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(BBC)   Three thousand UK pubs getting WiFi. Beer-spill tragedies ensue   ( divider line
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3230 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Mar 2003 at 5:27 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-08 05:29:05 PM  
pherst poasht
2003-03-08 05:30:07 PM  
Brit farkers to be posting while drunk...
Oh God.
2003-03-08 05:35:38 PM  
that is so cool
2003-03-08 05:39:13 PM  

How DARE you!


It's true. But still, how DARE you.
2003-03-08 05:40:49 PM  
Brit farkers to be posting while drunk.....

hic>, whatsh yer point eh? I'm not hic> as think as you drunk I am, heh hic>burp>
2003-03-08 05:45:49 PM  
How many boobies sites are these comps. gonna see per hour.

Won't someone please think of the computers.
2003-03-08 05:47:22 PM  
Ericssson. I think that name needs at least another S or two.
2003-03-08 05:48:23 PM  

They'll filter them out sadly. Or if one slipd through you'll be shown the door pretty quickly. Lost count of the amount of libraries I'm banned from because of that

2003-03-08 05:52:36 PM  
pity cos its a nice idea got everything a man needs boobies and beer.Oh and what about a beer proof case its just the kind of gimick thatly catch on.

On a side note how many brit farkers are theree out in the great void we call Fark. Cos there seem to be more of us than the yanks.
2003-03-08 05:53:52 PM  
I think we just get noticed more Toxic. I dunno if that's a good or bad thing
2003-03-08 05:54:47 PM  
fark everybody!! In the immortal words of somebody, Kill'em all. No point to this post. Out
2003-03-08 06:03:04 PM  
This screams internet bar game buisness opprotunity.
2003-03-08 06:07:49 PM  
screams it, or slurs it, Crazyjim? have another drink on me
2003-03-08 06:17:57 PM  
Megain - Now that's how every grammar/spelling post should be!
2003-03-08 06:19:43 PM  
They already have teh net on comps in some clubs over there... been there, done that, bought the drinks.
Saw my friends band CEPHAS play atthe EXETER CAVERN (in exeter uk)
2003-03-08 06:27:54 PM  
This does not impress me. It seems like the same old 802.11 kind of stuff thats been around for some time. What I want learn more about is apples blue tooth. From what I gather it will support conecting to gprs to conect any where. (not just 802.11 friendly areas) But all that is a bit over my head.
2003-03-08 06:37:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

WiFi for some, small British Flags for others.
2003-03-08 07:26:09 PM  
I wish my local bar would get wifi. Unfortunately the owner thinks someone will be able to hack into his cash registers if he does it (all his employees are asking.)

Regarding the spillage ensuing, it did happen to me, my laptop, and a bottle of Carlsburg (Swedish beer?) I screamed like a little girl. The laptop was definately toast.
2003-03-08 07:47:35 PM  
i thought you people go to places like this to pick up girls, not to browser the internet.
2003-03-08 08:23:26 PM  
I never met a pub I didn't enjoy, eventually.
2003-03-08 08:31:27 PM  
WiFi - the most retarded acronym ever devised.
Wireless Fidelity? WTF? It doesn't make one damn bit of sense.
2003-03-08 09:03:46 PM  
fidelity to what? drinking and the computer?
2003-03-08 09:34:31 PM  
how do you pronounce WiFi?
as in wifey ? :) or Wee Fee
2003-03-08 10:05:38 PM  
I LOVE WiFi. Thank you guys for makeing it so easy! *kiss!* I love you~! Please don't enable WEP or hide your SSID. THANKS!

Gudel - Mostly 'Why Fie'
2003-03-09 01:41:37 AM  
cool, this wifi sounds too close to Wireless Infidel heh
2003-03-09 06:23:01 AM  
TheSammo: Carlsberg is a danish brewery... and while their elephantbeer is rather good, their pilsner tastes much like catpiss - just like Rigness (which is, as y'all know, a 'wegian brewery).
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