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(mycfnow.com)   Luckiest man in world: FAA allows cross-country flight of anti-venom to save snake-bite victim   ( mycfnow.com) divider line
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2001-09-14 12:03:39 AM  
wow , that was very cool!

by the way, boobies
2001-09-14 12:14:40 AM  
"Geez, the country's under attack, what a horrible thing... I'd like to watch the news on TV and pay my respects, but I think instead I'll go handle some deadly snakes."
2001-09-14 12:26:17 AM  
wow. how's that bit go about god watches out for fools and children?
2001-09-14 12:32:18 AM  
Awwww... crikey!
2001-09-14 12:35:22 AM  
And now a LOST DEEP THOUGHT , by Jack Handey :

If you lose your job , your marriage and your mind all in one week , try to lose your mind first , because then the other stuff won't matter that much .
2001-09-14 12:45:42 AM  
I can hear it now, "Hey Lawrence, did you hear the World Trade Center was hit by an airplane?"

"Whaaaaa? Really??? (ssssssss) OWWWWWWWWW!!"

(Or something like that.)
2001-09-14 01:14:15 AM  
""He was bleeding from his eyes, his mouth, the whites of his eyes were red," added colleague Ernie Jillson."

Shiat! [crossing "Snake Handler" off my list of career goals]
2001-09-14 01:29:57 AM  
The thing that really pissed me off about the FAA air ban was that up here in Alaska, we have a lot of small airplane pilots (they're called bush pilots) who fly people out and drop them off on fishing or hunting trips, or take food, water, mail, and other supplies to remote alaskan villages.
We're talking about small planes here- prop driven cessnas and float planes. These planes couldn't do any damage if they tried. Yet, the FAA still banned them from flying, stranding around 500 people in the Alaskan wilderness, unprepared, for two nights. Luckily, as far as i know, everyone so far has been ok, but it just really bugged me to hear that the FAA did this.
2001-09-14 02:02:35 AM  
the guy survived long enough to have antivenin for a taipan bite??? that is one lucky guy.
2001-09-14 02:42:49 AM  
personally, i would hesitate to mess around with poisonous snakes without the proper medicines on hand. that's just me, though. actually, if he does this professionally, i would think osha regulations would require that proper remedies be on hand if possible.
2001-09-14 02:51:28 AM  
I heard something else on CNN about a heart transplant or something that was about screwed up because of the FAA flight ban. They eventually had to helicopter the transplant to a hospital, but the operation was successful... Sounds a lot like this story, maybe my mind is screwy (or CNN's)...
2001-09-14 03:49:49 AM  
Taipan = bad shiat!
also = australia special forces combat boots
2001-09-14 05:31:24 AM  

[image from cleland.sa.gov.au too old to be available]
2001-09-14 08:22:03 AM  
hmm sounds like from the story that even as crazy as he is to be handling some kind of snake like that he was somewhat prepared. The hospital he went to had 5 vials of the anti-venom.. the whole state of Florida had only 6! And they got all that the San Diego zoo had which was 5. So it sounds like this guy arranged for the hospital to have some on hand for such an emergency.. but I'm with you mme I want full body armor
2001-09-14 08:29:40 AM  
Detail: "two more". This brings the total in Florida to 7!
Still not very much.
2001-09-14 08:43:39 AM  
thank you for pointing out my error appie :)

though you never know it may have only been 6.. those floridians have a hard time counting past 5 ;)
2001-09-14 09:32:32 AM  
You are absolutely right, I can't imagine how that escaped my attention.
2001-09-14 10:41:13 AM  
Someone will sue Steve Irwin because they saw him do it on tv and figured they could to.
2001-09-14 10:49:56 AM  
Sounds like we need to airdrop Taipan snakes over Afghanistan. Preferably near Osama bin Loser's hut.
2001-09-14 11:22:56 AM  
As I understand it, Osama bin Laden is living in a cave. Otherwise I agree, provided we can get those snakes down without any harm to them (they haven't done anything wrong).
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