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(Boulder News)   Town hosts annual "Frozen Dead Guy Days"   ( divider line
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3328 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Mar 2003 at 4:44 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-07 10:57:02 AM  
Wow, sounds like an opportunity for another FARK meetup.
2003-03-07 11:15:05 AM  
There was no sarcasm in that comment. Sounds like fun. Really. Especially Granpa's Blue Ball.
2003-03-07 01:22:57 PM  
If only Apu had thought of this when Jasper froze himself in the Kwik-E-Mart freezer.
2003-03-07 04:52:00 PM  
Bauge had his grandfather's now-103-year-old body cryonically frozen in the belief that one day advancing medical technology would help bring Morstoel back to life.

Just what our society needs, a cure for death so another centenarian can start collecting Social Security again, all the while telling us to turn up the thermostat.
2003-03-07 04:54:50 PM  
"...suggested the town model a festival after Fruita's Mike the Headless Chicken Days, which commemorates that town's ... well, headless chicken."

Mike the headless chicken is dead now, but he did infact live headless for over 2 years. Quite a feat. Sadly choked to death in the 50s I believe. You see, being as he didn't have a head his food was ground up and shoved down his throat. One night while everyone was asleep he regurgitated and choked to death.

Don't ask me why I know this.
2003-03-07 04:56:55 PM  
Could used the
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2003-03-07 04:57:04 PM  
Wow. Entirely WAY too long of an article. But the strange thing is, I read it all.

eh, bye.
2003-03-07 04:57:11 PM  
Don't you people realize that there are two pancake breakfasts?!!!
2003-03-07 04:57:26 PM  
w00t! frozen dead guy days was the reason I registered for fark last year.
2003-03-07 04:59:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Mike the Chicken

2003-03-07 05:01:15 PM  
awesome, at the grandpa blue ball, they're going to have a grandpa and bride of grandpa pageant.
2003-03-07 05:01:24 PM  
Nederlands, eh? What're they smokin'?
2003-03-07 05:02:47 PM  
I live in the Boulder area (Nederland is just a few miles away, straight up the mountains), and people are just naturally weird out here. I think it's the lack of oxygen from the high altitude :-P This is the best part of Nederland, which is a run down little berg full of hippies and frozen corpses :-P
2003-03-07 05:03:17 PM  
I was in Boulder when "Grampa" was discovered. His grandson had decided that the INS didn't exist and therefore he didn't have to talk to them, so he got the boot. His mom was living in their home made of trash, er, recycled material, and when the health dept came to evict her, she asked them what she should do with the bodies... (this guy's best friend was there, too.)

When asked about the large shipments of dry ice to the address, the dry ice company just said that they didn't want to know and didn't ask.

The newspaper's editorial said -- I shiat you not -- that "Boulder needs more entrepreneurs like this."
2003-03-07 05:03:56 PM  
Sounds like a bunch of Stiffly Stiffersons...
2003-03-07 05:04:29 PM  
They have the same celebration in Florida, exept people just call it a weekend at Bernies.

[image from too old to be available]

2003-03-07 05:05:34 PM  
PaganPoetry, if you think Nederland is weird, head north a couple miles to Ward. I call it The Hippie Ward, although they have paved the street, and the old VW bus with the woodstove pipe sticking out the window are gone now.
2003-03-07 05:06:10 PM  
Who would want to party with a bunch of stiffs?
2003-03-07 05:07:03 PM  
i used to live up there, but I don't remember hearing about grandpa until after i'd moved away. but considering what I did see while living there, it did not surprise me in the slightest to learn that there was a frozen corpse somewhere in town.
2003-03-07 05:10:43 PM  
Stubblyhead, you went from colorado to farkin' lower alabama? Shame on you!

This happened some time between 93 and 96, since that's when I was in grad school... probably 95.
2003-03-07 05:11:06 PM  
I thought that already happened this year? Or is it that time again already? Anyway, I say we have a Fark party at the next one....or at least go up and have a cold mean beer.
2003-03-07 05:13:39 PM  
Now whilst I am not a resident, I have been to both Nederland AND Ward. Ward creeped me out (and I am even somewhat of a 'hippie'. I mean there is no way that town could exist if they aren't growing a large field of grass somewhere.
As far as Nederland, it's a nice little mountain community (IMHO). I mean if you had a frozen dead guy, wouldn't you celebrate.
They also pick some might wicked bluegrass music up there. Some of the best.
2003-03-07 05:14:14 PM  
I swear this was on the Daily Show like YEARS ago. Like Kilborn-was-still-the-host years ago.
2003-03-07 05:18:15 PM  
Don't let John Henry Williams hear about this or he'll have Ted's frozen body in Nederland for a special (paid) appearance next year.
2003-03-07 05:26:40 PM  
Hatkat, the first time Ward came to my attention was when the paper was laying out a bike route. I can't remember if it was a race, or a protest-a-thon, or a tour-o-da-week, or what... anyway, the article said that you will go through Ward, but do not stop there! Yeah, it got my attention.
2003-03-07 05:35:42 PM  
Intentionally--I would love to have stayed, but I ran out of money and the job market was really tight. I hope this time I'll be leaving pensacola for good.
2003-03-07 05:39:46 PM  
Stubblyhead, I hear ya -- the Front Range tends to have wider swings during the "Booms" and the "Busts." I'm up in the mtns west of Loveland now. No way could I afford to live in Boulder County.
2003-03-07 05:42:54 PM  
Forgot to mention -- I was in Ft. Walton Beach, just down the road from you in the Redneck Riviera, before I moved out to Colorado.
2003-03-07 05:45:37 PM  
oh ok, I was wondering where you'd picked up lower alabama. the job market out there's better than here in peniscola, but it's not too great in either place.
2003-03-07 05:46:03 PM  
I mean the natives in Ward are friendly enough, I just though it was funny that the one public building that they had was like a general store that sold mostly glass pipes (oh yeah and in the back they have some food). Funny place. Beautiful country though...
2003-03-07 05:50:13 PM  
that's a nice looking banjo you've got, Hatkat. I would really really like to learn someday, and I have a feeling that it's harder than it looks or sounds.
2003-03-07 06:02:53 PM  
This sounds like something they'd do in Cicely, Alaska.
2003-03-07 06:03:57 PM  
That little banjer is the single toughest instrument that I have picked up. Period. It's all about speed and accuracy I still can't do it after a couple beers. Still very much learning but it's awesome. That's actually why I know about Nederland, it's where Yonder Mountain String Band is from...for my money, the single most talented band out there today ( Check 'em out if you like the banjo music.
2003-03-07 06:10:57 PM  
Hatkat, I got the impression from how it was written that they didn't want furriners up in Ward, 'specially uptight ones.

FLA. All the bowling alleys and miniature golf you can possibly want...

Although the beaches were good, and the sushi in FWB was superb.
2003-03-07 06:12:55 PM  
I refuse to click on a link titled "Grandpas blue ball." Probably because my grandpa did indeed, have one ball.
2003-03-07 06:44:46 PM  
i love yonder mountain, dave johnston lived right around the corner from me when i was out there. I think it was dave; one of them did anyway. really nice guys and great musicians, too. do you have any shows on cd? i have a few, and i'd love to do some trades.
2003-03-07 07:19:44 PM  
They are all very nice guys (from the exposure that I have had with them) and wicked good musicians (from a far wider exposure). And Jeff (the mando player) is one of the funniest guys ever to open his mouth.
I emailed you, let me know if for some reason you don't get it. I'd be more than happy to hook up a couple shows for you.
Actually, I will take the next 3 people who love the bluegrass (actually it's kinda newgrass/jamband stuff) and I will send you a Yonder Mountain String Band's what we hippies call a your email (or email me) and I will hook you up.
2003-03-07 07:31:03 PM  
ILB: I actually found the natives quite friendly, but it did sorta feel a little like Humboldt where if you went astray bad things could happen. But in general they were very nice (mighta also helped that I cought a pipe, couldn't resist getting a souvenir).
2003-03-07 07:46:35 PM  
Anti_Freak_Machine LOL You ALWAYS crack me up!! I'm reading down all of these posts of "people who used to live in Neder/giving directions to lil outhouses/talking about how hippy it is around there"..and in comes your one balled grandpa! ha!

:::blowing you a kiss:::
2003-03-07 08:14:40 PM  
Alright! Now I have something fun to do this weekend! Yeeha
2003-03-07 09:01:14 PM  
Never seriously imagined I'd be reading about Nederland and Ward (gateway to Brainard Lake and Indian Peaks) in a FARK thread. Was jawing at some other FARKers in thread earler this week about Niwot, Boulder, concert recollections, Caribou Ranch/Recording Studio, etc. COOL! Just to pull another ghost from the closet: is the cafeteria in the Univesity of Colorado's Student Center still know as the Alferd E Packer Grill (named after the only person in the US ever to be convicted of cannabalism)? Recalling drives up the Switzerland Trail, dining at the Gold Hill Inn, and watching 4th of July fireworks from the Continental Divide at the CU Artic and Alpine Research Center halfway between Nederland and Ward on Peak-to-Peak Highway.

/I FARKin' love the things I find on FARK
2003-03-07 09:52:07 PM  
Yay for Nederland!

Yeah the AEP grill is still there :-) mediocre food at ridiculous prices
2003-03-10 12:17:42 PM  
Gold Hill Inn you say?
That place is great!
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