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(Some Guy)   Gucci pubic hair ad (not safe for work)   ( divider line
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183248 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Feb 2003 at 3:07 PM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2003-02-26 1:48:04 PM  
What was their problem with this? It's not like you see any labia.
2003-02-26 2:03:06 PM  
This just cries out for a Photoshop thrtead!
2003-02-26 2:20:31 PM  
What's that shape? Looks kinda like a swastika.
2003-02-26 2:58:10 PM  
Why is this follow-up scheduled to hit the main page before the article?
2003-02-26 3:09:09 PM  
That is the coolest f*cking add I've ever seen!!
2003-02-26 3:09:31 PM  
I'm so confused.
2003-02-26 3:09:42 PM  
I have seen the top of the mountain, and it is good.
2003-02-26 3:10:11 PM  
I thoguht the "G" was for "grundle"
Now it makes sense.
2003-02-26 3:10:20 PM
2003-02-26 3:10:28 PM  
Ok i will buy it but there are no Gucci stores around... damn first ad that would ahve really worked on me too.
2003-02-26 3:10:30 PM  
2003-02-26 3:10:33 PM  
Public pubic hair ad?
2003-02-26 3:10:38 PM  
I am exploring the internet!
2003-02-26 3:10:54 PM  
What is the problem here??? Why elese would you buy designer clothing (or breath air for that matter) other than you want/hope/wish this situation would happend to you.

America is the most a55-backwards counrty when it comes to sexuality.
2003-02-26 3:11:35 PM  
"I've heard of the G-Spot, but this is rediculous!"

2003-02-26 3:12:03 PM  
No hips! That could be a 12 year old boy for all we know...
2003-02-26 3:13:04 PM  
America=most a55-backwards country in the world when it comes to sexuality
2003-02-26 3:13:20 PM  
I'd hit it.
2003-02-26 3:13:24 PM  
Holy Fark! It's farkin' farked already!
2003-02-26 3:13:45 PM  
That was odd... probably underage at that.
2003-02-26 3:14:19 PM  
and we've done it again. good job ya horny bastahds
2003-02-26 3:14:23 PM  
First it was that doctor carving the initials of his alma mater on the soon to be removed uterus. Now we have a gynecologist leaving his mark.
2003-02-26 3:14:27 PM  
I said vagina. Heh. Heh.
2003-02-26 3:14:36 PM  
i can't see it. must be overloaded.
2003-02-26 3:14:42 PM  
Gucci koochie?
2003-02-26 3:14:59 PM  
farked? could it be?
2003-02-26 3:15:02 PM  
First we had JLo's nipple tweaker. Now we have a model pubic hair artist.
And they got paid for these jobs, too.
Further proof that life's not fair.
2003-02-26 3:15:18 PM  
Farked for me :(
2003-02-26 3:15:27 PM  
I want to see fur and early morning dew.
2003-02-26 3:15:41 PM  
Vici: welcome to fashion, where what constitues a beatiful woman is determined by gay men.. i.e., a teenage boy.
How about they just stick to making the clothes, and let the straight guys pick the hotties?
2003-02-26 3:16:05 PM  
Haven't seen a thing. The link doesn't even appear on my browser. LAME!!
2003-02-26 3:16:37 PM  
Wow! I just looked at the picture! Them Tatu girls are really changing the world. They are like somekind of Nirvana.
2003-02-26 3:17:20 PM  
are you really david spade?
2003-02-26 3:17:42 PM  
Google image search for "Gucci Gspot"

[image from too old to be available]

I don't explain 'em, people.
2003-02-26 3:17:45 PM  
another pic here:
2003-02-26 3:17:48 PM  
da linky is kaputsky!
2003-02-26 3:18:00 PM  
"G, your hair smells terrific!"
Was that an ad for Gucci, or Coochie?
2003-02-26 3:18:02 PM  
Pubic hair even in the shape of G is icky.... Shave it damn it! (Or, preferably wax it, it lasts wayyy longer and is much smoother)..
2003-02-26 3:18:25 PM  
I am selling adverising space on my hairy ass. Shave whatever logo you would like.
2003-02-26 3:18:31 PM  
This summer, Marvel's newest superhero arrives on the big screen to rid the world of the evil Yeast-Bomber. Kate Moss' pelvis stars in: Gynomo: G Marks The Spot
2003-02-26 3:19:31 PM  
Damn, that model needs to eat something.

Do you guys really think bodies that look like teenage boys are attractive? Thank god my husband likes an hourglass figure.
2003-02-26 3:19:32 PM  
Cymtex: Well, it makes sense, women are always admiring the fashion and design abilities of gay men, no? ;)
2003-02-26 3:20:20 PM  
Hate to disagree with God--, but leave the pubes alone! A little grooming's alright, but that's it. Just my 2 cents.
2003-02-26 3:20:20 PM  
farked. Oh well...I for one am not a fan of the pubes.
2003-02-26 3:20:40 PM  
I would trade every one of my G-Hairs for more Vici pics.
2003-02-26 3:21:39 PM  
I tried to do a "D" once but on my gf and it didn't come out right, it's much easier to just do a butterfly or a heart.
2003-02-26 3:21:59 PM  
There's more hair left in the 'G" than that punk will ever grow on his chin. How old is that kid, 12?
2003-02-26 3:22:12 PM  
"Don't just stare at it.. Eat it"

And no, I don't know where Paul Allen is.
2003-02-26 3:22:14 PM  
Iloveburns: You blew my cover! A lot of time on my hands since Chris died. Can't make any more mediocre movies..
2003-02-26 3:22:18 PM  
I thought the G was there to imply her g-spot.
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