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19782 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Mar 2003 at 2:54 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-12 02:28:29 AM  
Yeah, but that doesn't make as good a story.
2003-03-12 05:29:37 AM  
He isn't "officially not a pervert". They just couldn't find enough evidence to prosecute him, in light of his fairly clever defense of researching a book. I personally prefer to believe his innocence but there's no way of knowing and unfortunately, as the old saying goes, shiat sticks.
2003-03-12 08:11:30 AM  
Normal person caught with kid porn = ruined life.
Celebrity caught with child porn = "That's ok, just don't let it happen again'.
2003-03-12 08:34:09 AM  
I wish I had a certificate saying "Officially Not A Pervert". It would save a lot of trouble.
2003-03-12 09:55:49 AM  
Actually the only way to find someone with a full set of teeth in England is to get them young. In fact, I think that was his backup defense.
2003-03-12 11:57:46 AM  
The "simple possession" rules regarding child pornography ignore the most basic aspects of the internet.

If I put a link here, and say, this is a link to, but it's a link to some horrible kiddy porn, and you click on it and the pic loads, you've just committed a felony. Even if you did not intend to. Even if you immediately close the window. That image remains in your cache, and if for some reason the federales search your drive, your life goes in the toilet.

Intentional creation of or collection of child porn is a reprehensible act. But it's far too easy for the government to abuse "simple possession" laws.
2003-03-12 12:08:06 PM  
Townshend had no comment, as he is in Jamaica recording the followup to Quadraphenia entitled Pedophenia.
2003-03-12 01:58:52 PM  
I see this won't stop Farkers from running it into the ground for years to come.
2003-03-12 02:58:12 PM  
Phew, that's a relief.
2003-03-12 02:58:47 PM  
Jerry Hall said he wasn't a pedophile.

How can you not believe Jerry Hall?
2003-03-12 02:59:59 PM  
In other news Homsar is still an idiot.
2003-03-12 03:00:32 PM  
Ah, I remember the days when everyone knew Pete Townhend was a pedophile... oh yeah, it was yesterday, when his name kept coming up in the Polanski thread. Hey, you know... maybe not everyone who's been accused of being a pedophile actually is one? I know, I know... too radical. I'll go listen to some AM radio and get my head straight.
2003-03-12 03:01:10 PM  
Zen - Simple possession does not apply. He authorized a charge to his credit card in order to receive the pics. He did not recieve the pics in error.
2003-03-12 03:01:56 PM  
You know that makes me really happy, because now I can get my big project up and running. The Tommy Childcare center featuring Uncle Ernie and Cousin Pete!!!
2003-03-12 03:02:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Officially not straight.
2003-03-12 03:02:21 PM

Do you dare click?
2003-03-12 03:02:26 PM  
Sam Handwich, however, is still a pervert.
2003-03-12 03:03:21 PM  
Pictures of Billy,

Make me feel so wonderful..

Pictures of Billy,

Help me sleep at night...
2003-03-12 03:03:50 PM  
I think he still may be a pervert, but maybe not a paedophile. He is an admitted bi-sexual and I am sure into some kinky shiat.

/my two cents.
2003-03-12 03:04:04 PM  
As the verdict was being released to the public, Pete Townsend received a cogratulatory call from Roman Polanski.

Is Polanski really a pedophile, or did he bugger the arse of a 13 year old girl for his 'research' ?

2003-03-12 03:04:09 PM  
I have read that in Scotland, there is a third verdict, besides guilty or not guilty, called "not proven". Which basically says, "not guilty, but don't do it again". Perhaps it was simply "not proven".
2003-03-12 03:04:09 PM  
Announces solo concert tour with TATU as opening act.
2003-03-12 03:04:52 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-12 03:05:36 PM  
I didn't understand all the fuss about this to begin with, besides the vulture-like allure of a celebrity being caught with Kiddy Porn. The guy runs an anti-pedo foundation. It's only logical that, if you're trying to stop something you find abhorrant, you HAVE to research it to find the best way of stopping it. Or else you're likely to make a fool of yourself. (take, for example, all the politians preaching from their ivory tower about the Holy War on Drugs, without a one of them actually bothering to look into the issues and see how they're in fact making the situation worse through their utter ignorance) This is part and parcel with the "zero tolerance" idiocy which is infecting the US and Britian. (and despite what Big Brother keeps trying to tell, you *Knowledge* is Power, not ignorance)
2003-03-12 03:05:57 PM  
Zenmaster: can you imagine what the feds would think if they checked every Farker's Hotmail account?
2003-03-12 03:05:59 PM  
Looks like we hafta go back to making fun of Michael "Don't Touch Me There" Jackson
2003-03-12 03:06:11 PM  
Now couldn't the guy caught with 300 lb of weed in the escort use the same defense if he said he was writing a book about the transportation of weed
2003-03-12 03:06:42 PM  
Creepy, crawly, creepy, crawly

2003-03-12 03:06:50 PM  
"Townshend's credit-card details had appeared among 7,272 names handed to police by the US Postal Inspection Service."

I'm a little confused. What does this sentence mean and why is it important to the story?
2003-03-12 03:07:22 PM  
Pete's awesome! I'm relieved. I saw The Who in Hershey PA and I bought the CD of that concert. I don't feel any different about Pete as a musician and a person and I'd still see the Who live again. This will probably hurt him professionally but I still love his music.
2003-03-12 03:08:51 PM  
"The kids are alright!"

2003-03-12 03:09:36 PM  
Hang on, I submitted this and got no already submitted messages, but didn't get credit or get my headline used. How'd that happen?
2003-03-12 03:11:08 PM  
Looks like we hafta go back to making fun of Michael "Don't Touch Me There" Jackson

I dunno, he's becoming so weird it takes the sport out of it.
2003-03-12 03:11:22 PM  
So does anybody know how much actual porn they found on his PC? Because once whilst searching for regular old porn I got hit with about 50 popups at once.. a few of them featured some not quite legal stuff.. I'm sure if I didn't clear out my cookies & whatnot I probably could have gotten into some trouble over it..
2003-03-12 03:14:31 PM  
Meanwhile, Michael Jackson kicked out of NAMBLA on moral grounds.
2003-03-12 03:14:49 PM  
Dammit, WizardX, don't you know better than to make rational, non-kneejerk observations in here? What the hell is wrong with you? Are some kind of freak or what??? Get with the program.
2003-03-12 03:16:01 PM  
Are YOU...

damned proofreaders.
2003-03-12 03:16:27 PM  
Anyone else got the image of Homer trying to wash off the "Insane" stamp from his hand?
2003-03-12 03:16:44 PM  
I was at that show also! Amazing concert... but I was looking for that concert on CD and couldn't find it....
2003-03-12 03:16:46 PM  
Oh, thank God! Now I can get safely get naked!
2003-03-12 03:17:19 PM  
Ashcroft to Rudezombie:

2003-03-12 03:17:47 PM  
My apologies, DrBenway it won't happen again. Can I have some mugwump jizzum?
2003-03-12 03:18:51 PM  
Sheena: It means that Townshend, too, might have packages from 30 years ago that needed to be delivered to him...of kiddie pr0n.
2003-03-12 03:18:57 PM  
nightsweat, that's happened to me before too
2003-03-12 03:19:02 PM  
The charges he had faced - of possessing, making and incitement to distribute indecent images of children - could have led to up to five years in jail.

That sentence disgusts me. Unless of course it was in the same cell block Dahmer was in. All these assholes deserve to die with a mop handle broken off in their arse.
2003-03-12 03:20:47 PM  
haha, f'real.. I mean for all we know it could've just been a cookie from some popup they found on his PC.. but good ol' zero tolerance policies strike again!
2003-03-12 03:25:22 PM  
I'm an "innocent until proven guilty" kind of guy, so I'll give Mr. T the benefit of the doubt (not that he cares what I think).

But I still don't understand how his credit card number is involved in this. Did he give it to a child porn vendor? If so, why in the hail would you give money to SUPPORT something you are supposedly trying to eradicate?

Maybe I misinterpreted the original story.
2003-03-12 03:25:41 PM  
I wonder if this would work with my boss if I were to get caught viewing the NSFW links.

"Sure boss I was clicking to URL to pr0n but I wasn't looking at it. I was testing the throughput and checking speed."

Good thing I control the proxy server logs. BWA HAHAHAHA
2003-03-12 03:25:43 PM  
Pete Townshed officially not a pedophile. In othr news, judge takes early retirement on newly discovered trust fund...
2003-03-12 03:26:02 PM  
What if an under-18 year old flashes her boobs on a webcam?
Is that kiddie porn?
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