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10094 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Mar 2003 at 11:15 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-02 07:15:26 PM  
There's no one at the wheel!!
[image from too old to be available]
Let me be the first to say this thread is a fitting cherry on the top of the crudsundae today has been on fark. Well at least checking out the rejected threads was pretty funny.
2003-03-02 08:59:51 PM  
"Inside at the counter I find General Bob, or Crazy Bob as he sometimes calls himself. A conspiracy theorist par excellence in a nation of conspiracy theorists, he claims at 82 to be a five-star general, the mastermind behind US war planning and a serving marine.

As he also claims to have assassinated Adolf Hitler and walked from Ireland to Scotland, a journey that would have involved walking on water, I take this with a pinch of salt."

people like this make me eagerly anticipate growing old and becoming a crotchety (sp?) old bastard. seriously. just spewing random gibberish and no-one even cares. ahhhh

hey, wait a second...
2003-03-02 11:20:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-02 11:21:06 PM  
Hey! I live in Bagdad, Ky and nobody from the BBC asked my opinion!
2003-03-02 11:21:22 PM  
Kentucky? There's nothing worth saving in Kentucky.. Let's bomb them too..
2003-03-02 11:22:42 PM  
"I'll tell you what to do with Iraq," one local man tells me unasked. "Nuke 'em!"

Yeah, that's great, why doesn't the military just nuke Kentucky?
2003-03-02 11:25:08 PM  
"bagdad"? please let that be a typo.

err... americans aren't known for their spelling abilities... i guess that COULD be the actual name of the town...
2003-03-02 11:28:52 PM  
Sounds like a place where folks would think "The Thief of Baghdad" is a local bank robber . . .
2003-03-02 11:29:11 PM  
2003-03-02 11:35:02 PM  
this day has been a bad one for fark
2003-03-02 11:36:25 PM  
I remember back in Gulf War I a girl and her brother in my grammer school. Last name was hussein, and they were from iraq.

naaa they didnt get picked on much. Kids can be so cruel, and funny.....cruel and funny.....
2003-03-02 11:37:21 PM  
"Democratic stronghold" LMAO. Stupid reporter doesn't know shiat. Many people may be registered democrats but the state is consistently carried by republican presidential candidates, both of our senators are republicans, and five of Kentucky's six representatives in Congress are republicans.
2003-03-02 11:39:15 PM  
Eriol, you must be new here :-)
2003-03-02 11:39:54 PM  
Oh, wait, sarcasm...
2003-03-02 11:40:31 PM  
So does this mean there's a Kentucky in Baghdad? Would they have Kentucky Fried Llama, with Colonel Ahmed as their mascot?
2003-03-02 11:41:57 PM  
Ok, This is off topic but has anyone hit the back button(from in a thread) and get friday's FARK main page??
2003-03-02 11:43:35 PM  
Edhellen wins, give the man a prize.
2003-03-02 11:45:14 PM  
ok, had to search the reporter out - something from 95' -
"Irish Naturist Association" - :)​8&oe=UTF -8&

"Obnude - Finally got to see a video recording of my television debut as a
spokeperson for the Irish Naturist Association. The INA is campaigning for the
signposting by the local councils of some of the beaches used by naturists.
SKY NEWS picked up the story and I found myself naked as nature intended, in
the middle of June, running in and out of the Atlantic Ocean and strolling
back and forward along an isolated and deserted beach at Ballybunion, Co
My thanks to Linda Duffin and Zoe for SKY for a well balanced piece. I didn't
realised that so many of my work colleagues watch SKY NEWS in the mornings.

Michael Chapman,
President, Southern Naturist Club,
2003-03-02 11:45:29 PM  
You want your car serviced? Certainly ma'am. At a loose end? Come to a wives' golfing tournament. Care packages for the troops and counselling for their children are all part of this morale-boosting scheme.

Serviced? Loose end? Come? Packages? Umm....
2003-03-02 11:46:11 PM  
AugustWest don't feel bad no one ever asks my opinion either, I guess being republican does not count in this state.
2003-03-02 11:49:32 PM  
Way to think inside the box, Donald_McRonald.
2003-03-02 11:52:16 PM  
I wish that was true, Bob, but Mitch and David Williams seem to think otherwise.
2003-03-02 11:59:59 PM  
I hear we'll be exporting Kentucky to the Middle East. The plan is for Archer Daniels Midland and Cargill to ship them corn until they all get pelagra.
2003-03-03 12:00:31 AM  
But she thinks he's away fighting pirates.

And maybe he is.....
2003-03-03 12:00:59 AM  
I too am from Kentucky, Independence Kentucky. I guess theres a lot of Kentuckians on fark being it is run by a kentuckian.... Do not fear Kentucky Is the best state to live in, I love it.
2003-03-03 12:01:18 AM  
Ahh the BBC. They sure do love poking fun at middle America. Has anyone seen the TV show "Weird Weekends with Louie Theroux"? It was this BBC documentary show broadcast on Bravo where this British guy went around America, being cheerfully shocked and confused by various facets of our culture. For instance he hung out with minor-league Pro Wrestlers, christian fundamentalist and gangsta rappers and was absolutely hilarious to watch. I'm not sure if it's still on or not.
2003-03-03 12:02:26 AM  
Everyone should stop complaining about how bad of a day this was. There is an excellent recycled boobies link!
2003-03-03 12:03:31 AM  
Off topic, but because I'm a relative newbie (be kind) I don't know better and I'm just wondering, are there usually so few links on weekends? I was so looking forward to checking out all of the "hilarity ensues" links and stuff without having to check over my shoulder for the boss.

Just asking 'cause a Total Farker commented on it, too.

Let me be the first to say this thread is a fitting cherry on the top of the crudsundae today has been on fark.

"crudsundae" heh heh
2003-03-03 12:04:55 AM the cold Kentucky reign...of terror!
2003-03-03 12:12:04 AM  
Ah yes Baghdad Kentucky, a short stroll up the road from Nazigermany Kentucky.
2003-03-03 12:19:44 AM  
...its also just a few hours away from Farkinfrenchies, KY...
2003-03-03 12:22:14 AM  
This makes this article over at the Onion that much funnier.
2003-03-03 12:28:33 AM  
Uh, hilarious. As hilarious as Paris, Texas. Or New York, New York. Big deal, BBC.
2003-03-03 12:33:58 AM  
does the BBC really have nothing better to do than yawn their way across America looking for towns named Baghdad?
2003-03-03 12:35:20 AM  
all that I've come to expect from BBC
2003-03-03 01:12:25 AM  
The BBC, the Observer, and the Independent have all started a British journalistic trend of portraying Americans in the dumbest light of which they can. In order to profile American opinion, they choose a rural Kentucky town and put into light some of the town's less educated citizens. Of all the signs that were likely displayed, they choose the one that (probably for 'comical' reasons) has deplorable grammar. The section titled "Muscular Christianity" is also a less-than-subtle exertion at generalizing Americans into a 19th century religious miscreant group of people that fits in with the British media's own condoscending stereotypes of Americans.
Despite the obvious fact to me, both an American and an Englishman, it seems that it's wholly oblivious to them that many people in Britain are rather stupid. One could portray Britons as unhygienic, working-class, football-obsessed airheads obsessed with shopping and drug habits; if one were to write articles based on people from Hull or relatively rural areas in England and Scotland.
Of course the Americans don't do this because the American media, although no stranger to bias, has no agenda to belittle and demean British people for the sake of making us feel better or vindicating our political viewpoints.
The Sun is an exception to all of this, but it's not quite a commendable publication either.
2003-03-03 01:18:02 AM  
Nothing in Kentucky worth saving? What about Drew?

And what was that about a democratic stronghold, The state voted for Bush in the last election, and all but one congress person is a republican.

While the local and state governments tend to be held by democrats, the national level is virtually all republican.
2003-03-03 01:24:21 AM  
DCMP, are you really implying that american newspapers do NOT show other countries in a negative slant.

ahhh. right. pass the tomatoeeee sauce will you.
2003-03-03 01:36:02 AM  
2003-03-03 01:39:41 AM  
Sicamore, I didn't say that anywhere in that post. You're using a straw man technique to insert a point into my post that is very easy to refute, and then going on to refuting it like I must have been the biggest idiot in the world to ever have said it. The American media often portrays other nations in very, very negative light. France can sometimes be seen as a nationalistic country with whom no ordinary American would like to associate with. Those countries that are members of the "Axis of Evil" (except for Iran) get quite a bit of negative press.
The American media often does not often characterize a nation of people in a negative light, rather usually puts a negative light on systemic things like their government or sometimes religion. The British are not doing that to the Americans. This article and numerous others instead actually label American people as stupid and simple-minded, and use this characterization as an explanation for the American support of Bush or for any other political differences that exist between America and Britain. And as a pre-emptive refutation to what you just said; I said in my post that American media is no stranger to bias, and it does have its biases in regards to certain demographics of people. However, it does not generally label Russian or Chinese or Israeli citizens as this or that, and it certainly does little to nothing to belittle the British.
2003-03-03 02:09:28 AM  
Bah, that's just like Palestine, Texas.
2003-03-03 07:40:28 AM  
Or Memphis, Milan and Paris, Tennessee. All the good names were already taken.
2003-03-03 08:07:28 AM  
You people who want to nuke Kentucky forget one thing. WE GOTS ALL THE BOURBON!
2003-03-03 08:11:34 AM  
DCMP, of course if these towns' founders had had some imagination and a bit more of a talent for words, this BBC article would never even have been written.

And if you think Hull's bad, stay the rabidmonkeybollocks away from Barnsely, truly the colon of the universe.
2003-03-03 09:23:56 AM  
"But she thinks he's away fighting pirates."

Arrr! Give me your booty!
2003-03-03 09:48:44 AM  
The BBC belittling Americans?

Suddenly I feel satisfied that my license fee is being put to a good cause.
2003-03-03 10:08:08 AM  
DCMP, are you really implying that american newspapers do NOT show other countries in a negative slant.

Sicamore, I didn't say that anywhere in that post -

actually, yes you did:
Of course the Americans don't do this because the American media, although no stranger to bias, has no agenda to belittle and demean British people for the sake of making us feel better or vindicating our political viewpoints.

That is certainly the implication here. Not a straw man at all.
2003-03-03 12:23:21 PM  
Zaphod, it is not the implication whatsoever.
That statement specifically says that the American media, unlike the British media, has no agenda in belittling the other country (which in that statement is Britain). I said that American media does show some nations in negative slants, but it generally shows slants in systemic or governmental things, not people themselves. No major American media outlet has a seemingly pathological desire to make British people "look stupid" like the BBC and Observer seem to have with Americans.

Total difference, and that statement doesn't exempt American media from being biased or having slants, it exempts them from attempting to make the British look stupid.

So yes, Zaphod, it is a straw-man, and you illustrated it by quoting the exact right quote.
2003-03-03 12:26:51 PM  
Zaphod, I just want to make sure you get it;
American media does not try to make the British people look stupid.

British media tries to make Americans look stupid.

American media has slants, so does British media, but American media does not have the particular "do whatever you can to make the British look like morons" slant.

I make that point, and then he counters with a "So America has no media biases according to you huh?", well dur, of course it does, but that wasn't the implication.
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