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2003-03-03 06:58:17 AM  
I calls em as I sees em.

I suppose there could be people who have legitimate complaints about interactions with police who gave them a hard time about something minor. But for those people to generalize beyond the specific officer they dealt with is more ignorant than me generalizing them as pot-smoking bed-wetters. I mean, come on. Read the posts.

Oh, and you would care about skateboarders if they were farking up your business by damaging the exteriors/scaring off would-be patrons, Nospoon.

While I'm at it.
no need to bust some kid smoking a joint with his buddies. ...especially when theres meth labs about.
Um, I'd bust the kid because he buys the weed from somewhere. And if you follow the chain long enough the kid smoking weed and the guy running the meth lab are likely to be connected. Regardless of the morality behind marijuana being illegal, it is illegal, and a disproportionate number of illegal things are done by a small percentage of people. So as long as the people voted in say it's illegal, you're going to get busted if you get caught. If I were a cop I wouldn't let anyone walk and risk losing my job so as to not harsh someone's high.
2003-03-03 07:01:20 AM  
Goatman264's lying. He's still #2. Some man named Fb- that a Newbie like me doesn't know seems to be at the #1 spot. And for the life of me, I can't understand why..
2003-03-03 07:14:09 AM  
Goatman264, I got banned, I could post but no-one else could see my posts, very weird.

Ku_No_Ichi, fb is my dark side.

2003-03-03 07:16:21 AM  
I'm Fb and so is my wife.

My Fb character certainly isn't as popular as this one. Fb is merely a wave that gently laps at the shoreline on the PLANET that is GOATMAN264!


2003-03-03 07:23:17 AM  
Put the mouse and Mountain Dew down, and back away from the keyboard slowly.
Don't make any sudden moves, and no one gets hurt.
2003-03-03 07:27:06 AM  
Fb is the father.
2003-03-03 07:28:43 AM  
Oh. The new kid on the block is TheseBurgers. He's at about #3.
2003-03-03 07:29:48 AM  
Henderson, the subject of a federal suit that claims he pistol-whipped a drug

There's something wrong with that?
2003-03-03 07:37:32 AM  
He's just generally the father. Not mine, but could well be yours.
2003-03-03 07:43:56 AM  
You're more than welcome - you're obliged!
2003-03-03 07:54:18 AM  
Bad cops Bad cops whatchu gonna do
2003-03-03 09:04:17 AM  
I once had a customer hand me his business card. After his name, were the initials "N.D.B.G.A." I asked him what it stood for. His reply? "No Degree, But Good Anyway".
2003-03-03 09:09:17 AM  
so... this-here parchment might be worthless?? damn. the seller had good comments.
2003-03-03 09:18:59 AM  
WOW! this guy screwed himself royally... HA HA!!!!!!

oh well, im done
2003-03-03 09:28:02 AM  
God help you if you are just an ordinary citizen and your "papers are not in order." The state DOT computer lost any record of my Drivers license and the cops had to believe the license I handed them was a forgery. They owe me 4 hours of life.
2003-03-03 09:54:03 AM  
Begoggle - Normal people do not get fined by the cops on a regular basis.
You should also be shot.
2003-03-03 09:56:12 AM  
This is not an officer, it's a police officer. Huge difference.
2003-03-03 10:08:12 AM  
Begoggle: I live in a town w/no crime and it is not because the cops are doing their jobs. I know all the cops in this town, so don't go around calling people dimwits. Some towns just have lower crime rates. They go to schools spewing D.A.R.E. propaganda and then you see them in the bars drinking and driving home. They are cops after all they should ALL be good cops, not just some.
2003-03-03 10:34:33 AM  
Evidently he did not list his advanced degree in criminality!
2003-03-03 11:36:53 AM  
Bobbys a cheeatah!!!

-Oh no, we suck again!!!!

2003-03-03 11:48:43 AM  
How come when a cop breaks the law, everybody says that all cops are bad... but when some regular joe breaks the law, there isn't an equal cry of, "we're all bastards!"?

Yeah, having more power makes it easier to truly fark with people and do more damage than you normally could - but asserting that a *greater proportion* of police are criminals than non-police requires rather better backup than just a few bleating posts.
2003-03-03 12:15:50 PM  
My neighbour's a cop and he's a pretty decent guy. Quiet and probably suspects me of something (damn paranoia!), but decent.
Having said that we have a huge drinking/driving problem on this island. The cops could cherrypick if they wanted to but they let it slide. I hear they just don't have the budget.
I've had to stop a few people and drive them home myself - that's how bad it is.
And if ever there's a roadblock it goes round the island like lightning so people just take the logging roads.
2003-03-03 12:21:20 PM  
No, no, the WOD doesn't foster dishonesty.

2003-03-03 12:38:15 PM  
All coppers just want power & the excuse to be self-righteous. It's quite sad really.
2003-03-03 12:45:04 PM  
Just remember, for every "bad" cop there are countless "good" ones who keep their mouths shut. fark the police.
2003-03-03 01:32:20 PM  
I'm back too..so what!

99 9/10ths of officers are decent employees doing
their jobs. When do you hear about the positive
contacts they've made thru out the day? Never.
It's not news.

The very few who choose to be criminals instead of
Law Enforcement officers ALWAYS make the news.

Fact: No matter what the recruiting requirements
or standards are, as long as you recruit from the
human race, there will always be a few mistakes in
hiring. Thank god its few and far between.

If you hate the police that much, next time you need
them, call some one else instead...maybe a journalist.
2003-03-03 01:45:33 PM  
"Potecting? You want protection, buy a big dog and a gun."

Have the gun. Still prefer that there be a visible police presence to keep felons from trying anything. Lets see, no police=no jail time=rampant crime. I don't want to pay for the ammo I'd have to use to stay safe.

Even "investigating after the fact" is protecting. If there was noone to "investigate after the fact" and GO AFTER perpetrators, things would be much worse. The fact that they could get caught, even after the fact, prevents a lot of crime.

And to the person who resents law enforcement for what they consider "petty" offenses that "hurt no one": What would you suggest I do when some skate punk decides to trick off the hood of my car, or some whigger decided to test his subsonic subwoofer cannon outside my home at 2AM? Would you prefer I just get a big dog, my gun, and SHOOT them? I'm certainly not going to "live and let live".

Damned hippies. When Cronkite and his minions return from deep space, you're all in a world of shiat.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-03 01:53:27 PM  
there are good cops and there are bad cops. But the sad fact is most press is given to the bad cops...and most people who really have a memorable story involving the police, that story will include a dumbass police officer not a great one.

I've known a good # of police officers in my life. And I do mean a good #. Mostly because I've lived in small towns and also just knew people related to cops. And most of them were neither good nor bad. They didn't get into the business to save the world they just got into it because it was a paycheck and the work wasn't awful.

Most police officers who are there just to make a difference burn out really really fast, it's only the ones who just don't care and the ones who get off on having "power" that stay sane and relatively happy or content. Although the paperwork could even push most of those over the edge some days.

That said though...down with all traffic cops...whether they forge diplomas or not. Or at the very least down with quotas and such. There is no evidence that speeding on the highway leads to any more accidents that already occur. Sure punishing the dumbasses is a good thing, but the people who are driving perfectly safely who happen to either pass a cop who desperatly needs to meet his/her quota, or has had a bad day, or who are just going 70 in the 65mph highway area, man just leave them alone. And the young chicks with obviously dyed hair listening to metal while driving their old cars who happen to speed up a bit to get through a yellow light .....just leave them alone too...obviously she couldn't afford the ticket for running a red light that wasn't even red!

2003-03-03 03:16:07 PM  
I'll second that MandM - I personally know some of those cops in her town... Hell, they get excited if they get to use the yellow police tape, which is rare.

Hmmm... cops do their jobs after the crime was committed (to paraphrase)

Let's see, I had my car stolen a few years back. The officer that responded to my call was very nice, etc., - had no problems with him. About 6 hours later a friend and I are driving down my street. I look down a side street and out of the corner of my eye, I see my car (this is abut 1/2 mile away from my house. So, I call the police, and a different officer responded. Mr. "Super Cop" proceeds to tell me that this is a popular place to drop off stolen cars (which I didn't know). My response to him was "well then, why didn't you guys find it??" Then I asked him if they would take fingerprints or anything (I didn't go anywhere near the car until the police showed up) and he told me that I watch too many tv police shows.

Bottom line: Vehicle recovered/case closed, and my insurance company is out $2,000 +. They could have given two shiats about finding whoever stole my car. The perps even left some stuff in my car! Again, the cops didn't care. So much for my tax dollars...

If you want to steal a car, come to Bristol, Connecticut. Unless they catch you red-handed with the car, you are good to go.

I've experienced worse than this, too....

So, for the most part, I hate cops and have no respect for them. Maybe if they were to respect me, I would think different.
2003-03-03 11:32:56 PM  
yo AuntofDogface, my dad's truck was stolen. it was recovered. they never found out who did it. asshat cops.
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