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(NewsOK)   If you attend the University of Texas, you might be one of 52,000 students who had their social security numbers and email addresses stolen by hackers   ( newsok.com) divider line
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2003-03-07 08:16:23 AM  
And you might even have learned how to spell "university"
2003-03-07 08:22:02 AM  
Now bow down to my to my superior wit, puny Earthlings!
2003-03-07 08:22:55 AM  
2003-03-07 08:25:11 AM  
We dont' care about the Long Horns.


2003-03-07 08:29:02 AM  
I've noticed that U Texas students and alums regard Texas A&M with little more than passive interest. Aggies are quite to shiat all over UT however.

It seems an awfully lop-sided rivalry.
2003-03-07 08:42:27 AM  

As an Aggie (Class of '02), I'd have to say you're right, but starting to be wrong. Interest in t.u. (sorry had to do it) seems to be waning except during the last part of football season. There are a number of possible reasons for this, which I will not go into here so as not to depress myself.

I think something good is developing as far as a mutual rivalry (read: hatred) with Texas Tech though.
2003-03-07 08:42:48 AM  
i wonder what jenna bush thinks of this..
2003-03-07 08:47:29 AM  
The doubter,

As someone who has attended Texas Tech AND UT (will finally graduate this May) let me say that Texas Tech is absolutely determined to instigate rivalries with just about everybody they play.
They're a little attention-starved out there on the plains.
2003-03-07 08:48:19 AM  
Well I guess that means the hackers will be receiving lots of penis enlargement spams.
2003-03-07 08:48:44 AM  
Oh yeah, forgot:

2003-03-07 08:49:06 AM  
oh, and "U.N.I.V.E.R.S.I.T.Y DIPLOMAS!"
2003-03-07 08:49:29 AM  

Sheep. Baaaaa.....

You should also know that "Longhorns" is one word... not two.
2003-03-07 08:49:38 AM  
hmmm 8 entries... not too many texas-students here, are there?
2003-03-07 08:52:34 AM  
The doubter--

The University of Texas and Texas Tech are not rivals. We will never be rivals. The way a rivalry requires both teams to participate. Tech does, every year we always have to remind them that, "we're not rivals..."
2003-03-07 08:57:02 AM  

Sorry, I meant that the rivalry between A&M and Tech is heating up, not A&M and UT. In other words, we seem to hate teams we lose to three years in a row :)


I, too, went to Tech before I transferred to A&M. How long did you stay at Tech?


They're college students, they're probably not up yet ;-)
2003-03-07 08:58:30 AM  
BLECH! I meant "not Tech and UT", NOT "not A&M and UT". OK I'm confusing myself. It's still pretty early and as an Aggie I have a thinking quota on days ending in "y" :-D
2003-03-07 08:58:44 AM  
Uh...Boomer Sooner!
2003-03-07 08:59:09 AM  
You know this could never happen at OU or A&M, they dont even HAVE computers.....OU STILL SUCKS!!
2003-03-07 08:59:18 AM  
I would just like to say I submitted this article with a better headline. Something like "Thousands of students have identity stolen. VP of IT uses the Chewbacca Defense." I guess I'll never get a submitted article. In other news...TT wants to be everyone's rival. They live in a tiny little town in BFE texas...they have nothing better to do.

As for the article...I'm personally shocked this jackass VP is still around at UT. We have one of the best engineering and CS schools in the country...can't we get better security than "oops"? I was protected because I wasn't born in texas...my SS doesn't fall in normal numbers there.

*Nelson laugh*
2003-03-07 08:59:35 AM  
The University of Texas has no problem finding rivals. Every team we play in every sport "gets up" for us. A&M is one of the few we indulge in, drivinwest, but if the Aggies are losing interest after 90 or so years, it probably says more about morale and competitiveness up there in Bryan than it does about UT's "interest."
2003-03-07 09:02:44 AM  
Old news. *Yawn*
2003-03-07 09:02:47 AM  
stupid fark filters

Drivinwest is quite right. We Longhorns regard A&M as a second-rate rival. The Aggies, on the other hand, are consumed with hatred for UT (not t.u. you dyslexic retards....do you realize how UNfunny that is? HAHAHA LOOK WE SPELLED IT BACKWARDS...YUCK YUCK). It's much like France and the US. France likes to talk the big game, but is in reality a whiny little state that we care little about. Our real rival for the past few years is OU. Granted, they kicked our ass the past few times at football, but they have consistently guaranteed a better game (be it football or basketball) than A&M. We will continue to let A&M think they are a real school by simply ignoring them 364 days of the year, then pummelling them that 1 special anti-climactic day.

Funny how you never see A&M on those Newsweek Top 10 University lists...

back to your regularly scheduled farking...

Hook Em
C/O 02
2003-03-07 09:03:03 AM  
I attend UT. The real rivalry is UT-OU. UT-A&M is kind of a traditional rivalry that people for the most part just feel they should take a part in. It's more ceremonial than anything.

I guess it would be more interesting if there were a single sport that A&M came even close to UT. But, alas, we dominate them in everything, so it really isn't much fun. It would be kind of like getting enjoyment out of beating up your mildly-retarded little brother.
2003-03-07 09:03:39 AM  
the doubter-
I grew up there (not born, though), and went to Tech from '95 to about '97.
It was pretty good to leave there.

/understatement of the century
2003-03-07 09:08:15 AM  
just realized I misunderstood drivinwest's previous comment.

ok. that's all for me.
2003-03-07 09:12:57 AM  
As a Texas hater* that works in IT, I find it ironic that UT thinks of itself as a technology savvy university, yet this is exactly the type of incident that would happen somewhere that isn't technology savvy.

I wonder how many system admins and engineers got ignored while the Administration and Marketing Dept ran the university's database open like this.

*Texas hater - one who has visited or worked in texas but is from the north. I agree y'all, you're like a whole nother country. A shiatTY one. Thank you, that is all.
2003-03-07 09:16:36 AM  
My SSN was not among those nicked. Hooray for me.

TX-A&M is a quite heated rivalry, but A&M has been down as of late so it takes most of the fun out of it. TX-OU is pure hatred and has been even better since both schools have been so good as of late.

Baylor really hates UT, but then again nobody really pays attention to Baylor because they suck in everything except baseball.
2003-03-07 09:18:56 AM  
You could just piss off Univerity of Texas students by calling it t. u. My uncle is a UT grad, and HATES the Aggies with a passion. My best friend went to A&M, and, sadly, I liked A&M better. And I'm a Sooner man! I hate our own brand of "Aggies" up here at OSU. I don't know why I favor the Aggies down south...
2003-03-07 09:21:33 AM  
Baylor really hates UT, but then again nobody really pays attention to Baylor because they suck in everything except baseball.

Or, as ESPN likes to refer to them, "The Bye Week of the Big 12."

Best. Sportscaster Slam On A Football Team. Ever.

Baseball? *cough*2002 NCAA Champion Longhorns*cough* ;)
2003-03-07 09:23:51 AM  

I was born and raised in New York and now live in Texas. While I'm no fan of Houston, I absolutely love Dallas and Austin. Like any other state, most of the lesser cities will probably suck.

Where have you been? I trust your opinion is based on a thorough tour of the state?
2003-03-07 09:28:50 AM  
A&M and Texas are both outstanding institutions. The real difference is the social climate and city setting. Austin is an urban setting. The city, as well as the campus, have liberal leanings. It could be considered more 'cultured', progressive, whatever you want to call it.

A&M, being in College Station, is a more rural environment (although it's a town of almost 100,000, which the students comprise almost half of). It's got more of a conservative leaning. It was founded as a land-grant institution, so has historically been smaller. Was once all-male/all-military, which slowed it's growth until the '70s. It's got a strong background in traditions and family value. All of these have generally been more attractive to those who come from the smaller towns in Texas.

Again, both are outstanding Universities...each with unique features that set themselves apart enough to be attractive to certain people depending on their personalities, backgrounds, etc.
2003-03-07 09:30:46 AM  

Or, as ESPN likes to refer to them, "The Bye Week of the Big 12."

I went to Vanderbilt - we're to the SEC what Baylor is to the Big 12... except that there is a reason to go to Vandy. I'm not sure why anyone would pick Waco and debt over Austin and practically free. Baylor is a good school and all but Waco - eww.
2003-03-07 09:32:50 AM  
[image from graphics.fansonly.com too old to be available]
2003-03-07 09:33:24 AM  
I attended OU. t.u. is TULSA. UT is Texas. Aggies are both fans from A&M, AND OSU. Show some respect, the BIG-12 runs this country!
2003-03-07 09:33:34 AM  
Well you get the idea
2003-03-07 09:35:05 AM  
*Texas hater - one who has visited or worked in texas but is from the north. I agree y'all, you're like a whole nother country. A shiatTY one. Thank you, that is all.
Don't let the door hit ya' where the good Lord split ya'on the way back up north.

/ex yankee

2003-03-07 09:37:49 AM  
Go Rice!

Goal for 2004- have every heavily-subsidized varsity team win at least 1 game!
2003-03-07 09:40:34 AM  
LOL! Rice is the only school where Chess Team Ticket sales fund the football team's travel budget.
2003-03-07 09:42:10 AM  
M.C.PeePants: If you knew much of anything about tradition in the Big 12, you know that "t. u." is an A&M fan's way of referring to the University of Texas, since they prefer to be called UT. Notice the lowercase letters, and the fact that they are transposed. That's just a small little thing they do to peeve UT fans.

Up here in OK, TU is Tulsa...we know this. But, as far as I'm concerned OSU is just a wannabe Texas A&M, which it will never be.
2003-03-07 09:46:48 AM  

Of course I know this. Texas deserves respect, and that was my (half-hearted) attempt to bolster it. I too find myself strangely pulling for A&M in almost every game. I thought Slocum got a raw deal, but it will be cool to go up against Coach Fran. every year.
2003-03-07 09:47:37 AM  
The reason that Aggies refer to the University of Texas at Austin as "t.u." is because Texas A&M University opened it's doors first (I'm not trying to start a flame war about which came first, or which was intended to be an arm of the other school) and Aggie traditions take exception with UT's claim of the school in Austin as being *the* Universtiy of Texas.

Just good natured ribbing.

The A&M-Texas rivalry (*yes*, it is a rivalry) is more of a good-natured sibling rivalry. We're all Texans. On the contrary, the Texas-OU rivalry is an outright hatred (Hatfields'-McCoy's). Both rivalries...but different.
2003-03-07 09:52:59 AM  
M.C.PeePants: Well, almost EVERY school deserves respect...but a little bit of harassment is part of the fun! I agree on the Slocum deal, but he wasn't doing squat for them. He was a sitting duck, and a LOT of Aggie fans were pissed at him. It'll be interesting to see what coach Fran will do, though!

P. S. - Your pulling for A&M in every game (ESPECIALLY if you're a Sooner fan) is NOT "strange." Rather, it should be "natural." I'm assuming you meant you pull for them in the TAMU/UT game. If you DIDN'T pull for A&M in that game, I'd have to come take away your Sooner label-wearing privileges. Hehe.
2003-03-07 10:03:48 AM  

I hate Texas, as much as every OU fan should.

Let me put it this way: Texas is like the residue of vomit in my mouth. I was at the Cotton Bowl in '96 when James Allen got stopped at the line. The Texas morons after the game were raising hell like they kicked OU's ass or something. Beer bottles flew, and I barely got out with my life. All I was doing was walking to my car!

Needless to say, 63-14 felt pretty good.
2003-03-07 10:06:21 AM  
University IT isn't always as good as you'ld hope. For example, the Computer Science IT department at my university has recently had some security problems.. like, a single set of logons for all computers.. staff and student.. so students could log onto the personal machines of staff.. and the staff member who had set up his account to allow anyone logged into the same machine as he was to log in locally to his account without a password.. or doing backups of everyone's stuff, keeping it on the same system, and making it world readable..

Pretty lame.
2003-03-07 10:07:03 AM  
Sad news for U.T.,T.T.,O.U., and other higher level
institutions for lower degenerate learning...

...my employer and I routinely discard resumes'
submitted by associates of yours. Did you say,

Can you say, "Unemployed?"

I knew you could.


2003-03-07 10:17:32 AM  
Let's cross reference all the farkers that say they go to Texas, Texas Tech, or Texas A&M with all the farkers that claimed to go to various Ivy League (Cornell) schools a week ago...just to see how many are enrolled in more than one school.

2003-03-07 10:19:59 AM  
hey RiceOwl03 - don't forget that Rice is #5 in the country in baseball right now (ahead of UT, ATM, Baylor, etc). Not bad for a University of 2500 undergrads!

Peck 'em owls. TFW!
2003-03-07 10:21:12 AM  
ChinaGrove I must say that TAMU's IT/Computer Science is something that produces some quality grads. But, as a product of OU, even I consider UT the "Harvard of the South." Your employer and you should maybe check into the actual people that submit the resumes, instead of making blanket judgements.

P. S. - Not to be an ass, but I'm VERY gainfully employed...thanks to my degree from OU. And, partially, thanks to the wise man who didn't go "Ohh, resumes from OU, Texas...BAHHHH. DELETED!!!"
2003-03-07 10:24:23 AM  
Go Frogs!

My wife, however, is a UT alum.
2003-03-07 10:33:43 AM  
I'm usually a lurker, but had to post this as I went to both A&M and UT. I went to A&M for one year before getting sick of the small hick town environment, the rivalry that is taken WAY too seriously, and the military wanna-bes walking around thinking they look cool.

After one year of Aggiedom I went to be a Longhorn and never looked back! I absolutely loved UT and stayed on for a master's degree in engineering, and now I have been working in Austin for two years with a semiconductor company and couldn't be happier about my choice to change schools, 'cuz UT and Austin rule. My only reminder of my time at A&M is my TAMU Mastercard that I keep around just to get strange looks. I guess .005% of all my purchases are going to help the Aggie ex-students association or something.

Before the first Aggie who reads this asks: no, I'm not gay, not that there's anything wrong with that. (That's another thing - some Aggies I met assume that like half of UT Austin is homosexual)

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