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(Some Guy)   Claim that Film of Palestinians Celebrating is from 1991 Bogus   ( poynter.org) divider line
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89 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Sep 2001 at 6:03 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-15 06:10:17 PM  
Was there ever any doubt?
They're as hateful and war-mongering as they accuse us of being.
2001-09-15 06:11:34 PM  
Btw there's a bug in our clickthru counting system that won't tally clicks to sites with # in them. So it'll continue to say 0 clickthrus no matter how many people go there. FYI
2001-09-15 06:42:34 PM  
Yes, there was some doubt, but thank god that CNN told us there weren't lying. Now we can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that what they show us is the truth.
2001-09-15 06:42:47 PM  
Waddafuk? It is. It isn't. It is. It isn't.

Oh my head.
2001-09-15 06:55:11 PM  
But, but... it has to be true... see this quote from another thread:
09-13-01 03:18:11 PM Jtag
I forgot one thing,

That video was indeed takin in 1991. My friend is in one the shots in that video.

I think we better correct the article... what do you think?
2001-09-15 07:11:26 PM  
Why do we have to suffer with these tards??????

Always something. always something. We can't even hurt in peace without some a$$hole trying to lie to us!!
2001-09-15 07:47:07 PM  
1991 or 2001?
Beer good or beer bad?
Coffee good or coffee bad?
2001-09-15 09:11:57 PM  
Could they be showing some old video and some new video?
2001-09-15 09:38:03 PM  
If you knew it was bogus you should never have put it up Drew, it was only ever going to make people hate and distrust the news networks needlessly.
2001-09-15 10:22:52 PM  
thats a pretty weak refutation. It still may not ne true, but it needs more investigation
2001-09-15 10:39:18 PM  
and lord knows we must protect our media conglomerates!
2001-09-15 10:42:56 PM  
Let's send a nice A-bomb to Palestine!

Am I a litte extreme?
2001-09-15 11:03:12 PM  
CNN showed a number of pictures of palestinians celebrating run together. The leading clip is from 1991.
2001-09-15 11:17:12 PM  
EggYolkEnema Am I a litte extreme?

uhhhh... yeah :)

but yer name is good and naaaaaaasssssttttttyyyyy
2001-09-15 11:18:11 PM  
I went, nervously, to check your profile. Very afraid that your picture would look like your name.
Now I wish it was what I thought... traumatic.
2001-09-15 11:37:06 PM  
can anyone say why arafat apologized & condemned the celebrants if it was footage from '91? can anyone figure out why reporters were being threatened? it'snot a matter of whether CNN is fulla shiat, it's the facts. did it just get buried in arafat's "to do" list? "oh crap! that thing from '91, better get right on it'. right.
2001-09-15 11:38:03 PM  
hey eggyolkenema: based on our profile pics we should hook up & have beautiful children together
2001-09-15 11:47:33 PM  
you know, i'm a moron. i oughta read the links before i post.
*hand held out for slapping*
2001-09-16 04:42:59 AM  
It's unthinkable that anyone semi-educated person would believe the story about the video being 10 years old. Just another attempt by extremists to try and undermine the reputation of the modern corporation. Granted, I'm no fan of CNN by any stretch of the imagination, but one has to remember that these "multinational corporations" based in the US are made up mostly of our neighbors, friends, and borthers and sisters.

The assualt on the corporate world have pervaded our popular culture. For example, no longer are our movies centered around fire breathing reptiles or mass murderers--now the enemy is usually a businessman. Sad! Business like these are not nameless, faceless enemies--they are us. And they are dying a death of a thousand cuts.
2001-09-16 06:38:59 AM  
so, zeez, we shouldn't criticize anyone? the people criticising corporations are our neighbors, friends, brothers and sisters, too. plus your movie example was totally made up.
2001-09-16 04:49:59 PM  

I'm sorry, what? It's not 10 yrs old because of what reason? I didn't hear any mention of bin laden (that would have been a dead giveaway) I'll I saw was people celebrating in the streets.
2001-09-16 05:39:33 PM  
It's not 10-years-old because the head of CNN said it wasn't.
2001-09-16 05:43:02 PM  

so, zeez, we shouldn't criticize anyone?

I didn't say that. I'm just saying that this type of critizism is an old and tired argument from the extreme left and totally offbase. It's just conspiratorial talk to ruffle the feathers and breed distrust of the current system and capitalism in general.

plus your movie example was totally made up.

Not really. Just look at the popular media (movies in particular)-- they're filled with stories where the business world is the enemy.
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