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2003-03-09 09:56:42 PM  
Already been done.

/minority report
2003-03-09 11:57:13 PM  
I give it 10 minutes until people discover what the camera considers "suspicious behavior".

Then people who plan on commiting the crimes won't act that way, while other people (like me) will pass the time by pretending to act suspicious in order to set off the cameras.
2003-03-10 12:53:13 AM  
mmmmmmm..... graffiti yob
2003-03-10 12:55:05 AM  
dammit, somebody beat me to the Minority Report reference

i guess it was a little too obvious
2003-03-10 12:55:09 AM  
graffiti is not a crime!
2003-03-10 12:56:20 AM  
[image from fazed.com too old to be available]
2003-03-10 12:57:25 AM  
Wedgebert: isn't pretending to act suspicious, suspicious in itself therefore you wouldn't be pretending?
2003-03-10 12:57:34 AM  
The sun, that's where I go for the truth [/sarcasm]
2003-03-10 12:57:46 AM  
damn beat me to it...
2003-03-10 12:58:47 AM  
thought police, what?
and thank you, sn00p. more people need to realize that art can still be art without a ridiculous price and a spot to hang where only rich people get to see it.
2003-03-10 12:58:50 AM  
Why do these Sun articles get posted?
2003-03-10 12:59:18 AM  
hmmm.. if the crime is not committed yet, is it a crime?

What if there are idiots out there "behaving suspiciously" for the sake of being idiots and not because they are going to commit any crimes?

I think this camera thing is stupid...
2003-03-10 01:01:24 AM  
There was way too much information on that page.
2003-03-10 01:01:27 AM  
One more step to an Orwellian type society...I need some gin...
2003-03-10 01:02:13 AM  
Why woal-quaidauld we waMeinKampfnt to monitor anyIwanttoblowupLosVegasone?
2003-03-10 01:02:41 AM  
"CCTV Security guards continue napping."
2003-03-10 01:02:59 AM  
Big Brother is laughing at bad journalism.
2003-03-10 01:04:40 AM  
Thought police
They will put you under
The thought police
They will take you in
The thought police
They will clean your mind out
The thought police
You can never win
You can never win
You can never, never, never, never, never win
There are people around with problems
Those who live in fear
Running from the shadows
Waiting for another year
Thought of the secrets
Secrets of the mind
Thoughts can spell out danger
To the leaders of the time


Thoughts are fleeting glimpses
Of the future or the past
They lock ideas in a bottle
It's time to break the glass
Hiding out in the daytime
Crawling through the night
Keeping out of danger
Just trying to find the light
2003-03-10 01:05:00 AM  
What the hell? It's (almost, but not quite) convicting before you get a trial. I can just see the evidence in the lawsuit:

"Your honor, they whisked my client off and interrogated him for 54 hours about his connections to Al Qaeda. He's a 53-year old man from Bristol!"
"But the computer told us he was Al Qaeda brass! He *had* to have been guilty!"

This is seriously starting to look like 1984... Big Brother really *is* watching.
2003-03-10 01:08:42 AM  
Graffiti is a crime when you do it on somebody else's property. People should spray paint their "art" on their own house.
2003-03-10 01:09:58 AM  
Nope, nothing creepy here. Besides, it'll be like being on 'Survivor' all the time, except you can't have your friends record it for ya so you can watch yourself later.
2003-03-10 01:14:25 AM  
"They could also detect and report vandals and graffiti yobs in action"

wait a minute. a camera that detects things while they're happening? the future is now...
2003-03-10 01:17:42 AM  
Peep it, homes.

[image from prophetart.com too old to be available]
2003-03-10 01:21:47 AM  
TruthSlayer for some reason minority report sounds like a great name to me!
2003-03-10 01:22:05 AM  
That sucks. I'll end up getting arrested whenever I have a seizure. . .
2003-03-10 01:23:57 AM  
I've invented software that also detects suspicious behavior:

1. Dark Skinn v1.2
2. Turban detector v1.1
/end sarcasm

Really, suspicious behavior is a crock, just because someone doesn't act like the social norm, doesn't mean they are doing anything. Crazy Stoner dude came into my video store every night, and rented ever 3rd time he came in, was he suspicious, hell yeah! Did he ever steal anything, nope. The Employees stole more than anyone customer did...
2003-03-10 01:28:19 AM  
And in future news:
a Closed-circuit TV manufacturer is being sued by dozens of people falsely accused of robbing English stores.

2003-03-10 01:35:43 AM  
You guys are making stuff up.

It said nothing about arresting people for acting suspicious, it just said that the software is able to analyze the behaviour and can alert the staff.

This is not all that different to what people do every day, not just store security. In your everyday life you make assessments by observing the behaviour of others.

They are not going to punish people for acting oddly, they are simply going to observe them more closely.

What is wrong with that?
2003-03-10 01:46:40 AM  
Dammit. That vegetarian troll beat me to it.
2003-03-10 01:48:08 AM  
I love to act suspicious.
2003-03-10 02:01:11 AM  
[image from www3.telus.net too old to be available]
2003-03-10 02:02:12 AM  
The brilliant cameras
Lay plain future crime and sin
But where is Tom Cruise?
2003-03-10 02:05:11 AM  
The real crime is a-holes that are not aware that they are, in fact, a-holes.
2003-03-10 02:09:50 AM  
[image from firaxis.com too old to be available] The Self-Aware Colony
Energy maintenance cost for facilities is halved at all of your bases. If use of police is allowed under the current social model, all of your bases are considered to have an extra police unit.
2003-03-10 02:26:55 AM  
[image from pages.infinit.net too old to be available]
2003-03-10 02:55:19 AM  
03-10-03 02:09:50 AM Ninja057

The FMV scene for that tech kicks ass. I gotta play that game again.
2003-03-10 03:19:44 AM  
Britons should be thrilled they're ushering in 1984.
2003-03-10 03:21:50 AM  
The Employees stole more than anyone customer did...
Wantedman, so true. I freelanced for Citicorp years ago and at the time they were all concerned about us possibly taking pens and paper clips, etc. Of course several VPs were fleecing the place for millions at the time. Ha, corporate schmucks.
2003-03-10 04:03:02 AM  
If one criminal is caught, it will all be worth it.

...or something like that.
2003-03-10 04:28:49 AM  
No crime occurs... The sun is there!

/the funnie
2003-03-10 04:31:47 AM  
Slashdot had an article about this technology last April. This Slashdot article has a little more information, as well as a link to this article at The Independant News.

o/~ Waiting for the worms to come! o/~
2003-03-10 04:33:23 AM  

I said, "as well as a link to this article.
2003-03-10 05:12:36 AM  
You know I can't see anything without my glasses.
2003-03-10 05:53:16 AM  
I was looking for badgers. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
2003-03-10 07:24:23 AM  
Zaago "They are not going to punish people for acting oddly, they are simply going to observe them more closely. What is wrong with that?"

What is wrong is that either way the article is misleading. The first line of the article is:
"CAMERAS will soon be able to spot crimes BEFORE they happen, say experts.", which is clearly misleading if they are just going to observe them more closely.

By definition a video camera cannot observe a crime before it is committed. It is able to observe actions that MAY lead to a crime being committed. For intance, a guy walks up to a wall carrying a can of spray paint. The camera recognizes this as an action that may lead to a crime, and notifies the guard. The guard then watches closely as the man shakes up the can, thinks for a minute, and walks away. He has not committed a crime.

Basically, the camera is an extra set of eyes on the lookout for what is considered "suspicious" behavior. But then, people on this thread have already mentioned that suspicious behavior is a subjective thing.
2003-03-10 08:13:42 AM  
Hooray for the thought police
2003-03-10 08:49:04 AM  
"They could also detect and report vandals and graffiti yobs in action."

Man, I hate graffiti yobs.
2003-03-10 08:51:55 AM  
...and so the advent of the "Where's my Minority Report?" defense.
2003-03-10 08:56:39 AM  
fu.ck mobb deep
2003-03-10 08:58:36 AM  
Now, who trains cameras on employees? Employee theft typically accounts for 75-80% of retail and commercial shrinkage.
Now, as an employee, how would you feel, having a camera analyzing your move for the duration of your shift?

Get the cameras out of my face, thank you.

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