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2003-02-27 12:55:11 AM  
I dunno man. I'd rather take the 16 year then let the whole world know about my 5.5 inch monster.
2003-02-27 01:12:50 AM  

I like articles that make me feel better about myself..

oh crap..

Fark dick measuring contest ready to take off.
2003-02-27 01:34:35 AM  
Co-counsel Johnnie Cochran was quoted as saying, "If it could not reach the slit, you must acquit."
2003-02-27 01:36:19 AM  
I object, your honor!

Nobody named Harlev Goldberg would be able to see my penis, and definitely not in an erect state.
2003-02-27 01:40:25 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-02-27 02:22:12 AM  
We've seen this before: by day he's good Dr. Ixtlahuac, but by night he becomes evil Mr. Hide-the-Salami
2003-02-27 03:14:13 AM  
Some jurors appeared puzzled as to why the evidence was being presented in court.

Oh its nothing in particular, the defense just wanted to brag about his size before he goes to a pound-me-in-the-ass federal prison.
2003-02-27 03:24:52 AM  
How does a gynecologist's wife know he's been cheating?

When he comes home and his hands don't smell like pussy.
2003-02-27 03:29:51 AM  
Ixtlahuac ???
2003-02-27 03:30:10 AM  
5.5" ... yeah, he's white and that's about right.
2003-02-27 03:30:47 AM  
I don't get it. 5.5-6.5 inches is very very average. If he was asian or hispanic and he had 5.5 inches, this would be newsworthy. Asian and hispanic men average 4 inches.
2003-02-27 03:33:45 AM  
What would you like to bet that half of you guys in here would like to get to 5.5 inches
2003-02-27 03:34:00 AM  
His name is longer than his penis
2003-02-27 03:35:01 AM  
It's Captain winky!
[image from images.art.com too old to be available]
2003-02-27 03:36:16 AM  
14 cm... Hooray for the metric system!
2003-02-27 03:37:33 AM  
So.... how exactly does this prove he didn't molest them???
2003-02-27 03:38:43 AM  
heh heh

you said "shortcoming"
2003-02-27 03:39:30 AM  
Crap, why can't I find that Ron Jeremy "this small" picture...
2003-02-27 03:40:32 AM  
"But your honor! With a tiny member like that, the plaintiff would not have been able to discern that she was in fact being copulated with at all unless she was sitting up, and thus able to actually see the penis in question. In fact, she was reclining. Therefore, my client in innocent!"
2003-02-27 03:42:39 AM  
"Eeenie weeny teeeny weeny shrivelled little short dick man..."

/can't remember song or artist name
2003-02-27 03:42:42 AM  
Man who cares about dick size when I've got a 4' long aluminum baseball bat!>?!?!?! huh, YOU!?!?!
2003-02-27 03:43:03 AM  
SimpleMan, I've never heard that Hispanic men would be smaller than whiteys. Where'd you get those statistics?
2003-02-27 03:45:03 AM  
Yeah, because all you guys are so huge that it makes 5.5 seem laughable, man
2003-02-27 03:45:23 AM  
Impossible. Insurance companies never approve or pay for these types of procedures.
2003-02-27 03:46:20 AM  

Now that's a name.
2003-02-27 03:46:35 AM  
BTW I think it's funny with guys who need to stress that 4-5 inches is average just so they can whip out 6 inches and feel like a porn star.

(I hear that the only white guy with a big dick is Michael Jackson. Any truth?)
2003-02-27 03:48:03 AM  
There's got to be a "the lawyer is getting him off" joke in here somewhere.
2003-02-27 03:48:21 AM  
[image from pilzepilze.de too old to be available]
2003-02-27 03:50:34 AM  
Cola, don't you mean beaners?
2003-02-27 03:51:31 AM  
ArtMerlyn: Good question. I know the song you mean though. Queen Latifah?
Obviously a woman wrote that song :P

Just goes to show ya that you can get away with anything if you're not a white male. Heh, can you imagine trying to get DJs to play a song that goes "Big ol' saggy sloppy 5 foot stretched coont biatch"?

/thinks not
2003-02-27 03:52:30 AM  
WTF? Who care's about length?!?! Does girth count for nothing anymore?!?!
2003-02-27 03:52:59 AM  
ArtMerlyn, that was Gilette (spelling might be off).
2003-02-27 03:53:24 AM  
FarkingUpTheWrongTree superb.......
2003-02-27 03:56:45 AM  
Gmk1212: I don't think so. What does it mean?
2003-02-27 03:58:44 AM  
Isn't 5.7 the average now?
2003-02-27 04:04:34 AM  
OK, who didn't get to see the scan that I made of my cock the other day? I can post the image again if any of you missed it.
2003-02-27 04:07:57 AM  
I saw it. You have a funny lookin' cock!
2003-02-27 04:09:07 AM  

I don't remeber if this made it over or not, but the link below was on TF a short while ago.

2003-02-27 04:16:49 AM  
Female sources like Xaviera Hollander and Lou Paget claim that "Mr. Average" measures 5.25 inches, but an average of 6 inches is often quoted, unattributed, in the popular press (Men's Health magazine, etc).
2003-02-27 04:17:20 AM  
A small penis is a disability! Would you laugh at someone in a wheelchair!
2003-02-27 04:19:04 AM  
"Eeenie weeny teeeny weeny shrivelled little short dick man..."

Er, that would be "Short Dick Man", by 20 Fingers.

Glad I could help, mind the gator on the page.
2003-02-27 04:20:03 AM  
Surprisingly, it would appear from Figure 5, that contrary to popular myth, Black males have shorter erect lengths than their Caucasian counterparts. However, due to the small sample size and large variation in lengths, this "difference" is not statistically significant. The average flaccid length among Blacks however was 93.8mm (3.7") compared to 87.7mm (3.4") for Caucasians, which may be responsible for the impression that Black men have greater erect dimensions.
2003-02-27 04:21:25 AM  
DaCricket beat me to the same damn link!

2003-02-27 04:23:11 AM  
Those were some gratuitous weener shots in that link if you ask me...
2003-02-27 04:28:56 AM  
I must say I laugh in the face of those statistics. Ha ha ha.

I'd find something more scientific but I rather not google for cock info.
2003-02-27 04:33:04 AM  
( \
8===D - - - --- -

Is this sfw or nsfw?
2003-02-27 04:34:03 AM  

No, but close.
2003-02-27 04:35:40 AM  
How come we never see statistics on vagina size?
2003-02-27 04:38:11 AM  
Andonbray: That's a good question. We want something for the ladies to obsess about, damnit!!!

Besides, er... breast size... and overall weight... and clothing size... and body image in general in a sexy-female-body-saturated media-controlled society.

/still wants vagina measurements for curiousity's sake
2003-02-27 04:40:42 AM  
Did you hear about the guy with five penises?

His pants fit like a glove.
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