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2001-09-12 05:25:14 PM  
That damned Toyota Matrix (does it come in blue or red?) ad is pissing me off.
2001-09-12 05:26:35 PM  
I seem to remember somebody warning us of the evil possibilites with the overlaying ads.
2001-09-12 05:30:06 PM  
It's times like this when i wish i was rich like Gates so I could give the red cross all of the equipment they needed. The grand total of that bill cannot be that high. Unfortunately, I am poor, and can only help with a mere 10 ft. CAT cable or two.
2001-09-12 05:32:36 PM  
Microsoft better damn well donate those farking licenses.
2001-09-12 05:34:29 PM  
How did my christmas list get on here?
2001-09-12 05:34:44 PM  
> 50 Microsoft Office Professional licenses

I agree. If ever there's a time to pirate software it's now.
2001-09-12 05:34:59 PM  
No Shiat, if they don't donate the licenses they're pathetic losers.
2001-09-12 05:36:03 PM  
They should be asking the manufacturers of those products, for equipment.

If they do it publicly there is no way that the corporate asses can decline, without pissing off the consumers, and loosing all sales.
2001-09-12 05:37:08 PM  
Still no word as to whether or not Micro$haft has donated anything. The fat cat keeps getting fatter by being a stingy bastard and hoarding his load.

-he who stacks pork
2001-09-12 05:38:00 PM  
With this being the home of companies like Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Compaq, etc they should not have to ask for any of this stuff. People from these companies should have had this shiat their and set up by now.
2001-09-12 05:45:06 PM  
no doubt there will be something about this up soon..
2001-09-12 05:46:53 PM  
Times like this I can understand the real drive that some people have for non-commercial software. They have their solution but are locked in to needing M$ stuff to run it.
2001-09-12 06:04:19 PM  
Blasted doubleclick. That was probably one of the most insulting banner ads I've seen...farking covering up a large section of the story.
2001-09-12 06:10:24 PM  
yeah woody that ad sucks ass.
2001-09-12 06:19:58 PM  
DSL? Good luck bub. Your in Verizon territory.
2001-09-12 06:21:14 PM  
Did anyone see this??


97. How can I find Arab Americans in my community?

In cities where there are large populations, this is easy. You can find restaurants, stores, markets and other businesses with Arabic names or writing on them. Look for organizations, community centers, churches and mosques that might be Arab-related. Use these as beginning points, and don't keep going back to the same people, or focus only on recent immigrants. To find Arab Americans in places where they are less prevalent, try some of the organizations in Resources.
2001-09-12 06:59:50 PM  
One of my coworkers was given a new G3 400mhz tower last year by a friend of his that worked at Apple. He got it for free as it was going to be thrown out otherwise, nothing wrong with it except it could not be sold as new. He has since been given numerous other equipment and such for free, all totally with Apples consent. This guy isn't even a very high up employee, middle management somewhere. Now, if this guy can get all this stuff Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Sun, 3com and alike damn well better be able to supply any and all of this stuff.
2001-09-12 07:08:32 PM  
IBM is located in Jersey, right? The Red Cross should have all of the computer equipment they can handle. Plus, is Microsoft or Citrix gonna sue the Red Cross for pirating in a disaster situation?
2001-09-12 07:13:03 PM  
You guys biatching about Microsoft apparently failed to notice that the Red Cross also requested licenses for Citrix and Symantec products. I would agree that ALL these companies should donate the licenses, but jeez folks try to make your biases less obvious.
2001-09-12 07:31:13 PM  
I read where Cisco and another company were giving $15,000 or $15M to the firefighters and police in NY. Is anyone going to start a ribbon campaign. I know they were lame but I think it would be good to wear a flag or RWB ribbon, maybe put one on your web pages for support if anyone makes one. I have no PS skills.

The images are branded in my brain, I will never forget!
2001-09-12 07:35:35 PM  
I work in Tech Support and we got our first Severity 1 ticket resulting from the WTC disaster. This former tenant was trying to get their disaster recovery system back up. It was energizing to know we could help from Florida, but it was so sad at the same time.
2001-09-12 07:36:47 PM  
Plus, is Microsoft or Citrix gonna sue the Red Cross for pirating in a disaster situation?

Probably not but the red cross likes to play by the rules so its asking not demanding licenses. The equipment list is pretty palty, one wealthy donator can take care of this without getting MS involved.
2001-09-12 08:02:36 PM  
I called my BA gov affairs contact and suggested he get his ass in gear. Verizon has already made all 4,000 payphones in NY free calling.

I agree that MS would look human if they just do the right thing. I hope they do.
2001-09-12 09:54:03 PM  
OminatorX: Today in Congress, everybuddy was wearing red, white, and ble ribbons.
2001-09-12 11:42:38 PM  
I've got almost everything on that list that I can give to them. Just have no way of getting it there. I'm gonna talk to my bosses tomorrow and see if they'll let me take it up since FedEx isn't flying. Probably too late, I can't imagine companies in the city haven't met this need already.
2001-09-13 12:26:02 AM  
Below is a copy of an e-mail that I have forwarded to individuals in the Public Relations or Media Relations offices of the following companies:

3Com, IBM, Netgear, Belden Cable, APC, Kingston Memory, Iomega, Nextel,
Symantec, Verizon, Microsoft, Staples, Office Depot, J&R, and Citrix.

Here is the e-mail which I sent:

As you may be aware, the NY office of the American Red Cross has placed a
request for various IT equipment and personnel to assist in disaster
recovery efforts in the aftermath of the World Trade Center disaster.
A copy of the list is reprinted below. As you will see, there are several
items which your company has the opportunity to supply. I urge you to offer
any assistance that you can, either in the form of supplying equipment or
qualified personnel. The contact person, as well as a list of needed
equipment is as follows:

Joe Leo, Assistant Director, Business Applications, IT
American Red Cross in Greater New York
phone: 212.875.2409
email: jleo­[nospam-﹫-backwards]yn­g­c­r­a­*org
150 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10023

Following is the list of equipment that the Red Cross needs for its field
workers and expanded Emergency Operations Centers. It also needs certified
Citrix engineers and Microsoft-certified consultants.

a.. 40 IBM computers and laptops (with NICs)
b.. Monitors (with desktops)
c.. Any storage solutions
d.. 25 10/100 hubs (8+ Ports)
e.. 100 Cat5 cables (All lengths)
f.. 50 power strips
g.. Any IBM-compatible memory
h.. Any 3Com wireless NIC cards and LAN products
i.. 30 desktop-size UPSs
j.. 15 LaserJet printers (HP 1100 or faster) and printer supplies
k.. 20 external Zip drives and disks
l.. Any diskettes and R/W CDs
m.. 5 external CD burners
n.. 5 duplex document scanners
o.. 25 extension cords
p.. any colored tie wraps
q.. any Velcro cable wraps
r.. 50 Citrix client licenses
s.. 12 PCMCIA LAN cards for IBM P20 ThinkPads, preferably 3Com (in
addition to those in the new PCs)
t.. 50 Microsoft Exchange CALs
u.. 35 Microsoft SQL CALs
v.. 50 Microsoft Office Professional licenses
w.. 15 PC Anywhere licenses
x.. DSL lines
y.. PDAs with wireless capacity and service
z.. Nextel cellphones and service
2001-09-13 12:32:46 AM  
Can you believe it...........Good for them

Redmond, WA - September 12, 2001
Microsoft Corporation has announced that it will make a donation of $10 million cash and technical services to support the relief and recovery efforts in the areas devastated by the tragic events of September 11.

The company will make a $5 million cash donation to The September 11 Fund, created by the United Way of New York City and The New York Community Trust. A remaining amount up to $5 million in services, software and volunteers will be made available to organizations serving people in the affected areas who are seeking technology-based solutions.

Microsoft will begin an outreach program to governmental agencies, nonprofit agencies and other community-based organizations to inform these organizations of the availability of technology assistance. Microsoft has already asked NPower New York, a recently created nonprofit technology service provider, to assess and dispatch technology services through their network of local agencies.

The technology assistance could possibly include:

- Providing internet access in temporary shelters,
- Creating a tracking system to assist in relief and recovery efforts,
- Coordinating technical volunteers to set up networks,

Microsoft's intent is to work with the various organizations active in the disaster and recovery response that may be ready to deploy a technology solution though an assessment of the technology needs must be made first.
2001-09-13 12:57:24 AM  
Sprint PCS has also sent some help in their direction.
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