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(Signs on San Diego)   Dentist on probation for calming his patient with beer   ( divider line
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5468 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Mar 2003 at 5:09 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-12 02:10:39 PM  
I love the fact that the only thing he did wrong was not noting it in the file! My kind of Dentist. Seems that the patient didn't mind. BEER!!!
2003-03-12 02:11:15 PM  
Works for me
2003-03-12 02:12:27 PM  
One Guinness please.
2003-03-12 02:21:13 PM  
The combination of the beer, laughing gas and narcotics left the patient woozy following his treatment, according to the accusation.

Good Lord! Where do I find a dentist like that? That patient got *all* the goods! Alcohol and Vicodin? Somebody slept good that night...
2003-03-12 02:52:36 PM  
BEER too slow. Versed very fast to knock on ass. Add Morphine to achieve extra glow. (Medical Poetry for today)
2003-03-12 03:21:30 PM  
No sheet Asimovian I'd travel half a day to that dentist. My current dentist is pretty cool tho... no laughing gas (too much 'liability' w/pregnant assistants.) but he'll give you some valium to take before you come in.
I like a dentist who caters to cowards.
2003-03-12 03:25:59 PM  
Was it Tartar Control Duff?
2003-03-12 03:32:36 PM  
Pull a pint. Pull a tooth.
2003-03-12 03:44:49 PM  
Yeah, no shiat. I seem to always get the anti-drug dentists.

"So, do you have any problems with codeine?"

"No, not at all!"

"Okay, here's a perscription for Ibuprofen."

WTF? I want gas, I want good drugs, I want something that will really kill this goddamn pain! Hell, I don't even farking wanna be there! What's so wrong with medications? You're drilling and pulling my farking teeth asshole!

A beer would be okay I suppose.

Yes, all the dentists I have gone to were trained at Auschwitz.
2003-03-12 03:54:52 PM  
"There are many dentists around the country who will provide a beer or wine as a pre-sedative," Benninghoff said. "It's quite common. It's not against good dental practice."

Maybe in the 1860's.

Let's see. Alcohol, then NO, then Halcion, then Vicodin, then let him drive home. Smart.
Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against ingesting multiple chemical substances. I just don't think that it's a good idea for dentists to supply the party.
I once worked at a dental school. One of the senior students was caught inhaling NO in between working on patients. He was suspended pending judicial board with the dean. When it was time for his hearing he was nowhere to be found. An instructor found him in a closet sucking on a nitrous tank.
Just couldn't say no to NO.
2003-03-12 04:10:48 PM  
I can see how it's not the best idea, but you have to admit, the dentist's heart was in the right place.

My dentist shot me up with so much Novocaine when I had a filling done my grandkids are going to have a numb face. And as a bonus afterwards, he prescribed me Tylenol w/ codeine "in case it bothers you after the anaesthetic wears off next month."
2003-03-12 04:41:58 PM  
Giving beer to a patient to relax him before a procedure seems rather archaic. Reminds me of this doctor back in Virginia who lost his license when a patient complained that he sterilized an instrument with a lit match.
2003-03-12 05:12:49 PM  
where is this dentist and does my insurance take him...screw novacaine!!!!
2003-03-12 05:15:08 PM  
"non-dental community service"

I'd hate to be the person who received "dental community service" from some bad dentist.
2003-03-12 05:16:40 PM  
I think these people are just anti-dentites.

2003-03-12 05:17:11 PM  
I wanna go to that dentist, I just get shots at mine, no funny gas or booze :o(
2003-03-12 05:17:40 PM  
Coleslaw Tartar Control Duff = funny
2003-03-12 05:17:47 PM  
2003-03-12 05:20:38 PM  
I had to get a cervical biopsy last year. I told my OB/GYN that I wanted some sort of gas or drugs to relax me because I had spoken to several other women who had had the same proedure done and said it was quite painful and that I should ask for something (she had only told me to take 4 advil an hour before the procedure).

She told me to drink a glass of wine or two before I came in. I said something to here to the effect of "I shouldn't really do that if I'm taking the advil, should I?" She got this "duh" look on her face and said "Oh, yeah, I guess not...."

Needless to say I've switched docs since. But hey, at least I didn't have a line of college students outside the door getting ready to make some painful mistakes.
2003-03-12 05:20:47 PM  
I get free dental care, anyway. I'm sure I could get a brew or 2 before treatment, if I so pleased...but that's only b/c I'm related to him.
2003-03-12 05:23:41 PM  

I usually recommend that my patients calm their nerves with 3 or 4 glasses of wine before coming in for their cervical biopsies. Of course I run my office out of a 1979 Dodge Van, sooooooooo.
2003-03-12 05:24:27 PM  
Nitpicking. The guy's on probation for not recording the beer in his notes, not because he gave the patient a beer.
2003-03-12 05:25:46 PM  
Yeah NICU8697, but do you have dimming lights and a full video set-up like mine did? Didn't think so.
2003-03-12 05:26:40 PM  
I want THAT dentist!!
2003-03-12 05:27:11 PM  
candypantsDimming lights? No, I just threw up some old strands of christmas lights. Plus the van came with a disco ball already in it, so that's a bonus. Did I mention the fur covered stirrups? ;-)
2003-03-12 05:28:51 PM  
As long as the dentist isn't likkered up, what's the damage?
2003-03-12 05:29:42 PM  
dentist of the year in my books...
2003-03-12 05:30:34 PM  
If they gave beer in the waiting room I would need a DD to get home. I wait like 4 farking hours for my appts and then it takes him 2 hrs to do anything.

8am appt.

330 I am going home. WTF?@!!?@?@?@?@
2003-03-12 05:43:58 PM  
So, to review:

Raping patients while they're on luaghing gas: OK

Giving patients beer: Not OK

It's a sorry, sorry world. And that new pic of SbB girl Laurie kicks ass.
2003-03-12 05:56:16 PM  
Jerry: Kramer, he's just a dentist.
Kramer: Yeah, and you're an anti-dentite.
Jerry: I am not an anti-dentite!
Kramer: You're a rabid anti-dentite! Oh, it starts with a few jokes and some slurs. "Hey, denty!" Next thing you know you're saying they should have their own schools.
Jerry: They do have their own schools!
2003-03-12 05:57:10 PM  
how do i change my password on fark?
2003-03-12 05:59:12 PM  
Doctor: OK, let's begin.
Patient: Wait, I'm still awake!
Doctor: Who said that?
Patient: I did! Me! The patient! I can still feel EVERYTHING!
Doctor: Nurse, please fetch the patient a "Bud".

2003-03-12 06:14:54 PM  
This must be that 5th dentist the gum companies are always talking about.
2003-03-12 06:32:44 PM  
..and the problem lies where?...
2003-03-12 06:34:44 PM  
After the patient downed the 12-ounce beer, according to the accusation, Hellwig gave him a tablet of Halcion and administered nitrous oxide. At the end of the treatment, the patient was given a tablet of Vicodin for pain relief.

That's my kind of Dentist! My current one won't even give me gas for routine cavities. The one that took out my wisdom teeth give me all sorts of stuff including flavored laughing gas...Hummm...will I have the peach suprise, or the banana rush?
2003-03-12 06:48:24 PM  
When I had my wisdom teeth out, all they gave me was Motrin.
Asshat army dentists. Then they told me I wasnt able to smoke or drink for awhile. I ignored them.
2003-03-12 06:52:12 PM  
how do i change my password on fark?

Click here and look toward the bottom of your profile. You will see a login box, with a button that says "edit user." Login and change it there.
2003-03-12 06:58:04 PM  
I mean i have another login name and i forgot the password, how do i get it?, but thanks anyway
2003-03-12 06:59:07 PM  
or change it or something, just so i can use it.
2003-03-12 07:40:20 PM  

Beats the hell out of me. Maybe I should not have been drinking after they took my wisdom teeth out after all.
2003-03-12 07:47:25 PM  
hahaha, that was hilarious.
2003-03-12 08:16:44 PM  
Didn't dentists in the 19th century used to give their patients marijuana?
2003-03-12 09:29:43 PM  
InternetSecurityGuard: Bloom County dammit! Not Doonesbury.
2003-03-12 09:54:48 PM  
Damn_Conservative_Media: Thanks. It was Steve Dallas on the table, right?
2003-03-12 09:58:02 PM  
I clicked on this hoping it was my dentist.

So dissappointed.
2003-03-12 10:28:26 PM  
Damn_Conservative_Media: You beat me to the punch. Yeah, it was Steve Dallas on the table, getting delicate spinal surgery after he got beat up by the rabid and very drunk Sean Penn.
2003-03-12 11:41:22 PM  
My dentist gives me NO and my insurance pays for it!

Only problem is that when he asks "are you feeling it yet" i have to focus allllll my strength to say "nnnnoooooooo...nnnnnooootttt yyyyeeeeeeeetttttt" so that i get more more more!

Can't get enough of that wonderful stuff. I used to hate going to the dentist.
2003-03-13 07:51:59 AM  
definately a hero
2003-03-13 08:36:43 AM  
I'm leaving for San Diego for a root canal.... and I don't even need one! Behold the power of beer...
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