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(WMUR)   Thieves steal skis, advertise them on eBay, accept bid from original owner   ( thewmurchannel.com) divider line
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15186 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Feb 2003 at 3:38 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-27 12:55:21 PM  
See, the system works.
2003-02-27 01:29:14 PM  
And here I am thinking that Ebay carefully screens everything before letting it out to auction.
2003-02-27 03:43:21 PM  
I wonder how the owner thought to look on ebay for them
2003-02-27 03:44:16 PM  
My neighbors got their BBQ ripped off from the back of their house one night. A couple days later they were walking to the movie store and happened to look down a driveway and noticed some guy BBQing on their stolen BBQ; a block away from their house. They called the cops and got their BBQ back.
2003-02-27 03:44:56 PM  
So, in order to win the auction he REALLY had to pay for them. I wonder how much he paid, and when will he get his money back.
2003-02-27 03:46:00 PM  
Please let one of the thieves have been Harmonia, please let one of the thieves have been Harmonia, please ...
2003-02-27 03:46:19 PM  
Behold the power of...

I got nuthin.
2003-02-27 03:46:28 PM  
Quick! Start an auction selling t-shirts that have pictures of the stolen skis on them!!
2003-02-27 03:46:48 PM  
Cubansaltyballs: I'd say he was looking for a new pair of skis.
2003-02-27 03:47:11 PM  

/anything?, Bueller?
2003-02-27 03:47:14 PM  
I'm gonna find somthing on ebay and then call the police and say they stole it from me!
2003-02-27 03:47:58 PM  
any one seen my giant cheeto?
2003-02-27 03:48:09 PM  
Meshman, thats classic.

If I were the BBQ owner, every once in a while, when I had some free time, I would walk up and down in front of that theifs house with a sandwich board ad that says "The person that live here is a thief" or some such.

The thief couldn't do a thing about it. It ain't slander because it's true.
2003-02-27 03:48:45 PM  
Back in the day I stole some candy from neighbors' house and ate it where I thought I was safe: on the sidewalk in front of my house.

The biatch busted me and my mom put me in a harness in my highchair.

I hated that f*cking harness.
2003-02-27 03:49:22 PM  
Ok, nobody I know refers to their skis as their "boards." I recommend the writers know the lingo before trying to use it...
2003-02-27 03:51:18 PM  
I think a better approach would be to chop the thieve's hands off and auction them off on ebay, you know, that old chestnut.
2003-02-27 03:54:15 PM  

*waxes nostalgically*

Man, does that take me back.
2003-02-27 03:55:01 PM  
crime makes you stupid
2003-02-27 03:55:09 PM  
MilkBone we are here for you if you need us.
2003-02-27 03:55:35 PM  
[image from lambiek.net too old to be available]

Steal from this guy, he doesn't care.
2003-02-27 03:57:06 PM  

there is a god.
2003-02-27 03:57:43 PM  
2003-02-27 03:58:20 PM  
selling skis stolen at the Guncstock

Having been to GunstockI'd have to agree it is gunk.
2003-02-27 04:03:57 PM  
"The scheme fell apart after the alleged victim successfully bid for the skis..."

He had his skis stolen either way. How is he an alleged victim?
2003-02-27 04:07:25 PM  
2003-02-27 04:07:47 PM  
Thanks, Certified.

Why do news idiots have to get family reactions?

A man who identified himself as Henderson's father says the news comes as a shock since he thought his son was running a legitimate operation.

What? Waiting for the Proud Dad to give his son an "Attaboy!"?
2003-02-27 04:08:09 PM  
We need an e-bay tag.
2003-02-27 04:08:15 PM  
Well looky here. A Fark article that takes place in my home state.

Any other NH Farkers around?
2003-02-27 04:08:32 PM  
Kudos to the unnamed victim. It would be interesting to know how he found them on ebay, and how he actually got the police to care.
2003-02-27 04:09:44 PM  
[image from orthanc.univap.br too old to be available]
2003-02-27 04:10:34 PM  
The scheme fell apart after the alleged victim

is the victim really "alleged"? the dumbing down of journalism continues...
2003-02-27 04:12:18 PM  
So if he bid on them knowing that they were stolen, shouldn't he be arrested for receiving stolen property?
2003-02-27 04:14:02 PM  
good one, Serpico! of course, it stands to reason you should know the law since you're Serpico
2003-02-27 04:14:46 PM  
I was at a used record store and a guy came in with a huge stack of cds. The clerk took a glance at a bunch of the titles and said, "My friend had all of these cds stolen from a party at his apartment last night. You can either leave them with me, or wait here while I call the cops." The guy decided to leave them there.
2003-02-27 04:19:46 PM  
i love gunstock in NH

my brother ran into a nowmaker machine and broke his leg
2003-02-27 04:20:07 PM  
Thieves have never really been known for being all that bright in the first place.

Nice anecdote The_temp.
2003-02-27 04:21:36 PM  
People who steal, especially thieves who steal skis or snowboards are scum. I think this is poetic justice that the owner found his missing equipment and the thieves through Ebay. I wish I was so lucky...

Karma's a biatch, eh?
2003-02-27 04:22:56 PM  
"my brother ran into a nowmaker machine and broke his leg"

Nowmaker machine? Is that some sort of time-dilation device? ;)
2003-02-27 04:23:15 PM  
This one time this older guy on my street took my football, right from my hands. He played with it all day long and then rubbed it in a pile of dog shiat and kicked it into a pond.

I never got it back.
2003-02-27 04:31:21 PM  
This one time this older guy on my street took my football, right from my hands. He played with it all day long and then rubbed it in a pile of dog shiat and kicked it into a pond.

That's because you wouldn't give me your lunch money.
2003-02-27 04:33:36 PM  
What the thieves should have gotten is a small piece of lead moving at high velocity plowing through the decidedly small piece of gray matter lurking unresponsively in their skull. That would be some justice
2003-02-27 04:39:00 PM  
I would love to see the feedback!
2003-02-27 04:39:14 PM  
Yay! A much better e-bay story than the endless monster cheeto saga.

/way over the cheeto
2003-02-27 04:41:30 PM  
Oddly enough, I work at a Pizza place in Boston, and the owner's son told me at the beginning of the winter that he used to do the same thing a long time ago, before Ebay days. He even suggested that I go into business doing the same thing, selling the goods on Ebay. It's fairly easy to swipe a pair of skiis, nobody ever locks them up, and usually skiis are fairly expensive. Not being criminal enough to steal the skiis myself, I let the idea pass. I guess he ran the scheme himself because he used to work at Loon back in the day.

I think not
2003-02-27 04:53:16 PM  
Maybe I should check Ebay for my computer stuff, flat panel display, dvd player, rolled pennies and pillow cases that thugs took from my house last year. bastards.
2003-02-27 04:54:43 PM  
Alto, Rev..... LOL...
2003-02-27 04:57:42 PM  
Dingbats that work in my company steal stuff from the warehouse: PCB's, small motors, keycaps, whatever. They're throwing crap up on Ebay ALL the time. Half the stuff you see up there with my company logo is stolen. P.S. - I have a $5K part that's sitting in my overhead waiting for the day that I get laid off, so I can put it up there... jk.
2003-02-27 04:59:50 PM  
tip on how not to get your skis stolen while in the lodge:

put 1 ski on one of the storage racks and the other ski on different rack. thieves have no use for one ski and they won't spend the time looking for the other ski.
2003-02-27 05:01:18 PM  
This has been done before. On a related note.. anyone want to contribute to the "bail-my-dumbass-roommate-out-of-jail fund"?

A tip for all future theives.. don't post your location on eBay...
2003-02-27 05:01:31 PM  
It puts the lotion on it's ski, or it gets the hose again.
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