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2003-02-26 05:34:47 PM  
2003-02-26 05:35:37 PM  
When it's too grown out, it hurts me skin.

Yeah, I've heard the Irish have very thick pubic hair.
2003-02-26 05:35:59 PM  
Brilliant marketing by Gucci: a fragrance for "down there".
2003-02-26 05:38:23 PM  
I went to PVI, Santora was my advisor...

untill he got up to dean of students (he went up the ranks quickly passing over teachers who had been there for quite some time). He was strict on uniforms, wasn't horrible or anything. Catholic schools require the slacks shirt tie deal.He resigned because its a Catholic school they dont like homosexuals remember? (or killing kittens for that matter) and he tought religion. Besides, immagine trying to teach with this going around school (the kids were printing the webpage and passing it everywhere). He wasn't a bad guy, i'm gonna say that, altho he shoulda been honest. we always suspected he was gay, or at least his nicknames indicated. he dressed up as gijoe for halloween. At least he behaved himself unlike so many priests out there right? the funny part is, and i dont know if anyone remembers, but this is following up on the whole spielberg's nephew thing. our school has a pretty bad history, and i've been throug the worst of it. oh, and that giant picture above, he is neither of those 3 men. he is the guy on stage tho, goatee muscle guy... in leather of course.
2003-02-26 05:39:53 PM  
me too.
2003-02-26 05:40:16 PM  

M.Douglas = Too old
C.Z-J = Way too hot to be with an old guy.
2003-02-26 05:42:47 PM  
Since the other thread I posted this in smells like fish chicken, I present you with this repost.

'F' is for 'Fark' and 'Fur' and 'Feh'
((Not safe for work in the continental US))
2003-02-26 05:42:59 PM  
I dated a six-footer once (and she shaved completely, there was no body hair south of the waist-length hair on her head). Tall girls kick ass. Leg men rejoice.

Having said that, I'm now seeing a 5'4" lady with a huge rack. I may just convert to a boob man.
2003-02-26 05:46:08 PM  
"No hips! That could be a 12 year old boy for all we know"

12 year old boys don't have pubic hair.
2003-02-26 05:46:29 PM  
I can't believe there are still girls out there that don't shave the patch, or at least trim it down to a racing stripe. I also can't believe that there are men who prefer the bush. It is not fun to try to give oral pleasure only after hacking through a jungle.

Lets all take a big step into the 21st century! YAY!
2003-02-26 05:49:40 PM  
I scanned through here and didn't see a new, usable link for this, so if anyone is interested, here you go.

2003-02-26 05:49:53 PM  
Vinegar Tom

Dated flat chested girls all my life. Spent 3 and a half years with a girl who has an insane rack. I don't think I'll ever be able to go back.
2003-02-26 05:51:14 PM  
I shaved my ass today!
2003-02-26 05:51:17 PM  
Cue-ball it, honey-bunny, and I will too!
Go bare!
2003-02-26 05:53:37 PM  
Savian, makes me think of the weed wacker bit in that wayans bros. movie...

Note: Catherine Zeta Jones is the only one of 2 women I would leave my wife for... (The other is Lynda carter)... That said, before I would think of leaving my wife for either one of them, I would first try to get them into my bed for a threesome romp with the wife.
2003-02-26 05:56:01 PM  
I just want to know how they did that. Did they use a special shaving tool or something?
2003-02-26 06:03:06 PM  
02-26-03 03:09:42 PM Calvinb12
I have seen the top of the mountain, and it is good.

Brighton Beach Memoirs. Great reference.
2003-02-26 06:04:18 PM  

Why is it when you say "Knock outs" I think of were-beasts from hell?

I'm guessing it has to do with the profile pic.
2003-02-26 06:08:50 PM  
Yeah, that pic conjures up tales of lycanthropy.
2003-02-26 06:10:49 PM  
That kid kneeling down in front of her has NO CLUE what to do with a coochie. I think he is hoping for a dick to pop out so he can chow down.
2003-02-26 06:12:37 PM  
MacPhistoGDS: My wife is 6'0, has a great body (and wax's)... Heh, I've dated a lot of tall women before. One ex gf who was 6'3, and another 6'4... Knock outs..I won't mention names but the 6'3 one is a fairly well known publicly...

hmm, 6'3", publicly known, your tastes... Janet Reno?
2003-02-26 06:19:02 PM  
This thread is like a secret being passed around. It started out as.
"Did you see the shaved Gucci ad?", and by the time it got around it became," Do you shave your Coochie and/or nads?" I, like the rest of you digress...
2003-02-26 06:24:50 PM  
Cobranzino: Ack!!! That hurt my brain!!!! Icky icky... No... She's a comedy actress... This was back in the late 80's... And as far as knockouts, my old gf (the one w/ 44dd chest) could definatly knock someone out with them... They were firm as a rock with no silicone... She coulda sufficated a football team with them... Then again, I'm really not a breast man, I prefer legs and a55..
2003-02-26 06:30:47 PM  
First of all, this isn't new. Second of all, it isn't news. It's a publicity stunt. If you want to see what a shorn pubis looks like, then check out a porn site. Or trim your own bush and look in the mirror.

Better yet, shave the first letter of your name into your own pubic hair. Have a friend take your picture. Send out some "press releases" with said picture to major media outlets, "news" agencies, and hack journalists. Congratulations! ...you have just made "news", created "hype"/"buzz", and an "edgy" mass-marketing campaign all on a shoe-string budget. If you would like to make a career out of being an asshat, then Madison Avenue awaits your arrival.

[image from adbusters.org too old to be available]
2003-02-26 06:31:25 PM  
God-- Dude I can't believe you dated Roseanne.
2003-02-26 06:36:07 PM  
my sister tried to dye her pubes in the 80's, she got a helluva rash and had to stay in bed for a week. She was still in high school and my mom wanted to know why the hell she would ever want her pubes to be pink! She got in so much trouble, ha!
2003-02-26 06:51:58 PM  

You aren't supposed to be nice to me when I call your wife and ex-girlfriends fugly.
2003-02-26 06:52:16 PM  
I can't believe noone's complained about this being a repeat yet. Oh wait, I just did.
2003-02-26 07:04:35 PM  
Hair pie?
2003-02-26 07:18:26 PM  
Best ad ever.
2003-02-26 07:40:01 PM  
Cobrazino: I just don't give in to trolls :)
2003-02-26 07:47:37 PM  
Soft and sweet, sugary, and short too. Curvy, caressable, and oh so cute. Lovable and comfortable most of all. The most precious little face, beautiful brown eyes, kissable creamy lips. Warm, soft breasts. That is my ideal girl. I have that girl..so..yay! <3 Not "sexy" or "hot" to most guys, but just perfect to me.

On another note, am I the only one disturbed and completely annoyed by the word "coochie"? It's really...just...gah.
2003-02-26 08:12:28 PM  
"Coochie" isn't as annoying as listening to someone endlessly gush over their girlfriend/boyfriend.


BTW, "Curvy" is how guys describe their fat girlfriends.
2003-02-26 08:16:49 PM  
Shaven not shaven it's all good for me long as I'm getting some;) I do prefer the little racing stripe though;)
2003-02-26 08:40:29 PM  
I clicked the link, and the title at the top of the browser window sez "Farkers have no sense of fun". No pube shot to see (if there was one) but ROFLMAO anyway.
2003-02-26 09:17:08 PM  
I shaved my pubes off around my balls recently, it felt kinda good while shaving but itched for days, walking was mildly uncomfortable. For the rest of the hair I just cut it shorter, it's pretty long and bushy, I don't like it that long (also has resulted in a fair amount of slightly painful zipper experiences if it slips out the front of my boxers). As for women....I prefer it shaved, feels and looks nicer.
2003-02-26 09:18:34 PM  
Withlovesarareku On another note, am I the only one disturbed and completely annoyed by the word "coochie"? It's really...just...gah.

How about "cooter"?

2003-02-26 09:23:47 PM  
Big Orange Cat:

How about Sweeeeeet tunnel of lovin
2003-02-26 09:44:56 PM  
2003-02-26 09:45:49 PM  
[image from ad-rag.com too old to be available]

Love me!
2003-02-26 10:15:10 PM  
Yes, it is. Why/ Because fat is a word you use to describe a pig raised on a farm for a few months. Get it ready for Christmas at all, have yourself some pork chops and an oven roasted ham.

But seriously, I haven't seen many thin girls with shape. Vertical and horizontal lines are great for graphs..but not for girls.

Anyone here love graphs?
2003-02-26 10:18:18 PM  
here ya go...

[image from ad-rag.com too old to be available]
2003-02-26 10:42:57 PM  
02-26-03 08:12:28 PM LookSir-Droids!

"Curvy" is how guys describe their fat girlfriends."

Does that mean you like the chick in the ad? Cos she doesn't look very feminine. As other people have pointed out, she has the body of a twelve year old boy.

Curvy does not equal fat.
2003-02-27 12:56:58 AM  
Careful, WeaponX... you're treading dangerously close into straw-man territory. Carmen Kass? She's a man, baby. There is nothing sexy about an androgenous-looking chick. However, 'feminine' is not the same as 'rubenesque'. And, although I don't buy into the socially-constructed norms of what exactly 'beauty' is and isn't, I must also admit that fat chicks are as repulsive to me as androgenous chicks. Of course curvy doesn't equal fat... unless it's a white guy talking about his chubby girlfriend. no need to get defensive; i've 'hit' a few thick chicks in my time. But I'd prefer a Sandra Bullock or a Jennifer Aniston bodytype over a Rosanne Barr or Nell Carter bodytype any day.
2003-02-27 02:41:55 AM  
Farkers - thanks for linking directly to our images. [not!!] By the way, the practice of DEEPLINKING is illegal in denmark where this server resides (you little criminals- hehe).
You guys want the GUCCI article on this page. While you are here, have a look around. We have more ads, sexy or not here. Hope you like it.
big fat hint - if you donate to bandwidth cost [which i can't afford] I won't sue fark.com. ;)

Like we care about some crazy Dutchies,
you crazy Dutch ba****ds
2003-02-27 02:47:47 AM  
Bah they are obviously joking :p

Especially as it now says "You Farkers are no fun"
2003-02-27 03:15:33 AM  
I'm a chick and I shave EVERYTHING. This does make it more sensitive during sex. No pulling of the hair etc.

I don't likes me pubes.
2003-02-27 07:15:36 AM  
Like we care about some crazy Dutchies,
you crazy Dutch ba****ds

Please please please tell me you're joking and that you know 'Dutchies', as you so eloquently put it, come from Holland, not Denmark. Even if you don't, just tell me you do.
2003-02-27 06:43:25 PM  
Being tall has nothing to do with having legs...
2003-02-27 06:44:36 PM  
Okay let me rephrase that before people start picking it apart....

Being tall has nothing to do with having long legs.
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