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(CNN)   Walken wins SAG award. If he doesn't win Oscar, he'll stab someone in the eye with a soldering iron   ( cnn.com) divider line
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2003-03-09 10:06:15 PM  
I'm not banned yet.

Cool, lets get this out of the way:

I need more cowbell!

You're welcome.
2003-03-09 10:06:55 PM  
You didn't think this through, too good.
2003-03-09 10:07:03 PM  
I didn't see "Catch Me If You Can." Was it worth the hype? (I mean, obviously, apart from Walken)
2003-03-09 10:07:24 PM  
"So I pranked him to death with a tire iron! Hah!"

2003-03-09 10:07:35 PM  
Cowbell cowbell cowbell cowbell cowbell cowbell cowbell

Thank you.
2003-03-09 10:08:42 PM  
Better than keeping that uncomfortable hunk of metal up his ass for two years.
2003-03-09 10:09:48 PM  
He's having a fever, and the only perscription is more cowbell!

Anyways, we are going to war in a week anyways. What does everyone think of that? I think we need to take Sadam out using all the force that is nessecary and then pay it off by selling oil for as long as it takes! That'll teach em! *ducks*

2003-03-09 10:10:20 PM  
Duuuuuude, Whatever.
2003-03-09 10:12:39 PM  
"Catch Me If You Can" was a fun little movie. Not a big thinker, not a mindless action one and definitely worth a rental or super cheap 2nd run cinema night.
Walken was very good and DiCaprio was also very good. He's much more believable as a "regular guy" than some historical figure. He could easily turn his career into a Robert Redford-type deal.

The only problem with the movie was there wasn't enough cowbell.
2003-03-09 10:12:42 PM  
Snicker, gafaw...cowbell...thats farking hilarious.

2003-03-09 10:12:48 PM  
[image from ouvreboites.com too old to be available]

This story needs a bit more cowbell.
2003-03-09 10:12:53 PM  
catch me if you can sucked. so did chris walken.
2003-03-09 10:13:17 PM  
You're using the wrong tone.....
2003-03-09 10:14:20 PM  
Buscemi is better.
2003-03-09 10:15:05 PM  
Rosenbluth needs to be pranked for hours in my basement.
2003-03-09 10:15:08 PM  
Longview Thanks for the heads up - nobody I know has seen it.
2003-03-09 10:15:27 PM  
I once stabbed myself in the hand with a soldering iron. It was turned on too.

Least fun sensation ever.
2003-03-09 10:15:46 PM  
did he stick the sag award up his ass yet?
2003-03-09 10:16:46 PM  
Excellent, he deserves it, the old carpetbagger.
2003-03-09 10:18:41 PM  
Pennies From Heaven.

'Nuff said?
2003-03-09 10:18:56 PM  
whenever I hear walken, i cant help but think of his "centaur" skit on SNL.
Classic. I still chuckle.
2003-03-09 10:20:41 PM  
Colonel Angus rules!

Man, I wish I was that cool.

~ Pinky ~
2003-03-09 10:25:01 PM  
"If I over stay my welcome just tap me on the head."
2003-03-09 10:25:54 PM  
Your SAG, stupid f^&khead that he is...
2003-03-09 10:25:57 PM  
I got a fever. Anyone know the cure?
2003-03-09 10:27:33 PM  
When I worked at a bank we had Frank Abignale (real catch me if you can guy) speak to us about fraud and things. Cool guy.
2003-03-09 10:28:51 PM  
Walken rules! Insert Colonel Angus joke here
wait I just did!
2003-03-09 10:29:29 PM  
Wutevahdude: guns cure any fever, I hear.
2003-03-09 10:30:24 PM  
Can someone please tell me what 'Cowbell' has to do with Walken??
Thanks in advance.

2003-03-09 10:31:17 PM  
I dont get the fascination with Walken, he always looks like he is reading cue cards.

But since we are on that topic, I have never seen Garth Brooks blink in any of his videos.

Swear to god, check out one of em, the man never blinks.
2003-03-09 10:31:41 PM  
i forgot my password... unless this works
2003-03-09 10:31:55 PM  
2003-03-09 10:34:40 PM  
The man loves his hot dogs.
2003-03-09 10:36:35 PM  
GIS for "Coronel Angus":

[image from qohldrs.co.uk too old to be available]

~ Pinky ~
2003-03-09 10:45:34 PM  
Fark you stinky pinky!
2003-03-09 10:45:58 PM  
03-09-03 10:25:54 PM Canberraknight72
Your SAG, stupid f^&khead that he is...

[image from posters.imdb.com too old to be available]
2003-03-09 10:51:06 PM  
Did someone call the Colonel?

[image from image.inkfrog.com too old to be available]
2003-03-09 10:58:18 PM  
Wationstagons: "Fark you stinky pinky!"

Why do people hate me so much? Is it me? Or just my sig?

~ Pinky ~
2003-03-09 10:58:22 PM  
If he doesn't win an OSCAR®, he should be someone down with a cowbell.
2003-03-09 11:01:14 PM  
There's no stopping the bird attacks now!!!
2003-03-09 11:13:35 PM  
ooooo bigpeeler you rock. My new AOL IM pict ;).
2003-03-09 11:18:24 PM  

It's.... "I'll stab you in face with a soldering" not eye, duh
2003-03-09 11:21:18 PM  
What is up with Walken and the cowbell?

2003-03-09 11:21:34 PM  
He should have done that 'two little mice' speech he does in the movie.
2003-03-09 11:30:18 PM  
2003-03-09 11:42:39 PM  
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the "cowbell" line came from an SNL skit parodying "Behind The Music" with a Blue Oyster Cult episode. With Lord and Master Walken as Bruce Dickinson (sp.?), proclaiming the song "Don't Fear The Reaper" needed more cowbell.
2003-03-09 11:44:41 PM  
What is up with Walken and the cowbell?

Go to Kazaa, and type in "walken" for either movies, or mp3's. Wait until "Walken - Blue Oyster Cult - Saturday Night Live" comes up (in an order kinda like this one). Download the video or the mp3, and all shall be revealed.
2003-03-09 11:45:42 PM  
I used to have it on my site - but ya know, my provider is getting anal about stuff like this. But you can always find it on kazaa.
2003-03-09 11:52:41 PM  
Well, he deserved the award, with the great job he did in Kangaroo Jack.

Now, let's sit back, watch this thread, and see all the Farkers suck his dick a little more...
2003-03-10 12:02:49 AM  
that skit is perhaps the funniest thing on this earth..
maybe mars too!
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