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(Ben Maller)   Knicks star Latrell Sprewell arrested for minor violation at counter-terrorism checkpoint in New York   ( benmaller.com) divider line
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2003-02-28 11:03:32 AM  
He's such a piece of shiat.
2003-02-28 11:21:03 AM  
"Mr. Sprewell, we're arresting you because you have an outstanding warrant, and you appear to be some kind of alien:
[image from images.art.com too old to be available]
2003-02-28 11:52:50 AM  
I dislike Latrell just as much as the next guy, but I think he was right when he said, "This is news?"
2003-02-28 11:54:12 AM  
"Arresting officer P.J. Carlesimo would not comment on the apprehension."

[image from bright.net too old to be available]
2003-02-28 12:10:04 PM  
Spree's alright with me. Sure he choaked a coach, but it was only P.J. Carlesimo. I'm no Knick fan, but Spree plays hard.
2003-02-28 01:59:17 PM  
40 clicks and Farked. That's gotta be a record.
2003-02-28 01:59:53 PM  
2003-02-28 01:59:58 PM  
Farked at 69 clicks. Kind of appropriate.
2003-02-28 02:00:27 PM  
Farked already.
2003-02-28 02:00:44 PM  
I think they forgot to put "(Link goes nowhere)" in the title.
2003-02-28 02:02:22 PM  
Oh oh. This will surely boost the terrorist alert back up to orange merengue. Time to wrap up my Fark cliches in plastic and duct tape again.

[image from bloggerheads.com too old to be available]

2003-02-28 02:02:44 PM  
Big Ben's Friday Rumors & Notes further down the page was more interesting.
2003-02-28 02:03:11 PM  
Ah, now its working, I spoke too soon.

But after reading it, I have to agree with Sprewell. This is news?

Bad enough they bothered to write about it, but that Fark had a link to it.
2003-02-28 02:05:12 PM  
Upon leaving the police station, he was actually confronted by a television camera. "This is news?" he asked the reporter.

I couldn't agree more.
2003-02-28 02:06:08 PM  
"I was pulled over at a random counter-terrorism checkpoint in Manhattan,"
Ve vant to zee your paprz. Ve hav ways to make you join ze party.

2003-02-28 02:06:18 PM  
It's farked.
2003-02-28 02:09:20 PM  
Ben farks you with the links man.... never had one go thorough... you always get farked.
2003-02-28 02:10:19 PM  
well color my ass a bright shade of farking suprised and paint my toes blue with nonchalant disinterest. Leave my testicles the same fleshy peach, but you can shave them if you want.
2003-02-28 02:11:59 PM  
oooh, this is one of those times you pray he resists arrest and they fatally wound him in an overuse of gun play......PLEASE!
2003-02-28 02:12:14 PM  
Well at the very least he could have strangled somebody and made this a bit more interesting.
2003-02-28 02:15:08 PM  
"random counter-terrorism checkpoint"

2003-02-28 02:15:14 PM  
Counter terrorism checkpoints? Ah shiat, now we've gone apeshiat insane. All I want to know is, once the government declares that we are all de facto reserve members of the military a la Israel, do I get an uzi or a desert eagle of my very own?
2003-02-28 02:15:33 PM  

"Reds outfielders Ken Griffey Jr., Adam Dunn and Austin Kearns carpooled to Tampa. Dunn was driving Griffey's SUV, and he pulled into the first spot available, even though a sign at the spot read: 'George Steinbrenner.' 'I don't care; it's not my car,' Dunn said. The vehicle wasn't towed, but it was moved when the Yankees owner showed up a little later."

I would pay good money to have seen Steinbrenner's face in that instant.
2003-02-28 02:16:59 PM  
Drongozone, Drongozope, what's the difference.

No, I haven't had anything to drink today. Why do you ask?
2003-02-28 02:21:23 PM  
...And i should care...


/extreme disinterest (I know, I know, I shouldn't have clicked the link.)
2003-02-28 02:22:11 PM  
I got through. Just had to hit reload. Christ, it took almost 3 minutes to display the page over dialup, with my modem light pegged the entire time.

Why are so many sites optimized for people with broadband, when the majority of internet users still have dialup? It should *not* take 3 mintues just for a news page to display.
2003-02-28 02:22:36 PM  
"I was pulled over at a random counter-terrorism checkpoint in Manhattan," he said. 'And it was found I had one unpaid violation for failure to signal. I paid the violation and was free to go."

This is news?

No, it's FARK.
2003-02-28 02:24:34 PM  
Some of you guys are missing the point, these aren't really counter-terrorism check points. These are the same old checkpoints used to catch people with expired licenses, registrations and insurance, busted lights and such. It's a random shakedown checkpoint, Bloomberg needs to bleed this Apple dry.
2003-02-28 02:28:01 PM  
You can take the ****** out of the Hood,
But you can't take the Hood out of the ******
2003-02-28 02:33:01 PM  
NY has counter terrorism checkpoints? That's retarded.
2003-02-28 02:33:55 PM  
In defense of Spre: I picked him up off the waiver wire in my Fantasy B-ball league and he's been keeping me in the running for top of the league ever since his hand healed.

This has absolutely nothing to do with this story so back to your regularly scheduled news...
2003-02-28 02:35:55 PM  
I wonder if Steinbrenner knows the laws of robotics...
2003-02-28 02:36:04 PM  
Terrorism checkpoints? Did I accidentally wake up in Israel? I couldn't have been that drunk last night.
2003-02-28 02:38:12 PM  
BB: Welcome to NY. Land of the code yellow checkpoints.
2003-02-28 02:41:25 PM  
Everyone knows terrorists pay their tickets to keep a low profile.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
2003-02-28 02:41:57 PM  
is the same that beat up his coach, and NBA bent and took it up the ass by him
2003-02-28 02:42:25 PM  
In NYC, there are helmeted, flak-jacketed, automatic-weapon totin', jack-booted anti-terror cops everywhere here in the Wall St. area; more so during the bogus orange "alert." It was like we were in the Warsaw Pakt or something. I've seen a few jungle-camoed soldiers about as well.
2003-02-28 02:43:52 PM  
man, the NYPD is fast becoming the GESTAPO, part II.

total invasion of privacy at every turn under the guise of 'counter-terrorism'. i've been stopped a few times. checkpoints all over. they're just lookin for ANYTHING to fark you on. it doesn't have anything to do with terror. bloomberg tryin to rake in as much money as possible for ANY minor infraction, cause he can't keep the books balanced. the NYPD is out of friggin control.

on the gestapo theme, i think it's a travesty that the NYPD hasn't been more widely exposed for the widespread aggression they displayed on february 15. it was a scary display of anti-democratic militaristic fervor. i really believe they were trying to incite a riot, in hopes of discrediting the movement... NYC is a total police state, and we're all suffering because of it. SECURITY???? at what cost? and are we really any more secure than we were three years ago?

in other news: the knicks SUCK. go NETS!

/ex-jersey boy livin in the city
2003-02-28 02:44:56 PM  
Dattaway: That's just another way for states to arrest people while receiving federal anti-terror funds. And to stop black people.

And they say we're racist in the South.
2003-02-28 02:48:38 PM  
You can take the ****** out of the Hood,
But you can't take the Hood out of the ******

wow JeepinGeo. now that's an intelligent comment. you know those ******s. they all got expired licenses. we should send them all back to ******, shouldn't we?

hey, you're not a scrawny white punk from the suburbs, are ya? thought so.
2003-02-28 02:50:42 PM  

I guess you can relate huh?
2003-02-28 02:50:45 PM  
YAY! They apprehended the terrorist Latrell Sprewell!

Can I have my civil rights back now?
2003-02-28 02:52:06 PM  
Papers, please.
2003-02-28 02:53:46 PM  
yeah, but i dropped the whole ignorant racist thing when i was 10.
2003-02-28 02:54:03 PM  
OK so why exactly does this get the dumbass tag? Its a case of the police being pricks . . .
2003-02-28 03:09:07 PM  
The police ARE the dumbasses.
2003-02-28 03:22:28 PM  
There are people of darker skin color in Missouri. You can often find them on the side of the road in front of a police car.

Everyone knows terrorists have dark skin. Just ask any police officer here.
2003-02-28 03:24:23 PM  
Oh, so you meant THAT kind of "minor" violation. Much less newsworthy than how my brain initially interpreted the headline.
2003-02-28 03:42:50 PM  
Total_spaceship_guy, I have to disagree with you. I don't believe that NYC is a total police state and I've lived here all my life in a real "bad part of town" as some might say.
2003-02-28 03:48:05 PM  
you're entitled...

i've been coming in all my life, and living here for four years (w. harlem, just moved to astoria). i noticed the big change during the early giuliani disney-fication years (early 90's). maybe you're just used to it.
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