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5341 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Mar 2003 at 6:11 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-08 01:38:40 AM  
We came up with this contest idea one drunken December evening. If you have time, enjoy everything the site has too offer. Several differnt pages decicated to the stache
2003-03-08 01:55:26 AM  
What about a 9? Can I vote a 9?
2003-03-08 01:58:26 AM  
I'd be delighted if you voted at all....
2003-03-08 02:00:15 AM  
Well I'm not voting! Hehe just kidding. I like the contest! <thumbs up>
2003-03-08 02:11:40 AM  
I just looked back at my initial post. I am always embarassed when I botch spelling in a post. Anyway, go look at my stache.
2003-03-08 02:37:24 AM  
Done. Good luck
2003-03-08 04:03:15 AM  
Handlebar is completely the way to go... 10 in my book....
2003-03-08 04:19:35 AM  
CB: You just don't have a complete website about le mustache unless you include the Tick's Mustache Episode.

[image from too old to be available]

Classic Tick-ism.
2003-03-08 04:25:36 AM  
That Mustache Feeling


Got that feelin'!

Ohhh yeah.
Mustache feelin' in my soul!
Got that feelin'!
From my lip down to my toe!


He ain't nobody's foo-oo-ool!
Ha ha ha ha.
He got himself some coool!

Upper lip
Slick and hip.
Pointy on the ends.
Makin' a new set of friends!

Got that feelin'!
Lookin' good.
Mustache feelin'
Oh, that mustache kinda feel-in'!
2003-03-08 06:16:13 AM  
2003-03-08 06:17:38 AM  
One time I got pulled over by the fuzz and had to throw moustache out the window.
2003-03-08 06:21:12 AM  
kudos to the guy drinkin Carib beer. He gets my vote!

I love how everyone initially went with the huge biker style stache. I'm a goatee man myself, but as the son of a moustache man, I can appreciate it.
2003-03-08 06:26:17 AM  
Frank Zappa's clone?
2003-03-08 06:28:19 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-08 06:31:49 AM  
I think I voted for ya but only because I refused to vote for wick- he tried to look tough.
2003-03-08 06:34:53 AM  
wick be pimpin.. 10 for him!
2003-03-08 06:38:57 AM  
Yeah there is definitely some alcohol involved in that site. I have some very sick comments in mind but I have decided to be nice today.
2003-03-08 06:56:32 AM  
the website and the men with staches are massively sexy! CB810, i gave you a 10, and you deserve it!
2003-03-08 07:08:41 AM  
I saw the stache, i repected.
2003-03-08 07:37:30 AM  
8.3 for CB... 2nd place has 3, 3rd has 2...
2003-03-08 07:43:16 AM  
CB wins
2003-03-08 08:04:42 AM  
CB @ 8.37248322147651
next contestant @ 5.32539682539683
2003-03-08 08:12:04 AM  
Well,CB.... you would've had my vote, but after I hit the 'rate' button, the damn thing said I ALREADY voted. Odd. What can I say;I tried.
2003-03-08 08:32:04 AM  
Well I checked out that website and lost a little bit of self-respect in the process...
2003-03-08 08:33:26 AM  
i love rigging contests. i voted. CB is kicking ass.
2003-03-08 08:54:31 AM  
'Wick' looks like a PROFILING candidate there....
2003-03-08 08:57:05 AM  
CB at 8:04-- 8.37
CB at 9:00-- 8.61

Gee, you think the farkers be havin some affect on this contest??
2003-03-08 09:29:37 AM  
the most valuable mustache to me would be one strategically placed on my body.......
2003-03-08 09:31:46 AM  
2003-03-08 09:33:17 AM  
Not bad for 1 months growth.
I switch from a goatee to a full beard every winter,
and have been growing this years beard since October.
Couple more weeks, and I'll be ready for my gig with ZZTOP.
2003-03-08 10:06:58 AM  
let us all either not vote, or just vote a 1. This is stupid.
2003-03-08 10:09:59 AM  
Gave you a 10. Good luck.

DKNY, nice attitude. No one said you had to read the thread or post to it. Try not to work so hard to be a douchebag.
2003-03-08 10:15:57 AM  
[image from too old to be available]


And don't pay attention to the troll, DKNY, he was dropped on his head when he was a baby....
2003-03-08 10:25:07 AM  

mustache and a mullett. Gotta love it. For some reason "Dueling Banjo's" is playing in my mind.
2003-03-08 10:25:47 AM  
Sir, my vote does not come that inexpensively.

Vote for me.

Love it or leave it.
2003-03-08 10:43:02 AM  
i gave CB a 10. i thought his mustache and goatee were kind of cute.....
2003-03-08 11:14:06 AM  
is the site farked?
2003-03-08 11:28:14 AM  
Nobody better touch my 'stache!
2003-03-08 11:48:04 AM  
9.17076502732241 cheater!
2003-03-08 11:50:38 AM  
10 for you...and 1 for everyone else.
2003-03-08 12:13:14 PM  
2003-03-08 12:39:22 PM  
Ok I voted, now is there some sort of payoff involved?.I prefer non-sequential hundred dollar bills
2003-03-08 12:53:04 PM  
Moustaches are for cops and gay porno actors.
2003-03-08 01:00:38 PM  
Always glad to help out a fellow farker, good luck CB.

DKNY can eat a dick, newbie.
2003-03-08 01:12:04 PM  
CB 9.29337899543379
next guy 5.26315789473684


I really like this site, for some very strange reason.
2003-03-08 01:30:01 PM  
The fix is IN!!!

/Daddy had a handlebar!
2003-03-08 01:52:47 PM  
what a great idea. it reminds me of the Stella 'mustache contest' short.

"I have a mustache yay! i win i win!"

if anyone gets that, i'll give them a hug.
2003-03-08 02:31:37 PM  
DUDE your stache rocks! i gave you a 11! because i love you
2003-03-08 02:48:53 PM  
Kids In The Hall refs.
2003-03-08 02:54:58 PM  
Man, I just LOVE fixing small contests like this. Wonder what admins usually think, when after getting 1000 hits a month, suddenly 50,000 people show up in one day and all vote a 10 for one guy. Lol!
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