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2003-03-01 02:22:53 PM  
2003-03-01 02:22:54 PM  
Hmph. My headline was better. Had the word "asshat."

2003-03-01 02:23:03 PM  
Well, that's that, time to invade Iraq....
2003-03-01 02:23:04 PM  
Nice - fire up Ol' Sparky!
2003-03-01 02:23:22 PM  
you know, i'd love to turn on the tv and hear that osama was captured. i'd drink to that.

/non-cynical uncharacteristic of fark comment
2003-03-01 02:23:25 PM  
So that means I can call the FBI right now and claim my $25m?

/brb - on phone - 1-800-CALL-FBI
2003-03-01 02:23:35 PM  
agree, asshat is the appropriate term. Perhaps Master Asshat?
2003-03-01 02:23:39 PM  
Kick. Ass.
2003-03-01 02:23:40 PM  
I think they should opt for a public beheading. You know, make him feel at home.
2003-03-01 02:24:06 PM  
Watch your cornhole.
2003-03-01 02:25:25 PM  
Not sure I understand the headline. I thought they had to get all four colours in a row and in the right order? How can you only suspect you have a mastermind?

Fark the CIA. I say call in the Parker Bros.
2003-03-01 02:25:57 PM  
woohoo! (i guess)
2003-03-01 02:26:08 PM  
[image from battle.net too old to be available]

mastermind, you say?
2003-03-01 02:26:36 PM  
Um... I thought Osama was the 9/11 mastermind? The guy in the picture is not Osama.
2003-03-01 02:27:05 PM  
And what, exactly, does this have to do with Cheetos?
2003-03-01 02:27:26 PM  
I too, included the word "asshat". Seemed appropriate.

This is really great news. It's amazing how few of these little farkers we've caught so far. Hopefully, the helpless feelings from 9/11 can be lessened with the capturing and prosecuting of those responsible (directly responsible, you conspiracy theory nut-nuzzlers).
2003-03-01 02:28:06 PM  
I thought Osama was the mastermind too. I've never heard of this guy.
2003-03-01 02:28:13 PM  
playjim: youve spammed every set of comments today. go post somewhere else. please.
2003-03-01 02:28:15 PM  
What a poorly written, and uninformative article.
2003-03-01 02:28:50 PM  
Synesthesia: The dude busted is a high-ranking operative and he probably came up with this plan. Osama probably laughed a la Renfield and said go for it.
2003-03-01 02:29:16 PM  
Since when is Khalid Shaikh Mohammed head of the C.I.A.?

this poor bastard's just another patsy

2003-03-01 02:31:32 PM  
Sung to the tune: "If You're Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands"

If we cannot find Osama, bomb Iraq.
If the markets hurt your Mama, bomb Iraq.
If the terrorists are Saudi
And the bank takes back your Audi
And the TV shows are bawdy,
Bomb Iraq.

If the corporate scandals growin', bomb Iraq.
And your ties to them are showin', bomb Iraq.
If the smoking gun ain't smokin'
We don't care, and we're not jokin'.
That Saddam will soon be croakin',
Bomb Iraq.

Even if we have no allies, bomb Iraq.
From the sand dunes to the valleys, bomb Iraq.
So to hell with the inspections;
Let's look tough for the elections,
Close your mind and take directions,
Bomb Iraq.

While the globe is slowly warming, bomb Iraq.
Yay! the clouds of war are storming, bomb Iraq.
If the ozone hole is growing,
Some things we prefer not knowing.
Though our ignorance is showing!
Bomb Iraq.

So here's one for dear old daddy, bomb Iraq,
From his favourite little laddy, bomb Iraq.
Saying no would look like treason.
It's the Hussein hunting season.
Even if we have no reason,
Bomb Iraq.
2003-03-01 02:32:27 PM  
Heh, heh. Filter got "g0at5e"... Probably for the best.

Thank You Filter!!
2003-03-01 02:35:05 PM  
Haha, wow! You dislike Bush AND you can Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V a stupid poem that appears in nearly every Fark thread? Someone get this man/woman a medal!
2003-03-01 02:35:42 PM  
LMAO @ Joxette
2003-03-01 02:36:13 PM  
03-01-03 02:26:36 PM Synesthesia
Um... I thought Osama was the 9/11 mastermind?

Well, you thought wrong.

This is a big arrest. This asshat was involved in much more than 9/11, too.
2003-03-01 02:37:09 PM  
I'll have to go w/Zim1 on this one. Enough already.
2003-03-01 02:37:42 PM  
Maybe this will clear some things up: Osama is the head of Al-Qaeda, which was behind 9/11. I don't think it necessarily means that he thought up this scheme. Probably this asshat did and Osama's like, hey, let's work on that.
2003-03-01 02:38:07 PM  
Perhaps we can help you get to your destination.
2003-03-01 02:38:16 PM  
if you have not heard of this man, it does not make him a patsy. it makes you undeducated.
2003-03-01 02:39:31 PM  
He was caught in Pakistan, not Iraq. Huh. Go figure.
2003-03-01 02:39:39 PM  
Uneducated, as well?
2003-03-01 02:39:57 PM  


both correct.
2003-03-01 02:40:23 PM  
Here's the FBI page on him.
2003-03-01 02:40:25 PM  
Ditto to Vroomazoom</B?.
I just hope Khalid Shaikh Mohammed doesn't manage to kill himself before they get everything they can out of him.
2003-03-01 02:40:33 PM  
yeah, DrToast has the right idea. everyone saying "big deal, ive never heard of him" is being really moronic.

YOU are definetely mediocre. That song pops up in every political FARK thread. Get over yourself.
2003-03-01 02:41:04 PM  

is that a complete thought?
2003-03-01 02:41:18 PM  
sorry bout the unclosed tag
2003-03-01 02:41:53 PM  
03-01-03 02:31:32 PM Joxette [insert stupid song]

I think I've figured out why 68% of americans support the war (Info from a survey taken by MSNBC). Conservatives offer up fact based, poignant arguements, while Liberals wave signs, scream simplistic chants, and make up childish songs.
2003-03-01 02:42:33 PM  
Damn unfetchable links. Never mind, ignore me.
2003-03-01 02:44:11 PM  
So can we still nuke Iraq?

The news media says 68% of me wants the war. :P
2003-03-01 02:44:43 PM  
any body that thinks this man is not important check out the FBI link provided by B0rg9
jbc [TotalFark]
2003-03-01 02:45:45 PM  
This is a big one.

Though he is the leader of al Qaeda, calling Osama the "mastermind" of the 9/11 attacks makes no more sense than calling Dubya the "mastermind" of the war on terror.
2003-03-01 02:45:47 PM  
Just clicked on the link B0rg9 provided. That guy definitely looks familiar. Probably because I've visited the Most Wanted web site on occasion.
2003-03-01 02:45:50 PM  
Alexandra: LMAO @ Joxette

Same here...what a maroon.
2003-03-01 02:46:08 PM  
Dattaway: 0% of me wants the war so 136% of you must want it :P
2003-03-01 02:46:20 PM  

good point... i think both left and right wing can get together and demand an end to stuff like that stupid song.

and although i havent seen that particular survey, 68% of Americans dont support the war. Every survey ive seen says the majority are against it, and certainly the sentiment seems to be shifting that way.
2003-03-01 02:46:21 PM  
Vroomazoom: I'm just pointing out the irony in you calling someone uneducated, and yet managing to mispell the word.
2003-03-01 02:47:14 PM  
Alph: You're kidding, right? What liberal rag did you get your statistics out of?
2003-03-01 02:47:26 PM  
I can't believe the nerve of this Saddam Hussien recruiting all these Saudis to attack the US.. Its almost like he wanted us to believe the saudis were responsible for all this.

Pure evil Genius
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