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(CBC)   Bullet train racing along tracks at speeds of 274k/h lulls driver to sleep   ( divider line
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9895 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Feb 2003 at 1:03 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-27 12:30:01 PM  
For the metrically challenged, that's 170mph.

I've found that rolling down the window and hanging your arm out helps keep the sandman away.
2003-02-27 01:06:57 PM  
How would going faster make a train ride any less boring?

Anyway, the guy is still a dumbass.
2003-02-27 01:09:24 PM  
Bullet TRAIN!! It's not like he has to steer or anything. Sheesh.
2003-02-27 01:09:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

The train boss the train!
2003-02-27 01:10:28 PM  
Why do public transit train drivers get paid more? Hell, for years I assumed those things were on auto pilot (light rail trains). Sounds like the easiet job in the world... until some asshat with headphones walks in front of your path...
2003-02-27 01:10:31 PM  
Drinin that train,
High on cocaine,
Casey Jones you'd better watch your speed...
2003-02-27 01:11:04 PM  
The story's a good statement of how well the auto-pilot of the train works. Thing managed to bring itself to a stop at the station, and was only a few meters off from where it should have been.
2003-02-27 01:12:10 PM  
At least he wasn't drinking, like US airline pilots.
2003-02-27 01:15:18 PM  
oh man, i'm afraid to even blink when my gf is driving.
2003-02-27 01:15:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Time for nap.
2003-02-27 01:15:57 PM  
02-27-03 12:30:01 PM Illuminix
I've found that rolling down the window and hanging your arm out helps keep the sandman away

But would you do that when travelling at 274kph? I'm sure you wouldn't have that arm for very long.

2003-02-27 01:17:28 PM  
See? Thats why we should all smoke crack. It keeps you awake for days.

Yes. I am kidding.
2003-02-27 01:17:33 PM  
The train is probably better of on auto-pilot anyway. At those speeds it not like the driver could stop it in an emergency.
2003-02-27 01:18:18 PM  
The lightrail trains near me occasionally run into cars that think they can "beat the train". Sometimes people see the railroad crossing arms come down in front of them not realizing that they are parked on the track. No fatalaties at 40mph yet, but at 170mph more evolution would take its course.
2003-02-27 01:21:22 PM  
Not_too_swift: Maybe not.. but I'm positive the sleep thing wouldn't be a problem anymore
2003-02-27 01:24:27 PM  
Rival - "Monorail is made up of two words: Mono meaning one and Rail meaning.......rail..."

Marge: "There someone here to help you."
Homer: "Is it Batman?"
Marge: "No, it's a scientist."
Homer: "Batman's a scientist."
2003-02-27 01:24:58 PM  
Bday55 - sweet. what did you get banned for?
2003-02-27 01:32:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-27 01:33:02 PM  
Never sit backwards on a bullet train. Looking out the window is an exercise in dementia.
2003-02-27 01:34:32 PM  
Run away train never coming back.. wrong way down a one way track seems like we should be getting somewhere... lalalallalalala neither here nor there
2003-02-27 01:35:07 PM  
Have u ever been on one of those trains? they are so smooth and nice. I can totally relate with the guy.

plus the scenery whooshing past and all that white noise.... i say give him a verbal scolding and let the wanker back.
2003-02-27 01:44:59 PM  
274 km/h... thats like, uh, 20 miles per hour or something? why the hell do tjhey call that a "bullet train"?

If I was stuck looking out the windows at 20 MPH for hours on end, I would fall asleep too. thats why i'm not a train dude.
2003-02-27 01:47:11 PM  
Bday55 - And it wasn't even at our usual Monday gathering spot. Do you have the thread? Send me an email (in profile). Too funny.
2003-02-27 01:48:33 PM  
Someone I knew once suggested taking a $100 bill and dangling it out the window. If you fall asleep, you'll lose the money. Should be incentive to stay awake.
2003-02-27 01:50:44 PM  
Interesting...up here in New England the commuter rail has a safety feature when its on autopilot. Apparently, every five minutes or so, a button lights up. To prove someone is manning the controls, the conductor has to push the button within like 30 seconds or the brakes automatically engage. I thought this was standard.
2003-02-27 01:53:20 PM  
I tell you, I can fly cross country or trans-Atlantic and not get a wink of sleep, but you put me on a train and I'm out like a light.
2003-02-27 01:53:57 PM  
Yeah, the guy was bored with going that slowly. They have a picture of him here:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-27 01:54:56 PM  
Who's to say pilots don't do the same thing, they have autopilot on planes. I'm sure in this day and age they have sensors on trains.
2003-02-27 01:57:13 PM  
Chipaku your conversion is dumbass
2003-02-27 02:04:15 PM  
The company is still investigating why he fell asleep.

Maybe he was tired? I know that I usually fall alseep on long trips. Then again, I'm usually not driving.
2003-02-27 02:11:46 PM  
oooh, we have some fiesty metric folks in here!
2003-02-27 02:14:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]
2003-02-27 02:16:05 PM  
Chipaku : calling you stupid would be an insult to stupid people.

2003-02-27 02:18:15 PM  
Yeah, I think he was kidding about the 20mph thing.. and umm.
2003-02-27 02:22:46 PM  
Then he should have found a funnier way to joke.
2003-02-27 02:24:43 PM  
[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]
2003-02-27 02:27:26 PM  

WHAT??? But kilometers are like, smaller than miles, so a lot of kilmeters are not as many miles, get it!? It's so HILARIOUS!

2003-02-27 02:30:32 PM  
Yikes, tough crowd ..
2003-02-27 02:30:33 PM  
IIRC, I think the bullet train's tracks are setup so that there are no crossings with roads (the road would go either over it or under it).

Or am I thinking of a different train line in Japan?
2003-02-27 02:31:38 PM  
guess I should ahve known better than to try and be funny around a bunch of geeks.

back to the bush flamewar threads I go...
2003-02-27 02:32:45 PM  
Apparently, people who use the metric system are easily offended.

Get a grip.

Funny that an asswhipe who comes into a thread bragging about being banned for being nothing more than a troll has a fit about a harmless metric joke.

Grade A LOSER.
2003-02-27 02:37:36 PM  
"Choose Life. Choose a bullet train. Choose being an engineer on one. Choose going 285km/hr. Choose to have the live of 800 passengers under your control. Choose paying attention while you're on the job. I choose to take a nap."

[image from too old to be available]

2003-02-27 02:39:56 PM  
2003-02-27 02:46:12 PM  
Let the guy sleep, and just install an alarm in the cockpit to wake him up when they're a few minutes from the station. It sounds like that's the only time he's needed anyway.
2003-02-27 03:09:57 PM  
They haven't fired him yet? Don't tell me there's a shinkansen bullet train driver's union.
2003-02-27 04:49:07 PM  
I don't know about bullet trains but being on a regular amtrak trip doesn't usually make me sleepy, usually gives me enormous wood. Thank BOB that farking on a train is easier than farking on an airplane.
2003-02-27 04:54:20 PM  
Do it all the time, noone ever noticed before.

Sometimes I'll begin dreaming for a sec, and when I start waking up I'll say something completely irrelevant. "Lower the bridge, it's ok now' or 'that dragons headed this way' or 'blow it up!'

Then I wake up the rest of the way and carry on like nothing happened.

/Sleeping at work Confessions.
2003-02-27 05:43:45 PM  
Yeah, "asleep"... suuure.
[image from too old to be available]

Nice work, Sam.
2003-02-27 06:05:11 PM  
That is one Bad-@SS AutoPilot... I want it for my SUV now please.
2003-02-27 07:40:48 PM  
Holly crap, thats one smart train!

I've been on the Eurostar once, I took it from Paris to Brussels to visit a cousin. At 280+kh/hr it's smoother than anything else i've been on.
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