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((Some patron saint of link posti)   Patron saints of... Rollerskating?? Lost keys?? Bowel disorders??? Religion has gone mad, people   ( divider line
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4852 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Mar 2003 at 1:17 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-08 09:44:03 AM  
Didn't religion go mad awhile back?
2003-03-08 11:17:02 AM  
St. Remigius surrenders!
2003-03-08 01:19:37 PM  
Cool, Can I be patron saint of left-hand turns and over-due movies?
2003-03-08 01:22:14 PM  
hmm...that headline annoys me somewhat.
2003-03-08 01:24:15 PM  
Question marks SURRENDER????

2003-03-08 01:24:16 PM  
Headline annoys me too. Something about the overuse of punctunation, and the lack of spacing between commas.
2003-03-08 01:26:16 PM  
St Magnus will protect me from caterpillars? Nice!

And how come all these Saints are against something. Is nobody for oversleeping?
2003-03-08 01:29:10 PM  
More like Catholics have gone mad. A-Guh.
I went to Catholic school for TWELVE YEARS.
No wonder I'm a mad raving lunatic.
2003-03-08 01:29:41 PM  
religion hasn't gone mad...reason has gone, altogether. This is the distinction referred to as "organized religion."

/hides from religious orthodox persecutionists everywhere
2003-03-08 01:31:26 PM  
It's not fair to say religion has gone mad when you are only referring to one of the worlds religions, albiet a major one. Ahhh screw it, I don't feel like a flamewar this weekend.
2003-03-08 01:31:27 PM  
My own personal patron saint:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-08 01:31:51 PM  
There is no way there are that many saints, some of them have to taking two-sies AND even three-sies.

Shenanigans. Shenigans I say!
2003-03-08 01:33:08 PM  
I don't get it.
2003-03-08 01:35:27 PM  
against death by artillery? Cool.
2003-03-08 01:36:00 PM  
the patron saint retreats...
i could have sworn that was france but
Ignatius of Loyola beat em to it.
2003-03-08 01:36:19 PM  
For some reason I thought the patron saint of running water was funny. How does this work? If I need running water or roller skates I pray to this guy? or does he just oversee the proper function of these things?
2003-03-08 01:36:51 PM  
No patron saint of kitten killers?
2003-03-08 01:39:17 PM  
Imagine, if you will, a couple saints sitting around where ever saints sit around and talking:
"What're you patron saint of?"

"Boils...on the ass. You?"

"The rhesus monkey."

"You two have it easy. I'm the patron saint of vaginoplasty and colo-rectal surgery."
2003-03-08 01:43:52 PM  
Religion is opium for the masses... or something like that
2003-03-08 01:44:09 PM  
No patron saint of high school teachers that send 'i hate you, die' valentines?
2003-03-08 01:44:15 PM  
there is a patron saint of haemorrhoids? this is disturbing, very disturbing.
2003-03-08 01:46:49 PM  
patron saint of bowel disorders...
and you thought your job was bad.

just imagine those prayers
"dear Bonaventure, i haven't crapped in 3 days. please help me. i already consulted the patron saint of fiber"
2003-03-08 01:50:56 PM  
i like to think the headline actually reads:
religion gone.
mad people.
2003-03-08 01:51:05 PM  
Texas, USA
Our Lady of the Annunciation

That figures. We're always braggin' about sumpthin'.
2003-03-08 02:04:47 PM  
My favorite saint is St. Hubbins. Patron saint of comfortable footwear.
2003-03-08 02:09:16 PM  
what about garden gnomes? who's going to look out for them?
2003-03-08 02:10:06 PM  
"We Romans have a god for everything...the only thing we don't have a god for is premature ejaculation, but I hear that will be coming quickly!" (rimshot) - History of the World, Part I
2003-03-08 02:14:06 PM  
Sheesh - Chicago doesn't even have a real saint. They've got "Immaculate Conception."
2003-03-08 02:16:02 PM  
Patron saints of...Rollerskating??Lost keys??Bowel disorders??? Religion has gone mad,people

Great, fark is being invaded by 12 year old script kiddie Jeff K wannabes.
2003-03-08 02:18:17 PM  
Don't forget Jeff, the God of Biscuits. Or Simon, the God of Hairdos.

10 points to whoever know the reference!
2003-03-08 02:21:58 PM  
Er,....Eddie Izzard?
2003-03-08 02:26:03 PM  
Damn, that was quick.
2003-03-08 02:37:02 PM  
Isidore of Seville is the Patron Saint of Computers and the Internet.

[image from too old to be available]

2003-03-08 02:39:32 PM  
ooh! ooh!! i call first dibs on the Patron Saint Of Pocket Pool!!
2003-03-08 02:40:57 PM  
Yeah, that last post is in the wrong thread. My bad. Mods, go ahead and do your thing.
2003-03-08 03:13:54 PM  
It's hard to find a better saint than Sithney, patron saint of mad dogs.

He is a prime example of why you shouldn't mouth off to God.
2003-03-08 03:19:13 PM  
Ok folks, it was my Boobies. So maybe I used too many question marks. Gads, I didn't realize so many of you would whine about this. Anthing else you'd like to correct me on? farking headline nazis.
2003-03-08 03:20:03 PM  
Boobies? I thought I said 'post'. Hm.
2003-03-08 03:21:53 PM  
"Anthing else you'd like to correct me on?"
Oops, I missed the 'y' in 'anything'. Guess I'll be the first against the wall now.
2003-03-08 03:23:14 PM  
What a terribly written headline.

And Simian04, tell your boobies to try harder next time.
2003-03-08 03:31:39 PM  
Fiacre will protect me from VDs
2003-03-08 03:31:42 PM  
Sure thing,chess. Oh, and speaking of boobies... I suggest anyone else who has a complaint, about my or anyone elses headline, step outside and play a nice long game of hide and go fark yourself. Mmmkay. With that said; This conversation is over.
2003-03-08 04:03:07 PM  
Nah, it ended when you brought up Nazis. Godwin's Law.
2003-03-08 04:05:53 PM  
Patron saints of altar boys;

Those sob's are slacking off, dammit!
2003-03-08 04:08:35 PM  

I figured this thread would devpolve into a search for the patron saint of Photoshopping.
I nominate Ash2K, The_entropy_kid, and Aarkieboy for consideration.
And Dattaway for patron saint of boobies threads.

2003-03-08 05:35:29 PM  
This offends me. you farking dumbass athiests think that just because catholics (in this case, most of the saint's arent even real as saints) have that many saints "all religions have gone crazy". Its almost as crazy as the THEORY that we evolved from a single one cell organism (Hey, I got a theory: if I fart enough eventually my farts will turn into organisms and materialize to become intelligent beings!). Athiests beleve whatever scientists tell them to beleve, and thier beliefs change every other day because scientists are constantly changing thier mind (mars has it dosnt....yes it it dosnt...yes it does). Please. Thank God athiests are in the moral minorty in this country. (Wait, the word athiest and moral dont belong in the same sentence together).

And no, i'm not catholic.
2003-03-08 06:45:44 PM  
is there a patron saint of Vegemite?
2003-03-08 06:50:11 PM  
Even Florida got a patron saint, I bet it retired a little while ago.

Me? My birthday is March 17, St. Patrick, baby!!!
2003-03-08 07:11:03 PM  
Good post.


The there is logic behind the saints of 'Rollerskating' and 'lost keys'. Just read them. They each have a story to tell.

And why Bowel disorders you ask. If you were crapping away water to the point of Dehydration, then you would pray to.
2003-03-08 07:38:57 PM  
I remember one time I really wanted to go home but I couldn't find my car keys. so I prayed for help and I found them! Saints are good.
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