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2003-03-10 07:11:43 PM  
Bah! Landlords! There's something about becoming a landlord that turns some people into total arseholes.
I've dealt with landlords who've tried to shove a pit-bull into a tenants flat, shouted racial abuse at them in the middle of the street, kept secret "spare" keys and let themselves into the tenants house at 1am (single females only, oddly) and actually ran their tenant over with a farking car for being in rent arrears. The same landlords who whine that they are upstanding members of the business community just trying to make a living the day before they are due in court for £1,000,000 worth of mortgage fraud.
Bah, I tell you! Bah!
2003-03-10 08:17:27 PM  
I'd have to be paid a lot more than $2500 to kill someone.
2003-03-10 08:18:51 PM  
My land lord is 45 and lives with his mother. He just smokes pot all day and doesn't give a shiat about any of his buildings.

And neither do we.
2003-03-10 08:20:28 PM  
Hmm, damn. When I read the headline I thought it would be more interesting, like a fight to the death between all the residents.
2003-03-10 08:20:40 PM  
Devilsnight, how much more *taking notes*
2003-03-10 08:21:10 PM  
In the province of Prince Edward Island, everything is regulated. There's a commission that landlords and tennants have to go through for any conflicts, etc.

It's quite nice actually. It keeps incidents like this to nill.
2003-03-10 08:22:15 PM  
I don't know, $2.500 may be enough if it is pay the landlord/lady day and I am short, but otherwise I would kill someone from $2.34...

joking. of course
2003-03-10 08:25:26 PM  
Hmm....on the subject of pesky landpeople and what sometimes becomes of them, you may want to consult this handy manual:
[image from naxosaudiobooks.com too old to be available]
2003-03-10 08:30:17 PM  
"Uh-oh! It's Mista' Landlord!!"
2003-03-10 08:30:39 PM  
And that $2500 wasn't even enough for that new monster truck I was hoping to get.
2003-03-10 08:31:05 PM  
The brothers should end up with the whole building as a settlement at least.
2003-03-10 08:34:22 PM  
Bah! Tenants! There's something about becoming a tenant that turns some people into total dirtbags. Like the young women who broke into my unit while I was running the credit check and took occupancy. Took me two months to get rid of them, during which their psycho boyfriends busted up the place and cost me $2500 to fix. Then there was the mother on welfare who didn't let me know the toilet was running and ended up costing me $1500 in extra water bills by the time I found out. Evicted her, but with her on welfare there was no way to recover the money. Guess how many welfare recipients became my tenants after that? Then there were the people I discovered dealing cocaine out of one of my units ...

Summary: tenants are scum.
2003-03-10 08:35:45 PM  
Damn, I thought it was bad when my landlord ran for mayor
2003-03-10 08:47:07 PM  
hehehe Strife, good SNL reference!
2003-03-10 08:50:27 PM  
whats truly retarded about this guy is that he was trying to charge manhattan rates for a dive in queens.

the landlord wouldve been better off paying a crackhead $5 and a happy meal to do the hit

i like to post a picture of kirk yelling kahn's name but i dont have time
2003-03-10 08:55:37 PM  

This is all the government's fault. If rent controls didn't exist, these freeloading deadbeats wouldn't have occupied that unit, and the landlord wouldn't have had to take such extreme measures for the purpose of renting the apartment at free-market rates.

So, if you must blame someone, blame tax-and-spend socialists.

2003-03-10 09:07:47 PM  
Hmm... I've heard all the stories. But I currently rent a room in a house owned by a guy who owns 12 other houses, so he's both my housemate and landlord. I hear both sides of the picture, and know that, while there are plenty of asshat landlords, oftentimes, tenants can be just as shiatty
- like the ones who caused a hole in the floor by allowing water to stand constantly, then called- not the Landlord so he could fix it- the code enforcement office.
Fortunately, the code office knows how my landlord does business, and the tenants admitted that they had never notified the landlord of the problem. I know that he will go over the next day, or immediately if it's an emergency, and fix things. But, then there are the scummy types who won't do anything and are total asses about what is considered "normal wear and tear:" I have a friend who lives in a place that had a 30 year old gas stove. It quit working, and the landlord insisted that she had done SOMETHING to break the thing. Couldn't possibly have been age and wear...
2003-03-10 09:15:58 PM  
Wow, Some folks will do anything for a few bucks..

Maybe those murderous tenants wanted to kill these guys anyway? Only thing I can figure.

Oh, and Platinum Dragon you are kidding, right? If not this is the first time I have disagreed with you.
2003-03-10 09:27:23 PM  
I'm a professional landlord with about 1,200 units under management. We try really hard to provide a nice place to live for a lot of people. Tenants (we call them "residents") can be very hard on property (usually the younger ones) although some will treat your property better than their own (usually the older ones).

Asshats like this, and some of the anecdotes relayed above give the profession a bad name.

This really points out the stupid things asshat landlords will do to get around rent controls. Dumbest.Policy.Evar.
2003-03-10 09:32:44 PM  
This is the invisible hand of the market in action!

If you legislate a price ceiling, the wrath of the market will punish the freeloaders with powerful invisible hand.

In my next class of micro economics and I will bring up this story as a good exemple of why price ceiling are bad (Hint: they cause stabbing death)
2003-03-10 09:34:49 PM  
My building, there is a resident landlord, but does not own the building. The guy is a complete scumbag. Any new male tennant thats probably younger than 30, he'll try and hit on. Yes, HE. If that isn't bad enough, he's allways got scum coming to his place from 'boytown' and the likes, who end up going into the secured parking garage and breaking into honest peoples cars for loose change. Walk down there stairs, god damn, there's one of his buddies fast asleep. I talked to the actual owner of the building a week ago, and he seemed to care - that guy fixes stuff immediatly if it breaks.

Sadly, the resident landlord likes to play 'the victim'. Even worse, he lives next door to me. Shared balcony with a partition. I'm trying to find some razor wire to staple to the partition...
2003-03-10 10:02:48 PM  
[image from home.attbi.com too old to be available]
2003-03-10 10:19:01 PM  
I personally have to say My Landlord/lady Rocks!

We even get a full-color Monthly Newletter!

It's like having a free version of "Reader's Digest" every month! Dude that just rocks!

Seriously. This apartment I live in is super sweet.
We have it all. Pool, jacuzzi, weight room, and a superclean laundry room.

Especially the jacuzzi. Holy cow!

Only bad part is my neighbor is an evangilistic missionary.
The other day a guy in a white shirt, black pants, and black tie knocked on my door. I was on the phone. When I finally got to the door he had knocked on her door.
She had the best line of all: "We are Missionaries."
And then it hit me....
Oh hell, I gotta use that !
Most likely gonna be used against her!

"Oh sorry, I am a missionary of Buddhism."
"Can't help ya, bye!"

~ Pinky ~
2003-03-10 10:25:03 PM  
Oh and the punch line..? "Lady I am not a missionary. "
"I am am only here to let you know about the latest specials from Pizza Hut."

To me that was funny. Just me, that's all.
2003-03-10 10:30:07 PM  
Didn't I see this on an episode of "Law and Order"?
2003-03-11 08:51:46 AM  
I'll be very surprised if this link shows up tomorrow.
2003-03-11 09:50:24 AM  
Oh, and Platinum Dragon you are kidding, right? If not this is the first time I have disagreed with you.

Joke. J-O-K-E. Joke. Sarcasm.

I really need to quit trying to be funny around here.
2003-03-11 11:51:32 PM  
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