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(CNN)   Air marshals open can of whoop-ass, arrest man on U.S. Airways flight   ( cnn.com) divider line
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2003-03-01 10:51:06 PM  
Should have just shot him
2003-03-01 11:46:01 PM  
So... what the fark happened at the hospital??? Was he off his meds?? Or on the wrong ones??? What!!!!

2003-03-01 11:47:00 PM  
This is why we need exits in airplanes. The stewardess could have shown him to the door and let him get off.
2003-03-02 01:04:14 AM  
[image from retrocrush.com too old to be available]
2003-03-02 01:05:24 AM  
Never forget what? Strange alien beings?

The guy was probably roughed up pretty good to *subdue* him.
2003-03-02 01:07:21 AM  
Yeah, did they take him to the hospital for being roughed up? Meds? What?!?! The suspense is killing me.
2003-03-02 01:07:39 AM  
Score 1 for the good guys.
2003-03-02 01:08:24 AM  
I want to vote for that.

They opened a whole can? I thought it was just a little carton.
2003-03-02 01:09:23 AM  
Nostrafarkus: I'd imagine so, it took one air marshal and three off-duty police officers to take the man down. I think we can say he got his ass beat :P
2003-03-02 01:10:01 AM  
Malinois I'd love to open a can of whoop ass on you for that horrible suicide pic in the 78 year old man thread. That was just sick, man.
2003-03-02 01:11:03 AM  
How did they really know those other three guys were indeed off-duty police officers? Is there a secret handshake?
2003-03-02 01:12:26 AM  
not a boobies link to be seen at 1AM on a Saturday night
..what's a computer geek to do?
2003-03-02 01:15:27 AM  
[image from almostaproverb.com too old to be available]
2003-03-02 01:16:08 AM  
The report I heard said he tried to open the emergency exit door - that's messed up.

And they're only charging him with "interfering with a flight crew."
2003-03-02 01:16:56 AM  
Great freakin catch-phrase

"Majority rules! Turn the plane around!"

I'm going to start using it often.
2003-03-02 01:17:52 AM  
you can't actually open an emergency door on an aircraft in flight
there are special locks that hold the door shut when the aircraft is pressurized
2003-03-02 01:19:40 AM  
A can is nothing.... Wake me when they open up the 55 gallon drum.
2003-03-02 01:21:00 AM  
I tried to open a can of whoop ass one time but it had gone flat.
2003-03-02 01:22:34 AM  
That's reassuring to know - but I'll still continue to have my travel agent put me right next to one - just in case - so I can guard it.
And by "guard it", I mean "have more leg room than other rows."
2003-03-02 01:24:27 AM  
Not even enuff freakin whoopass...

/holds assholes before they get to hell so as to allow a good ol' earthly asswhippin...pussys.
2003-03-02 01:28:05 AM  
Some people are just stupid, plain and simple.
2003-03-02 01:30:02 AM  
i think he was sent to a 'hospital' hospital..the place where they have extra marbles for those who have lost any... what sane person would say 'majority rules! turn the plane around!'... besides anyone here...
2003-03-02 01:30:41 AM  
Are we all complete social retards for being on FARK at 1:29am on a saturday night?
2003-03-02 01:31:14 AM  
I don't see how you'd force a door open anyways. First of all, the doors open inward. Second, the pressure in the cabin pushes outward. Just a 1 psi pressure differential would equate to at least 1 ton of pressure. Am I missing something here?
2003-03-02 01:31:28 AM  
To what majority was he referring? Voters in the 2000 election?


2003-03-02 01:32:52 AM  
Bizarro: I hope you went back to that thread.

Sorry if it bothered you, but seriously, chill the fark out! Damn, you'd think I was TheseBurgers with the was you cross-posted that shiat...
2003-03-02 01:33:24 AM  
Small wonder he was arrested. Didn't he know that in America the minority of people vote and make the rules.
2003-03-02 01:33:49 AM  
the was=the way

Too often the case...
2003-03-02 01:34:00 AM  
That would require inteligence to realize.
Or rather, intellajense.
2003-03-02 01:35:20 AM  
MIKED: " Are we all complete social retards for being on FARK at 1:29am on a saturday night?"

yes and no.
2003-03-02 01:36:42 AM  

I'm listening to the Goo Goo Dolls now. They rock.
In that 'NSYNC-gay-sorta'-way.
2003-03-02 01:36:47 AM  
5 narcs on one flight?

MIKED: " Are we all complete social retards for being on FARK at 1:29am on a saturday night?"

It's only 11:29pm here
2003-03-02 01:37:39 AM  
"can of whoop ass". Wow, that's hilarious. hahaha. can of whoop ass. I can barely stop laughing.
2003-03-02 01:38:19 AM  
Does that really make it any better?
Perhaps. Although, I was a social retard at 11:29, as I am now.
2003-03-02 01:40:45 AM  
I can send you a new pocket protector. Us social retards have several backups.
2003-03-02 01:42:16 AM  
Rumor has it he started to yell, "What's your frquency Kenneth?" then he realized that was the property of a whole different lunatic all together. They should impose the death penalty for anyone who acts like that on a plane.
2003-03-02 01:46:28 AM  
Originally some news story. Dan Rather was being mugged, and the mugger said something to the effect of, "What's the frequency Kenneth?" And then sang the refrain from Shiney Happy People.
2003-03-02 01:47:24 AM  
Feukulor: Welcome to Fark. Enjoy your stay!
2003-03-02 01:49:06 AM  
"We'll leave the light on."
2003-03-02 01:49:52 AM  
/Tom Modett from Motel 6
2003-03-02 01:50:51 AM  
Bizarro read Malinois's post after the suicide pic..you'd find out that it's a fake, from a make up artist. Sheesh.
2003-03-02 01:51:28 AM  
Is the football team done yet?

/snickers while cowering in corner behind lockers
2003-03-02 01:51:42 AM  
Actually it's Bodett, not Modett.

/spoken-word geek
2003-03-02 01:52:44 AM  
I live in Charlotte, nc where they had to make the unschedule stop. On the local news they said they took him to the hospital (that info you know) but now he is at the Mecklinburg County Jail, which is in Downtown Charlotte.
2003-03-02 01:53:49 AM  
Feukulor: Psshhht! You're 19? Please!! Who do you think we are?

What would you like? ;)
2003-03-02 01:54:51 AM  
I was debating Modett versus Bodett. My bad.
As if one name is more dignifying than the other.

/turns light out and laughs.
2003-03-02 01:55:13 AM  
Feukulor That's true, it was rather tidy (I worked as a crime scene evidence collector once upon a time and have seen worse) but it was the last thing I was thinking of seeing - I saw the NSFW tag and thought it might - just might - be weeners. (Well, a farkette can dream!). But it wasn't. Oh well.
2003-03-02 01:56:07 AM  
are there names on the underwear? Might I suggest early christmas presents?
2003-03-02 01:56:43 AM  
for bizarro
2003-03-02 01:57:06 AM  
Gotcha Rats No harm no foul - just sorta P.O.'d there were no weeners in a exposure/fondling thread.
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