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2009-07-23 12:30:11 AM Full Size
2009-07-23 12:31:36 AM Full Size
2009-07-23 12:33:15 AM Full Size
2009-07-23 12:36:26 AM  
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2009-07-23 12:47:03 AM  
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Lake Overholser dam in Oklahoma City
2009-07-23 12:47:03 AM  
Old Industry Full Size
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2009-07-23 12:47:13 AM Full Size

Rail Yard, New Westminster BC
2009-07-23 12:47:42 AM  
The Powers House Full Size

For Biggie (new window)
2009-07-23 12:48:43 AM  
Bulbs Full Size
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2009-07-23 12:49:18 AM  
Oil Pump Full Size

For Biggie (new window)
2009-07-23 12:50:03 AM  
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Back Alley downtown in Stillwater.
/*sigh* stupid picasa, I didn't want to put my name on all the pics...
2009-07-23 12:51:02 AM Full Size
2009-07-23 12:53:17 AM Full Size

The Advertising Industry at it's best!
2009-07-23 12:54:20 AM Full Size

Airline industry? Fishing industry? Advertising industry? Pick one, they are all correct!
Click for Flickr!
2009-07-23 1:00:39 AM  
lh5.ggpht.comView Full Size

Train sits there. Vines attempt to reclaim. Om nom nom.
2009-07-23 1:11:47 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2009-07-23 1:15:23 AM  
The art of service now runs from this old industrial building. Everything inside is now made in China.

REI in Bend
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(clicky pop)
danke imageshack
2009-07-23 1:19:34 AM Full Size
2009-07-23 1:21:28 AM Full Size
2009-07-23 1:23:03 AM  
the art of brewing

dechuttes brewery
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2009-07-23 1:43:07 AM Full Size

2009-07-23 1:43:47 AM Full Size

2009-07-23 1:44:27 AM Full Size

2009-07-23 1:45:04 AM Full Size
2009-07-23 1:54:14 AM Full Size

cast iron frame of some old mining machinery in Freiberg

Klickr for Flickr (new window)
2009-07-23 2:12:30 AM Full Size
2009-07-23 2:13:22 AM Full Size
2009-07-23 2:43:16 AM Full Size

Click the picture for a bigger version.

One of the few Wisconsin Central LTD locomotives left.
2009-07-23 2:50:15 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2009-07-23 2:51:34 AM Full Size
2009-07-23 2:53:05 AM Full Size

2nd shot from the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum. (1st was abvove)
2009-07-23 2:57:34 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2009-07-23 3:17:10 AM Full Size

click image for more photo goodness

2009-07-23 4:03:11 AM  
Factory at Moss Creek
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2009-07-23 4:54:47 AM  
Building Up in Chicago
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2009-07-23 5:00:26 AM  
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2009-07-23 5:25:22 AM  
img263.imageshack.usView Full Size

Hanging planter I made from old stuff I found around a telco Central Office. Among other trash-to-treasure parts on it, it includes a mag tape fringe strung from part of an old terminal block.

2009-07-23 5:30:24 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Art" from industrial junk = Industrial Arts? Detail photo showing a few step-by-step relays, specialized wire, and some small tools worked in.

2009-07-23 5:39:50 AM  
img174.imageshack.usView Full Size

All in all, parts on this thing represent telco technologies dating from WWI through the first electronic and later digital switches, as well as early data and fiber optic transmission equipment. Coworkers and I have added bits to it too since these photos were taken a couple years ago, and the philodendron now reaches the mag tape ring at the top.

2009-07-23 6:05:54 AM Full Size

a smaller and more personal industry: d.i.y.
2009-07-23 6:18:03 AM Full Size
2009-07-23 6:52:37 AM Full Size
2009-07-23 7:20:54 AM  
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2009-07-23 7:27:24 AM  
i26.photobucket.comView Full Size

This is a photo of one of the greatest engineering feats in Swedish/Danish history: The Oresunds Bridge (pops). As seen from inside a moving train, @ aprox half way, looking out over a family of windmills. I commute this bridge every day and think that it, and the windmills, are amongst the most beautiful of industrial structures that I have ever seen. *sniff*
2009-07-23 7:30:37 AM  
i26.photobucket.comView Full Size

another really sexy feat of engineering... the Turning Torso (pops) in Malmö. Damn, that girls got curves!!
2009-07-23 7:52:32 AM Full Size
2009-07-23 7:55:32 AM Full Size

Advertising industry or sign sign everywhere a sign.
Clicky goes to filckr.
2009-07-23 8:01:07 AM Full Size

Beverage service industry Venice style!
Clicky goes to flickr.
2009-07-23 8:20:49 AM Full Size

Lake Julian Park
Asheville, NC

Click image for larger version on flickr
2009-07-23 8:21:43 AM Full Size

Lake Julian Park v2
Asheville, NC

Click image for larger version on flickr
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