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2003-03-04 06:33:31 PM  
2003-03-04 06:33:55 PM  
War is hell. The sacrifices those troops are making...
2003-03-04 06:34:27 PM  
The headline is borken...
2003-03-04 06:34:54 PM  
Life sucks when you can't wipe you ass.
2003-03-04 06:35:23 PM  
52 hits and farked?
What's he running this on, a sincliar?
2003-03-04 06:35:30 PM  
2003-03-04 06:35:34 PM  
Glenda said: "In a recent letter he said there were five Portaloos between 1,000 of them, no toilet paper, no electricity, and a two-hour wait for food. They have showers every other day with a litre bottle of water stood on a crate."

sounds like the brits are havin as much fun as the americans in that godforsaken part of the world
2003-03-04 06:35:42 PM  
Link borken too

bork, bork, bork
2003-03-04 06:35:55 PM  
god forbid they dont get their McyD's!
2003-03-04 06:36:28 PM  
Ah, "Roll Call"...too droll! Or is that dROLL??

2003-03-04 06:36:37 PM  
ah, now it works...I Am Appeased! slightly...
2003-03-04 06:37:02 PM  
In a recent letter he said there were five Portaloos ?

2003-03-04 06:37:50 PM  
jeez what a mamma's boy...bet she wipes his arse too...
2003-03-04 06:37:51 PM  
Any of you read the poll at the bottom? Doesn't look good for Mr. Blair.
2003-03-04 06:37:59 PM  
A vote for

"For the better, he's a great World leader and performed well under pressure"

is a vote for America!
2003-03-04 06:40:39 PM  
British having trouble keeping soldiers supplied with toilet paper, McDonald's

i'm sure the shortage of those items is just a *coincidence*
2003-03-04 06:41:35 PM  
With only a dozen soldiers you'd think it wouldn't be that hard.
2003-03-04 06:41:39 PM  
Is it physically possible to read that article aloud without breaking into a thick British accent?
2003-03-04 06:42:45 PM  
Courtney Cox-Zucker
2003-03-04 06:43:07 PM  
2003-03-04 06:43:20 PM  
because damnit, i tried...
2003-03-04 06:43:35 PM  
TP for my bunghole!

Man I hope if I am ever fighting for my country my country could at least provide me with some charmin..
2003-03-04 06:44:15 PM  
Actually US servicemen & women are having trouble over there too, according to first-hand reports. The BX is only open a couple of hours a day and soldiers need basic items like toilet paper, lip balm, pocket-size kleenex, disposable razors, shaving cream, etc. If you would like to help our fighting men & women, you can send these items to the following address:

5-52 AVA
2003-03-04 06:45:28 PM  

Are you Kpar90's evil twin?
2003-03-04 06:45:31 PM  
You'll need toilet paper if you eat that crap.
2003-03-04 06:45:44 PM  
The whole damn thing is just making me hungry for shepard's pie right now...*sigh*
2003-03-04 06:46:59 PM  
This is George Bushes fault. Bad enough the Brits can't get any real food, though can't even wipe away the disgusting brown stinky stuff it leaves all over their arses. A new furor for a new century knows no limit to his tyranny. If troops defending the western culture are eating McDonalds, I think the western culture needs to evaluate if it should be preserved.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-04 06:47:09 PM  
MRE"s by Mickey D"s

/would that be CAPTAIN D by chance? Sgt. D? General D?
2003-03-04 06:50:05 PM  
This "McDonalds" you speak of is fascinating. May I have a sample and hence subscribe to your newsletter.
2003-03-04 06:52:47 PM  
MRE's by McDonald's, a.k.a. non-prescription fast acting laxatives.
2003-03-04 06:55:46 PM  
General says, "Men I know its hot out here and we are all suffering from the lack of water. But I have good news and bad news. First, the good news. We are getting you a change of underwear."

Private Jones replies, "Finally, I can't stand this pair any longer!"

General, "Now the bad news. Jones you change with Smith. Smith, you change yours with White. White you'll change with...."
2003-03-04 06:58:58 PM  
As a former paratrooper, I can atest to the fact that typically you have everything in short supply. Makes no difference what army.

But with showers and hot food? Quit yer whining!
2003-03-04 07:01:03 PM  
When the TP supplies are scarce, it's time to go Ranger! Yep, that's right, take one square of TP, yes, one square private, punch your middle finger, squarely through the center of said square of TP, then wipe arse.

/that is all, dismissed....
2003-03-04 07:02:36 PM  
Just flush the McDonald's into the latrine and cut out the middle man.
2003-03-04 07:10:39 PM  
fark this, I put up with worse conditions hitchhiking around UK in the 80s. Pussies.

What the BLOODY HELL is today's British Army coming to?? There was a time when the British Army scared the living farking hell out of the darkies, anywhere, anytime, day or night. They didn't just scare the hell out of the darkies, but the French, the Germans and everyone else as well. Even their own officers were scared of 'em. And the STENCH of the British fighting man was part of the offense, my fine fellows. The only necessity they had was tea. That was what the army ran on, and fags. ;)

Shower every other day?? In my G-dad's WW2, the Poms didn't even bathe once a week.

There's no hope for them. Where's the cold sheffield steel? Where's the glint in the eye? Where's my bong?
2003-03-04 07:12:23 PM  
Forgive me for pointing this out, but didn't the mum in the article say that she was upset that American soldiers were getting Mickey D's while her beloved lad was waiting on line for hours for his slop, then not having any bog roll to wipe his arse with? The Brits are not eating McDonald's.

And no, you can't read the article without lapsing into whatever accent you think sounds British.
2003-03-04 07:13:26 PM  

NICE closing.

Something tells me a George C. Scott qua Gen. George Patton/Tommy Chong photoshop would have done that post proud.
2003-03-04 07:14:03 PM  
Maybe they'll stop whining when they see how few rolls of toilet paper and Big Macs they liberate from the Iraqis next week.
2003-03-04 07:16:56 PM  
What if Saddam wakes up one of these mornings, strolls outside, and find that the allies have teepeed Bagdad during the night? That would show him!
2003-03-04 07:17:34 PM  
Portaloos = portable toilets.

For anyone who can't work it out for themselves.
2003-03-04 07:18:20 PM  
Make tea, not war!

Did anyone else notice this banner/poster in the London anti war in Iraq march? cause I know the people who made it and were holding it. They live in the flat below me.
2003-03-04 07:18:32 PM  
Bathing everyother day, bah pansies. I go weeks without bathing! Who wants a hug?!

/got nuttin'
2003-03-04 07:18:34 PM  
Ah, I din't think of that, MilkBone. wish I had!

/echoing bugle notes
2003-03-04 07:18:37 PM  
Do what I used to. Borrow a friends Tshirt.
2003-03-04 07:20:50 PM  
Oh- make sure your buddy isnt wearing said t-shirt before using it.
2003-03-04 07:23:27 PM  
if food is really so scarce, they shouldn't need that much toilet paper. the problems cancel each other out really.
2003-03-04 07:23:37 PM  
Portaloo - That's where napolean ran into trouble, no?
2003-03-04 07:27:35 PM  
I have nothing to say, McDonald's
2003-03-04 07:32:26 PM  
I hear that King George III went thru a period of saying 'McDonald's' at the end of every sentence, McDonald's.
2003-03-04 07:40:13 PM  
Shouldn't George have been saying Burger King?

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