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(Reuters)   Owner of unoccupied ruined castle fined for watching BBC   ( reuters.co.uk) divider line
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2003-03-10 09:57:34 AM  
I don't get it. You need a licence to watch the BBC in Britain?
2003-03-10 11:10:01 AM  
Yep. You need a license to watch TV in Britain, Meshman. How much would it suck to have to pay to watch one network full of crappy stuff? I mean, I know OUR cable TV has a lot of meaningless things we pay for...but at least I have a CHOICE. I thought some things over here sucked...
2003-03-10 11:59:30 AM  
The license pays for the BBC, which does churn out a lot of high quality programmes (you should see the shiat we get on terrestrial commercial channels), and carries no advertising. The reason for a license is largely historical though - it grew as a government funded concern and therefore was effectively paid for by a tax. I can see the point - you can fund minority programmes and expensive documentaries without having to pander to advertisers, or ratings. I have every cable channel I can get where I live, and still watch more BBC than anything else (apart from film channels). I'm always a bit torn as to whether the funding should change. If it became commercial you would lose the quality and variety. But a flat fee is totally unfair, especially to poorer people. I even had to pay the fee when I was a student.
2003-03-10 12:27:52 PM  
Oh..okay. I see, now. So, what if you don't WANT to watch BBC, Jay_vee? Can you just get the cable w/o BBC? We have "Public Television" over here, and it is somewhat subsidized by the government, but LARGELY by private donations. We don't have to pay a fee to watch it, though.
2003-03-10 12:58:44 PM  
Oddly, our free Public Television is a rerun of BBC.
2003-03-10 01:02:55 PM  
You know, there was a time we here in the US got tired of being taxed on stupid shiat by the British Government.

/just kidding my british allies
2003-03-10 01:03:12 PM  
I got busted for not having cable tv.

-no idea what theat means-
2003-03-10 01:03:26 PM  
Oddly enough, the BBC will probably turn this into a sitcom about a man living in a ruined castle, who refuses to pay a tele tax. And his name will be Basil. Coming to a PBS station near you.
2003-03-10 01:04:14 PM  
How much is the radio license fee?
2003-03-10 01:04:31 PM  
Calling a motte and bailey a castle is like calling a station wagon a hot-rod.
2003-03-10 01:04:50 PM  
If you own a TV you have to pay about 150 US a year as a "licence" that pays for the BBC.

The idea is that it funds a media outlet that can be unbiased because it doesn't have to reflect an opinion that is acceptable to the advertisers that pay for it.

Comparing and contrasting the BBC News and Fox News should adequately prove this point.
2003-03-10 01:05:03 PM  
I miss the two ronnies!!!
2003-03-10 01:05:39 PM  
You *have* to have a license to watch any TV. Annoying, but at £108/year quid it hardly breaks the bank.
2003-03-10 01:06:29 PM  
This story is clearly a hoax. According to GIS, there is no such thing as Mileham Castle.
2003-03-10 01:06:36 PM  
plus, the BBC is quite easily the best network in the world.
2003-03-10 01:07:15 PM  
Yeah yeah, Madonna's a whore. I get it.
2003-03-10 01:07:31 PM  
C: I bleeding got one, look! What's that then?
S: This is a dog license with the word 'dog' crossed out and 'cat' written
in in crayon.
C: The man didn't have the right form.
S: What man?
C: The man from the cat detector van.
S: The looney detector van, you mean.
C: Look, it's people like you what cause unrest.
S: What cat detector van?
C: The cat detector van from the Ministry of Housinge.
S: Housinge?
C: It was spelt like that on the van (I'm very observant!). I never seen so
many bleeding aerials. The man said that their equipment could pinpoint
a purr at four hundred yards! And Eric, being such a happy cat, was a
piece of cake.
2003-03-10 01:08:07 PM  
2003-03-10 01:08:15 PM  
Is it something like having a contract with a cable or dish company?
2003-03-10 01:08:38 PM  
I wonder if they will refund his money when all he could get was old Black Adder reruns.
2003-03-10 01:08:56 PM  
biatch mode.

Madonna and BBS is all we get this morning? Somebody needs to get thier head out of their ass. I may as well do some work.

/biatch mode
2003-03-10 01:11:10 PM  
*shakes head*

And they say AMERICANS have problems????
2003-03-10 01:11:28 PM  
So, when you purchase a new television set they make you pay the liscense fee?
2003-03-10 01:11:32 PM  
Unlike in the US the BBC puts out good programs in Britain :)
2003-03-10 01:11:57 PM  
Hey! I learned something today!! FROM FARK!!!

License to watch tv. That's great.
2003-03-10 01:14:29 PM  
And I miss dave allen too!!!
2003-03-10 01:14:35 PM  
A bit of a tease really.
2003-03-10 01:15:04 PM  
I like the fact that the BBC does not accept advertising (thanks RepRev). I wish some stations in the states would do that.
2003-03-10 01:17:17 PM  
[URL=http://web.ukonline.co.uk/nigel.bacon/castles/data/england/m/mileham.htm] Here[/URL] is a pic of said 'castle'.
2003-03-10 01:17:57 PM  
Motherfunker: Some stations DO do that. They're called HBO, Cinemax, Showtime...and so on.
2003-03-10 01:18:09 PM  
Argh! Here I mean!
2003-03-10 01:19:04 PM  
Ah forGET it! It's only a model.
2003-03-10 01:19:31 PM  
I have digital cable...so I have to pay monthly fee...and deal with commercials...
2003-03-10 01:20:18 PM  
Tigger, I hope you weren't saying that the BBC is unbiased. It is most assuredly biased... just in the opposite direction as Fox News.
2003-03-10 01:20:18 PM  
OK quick lowdown for you guys.

ANyone can buy a TV. You don't need to show a license fee.

If you just watch videos, you don't need a license fee, but you'll have to prove it.

If you do, then you are *legallY* obliged to buy a license before you start, although you can pay bit by bit. You could, of course, tune in and not buy one, but if you are found out you will get a hefty fine.

License fee is currently £108 and is increasing in April to £116.

It covers BBC1, BBC2, and digital chyannels such as BBC News (excellant), BBC3 (crap), BBC Parliament (muh), CBeebies (for young kids) and CBBC (for kids).

It also covers one of the best and largest websites on the net, www.bbc.co.uk .

Around 10-15 radio stations are included, including the excellant Radio 1 and 5.

The fee does not cover BBC World Service, BBC America or BBC Canada, etc, which are payed by advertising.

Most people biatch about it, seeing as we only get 5 terrestrial channels, but it's the law.

2003-03-10 01:20:21 PM  
said location:
[image from holycross.edu too old to be available]

[image from holycross.edu too old to be available]

[image from holycross.edu too old to be available]
2003-03-10 01:20:40 PM  
It's interesting, there are ways of getting a free license if you are over 75, but you still have to pay a partial fee if you are blind...
2003-03-10 01:22:14 PM  
I've heard it's a per TV tax, so if you have two TVs you have to pay the tax twice. Is that true?
2003-03-10 01:22:17 PM  
This idea sucks. Suppose FARK was to start charging for premium content.
2003-03-10 01:23:11 PM  
Ooops, my bad CaptnUgly!
2003-03-10 01:23:32 PM  
That looks like a church and graveyard, not a Motte and Bailey Megain?
2003-03-10 01:24:13 PM  
Great, now I have that BBC song from Austin Powers stuck in my head.
2003-03-10 01:24:25 PM  
How is this law enforced? Does someone come to your house to see if you have a licence?
2003-03-10 01:25:13 PM  
Doublem - only if they are in seperate houses.
2003-03-10 01:25:31 PM  

Definitely not much there. Not enough left to put a Telly in the first place. ;)
2003-03-10 01:26:20 PM  
The idea is that it funds a media outlet that can be unbiased because it doesn't have to reflect an opinion that is acceptable to the advertisers that pay for it.

That's right, they just have to pander to the government less their taxes be reallocated. Same difference.
2003-03-10 01:26:57 PM  
Jujusteal - basically, yes. They will come to check if you are down on their records as not having a license. They are not legally allowed inside tho, although not letting them in is usually a good way of proving your guilt. They supposedly also find you by having vans that track whether you are getting a TV signal.
2003-03-10 01:27:37 PM  
I would just buy a little portable TV and still the signal. But I'm a bastard, so you know. . .
2003-03-10 01:28:15 PM  
ehhhh, so it's the church in the bailey. sorry for lack of better images
2003-03-10 01:28:39 PM  
Steal that is.
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