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(London Times)   Bush Sr. says no to unilateral war on Iraq   ( divider line
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2003-03-13 12:01:13 PM  
This man (whoever he is) obviously hates America and as Bill O'Reily put it, "should support the President or shut up."
If he keeps making the statements like this after the war begins, he should be held in suspicion of treason and given no access to a lawyer.
Keep on the warpath, W. Ignore the nay-sayers and appeasers.
2003-03-13 12:12:38 PM  
This is fun. The next installment, and check out the French bashing! Nostie knew all!!

An Emperor will be born near Italy,
one who will cost his Empire a high price:
they will say that from the sort of people who surround him
he is to be found less prince than butcher.

Was Bush born near any city with an Italian name ?
I believe this is all that needs to be said.​humb1568 c01q060.jpg

Two revolutions made by the wicked scythe-bearer,
change made in realm and centuries:
the movable sign so intrusive in its place
to the two equal and like-minded.

The scythe bearer is death, and the USA bought death to the Middle East by inciting two revolutions, one in Iraq and one in Iran, who them fought for years and changed the politics of the area irrevocably. The mobile sign is Libra's scales of Justice and Balance, which Nostradamus in other quatrains uses as a symbol for democracy. Justice and democracy are the reasons why the two (Britain and America) justify the war, but those targets are as moveable as the swinging scale or scythe.​humb1555 c01q054.jpg

The bird of prey flying to the left side [for six months],
before the conflict preparation made by the French:
One will take it for good, another for ambiguous,
the weak party will hold it as a good omen.

Americans don't really want this war and look to the Democrats to help get them out of it for at least six months before the conflict. The French try to block it in the UN, which is received with relief by those that think the war is wrong, and others don't understand why but don't hold any significance to it, thinking that the UN is useless anyway. The democrats opposed to war (the weak party both peaceful and electorally weakened ) of course see it as a good omen.​humb1555 c01q034.jpg

Through great dissension the earth will tremble,
harmony broken lifting its head to heaven:
the bloody mouth will swim in the blood,
on the ground the face anointed with milk and honey.

The land of Milk and Honey is Palestine/Israel. The world will be split because of the Iraq action and people will turn their faces away from Israel and side with the Arabs. Both Israelis and Palestinians will be covered in blood.​humb1555 c01q057.jpg

The sermons from the Lake of Geneva annoying,
from days they will grow into weeks,
then months, then years, then all will fail,
the Magistrates will damn their useless laws.

The Geneva convention and its proponents the UN preach patience and adherence to international law, and the inspections drag on. The inspections eventually fail, and the neo-cons curse US and international law that stopped them from taking out Saddam the first time.​humb1555 c01q047.jpg

Child without [power] never was seen so great a thunderbolt,
The royal child, at the game of revenge, wounded:
On the summit fracutres, lightning flashes going is soundly trash,
Three in chains trussed up around the middle.

The UN attempts to stop the war being legitimised and The Childish President is enraged to have his power restrained. He seeks revenge against Germany and France, and threatens Russia (already happened). Western unity (the summit) splits, with much fiery rhetoric and media sound bites.

Bush, Cheyney and Rumsfeld are temporarily restrained.

For a long time a gray bird will be seen in the sky
near Dole and Tuscan land:
Holding in its beak a verdant sprig,
soon the great one will die and the war will end.

Peace activists have been sullied by the spindoctors as unpatriotic and communist, darkening their image from the pure white doves of peace (holding in their beak a verdant sprig) they should be. They cluster around the Democrats and wish for Dole (any other republican?), and a few hope that Bush will be brought down and the wars to come will be prevented that way.​humb1568 c01q100.jpg

The land of Italy will tremble near the mountains,
Lion and Cock not too well confederated,
in place of fear they will help each other,
only Castulo [Liberty] and the Celts [the French] moderate.

Again - was Bush born in or near a place with an Italian name ? The lion (USA) and the Cock (Blair is a dick, but the Cock is another royal symbol) aren't too close and their alliance is a bit broken, and driven by a wish not to be afraid of terrorism. Only those that love liberty and the French are against a rush to war.​humb1568 c01q093.jpg

He will be born of an old chief with dulled senses,
degenerating in knowledge and in arms:
The chief of France feared by his sister,
fields divided, granted to the troops.

If the sister is someone close to Bush, his advisors would be mostly likely to fit the bill. Born from an old chief, he is isn't bright, lacks knowledge, and has never served in the military. His advisors fear France blocking their path to semi-legitimised war. The administration is divided on the best way to proceed with military action, and gives way to the Hawks (troops).

That which fire and sword did not know how to accomplish,
the smooth tongue in council will come to achieve:
Through repose, a dream, the King will be made to meditate,
the enemy more in fire and military blood.

The bluff and bluster in the UN will not work, but some silver tongued negotiator will come up with a deal that will swing the required votes on the council. Bush will be told that he can have his mediation with the enemy in fire and blood, ie war.​humb%20i anusc01q097.jpg

Because of the French discord and negligence
a passage will be opened to Muhammad :
The land and sea of Siena soaked in blood,
the Phocaean port covered with sails and ships.​humb1555 c01q018.jpg

Near a great bridge of a spacious plain,
the great Lion with Imperial forces,
he will cause a felling outside the Geneva (auster city - austere city),
because of fear the gates will be opened to him.

The plains of Iraq are laid out before the aggressive imperial US forces. The Geneva convention will be ignored and the UN will bow to US will.​humb1568 c01q033.jpg
2003-03-13 12:19:31 PM  
Nostradamus told me I would get a small fortune from somewhere in Africa, and all I had to do was give a guy the details of my bank account and wait.
2003-03-13 12:21:06 PM  
Dang, missed another one.

From the slavish people songs, chants and requests,
for Princes and Lords captives in the prisons:
In the future such by headless idiots
will be received as divine utterances.

The peace protesters are maligned as followers (slavish people) but will sing, chant, and make demands against war. While they are either mindless idiots or are just portrayed by the spin doctor to be that way, in the future the things they say will come true, and they will achieve the status of prophets. Shame it will all be retrospective.
2003-03-13 01:11:34 PM  
Last set and I'm outa here. This is much of the rest of umm .. century 1. I might write some prophecies and see if I can get rich. Or does the rich part only come after you die in which case what farking good is it ?! *stops rambling*.

This one has blood and anthrax and stuff so don't read if you care about prophecies. At least not before breakfast.

The eye of Ravenna will be forsaken,
when the wings give way at its feet:
The two of Bresse will have made arrangements in
Turin and Vercelli, which the Gauls will trample.

Ravenna has belonged to the Papal States since 1509. the eye of Ravenna must be whoever was pope if 1555. This makes things more confusing because the year contained three popes: Julius III died in March, Marcellus II lasted 26 days from 9 April to 1 May before dying of a stroke, then Paul IV was chosen on 23 May. We have pope John Paul right now, whose counsel of peace is being ignored by a supposedly Christian country. Peace didn't fly past him. Germany and Britain have made arrangements, but the French will break them.​humb1555 c01q006.jpg

From the sixth bright celestial splendor
it will come to thunder very fiercely in Burgundy:
Then of a very hideous beast will be born a monster.
March, April, May, June great bandaging [of wounds] and decapitating.

March, April, May and June huh. I wonder what the hideous beast making a monstrosity that causes great bandaging of wounds and death could be. Hmmm.​humb1555 c01q080.jpg

Very near Aux, Lectoure and Mirande
great fire will fall from the sky for three nights:
a very stupendous and marvelous event will occur:
very soon after the earth will tremble.

There will be three nights of aerial bombing in Iraq, they will pinpoint where Saddam is underground and drop the massive bomb (previously seen on Fark!) on him. The earth will tremble. Either that or Saddam really does have a nuke and will set it off under a city, causing death that makes the world tremble.​humb1555 c01q046.jpg

Under the climate opposite to the Babylonian
their will be great effusion of blood,
the unrighteous will be on land and sea, in air and sky,
Sects, famine, realms, plagues, confusion

The "climate opposite to the Babylonian" region of modern day Mesopotamia is Iraq, where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers flow. Thousands of people will die in Iraq at the hands of the unrighteous who will assail them from land, sea and the sky. The civil order will fracture into Muslim, Christian, Kurd and other groups, who will also kill each other. The plague will either be caused by poor sanitation or Anthrax, or perhaps both.​humb1568 c01q055.jpg

They will think they have seen the Sun at night
when they will see the pig half-man:
noise, song, battle, fighting in the sky perceived,
and one will hear brute beasts talking.

The sky will be lit up over Iraq during war, as narrated by the less than shining examples of humanity that will use each death to make themselves rich. This includes the media with their patriotic presentation and the military. This may also be an example of Nostradamus forecasting future technology. He records future battles of great air fleets, piloted by half pig men (masked pilots). He hears this radio transmissions, with foreign tongues and coded gibberish: Noise, chants... brute beasts speaking.​humb1555 c01q064.jpg

When the serpents will come to encompass the altar,
the Trojan blood will be vexed by the Spaniards:
Because of them a great number will be made to suffer for it,
the chief flees, hidden in the marshes.

Saddam flees into those marshes once the army encircles the city he is hiding in and the oil. Spain chases him in ??​humb1555 c01q019.jpg

At Port Selin the tyrant put to death
liberty nevertheless not recovered:
The new Mars because of vengeance and remorse,
the Lady honored through force of terror.

Contantinople (Port Selin) will see the death of a tyrant, but freedom is not served by the death. This new Mars (god of war) began with feelings of vengeance and sorrow, but now many see the USA (the Statue of Liberty, the lady) as being honoured by the wars, causing and caused by terror.​humb1555 c01q094.jpg

The great one of the lighting falls in the daytime,
evil predicted by the bearer of demands:
According to the prediction another falls in the nighttime.
Conflict at Reims, London, Tuscan plague.

Saddam has been lightning rod of the century. He will fall during the daytime, as the bearer of demands (USA) has said he must die (President Bush - we require his life). Another significant death is caused at night. France and England war with words about the death penalty being applied for captured officers, and germ warfare is loosed somewhere in Italy, which I am calling America in this inturpretation(the evil leader is born in Italy).​humb1555 c01q026.jpg

City besieged - a night assault,
Few escaped, conflict not far from the sea:
The whore on the return of her son faints for joy,
Poison and letters hidden in the fold.

Baghdad is again assaulted at night in the familiar CNN provided vision we all remember from Gulf Mk I. There is also heavy fighting in the south near the small coastline. When the soldiers return from battle the American public (the whore) are overjoyed - until the strange disease the soldiers bring back with them becomes evident. May be the same poison as in the letters (anthrax).​humb1568 c01q041.jpg

The Sun and the Eagle will appear as victor,
the vanquished is reassured with a vain reply:
with hue and cry they will not cease arming,
revenge, because of death peace made right on schedule.

The imperialist eagle and the Empire on which the sun never set (Britain) will win, crushing the Iraqi army and all opposition, and telling the population that all is well. Saddam is dispatched quickly and victory and peace will be declared to calm world markets and help the economies pick up. All will not be well, the people will hide arms and bring them out to fight guerrilla wars for months.​humb1555 c01q038.jpg

The alien race will divide the booty,
Saturn in Mars his [its] gaze furious:
Horrible slaughter to the Tuscans and Latins,
Greeks who will take part [in] a careful strike.

The Americans will divide Iraq oil contracts up after the war, punishing those that did not back the war. Italy and Spain will participate, and Greece will as well.

At the new city contemplating a condemnation,
the bird of prey comes to offer itself to the heavens:
after victory pardon to captives,
Cremona and Mantua will have suffered great evils.

The bird of prey is the imperialist American eagle.
Modern-day Cremona also has a nuclear power plant. The great evils could be a nuclear disaster or an act of terrorism set to take place there.​humb1557 c01q024.jpg

The tyrant of Siena will occupy Savona:
The fort won he will hold the marine fleet:
The two armies for the march of Ancona,
because of terror the chief examines his conscience about it.

Again talks about an Italian born tyrant. Where was Bush born ? US will keep a military base in Iraq. Ancona belonged to the Papal states, both Britain and the US imply their mission is to bring peace and democracy (things God likes) to the region - rather like missionaries with guns. Bush actually has second thoughts about the policy as he knows of the future terrorists it will breed.​humb1557 c01q075.jpg

The tenth of the Calends of April of Gothic count
revived again by wicked folk:
the fire put out, diabolic assembly
searching for the bones of the Demon of Psellus.

If war starts mid-march we might expect the majority of it to be over by early April. If Saddam sets the oil wells on fire ala Kuwait there will be an immediate push by the US government to put them all out and reassure US oil interests and the US economy in general that the reserves are intact and will quickly be exploitable. With Saddam dead, the focus moves back to finding the demon Osama or his remains.​humb1568 c01q042.jpg

By night the highest one strangled in bed
because the blond elect had tarried to long.
the Empire enslaved by three in substitution,
put to death with document and packet unread.

Someone in the US government will be killed in their bed, most likely the President. The trio behind the President will assume power. Heh, President Cheyney. Suffer. Anyway - the hands of Rumsfeld and the third hawk pushing for use of the USAs military might for his own ends will become plain. Information which was hidden and caused the President to be killed will come again be suppressed.​humb1555 c01q039.jpg

Thank, I'll be here all week :)
2003-03-13 01:11:53 PM  
Ha ha ha ha ha.

I am all for debate, discussion, etc., but DAMN some of you need to let some new ideas or different opinions into your ears once in a while. Someone mentioned that there is no Black and White.

A very few of you need to just go outside once in a while, and enjoy life. If you are of voting age, then you know what to do.
2003-03-13 01:55:22 PM  
This thread is very one-sided.

What the heck happened to all of the mawkish, gung ho, flag-waving, patriotic, pro-war, freedom fry-eating Farkers that thrived two months or so ago.

2003-03-13 02:23:22 PM  
I'm still here, Gargoylemann.
2003-03-13 02:43:43 PM  
2 points i want to bring up:

1) I knew someone would blame Clinton in this thread. Seriously... get over it. Move on. Please?

2) That was Condie Rice when she was younger? Holy shiat i'd tag that. She was a piece o' ass.
2003-03-13 03:00:49 PM  
2003-03-13 03:25:55 PM  
President Gephardt will straighten this mess out.
2003-03-13 04:23:23 PM  
Wow, and I didn't think I could rub one out to this thread, either! Guess I was wrong.
2003-03-13 06:02:11 PM  
For anybody still reading this thread,

(Please don't click on the above link if you subscribe to the overly simplistic notion that America are 'The Good Guys')
2003-03-13 06:25:58 PM  
...correction; that the current American Administration are 'The Good Guys'.
2003-03-13 07:11:00 PM  
Gargoylemann - Hmph. After reading the article, it seems the reader has two choices:

1. Recognize that the article is hysterical paranoid trash. Reporters stupid enough to traipse about in the middle of a war zone without authorization deserve what they get.

2. Completely believe the article's assertions that America is out to destroy free speech. With missiles!

Don't they know that the vocation of journalism is so sacred, that no nation on the planet would even think of sullying it by planting spies in the field? Bribing reporters for intelligence, of course, is also unthinkable.

What gives them the right to force reporters to stay in relatively safe areas? What gives them the right to warn them that their broadcasting equipment could set off automatic targetting systems? Bloody tyrants.
2003-03-13 07:24:41 PM  

Yeah, wouldn't want those cameras to freely show the great liberation in action. We might be accidentally exposed to excessive amounts of joy. How stupid to try and keep us from seeing images of the 3000-4000 bombs and missiles releasing their sweet smelling flowers of love accross the land. Our government is a piece of shiat!

Bomb #20:Why...that would mean that...I really don't know what the outside universe is really like at all for certain.

Doolittle:That's it! That's it!

Bomb #20 :Intriguing. I wish I had more time to discuss this matter.

Doolittle:Why don't you have more time?

Bomb #20:Because I must detonate in 75 seconds.

Doolittle:Wait! Wait! Now, bomb, consider this next question very carefully. What is your one purpose in life?

Bomb #20:To explode, of course.

Dark Star
2003-03-13 09:40:25 PM  
here ye! hear ye! all trolls in hither, follow thine instructions

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-13 09:57:06 PM  
Listen to daddy, Dubya!!

Ok, I'm not really a republican, and I'm not even a huge fan of Bush senior in particular, but good god. Of all the people to give you advice on presidential foreign affairs, LISTEN TO HIM. We're talking someone who served in combat during WW2, was director of the friggin CIA for godsakes, and who got the US through desert storm with amazingly little dissent or international strife (well, besides from Iraq, obviously). In other words, this guy has experience. He knows how wars work. He knows how international affairs work. shiat, if Bush Sr. was still in office, the war would be over already, a nice chunk of Iraq would be carved out for the Palestinians to start their own nation on (and if they don't like it he'd tell em to shut the fark up). And everyone but France would still be kissing the US's butt.
But nooo, we've got a prez who doesn't know what the word "diplomacy" means.
2003-03-13 10:13:55 PM  
Once again, freaking

never mind

But, please stop cut and pasting your arguments from one thread to another, it really turns off readers.
2003-03-14 11:58:51 PM  

Please take a leaf out of your own bio:

"Dislikes: FARKers who think they are better than everyone else. - ... Or the dorks that try to limit what you may and may not say in a thread.... "

When people keep asking the same questions and making the same statements, you use the same answers and same arguments back. There aren't many new answers.
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