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2009-08-19 8:00:26 PM  
Welcome to Farktography!

This Week's Theme: "Living History"

: Photograph something over 100 years old.

We ask that before submitting your photos you read and adhere to the following submission rules, including but not limited to the following:

- Submissions must be photographs; screen captures do not count as photographs.
- You must be the original photographer of your entry. Do not submit anyone else's photography as your own.
- You are only allowed to enter a photograph once. Do not submit the same photo to another contest later.
- You may enter 3 photos in each contest as long as each photo is of a different composition.
- Please post each photo separately so they can be voted for individually.

Please note:

The overarching ideal behind Farktography is that image corrections are acceptable, while adding or removing elements in the image (e.g. removing telephone poles, adding Elvis) is not acceptable. HDR, stitching, or otherwise combining exposures in post processing are not allowed unless specified for a particular theme (multiple exposures done in-camera are acceptable, however). See the rules for more information on acceptable modifications, or check in at the Farktography Forums.

Legal: All photographers submitting photos to this contest are the legal copyright holders for the photos submitted and the photos are not to be considered free for any other use without written consent from the submitting photographers.

- Drop by the Farktography Forum (for chatting, critique, techtalk and so on)

- Stats can be found here.

- Image hosting sites can be found here.
2009-08-19 8:00:47 PM  

stevecollis.comView Full Size

Aldabra giant tortoise at the Melbourne Zoo (only middle aged at 110, they can live to 200 years old)

Pops to bigger version

2009-08-19 8:00:49 PM  
Governor from the Folsom Powerhouse. Full Size


The powerhouse -- the first in the world to transmit power more than five miles -- went online in 1895, and was immediately made an historical monument upon its shut down in 1952.

2009-08-19 8:00:53 PM Full Size

Medieval Font
The Cloisters, NYC

2009-08-19 8:00:57 PM Full Size
Ft. Stevens, Warrenton, OR. Built during the Civil War but this structure was part of the refortification c. 1900. The only continental American soil to take enemy fire during WWII. Click pops to bigger.

2009-08-19 8:00:58 PM  

homepage.mac.comView Full Size

Krýsuvíkurkirkja. Original church on this spot was built around the year 1000. This one dates from 1857.

2009-08-19 8:01:00 PM  
"Tilted Cross" Full Size

Shot with my 30D through the ground glass viewfinder of a 30+ year old Beattie Imperial 90 large format twin lens reflex camera. The lines pattern is from the ground glass.
2009-08-19 8:01:09 PM Full Size

The Little Red Lighthouse stands on a small point called Jeffrey's Hook at the base of the eastern pier of the George Washington Bridge, which connects the Washington Heights neighborhood in Manhattan to Fort Lee, New Jersey.
The lighthouse was erected in 1880 as the North Hook Beacon at Sandy Hook, New Jersey, where it stood until 1917. It was reconstructed in 1921 in its current location by the United States Bureau of Lighthouses as part of a project to improve Hudson River navigational aids, and was in operation until 1947.
It was made famous by the 1942 children's book The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge by Hildegarde Swift and Lynd Ward.
Click for Flickr
1 of 3

2009-08-19 8:01:27 PM  
"Paw's Dollar" Full Size

Gift from when I was little. The original was a 1900 Morgan silver dollar, but thanks to family shenanigans, it disappeared. He replaced it for me with this one. Looks pretty good for 119 years old!
2009-08-19 8:01:36 PM  
i123.photobucket.comView Full Size

\24-inch Clark Refracting Telescope. The telescope was built in 1896 by Alvan Clark.
2009-08-19 8:01:37 PM Full Size
Don't look behind you Catharine!

2009-08-19 8:01:42 PM  

stevecollis.comView Full Size

Golden Pavilion in Kyoto

Pops to bigger version

2009-08-19 8:01:44 PM Full Size

Indian Sword
Approx. 200 yrs old.

2009-08-19 8:01:51 PM  
Tools used in the Folsom Powerhouse Full Size


The powerhouse -- the first in the world to transmit power more than five miles -- went online in 1895, and was immediately made an historical monument upon its shut down in 1952.

2009-08-19 8:01:58 PM Full Size

/old mining machine, circa 1880
2009-08-19 8:02:08 PM  
homepage.mac.comView Full Size

Old headstones from the 1800s, Þingvellir, Iceland.

2009-08-19 8:02:11 PM  
i123.photobucket.comView Full Size

\Horseshoe Bend near Page, AZ
2009-08-19 8:02:12 PM Full Size

The Little Red Lighthouse stands on a small point called Jeffrey's Hook at the base of the eastern pier of the George Washington Bridge, which connects the Washington Heights neighborhood in Manhattan to Fort Lee, New Jersey.
The lighthouse was erected in 1880 as the North Hook Beacon at Sandy Hook, New Jersey, where it stood until 1917. It was reconstructed in 1921 in its current location by the United States Bureau of Lighthouses as part of a project to improve Hudson River navigational aids, and was in operation until 1947.

2009-08-19 8:02:20 PM Full Size
Gun emplacement, Columbia River battery, Ft. Stevens

2009-08-19 8:02:21 PM  
Atrium Dome at West Baden Springs Hotel Full Size

The hotel was rebuilt in 1902 after the original structure was destroyed by fire. Completed in record time, it boasted the world's largest free-spanning dome, a record unbroken until the 1960s. This was shot at 12mm on my 30D (equivelent of 19mm on full frame), and as you can see, I could only get about 2/3 of the entire dome in. As an aside, they let me walk on top of the dome's roof earlier this month, which kicked all kinds of ass.

West Baden Springs Hotel on Wikipedia (new window)
2009-08-19 8:02:22 PM  

stevecollis.comView Full Size

State Library of Victoria

Pops to bigger version

2009-08-19 8:02:25 PM Full Size

1/2 Moai, an "Easter Island Head"; likely created between 1200 and 1700 AD.

Click here (pops) to view bigass version or click the picture to go to my Flickr page!

2009-08-19 8:02:37 PM Full Size

16th Century Armor
Higgins Armory Museum, Worcester MA

2009-08-19 8:02:41 PM Full Size

Remains of 19th century wagon wheels and axle.
2009-08-19 8:02:43 PM  
Native American Grinding Stone, possibly thousands of years old. Full Size


Down the hill from the Powerhouse, at the riverside.

2009-08-19 8:03:02 PM Full Size

/old mining cabin, circa 1880
2009-08-19 8:03:10 PM  
homepage.mac.comView Full Size

Garður lighthouse, Iceland. Date visible on front.

2009-08-19 8:03:24 PM  
Folsom Powerhouse Full Size

(pops larger)

Built in 1895, it was a 3 mega-Watt hydroelectric plant that sent power 22 miles downstream to Sacramento, CA. Reportedly, this was the first time such a thing had been attempted.
Link (pops)
2009-08-19 8:03:53 PM Full Size

2/2 Mayan ruins at Tulum, Mexico. Created around 1200 AD.

Click here (pops) to view bigass version or click the picture to go to my Flickr page!

2009-08-19 8:03:56 PM  

i25.tinypic.comView Full Size

Fence around Georgian Court University. The university turned 100 this year but it was a private estate before it was a school so the fence is over 100 yrs old.
2009-08-19 8:04:05 PM Full Size

Ernemann Camera circa 1907
2009-08-19 8:04:23 PM  
Generator, Folsom Powerhouse Full Size

(pops larger)

One of the four 750kW generators installed in the Folsom Powerhouse. Each one is hooked to a drive shaft that passes through a hole in the wall to the turbine.
2009-08-19 8:04:42 PM  
i3.photobucket.comView Full Size

John Moulton barn in Grand Teton National Park, part of the Mormon Row of barns and homesteads from 1889.

2009-08-19 8:04:49 PM  

i29.tinypic.comView Full Size

one of the more ornate finials on top of the same fencing
2009-08-19 8:04:52 PM  
2009-08-19 8:05:21 PM Full Size

Lighthouse Burgh Haamstede 1840
2009-08-19 8:05:44 PM  

i28.tinypic.comView Full Size

peeling paint on the old jackson/prospertown school house circa 1830
2009-08-19 8:07:00 PM Full Size

Traditional outfit 1800's - Zeeland

/model is regrettably a few years shy of 100
2009-08-19 8:07:14 PM  
i3.photobucket.comView Full Size

My wife's collection of commemorative spoons from the Columbian Exposition of 1893 (Chicago World's Fair).

2009-08-19 8:07:20 PM  
Generator, Folsom Powerhouse Full Size

(pops larger)

Close-up of one of the four 750kW generators installed in the Folsom Powerhouse.
2009-08-19 8:07:30 PM  
photos.imageevent.comView Full Size

Original Wheel on Iron Ore Car - Chapin Mine - Late 1800

2009-08-19 8:08:29 PM  
i604.photobucket.comView Full Size

bigger (new window)

2009-08-19 8:10:11 PM  
i604.photobucket.comView Full Size

bigger (new window)

2009-08-19 8:12:53 PM Full Size

Revolutionary war era canon

Fort Phoenix State Park
2009-08-19 8:14:04 PM  
Rock out with your c*ck out. (Sedona)

i604.photobucket.comView Full Size

bigger (new window)
2009-08-19 8:14:05 PM  
photos.imageevent.comView Full Size

High Top Shoes From 1901
Chapin Mine Museum

2009-08-19 8:14:32 PM Full Size

posted for bucky_bacon
2009-08-19 8:15:50 PM Full Size

posted for bucky_bacon
2009-08-19 8:16:06 PM  
i3.photobucket.comView Full Size

Crystal Mill, also called the Lost Horse Mill, was a powerhouse on the Crystal River near Marble, Colorado. Built in 1893, the mill provided pneumatic power to nearby mines.

2009-08-19 8:16:30 PM Full Size

posted for bucky_bacon
2009-08-19 8:18:31 PM Full Size

Antigua, Guatemala
Link (new window)biggie version
2009-08-19 8:19:29 PM Full Size

Link (new window)biggie version
2009-08-19 8:25:41 PM Full Size

from the Oriental Institute Museum in Chicago
Link (new window)biggie version
2009-08-19 8:33:59 PM  
img215.imageshack.usView Full Size

1760's gravestone from Boston
2009-08-19 8:38:46 PM  
img525.imageshack.usView Full Size

mid 1800's artifacts Sturbridge Vllage, MA
2009-08-19 8:50:12 PM  
Silver Denarius of Geta as Caesar (189-209 AD) Full Size

>ClickOnPic to pop photo of both sides
2009-08-19 8:52:05 PM  
sacredartichoke.comView Full Size

building ruins of the treadwell mine, douglas, alaska. built in the 1880s, operated until a cave-in swallowed much of the mining works in 1917.

from wikipedia:

At the height of the Treadwell mines operation five separate mills containing over 960 stamps were in continuous operation. These mills were fed by four separate mines know as the Treadwell, 700-Foot, Mexican and Ready Bullion. At this time the mine employed over 2,000 people and had the largest mill in the world. The gold mined was 55% free milling and 45% embedded within pyrite. The gold in the pyrite was extracted in three different ways; chlorination, smelting, and cyanidation. Power to the complex was supplied by a coal fired power plant that was later switched to oil and two electric dams.

Some of the shafts extended as much as 2,400 feet below the surface.[3]

Over 3 million ounces of gold was removed from this area.
click for larger
2009-08-19 8:53:39 PM  
photos.imageevent.comView Full Size

Smokestack from the Hamilton Mine - Late 1800

Michigan's Upper Peninsula is rich in iron ore. The Chapin and Hamilton mines were first discovered in 1879. By 1880 shafts were sunk and they became active iron ore mines. The Chapin mine was considered one of the world's great iron mines. They are no longer in operation. I drive by the remaining chimney daily.
2009-08-19 8:55:27 PM  
sacredartichoke.comView Full Size

inside detail of treadwell mining building ruin, lit at night.
click for larger.

2009-08-19 8:56:54 PM  
i226.photobucket.comView Full Size

Temple in India
2009-08-19 9:04:14 PM  
i226.photobucket.comView Full Size

Ancient tool used to carve other stone tools (such as arrowheads). Used approx 3000 B.C.
2009-08-19 9:06:35 PM  
i226.photobucket.comView Full Size

Temple of Hanumam in India
2009-08-19 9:11:29 PM  

farkt.ogra.phView Full Size

Todaiji Temple, Nara, Japan

/Also in color
2009-08-19 9:12:29 PM  

farkt.ogra.phView Full Size

19th Street Bridge, Denver, Colorado

2009-08-19 9:12:50 PM  
sacredartichoke.comView Full Size

outside of Treadwell mining ruin building, lit by flashlight.
click for larger.
2009-08-19 9:13:28 PM  

farkt.ogra.phView Full Size

Colorado Chautauqua Dining Hall, Boulder, Colorado

/Also in color
2009-08-19 9:22:23 PM Full Size
2009-08-19 9:29:36 PM Full Size

Bigger (new window)

This 6-inch Rapid Fire Armstrong Rifle was purchased from England in 1898, because the United States did not yet have the capability to produce a small, rapid fire weapon for the defense of its principal harbors. The advent of the Spanish-American War brought about the need for such weapons in the area due to the close proximity of Cuba to Florida.

Funding for these guns was included in the appropriation for the 'National Defense Act' of March 8, 1898. Installation was completed as a part of the armament of Fort Dade, on Egmont Key, on December 10, 1898. (Approximately 2 miles southwest of where they are now.) The guns were placed under the command of an artillery detachment sent from St. Francis Barracks of St. Augustine. Only a limited number of these particular weapons were purchased by our government and these 2 rifles are believed to be the only remaining models still in existence.

On April 12, 1980, Pinellas County recovered these cannons from Egmont Key. After 2 years of refurbishing, they were installed here (Ft. DeSoto) on March 19, 1982.

-Source--Sign at Fort DeSoto
2009-08-19 9:33:30 PM Full Size

Bigger (new window)

12 Inch No. 86 Ordinance. Dept. U.S.A. Mod 1890.

These cannons are part of the Fort at Ft. DeSoto. They have never been fired in anger, as the site has never been a part of a major battle. However, Much has happened on this tiny island:

* it was once inhabited by Tocobaga Indians and visited by Spanish explorers
* it was surveyed by Robert E. Lee before the civil war
* during the Civil War, Union troops had a detachment on both Egmont and Mullet Keys. Union ships were looking for blockade runners
* in 1898, the year of the Spanish-American war, the construction of the fort began
* during WWII the island was used for bombing practice by the pilot who dropped the bomb on Hiroshima.
2009-08-19 9:35:58 PM Full Size

Bigger (new window)

The crystalline waters of Rainbow Springs and Rainbow River have undergone many name changes throughout its history. Wekiwa Creek, Blue Spring, and Blue Run are just some of the names we have assigned this magical body of water. Since this place has attracted and sustained human inhabitants for over 15,000 years, it is very likely that many other names we will never know once described these waters in terms equally attractive. The crystal clear water, abundant fish, wildlife and vegetation has attracted a number of activities.

An average of 461 million gallons of water flow out of the headsprings each day, forming the Rainbow River. This makes Rainbow Springs the 4th largest spring in Florida, 8th largest in the world. The water averages in temperature at 72 degrees year around.

-Source--Florida State Parks
2009-08-19 9:42:57 PM  
photos.imageevent.comView Full Size

Illinois Hospital for the Incurable Insane
Holga lens on a Canon 20D
(click for bigger)

A couple links for you - Link 1 and Link 2

I am not a big ghost believer but a friend of mine has a story about this place that raises the hair on my neck just thinking about it. *shudder*

2009-08-19 9:54:04 PM Full Size

My grandmother.
Passed away this july at the age of 101 years and 10 months.
2009-08-19 10:32:41 PM  
photos.imageevent.comView Full Size

St Mary's Cathedral - Peoria, IL - Built 1889
( click for bigger so you can see the swirling snow :) )

2009-08-19 10:53:02 PM  
Link (new window) Full Size

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Albany, NY.
Construction began in 1848.

clicky pop for a flickr page and options for larger. If you look at the full size 3168 x 4752 image you can see a flock of birds to the left of the clock.
2009-08-19 10:57:33 PM  
photos.imageevent.comView Full Size

Click for bigger.

2009-08-20 12:02:59 AM Full Size

The Washington Monument. Its over 100.
Click on image for larger view.
2009-08-20 12:04:59 AM Full Size

Bunker Hill Monument in Boston, completed in 1842.
2009-08-20 12:07:44 AM  
img21.imageshack.usView Full Size

one more gravestone: alien head on a 1700's Boston grave.
2009-08-20 12:08:10 AM Full Size

Click on image for larger view.
St Patrick's Cathedral... "her cornerstone was laid in 1858 and her doors swept open in 1879"
(history from the church's website here:
2009-08-20 12:08:27 AM Full Size

(click for Flickr)

A detail of a pocket watch that floats about within the family. It was made by B. Clowes in Liverpool, supposedly somewhere between 1770-1800.
2009-08-20 12:08:32 AM Full Size

2009-08-20 12:09:12 AM Full Size

At the entrance of a church in Prague.
2009-08-20 12:10:08 AM Full Size

The British Columbia Parliament Buildings in Victoria BC, completed 1893. I'm not sure on the age of the totem pole....
2009-08-20 12:10:26 AM  
This is a small island relatively near to shore in a nearby lake/pond (I'm not certain of its classification).

i141.photobucket.comView Full Size
2009-08-20 12:12:29 AM Full Size

(click the pic for Flickr)

Funky tiger design on the same watch as posted previously.
2009-08-20 12:13:01 AM Full Size

The Empress Hotel in Victoria BC. She celebrated her centennial just last year.
2009-08-20 12:15:30 AM Full Size

A Yukon gold rush era graveyard.
2009-08-20 12:16:01 AM Full Size

(click for Flickr)

The Snow Hill Municipal Building, finished in 1908 - barely over 100, located in Snow Hill, MD (Eastern Shore).
2009-08-20 12:17:21 AM  
1/3 Full Size

This is the Boyscout Tree in Del Norte County Ca. I am guessing it is a couple thousand years old. Sorry its so small but farks stupid size limit thing wont let me use the next biggest size
Click here for truly huge. (new window)
2009-08-20 12:21:36 AM  
2/3 Full Size

This is the Battery Point light house in Crescent City Ca
Moreinfo here. (new window)
Really big picture Here. (new window)
2009-08-20 12:21:38 AM  
The second house ever built in my little town. It's across the way (corner wise) from the first house built.

i141.photobucket.comView Full Size

The owners moved out of state for a medical fellowship and the house is for sale. EIP for info, if interested.
2009-08-20 12:24:18 AM  
3/3 Full Size

Same light house as my # 2 entry
this one (new window) is huge also
2009-08-20 12:24:31 AM  
We live next to a family cemetery, I believe it is, but it's a small cemetery nonetheless. Anyway, The dates of death on all 3 of these show before 1900 so I'm presuming that the markers aren't that much different in age.

i141.photobucket.comView Full Size
2009-08-20 12:42:46 AM  
The home my grandmother was raised in. Abandoned now, but it never had electricity or running water.

mikepirone.comView Full Size
2009-08-20 12:43:38 AM  
fc07.deviantart.comView Full Size

Medieval exteriors in Tallinn, Estonia.
2009-08-20 12:47:54 AM  
mikepirone.comView Full Size

Monument on the coast, County Kerry.
2009-08-20 12:49:35 AM Full Size
2009-08-20 12:49:38 AM  
mikepirone.comView Full Size

Watchtower, Blarney Castle
2009-08-20 12:50:03 AM Full Size

The White House
2009-08-20 12:53:15 AM Full Size
2009-08-20 12:53:30 AM Full Size

Click for flickr
Barn, built in 1877
2009-08-20 12:55:07 AM  
lh5.ggpht.comView Full Size
2009-08-20 12:56:10 AM Full Size
2009-08-20 12:58:40 AM Full Size

Click for flickr

Barn, 1877
2009-08-20 12:59:59 AM  

Curtain Fig Tree Atherton Tablelands Queensland - over 800 years old
2009-08-20 1:09:15 AM  
i692.photobucket.comView Full Size

2009-08-20 1:18:14 AM  
memoryweb.netView Full Size

Curtain Fig Tree, Atherton Tablelands, Queensland - over 800 years old

Pops a bigger image

2009-08-20 1:19:41 AM  
memoryweb.netView Full Size

Gog & Magog, Royal Arcade, Melbourne - since 1842

Pops a bigger image

2009-08-20 1:21:09 AM  
memoryweb.netView Full Size

Leanach Cottage - survived Battle of Culloden, Scotland in 1746

Pops a bigger image

2009-08-20 1:22:02 AM Full Size

Unfortunately I live in Atlanta, where things over 100 yrs old are kinda rare. This photo is from some charming small town in France. I took it in high school with my 2 megapixel camera, so be gentle.
2009-08-20 1:23:59 AM Full Size

In Jamestown. These are the Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery.
2009-08-20 1:26:19 AM Full Size

One of the first churches in interior alaska. The immaculate conception church was built in 1904
2009-08-20 1:36:53 AM Full Size

Castle built into a cliff, somewhere in France. Again, 2mp camera.
2009-08-20 2:26:09 AM Full Size

The Auburn Drug Company (Which, apparently, is closed on Sunday) (Clickypops to Flickr!)
2009-08-20 2:27:12 AM Full Size

Placer High School (Clickypops to Flickr!)
2009-08-20 2:29:24 AM Full Size

Archway (Clickypops to Flickr!)
2009-08-20 2:29:47 AM Full Size

Grave in Sandwich, Kent, UK
2009-08-20 2:32:44 AM  
lh4.ggpht.comView Full Size
From Vietnam
2009-08-20 2:33:00 AM  
img38.imageshack.usView Full Size

My upright bass. It is a 200 year old Czech instrument which I am extremely fortunate to have. It was broken into 25 or so pieces when I got it and I pieced it together over three years.
2009-08-20 2:40:34 AM  
Castle San Felipe del Morro in San Juan PR. From the 1500's

i74.photobucket.comView Full Size
2009-08-20 2:44:54 AM  
img19.imageshack.usView Full Size

This cedar is over 600 years old maybe as old as 900 near Kaslo, BC.
2009-08-20 2:57:13 AM  

[image from too old to be available]

Torch of Liberty
Bigr at Flickr

2009-08-20 3:02:39 AM  
i88.photobucket.comView Full Size

Chullpa (funerary tower) watching over Sillustani, on the Peruvian altiplano. Aymara civilization (pre-Inca), 1400s and earlier.
Click for bigger
2009-08-20 3:03:13 AM  

[image from too old to be available]

Prayer to Ra
Bigr at Flickr

2009-08-20 3:08:28 AM  

[image from too old to be available]

Antique astronomy doohickey
Bigr at Flickr

2009-08-20 3:20:09 AM  
i88.photobucket.comView Full Size

Inside the 11th-century church of Saint-Cado, Brittany, France. Saint Cadoc was one of the 6th century Welsh saints.
Click for bigger.
2009-08-20 4:36:06 AM  
i449.photobucket.comView Full Size

104 years young.
2009-08-20 5:08:11 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Roman-era busts from the Natural History museum of Vienna.
2009-08-20 5:43:04 AM  
Cathedral at Siena
cnamejj.smugmug.comView Full Size

Click the image for a bigger version in a new window.
2009-08-20 5:48:52 AM  
Pigeon Point Lighthouse
cnamejj.smugmug.comView Full Size

Click on the image for a bigger version in a new window.

And there's a Wikipedia entry for Pigeon Point Light Station for anyone that would like historical info on this lighthouse.
2009-08-20 6:02:34 AM Full Size

Galata Tower Istanbul, Turkey


(pops to bigger) 1/2, possibly 3 if I can find the last one :)
2009-08-20 6:09:41 AM Full Size

Mummy of Sidonian King Tabnit, about 500 BC

Archaeology Museum, Istanbul Turkey.

2/3 possibly (pops to bigger version)
2009-08-20 6:58:38 AM Full Size

The whaler Charles W. Morgan at Mystic Seaport.
2009-08-20 7:33:59 AM Full Size

old mine machinery - Freiberg Germany

FLICKR (new window)
2009-08-20 7:37:10 AM  
kijabe.orgView Full Size

Gannet Rock Lighthouse, 15km off Grand Manan, New Brunswick. Built in 1830, the first lighthouse in the area.
2009-08-20 7:56:52 AM  
Judge Roy Bean's Saloon and Court House. Full Size
2009-08-20 8:12:34 AM  
i100.photobucket.comView Full Size

Inside the clock tower in the Salt Lake City building (new window)
2009-08-20 8:28:43 AM Full Size

Click for Flickr

100+ year old Bonsai - Asheville arboretum.
2009-08-20 8:58:26 AM Full Size

From the Arnhem Netherlands Outdoor Folk Museum
2009-08-20 8:58:46 AM  
img26.imageshack.usView Full Size

Edradour distillery, Pitlochry, Scotland. Buildings from the 1830s.
2009-08-20 9:03:19 AM  
img26.imageshack.usView Full Size

Edinburgh Castle, earliest parts from ~1130
2009-08-20 9:05:26 AM Full Size

Eiffel Upskirt
2009-08-20 9:09:07 AM Full Size

Staircase to the top of the Arc de Triomphe
2009-08-20 9:10:54 AM  
pages.videotron.caView Full Size

Same church as niagh, taken from the same spot as boluke01's 3rd picture.
2009-08-20 9:18:27 AM  
statonfam.comView Full Size

The ruins of Wat Chai Wattanaram in Ayutthaya. Sacked by the Burmese in 1767.
2009-08-20 9:21:59 AM  
statonfam.comView Full Size

A tree has grown around a stone Buddha head at the ruins of Wat Mahathat in Ayutthaya. Built in the late 14th century. Sacked by the Burmese in 1767.
2009-08-20 9:26:22 AM  
statonfam.comView Full Size

The jungle retakes the ruins of Ta Prohm near Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Built in the 12th century.
2009-08-20 10:36:20 AM Full Size

Library of Celsus
Ephesus, Turkey. Built in 135 AD.
2009-08-20 10:46:36 AM Full Size

Redwoods of Muir Woods, Marin County, CA
(click for larger)
2009-08-20 10:49:30 AM Full Size

Huguenot Street, New Paltz, NY
2009-08-20 10:53:02 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2009-08-20 12:44:25 PM Full Size

London Bridge
Flickr it (new window)

2009-08-20 12:50:24 PM Full Size

Lamb Tavern in Leadenhall Market, est 1780
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2009-08-20 12:56:29 PM Full Size

Big Ben
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2009-08-20 1:33:22 PM  
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Lookaway Hall, North Augusta, SC, built 1895
2009-08-20 2:00:41 PM Full Size

St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans LA, Built 1789
2009-08-20 2:15:49 PM Full Size

Milk jugs from a Midwestern farm.

2009-08-20 2:19:41 PM Full Size

Creamer from a Midwestern farm.

2009-08-20 2:48:27 PM  
I took this one of my daughter in 2000 while we were in France. I call it "6 year old girl standing near 2,000 year old bridge over 25,000 year old river" (taken with a 2 MP camera unfortunately)

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2009-08-20 3:46:50 PM  
Goldengate in the background (Repost as the first sub broke)
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Old meets new :)
2009-08-20 6:17:55 PM  
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Lion statue near the Residenz Royal Bavarian House in Munich Germany
2009-08-21 1:34:37 AM  
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A Century Plant
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