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12270 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Mar 2003 at 6:38 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-07 11:31:19 AM  
2003-03-07 01:38:45 PM  
"Say, is that a clip-on by any chance?"
2003-03-07 02:42:51 PM  
Yeah, where is the How to Put on a Clip-on Tie site?
2003-03-07 04:08:57 PM  
This site should be about fixing runs in pantyhose because they don't know shiat about men.
2003-03-07 05:33:31 PM  
I'm a fan of the Groucho personally.
2003-03-07 06:41:21 PM  
This is a rip off of a classic.
2003-03-07 06:43:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Oh i have been doing it wrong this whole time

/slaps head
2003-03-07 06:43:42 PM  
Thank God I work at a job where I don't have to wear a tie... and I can fark off all day long!!!
2003-03-07 06:44:44 PM  
I'd think "How to Tie Your Shoe" would be more this web sites speed.

I mean, not Fark.

Though, now that I think about it, some here could benefit from that as well.
2003-03-07 06:45:16 PM  
You reap what you sow, Brianincbus.
2003-03-07 06:45:22 PM  
Nice link
2003-03-07 06:45:25 PM  
Half-windsor is the only way to go. A four-in-hand is always crooked and a full windsor is too big.
2003-03-07 06:45:27 PM  
Ties are stupid. They're a little suggestive, too.. almost obscene when you do jumping jacks.
2003-03-07 06:47:10 PM  
Quick1: well i like the grafx better reading takes too much time
2003-03-07 06:47:19 PM  

And you do jumping jacks while wearing a tie because...?
2003-03-07 06:47:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
They forgot this one...
2003-03-07 06:48:02 PM  
I always wear a jacket and tie on a date, even if I'm wearing bluejeans. Women love the idea that I spent some consideration and time getting ready to meet them.
2003-03-07 06:48:28 PM  
HighHardOne - You need a reason to do jumping jacks?
2003-03-07 06:50:02 PM  
I'm wearing nothing but a tie right now.
2003-03-07 06:50:08 PM  
But they won't let me have a tie,or shoe laces or sharp implements.
2003-03-07 06:51:13 PM  
Ditto on that, brianincbus...We have a steakhouse nearby
here, where out-of-town clients are taken for dinner. the
first clue is the thousands of lower halves of ties stapled
to every non-horizontal surface. that gets 'em wondering.
then they seat you. then the maitre comes over with a huge
pair of scissors, and cuts off all ties that he finds at the
table, then staples the lower halves to the cieling. everyone should have a dress policy like that...

seriously, isn't tying a tie ( you wanna tie me up with some
of your ties,tai?) something learned about ten years of age?
I learned to do it then, because clip-ons are lame. also
didn't have a choice. now I can do it perfectly after the
second or third try. I say second or third try, because I
do it so seldom- weddings, funerals, and the company christmas party. that's all- wore a tie exactly twice last year. I look great in my tie- along with all them spiffy
clothes. just ask my gf- I look good with a tie and nothing
2003-03-07 06:52:00 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-07 06:52:15 PM  
03-07-03 06:48:02 PM Nanookanano
I always wear a jacket and tie on a date, even if I'm wearing bluejeans. Women love the idea that I spent some consideration and time getting ready to meet them.

It works, too, doesn't it? (If I can remember back that far).

However, it just comes off looking sloppy if a guy doesn't know how to tie it properly. Every man needs to know how to tie a necktie and a bow tie.
2003-03-07 06:53:21 PM  
A TIE?!?!?!?!

Thank the good dude in the sky that I'm in the entertainment industry. If anybody in my office is wearing a tie it means that:

1) they have a job interview and they're not being discreet,
2) they have a funeral to attend, or
3) it's rosh hashannah or yom kippur and they're just popping in to check messages or do a bit of work on the way to shul.

Otherwise, we get interns who wear ties on their first day and then come back in jeans and a t-shirt like the rest of us for the remainder of their internships.
2003-03-07 06:53:25 PM  
If some waiter ever cuts one of my Brooks Brothers ties with a pair of scissors, I will staple his eyelids closed and nail his hand to the table with his scissors.
2003-03-07 06:53:51 PM  
What a coincidence...I'm "Tying one on" right now.
2003-03-07 06:53:55 PM  
Too2ez: A BOW TIE wow that i don't even know how to tie
2003-03-07 06:54:23 PM  
I gave up on suits and ties a long time ago after spending too much time over a barrel. Now its jeans and tshirt and more pay. Practical and comfortable.
2003-03-07 06:54:41 PM  
I just spit green tea on my keyboard from laughing! Nice visual.
2003-03-07 06:57:35 PM  
Why all this hostility toward ties? They are just an article of clothing. I never see people ranting about cummerbunds or wing tip shoes. If you don't like something, don't wear it. I doubt that your mom picks out what you are supposed to wear anymore.
2003-03-07 06:57:45 PM  
ties are softer than cuffs....
2003-03-07 06:58:16 PM  
did anyone else notice the man suffering from jaundice on the first page of that article?
2003-03-07 06:58:44 PM  
I'm well aware of how to tie a tie, I had to wear one for six years straight. Now I'm at a .com that actually makes real paper money and it's a much more relaxed atmosphere. I love it!!!
2003-03-07 06:58:59 PM  
03-07-03 06:53:55 PM WOOFYSF
Too2ez: A BOW TIE wow that i don't even know how to tie

You might have to wear a tux one day, and you don't want to look like a slob in one, so it's a good idea to learn. The "pre-tied" bow ties look like hell. You want to look like you actually belong in a tux - not like someone is about to bury you in it.
2003-03-07 06:59:33 PM  
For all of you Farkers who says that you hate wearing ties because they are too tight...It's not the tie, it's the shirt. A properly fitted shirt with a properly tied tie should not be so tight as to choke you

A tie is for formality. Some situations, like work for some of us, require it to maintain a professional atmosphere.
2003-03-07 06:59:53 PM  
Bah, ties are for people that wear ties
2003-03-07 07:00:07 PM  
Fark ties. Fark them in their stupid asses.
2003-03-07 07:01:37 PM  
Andonbray - A choking, leash like accessory. They're uncomfotable. I could tell you right away what my socks, pants, shoes, shirt and coat do for me.. they're useful. A tie isn't, unless you're suicidal.


Useless + uncomfortable + goofy looking = something a lot of people would rather not wear.
2003-03-07 07:01:46 PM  
can someone please tell me what does PSA means
in the headline thingie, I can't figure it out and it's eating me from within the more I dunno the more I wanna know
2003-03-07 07:01:50 PM  

For the once-a-year that I wear my tux I don't mind the cummerbund (kudos, btw, on proper spelling of "cummerbund") or tight shoes..specially since I'm almost always at a wedding having fun when i'm squeezed into my monkey suit, so the pain is eased by open bars and cocktail weenies (mmmmmmmm.....booze and processed meats)

But if I still had to wear a little silk knot around my neck 40-60 hrs a week I'd be unhappy. Mom might not dress me, but if the boss decides that we're all to wear ties we'd be stuck wearing ties (or waiting in line at the pogey office!).
2003-03-07 07:03:03 PM  
This makes fark, but ESPN's interview with a "professional streaker" doesn't. I curse you mods. I curse you to a life of weeners and no boobies!
2003-03-07 07:03:19 PM  
I'm nearly 30 yrs old, and I confess, I don't know how to tie a tie.
2003-03-07 07:03:22 PM  
You beat me to it, Thwack.
Many people just need to quit buying their shirts at megamarts. Find an Arrow outlet store and stock-up.
2003-03-07 07:03:34 PM  
03-07-03 07:01:46 PM Mikedrazen
can someone please tell me what does PSA means

PSA = Public Service Announcement
2003-03-07 07:04:18 PM  
Mikedrazen.....pump somebosy's ass.....means the link is full of crap
2003-03-07 07:06:04 PM  
Oh, and I don't wear a tie to work. I operate mainframes. Who cares what I wear? But, I get more looks of unbridled lust from women when I've got my sleeves rolled up on my forearms and my tie flapping in the breeze. And, like the jacket, it comes right off.
2003-03-07 07:08:57 PM  
And kids, don't forget to floss and brush your teeth, trim your nose hairs (every single one) and trim and clean under your fingernails. Women are detail oriented, and you don't want to add anything to their always pending list, "Why I Should Dump This Guy."
2003-03-07 07:10:24 PM  

your right all thoes times at the symphany (SP) and opera i must have look like and idiot
2003-03-07 07:11:47 PM  
I stopped wearing ties to work. The only thing I use 'em for now is to tie my wife to the bedposts, or vice versa. Much better use of silk, if you ask me.
2003-03-07 07:13:12 PM  
Ties are a great way to project confidence, power and your attitude. I don't know what everyone's biatching about. The trick is wearing something non-conservative (like a traditional red power tie), but appearing that you feel absolutely comfortable with your non-conformist choice. Furthermore, a well coordinated tie and dress shirt can make your run-of-the-mill Man's Warehouse suite look much more impressive than it really is (mainly by detracting attention from it).
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