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3505 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Sep 2001 at 12:00 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-13 12:09:28 AM  
3Horn. Very poignant my friend. Salute.
2001-09-13 12:19:59 AM  
Very well written, You captured many of my fellings in your post, and for that, my friend, I congratulate you.
2001-09-13 12:35:24 AM  
ditto...very nice, thank you
2001-09-13 12:42:24 AM  
nice posting 3horn
2001-09-13 12:44:40 AM  
Very nice words 3Horn. I too probably did close to the same thing as you did. Just sat at work and collected info on anything I could. Only diff with my story is, when I got up for work today, it was bright and sunny. A beautiful day, and I'm glad it was... made everything so much better. I went to work, and that was still what everyone was talking about. Alot of, "What now?"'s from fellow workers,unfortunately, no answers. War seems to be the way... sad
2001-09-13 12:47:18 AM  
Much to my surprise, I got most of the info of the last two days from Fark.

Not necessarily because it was more timely (it was.)
Not necessarily because it was more accurate (it often was.)
Not necessarily because it the server still worked (it worked better than many other sites.)

I think it was because Farkers are an intelligent and exemplary group.

So I salute 3Horn and all Farkers everywhere.
2001-09-13 01:06:22 AM  
Good post, 3Horn. Where were you? Near Ground Zero?

P.S. To all--there was no bomb in the Empire State Building, but I did have big fun fleeing up and down 32nd street for a bit there. Felt like an extra in a disaster film. And New York smells like burnt rubber.
2001-09-13 01:13:19 AM  
Have you guys seen the reports that in some video files of the crash to WTC, some kind of military plane is seen in the background?

It was on the national news tonight here in Mexico. Is this international or just local paranoid ramblings
2001-09-13 01:14:54 AM  
burnt rubbers?I thought that Guiliani got rid of the hookers?

Did you really have to flee? I know you work near there, is it in the Empire State Building (or live near?)
2001-09-13 01:16:01 AM  
Mex I'd have to see it to believe it. I remember seeing a helicopter that was, I presume, shooting footage of the other tower burning.
2001-09-13 01:17:04 AM  
amen, dude....words fail me
2001-09-13 01:34:26 AM  
Mex - Can you find an online source of that rumor?

I'd like to add it to this.
2001-09-13 01:34:46 AM  
Oh, and very poignant words 3Horn.
2001-09-13 01:57:20 AM  
Your words are so true 3Horn . I think we all felt that yesterday, and you expressed it so well.

Thank you.
2001-09-13 02:41:44 AM  
Slainte, 3horn. Well done, I doubt any of us could have said it better (at least I know I couldn't).
2001-09-13 02:50:47 AM  
2001-09-13 07:19:21 AM  
Thanks Farkers. and CF, I'm actually in Ft Lauderdale.

2001-09-13 08:51:35 AM  
very well written 3horn. Amen
2001-09-13 09:28:44 AM  
Bravo Zulu, brother.
2001-09-13 10:49:11 AM  
2001-09-13 11:44:11 AM  
Great stuff 3Horn, thanks for sharing.
2001-09-13 01:42:56 PM  
big 10-4, 3horn
2001-09-14 05:22:41 AM  
Nicely done, 3Horn. Very nicely done.
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