral ackbar...
2003-03-13 03:13:46 AM  
Next instrument invention? The SyntheSlicer™:
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-13 03:14:24 AM  
Redneck, the other other white meat.
2003-03-13 03:14:24 AM  

that's like axe-ing if zero is has less value than it did 10 minutes ago.
2003-03-13 03:15:17 AM  
or "saw-tard"?
2003-03-13 03:17:19 AM  
I came, I saw, I left.
2003-03-13 03:18:11 AM  
i have this great idea for a combination handyman tool/musical instrument. i was thinking of taking one of those musical saws, and using it to cut wood.

2003-03-13 03:20:21 AM  
By golly I learn something new everyday.
2003-03-13 03:20:28 AM  
post pics plz
2003-03-13 03:24:27 AM  
Yes, if ever we need pics this is it!!
2003-03-13 03:25:32 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-13 03:29:34 AM  
Gee after seeing that picture I'm thinking I should start a pool on how many shows he can do without sawing off an arm or a leg.
2003-03-13 03:29:36 AM  
Why does MANOWAR come to mind when I think of this contraption...I like MANOWAR...shut up fags..
2003-03-13 03:38:44 AM  
2003-03-13 03:41:33 AM  
pls delete above mods...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-13 03:45:30 AM  
Next stop: Tour with GWAR
2003-03-13 03:49:00 AM  
Does this mean there are going to be even MORE members of hair bands with only one arm???
2003-03-13 03:52:56 AM  
Ok, i have that exact saw in the above pic. I use it to cut down trees, not stools... Is it that impressive to see a chain saw in action, that you have to cut apart a stool onstage? Now thats METAL baby..

And anyone who still names their kids Jesse James should be drawn and quartered, or at least sawed in half.
2003-03-13 04:02:42 AM  
This revolution in home improvement brought to you by the Nine Digit Corporation, leader in power tool safety for generations.

/Bob and Tom
2003-03-13 04:03:21 AM  
I had an idea for a chain guitar too. Basically you rev it, and its its own amp. Maybe have it act like whammy, and engine distortion at the same time.

Also had an idea for a drummer who uses small arms fire along with an Ak47 both on burst. Perfect timing for death metal.
2003-03-13 04:08:15 AM  
uhm... this is like.. so 80's.... and plus it's gayer than Culture Club...
2003-03-13 04:09:01 AM  
I'm a lumberjack baby
But I ain't jacked my lumber baby
Since my chain saw you

Ahhhhh ya gotta love the classic love songs of the 90's.
2003-03-13 04:10:34 AM  
Looks to me like a rip-off of...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-13 04:18:28 AM  
Crazyjim - "Also had an idea for a drummer who uses small arms fire along with an Ak47 both on burst. Perfect timing for death metal."

Sweet. Tchaikovsky would be proud.
2003-03-13 04:50:14 AM  
Jackyl. Now there's a name I hoped I'd never have to hear again. Hope he cuts his nads off with that stupid contraption.
2003-03-13 07:01:33 AM  
What a great gimmick!

I know I'm ready to fork over 20 bucks to hear their 1 hit song and see the amazin chainsaw guitar!
2003-03-13 07:26:45 AM  
I engineered an album about 10 years ago in London with a Mexican band called La Lupita (yes, Mexicans in London). We used a full throttled chain saw in one song.

In short? Nothing new here.
2003-03-13 07:30:41 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

Creative music on chainsaws and circular grinders rules!
2003-03-13 07:46:20 AM  
Isnt this just about 10 years too late? Never was a great band but thay had a big redneck following about 1992...what a bunch of looooossseeerrrrssss
2003-03-13 07:53:18 AM  
Guitar + Chainsaw + fingers = stupid, stupid idea.

Lets see him play it with is teeth or behind his head. Now that would be impressive. Or fatal.
2003-03-13 08:06:13 AM  
23 Killed, 64 Injured In Collapsing Club Calamity

"Don't saw through that one Jesse James, it's a load bearer!"
2003-03-13 08:29:20 AM  
I can't wait 'til Jackal plays at the state fair this year! This'll be the best show ever!
2003-03-13 08:30:31 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Does it go to 11?
2003-03-13 08:31:07 AM  
I hung out with Jackyl up here in Maine last Summer.

You guys might think they suck (which is fine), but in this day and age of MTV boy-band-bubble-gum-princess-talentless A-holes, I'll settle for the 'ol drums/bass/guitar/chainsaw combo anyday...

I like 'em, sue me... (and I've seen them 4 times)...
2003-03-13 08:40:15 AM  
I once saw a band called "Sink Manhattan" that only played power tools and big metal drums. It was an experience.
2003-03-13 08:40:57 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
I'd hit it.
2003-03-13 08:42:09 AM  
The only reference I can find to sink manhattan.. i guess they didn't go too far.. ;)
2003-03-13 08:45:58 AM  
I didn't know these guys were still alive; I guess they need rent money for their double-wides.
2003-03-13 08:46:56 AM  
I don't mind the over-the-top stuff like Gwar, because it doesn't seem so serious....but these guys, and their, I dunno...
2003-03-13 08:51:21 AM  
I saw jackyl twice years ago, and he can actually make the chainsaw hum in rhythm of a song, pretty cool. That is all.
2003-03-13 08:53:14 AM  
They did a song called "Locked and Loaded". It was a duet with AC/DC's lead singer. It's pretty good. You really have to listen good to tell them apart.
2003-03-13 08:57:13 AM  
Maybe they'll do it in a poorly ventilated room and get the CO level just right.

2003-03-13 09:06:19 AM  
Jackyl is a pretty good band. I especially liked their song "Open Invitation", better known as "I Hate You Bin Laden".
2003-03-13 09:21:39 AM  
Efficient CO production may require a slightly depreciated oxygen level in the room. From all the smoking going on, this may indeed be possible.
2003-03-13 09:21:48 AM  
I thought the Plasmatics did this back in the early 80s? Also, is not Jackyl a band that only Strongbad would remember?

I got the heart of a lion and the wings of a bat....
2003-03-13 09:26:18 AM  
Wow a band who can sing and play all their instruments? A band with talent? A band who plays straight up AC/DC style rock and roll with an American twist?

AND is entertaining??

what's wrong with that? Sounds like a good thing to me.
2003-03-13 09:27:14 AM  
Wait, what year is it?
2003-03-13 09:28:26 AM  
How many
img.fark.netView Full Size
img.fark.netView Full Size
stories can we expect as a direct result of this in the months to come?
2003-03-13 09:30:15 AM  
Wait, let me rephrase that - I think were going to need a
img.fark.netView Full Size
img.fark.netView Full Size
tag for future Jackyl stories.
2003-03-13 09:34:28 AM  
Sorry, i find more interesting things in my cereal in the morning.

Neubauten ownz Jackyl.
2003-03-13 09:35:28 AM  
I used to listen to Jackyl...back in the third grade.
2003-03-13 10:30:43 AM  
Wow. I saw them in concert waaaaaaayyyyy back in the day. I think they opened for the Damn Yankees. Sadly, when I watched VH1's "top 40 Hair Bands of All Time," I had seen most of the bands in concert. *cries*
2003-03-13 10:36:14 AM  
I always wanted a Flying V guitar to have a fricken laser beam attached to the head. That way, during my solo, I could "shoot" some stray disco dancers that wandered onstage. The crowd would have gone wild!

Ah, the early 80's...
2003-03-13 10:51:31 AM  
Homerjay: Jackyl. Now there's a name I hoped I'd never have to hear again. Hope he cuts his nads off with that stupid contraption.

Judging by his spread in Playgirl, he's already taken care of the frank, so the beans should go any time now.
2003-03-13 10:55:15 AM  
Good to see that Jesse James has put to good use all that extra time he has since Politically Incorrect got canned.
2003-03-13 10:57:31 AM  
Hey look, another band that no one seems to like, yet the band still seems to make a good living by selling concert tickets. Someone needs to study this phenomenon. They could probably win a Nobel Prize for... eh, something.
2003-03-13 10:59:45 AM  
2003-03-13 11:01:41 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

uh... thankfully.
2003-03-13 11:04:43 AM  
This gimmic is old and busted! A more marketable product would most likely be a combination guitar/fire extinguisher.

*boards train to hell*
2003-03-13 11:59:15 AM  
This is a Darwin Award in the making.
2003-03-13 12:13:55 PM  
What'd Jesse James consult Strong Bad for gimmick advice?
2003-03-13 12:40:23 PM  
Ah, Neubauten; back when industrial meant jackhammers on stage.

And their cover of "Sand" is damn catchy.
2003-03-13 12:48:08 PM  
Damn it, Sean-O! I was thinking the very same thing. Instead of a night club in New England burning down....

The tickets would cost an arm & a leg, though....

Why do the '80's hair metal bands think they're going to make a come back? I hope they realize that they're just traveling freak shows now. It's like they think Nirvana, Metallica, Slipknot & Radiohead haven't altered music forever beyond the Spandex B.S. years ago.

Jackyl? I think maybe they'd sell more if they called themselves Jack-ass-yl. But somebody's already got the copyright on that.
2003-03-13 12:56:21 PM  

Believe it or not, Einsturzende Neubaten (German industrial band) used to use fire extinguishers as instruments. Too bad they weren't on the bill with Great White.....
2003-03-13 01:01:15 PM  
Now, if someone could invent a prosthetic hand that is a chainsaw......wait, it's been done. Groovy!
2003-03-13 01:34:52 PM  
If I remember correctly, back in the very late 80's/early 90's they were in a bar or restaurant in Atlanta, and things got out of hand, and one of the members produced a chainsaw from their car and proceeded to rearrange a couple of tables. I think it was right after their "lumberjack" song came out, and they were just starting to make a name for themselves....

interesting form of a publicity stunt.....
2003-03-13 01:44:51 PM  
"Locked and Loaded" with Brian Johnson (AC/DC)was one good song, but my favorites are "Down On Me" (I see the sun shining down on me...I love the thought of you coming down on me, "When Will it Rain", "Headed for Destruction" <<<with chainsaw, and "Dirty Little Mind"
Rock and Roll, straight up with no cola or ice!
Think about it...he made enough money to sit around and design this monstrosity while the rest of us *caution four letter word coming* continually WORK our tails off to pay for our toys.
2003-03-13 02:14:20 PM  
Already been done- see: Ted Nugent...
2003-03-13 03:03:25 PM  
yup, been done...(YAWN) by countless before:

TEd Nugen,
ESPECIALLY Einsturzende Neubauten,who used just about any power tool that made noise.

my personal favorite? A chainsaw-solo on WEEN's best album:

2003-03-13 08:11:29 PM  
-more power to 'em.

they are a cool group of rockers.

plum crazy hit it on the head.

-they are cool with their fans and anyone who has seen them in a club knows what i'm talkin' about.

-i say...long live at least some form of rock.
2003-03-14 09:25:56 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
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