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(Yahoo)   "Exercising" prostate won't ward off dysfunction. It's probably worth trying anyhow   ( story.news.yahoo.com) divider line
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2003-03-11 07:02:19 PM  
Well, that should be a relief. Now all those poor guys who had been holding off on marriage so they could get in more private fap-time can go ahead and tie the knot.
2003-03-11 07:05:42 PM  
exercising it for long enough is, however, a good way to ward off an erection.
2003-03-11 08:14:01 PM  
At least one researcher has suggested that pressure in the gonads during sex can cause a back-up of sperm into the prostate, which in turn can lead to prostate cancer.


I'm going to ignore the Yahoo article: I like it better using the cancer threat to score.
2003-03-11 09:52:10 PM  
I'll try, trust me.
2003-03-11 09:54:02 PM  
"The advice is not harmful, but probably pointless"

Not harmful? My parson said it would give me hairy palms and make me go blind!
2003-03-11 09:54:24 PM  

If you're happy, and you know it, fap your glands.

Thank you.
2003-03-11 09:54:56 PM  
I liked my headline better.

"Kittens rejoice"
2003-03-11 09:55:05 PM  
Damn, exercising my prostate is the only exercise I get.
2003-03-11 09:57:20 PM  
Pointless? POINTLESS?!?!

Worst. Article. Ever.

/continues to masturbate
2003-03-11 09:59:51 PM  
"But men who ejaculated more often, even after correcting for age, reported much better overall health and much higher sexual satisfaction, according to Lieber."

But I'm blinder than a bat.
2003-03-11 10:00:19 PM  

The top issues confronting urology and/or urologists?

Meeting the challenge of complex urethral diverticula
Practical strategies for managing ureteral stones
Practice doesn't always make perfect . . . in medicine
Renal tumors: Clarifying the role of cryoablation
2003-03-11 10:02:03 PM  
"there was no association between the number of times a man ejaculated per week or per month and their urinary symptom score or their prostate size or their urine flow rate," he added."

2003-03-11 10:06:24 PM  
It's too bad its not true. Fark would have saved more lives than WebMD.
2003-03-11 10:06:24 PM  
If you can hit the ceiling, your prostate is fine.
2003-03-11 10:11:13 PM  
Nanookanano: I hope you wear goggles.
2003-03-11 10:13:16 PM  

oj my GOD!1 ervrtyhing jvst wrnt drk!!!
2003-03-11 10:14:12 PM  
Constrict anus 100 times a day to goodbye depression.

You will all turn blue.
2003-03-11 10:14:52 PM  
However, masturbation will ward off overpopulation of the infantile felines.
2003-03-11 10:17:48 PM  
well they have no conclusive proof that it doesn't help at all. So guys probably should keep exercising since it doesn't hurt ;)
2003-03-11 10:18:25 PM  
Ah, the journal of Urology is a piss poor magazine at best...
2003-03-11 10:23:55 PM  
"You said you were combing your hair!"
--"Weird Science"
2003-03-11 10:23:55 PM  
It not malarkey! It effective way!
2003-03-11 10:24:09 PM  
3-22: It's comments like that that piss me off. I think that reports like this are all wet. These people are all washed up and need to be hung out to dry.
2003-03-11 10:24:45 PM  
3-32, Crap you blew up my computer.
2003-03-11 10:34:38 PM  
In the off chance that a future study says the opposite, I'll keep with the regular exercise. Just to be, er, safe.
2003-03-11 10:39:52 PM  
In a related study, TotalFarkers, even after correcting for age, reported much better overall health and much higher sexual satisfaction as well.
2003-03-11 10:40:17 PM  
In the "somebody-was-going-to-say-it" department:

I found this arcticle difficult not to masturbate to
2003-03-11 10:49:00 PM  
I was excercising my prosate once and I ended up dislocating my prostate. Hurts like the dickens. All you can do is put ice on it and keep it elevated. Tough as hell watching TV though.
2003-03-11 10:49:16 PM  
I want to hear what the ladies have to say about this.
2003-03-11 10:49:50 PM  
Lieber said that "all the prostate does is make seminal fluid, it has no other role.

Oh yes it does......Speaking of which, I'm off to the bar.
2003-03-11 11:07:06 PM  
"...The advice is not harmful, but probably pointless, study author Dr. Michael Lieber explained in an interview with Reuters Health.."

"...But men who ejaculated more often, even after correcting for age, reported much better overall health and much higher sexual satisfaction, according to Lieber..."

Holy contradiction batman!
2003-03-11 11:09:29 PM  
My prostate likes smoking. Is that bad?
2003-03-11 11:12:30 PM  
I like to do both squats and thrusts in order to exercise my prostate.
2003-03-11 11:20:31 PM  
03-11-03 10:49:16 PM StomachMonkey
I want to hear what the ladies have to say about this.

I have this to say: From everything that I've ever read in these comments sections I doubt you guys have too much of a problem "exercising."

/listens for the dying wails of numerous small furry felines
2003-03-11 11:36:41 PM  
I thought this article was referring to manual palpations of the prostate. I never thought that was much fun at all and I was pleased to find that they're not necessary for a healthy gland. Then i RTFA. Kittens are happy but Bill_Wick's_Friend is sad (so is Bill Wick, btw, and he normally doesn't comment on such things)
2003-03-11 11:38:34 PM  
On a serious note:

attn male farkers. cranberry extracts good. too much coffee bad. do self exam. see a doctor. it will probably not save your life, cuz testicular and prostate cancers are amoung the most curable....but it'll save you pain and losing a nad.

a PSA from someone who's been there.
2003-03-11 11:42:04 PM  
i've been telling them that for years...
2003-03-11 11:52:55 PM  
I'll let you know in a couple/few decades.
2003-03-12 12:11:26 AM  
I've had to stop exercising my prostate due to a torn rotator cuff and cronic stinky finger.
2003-03-12 12:20:37 AM  
Whats a prostate?
2003-03-12 12:25:31 AM  
"Pleasure to meet you, Mr Jones, wow, your handshake is so.....crunchy"
2003-03-12 12:28:28 AM  
Hmm....I don't trust this study, I think I will do a little more of my own *hands on* research....
2003-03-12 12:41:22 AM  
"...men who ejaculated more often, even after correcting for age, reported much better overall health..."
I'm SOOOOO gonna live forever!
2003-03-12 12:53:08 AM  
I call bullshait... like, Suzie went into this just the other nite on the Sex Show, and... er.. well, she talked about it and... after all the blood rushes out of your brain..

uhhh... What was the question again?
2003-03-12 01:58:02 AM  
Kittens fear my prostate. It is so fit it has its own exercise video out now.
2003-03-12 03:08:25 AM  
how about exercising prostrate?
2003-03-12 03:20:07 AM  
I just exercised mine....

2003-03-12 03:54:36 AM  
For Prostate Erotica try this movie

2003-03-12 05:52:38 AM  
Lieber said that "all the prostate does is make seminal fluid, it has no other role

Sounds condescending...

Like just any random body part can create man-goo??

Let's show a little respect for one of life's most inspirational events....
2003-03-12 07:44:47 AM  
But it's great - a nice strong pubococcygeal (sp?) muscle and you don't need tissues after a fapping. Just hold it in. Easy!
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