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780 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Jul 2009 at 12:01 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2009-07-22 8:30:42 PM  
Firefighting gear Full Size

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2009-07-22 8:31:39 PM  
sacredartichoke.comView Full Size

radio/tv transmission equipment
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2009-07-22 8:34:50 PM  
Commercial Graphic Art/Advertising/Sign shop. This is farker dmdmarty in the picture. It's his business. Full Size

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2009-07-22 8:37:41 PM  
i32.tinypic.comView Full Size
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2009-07-22 8:38:22 PM  
i3.photobucket.comView Full Size

Loom creel used on a production loom, found in Silverton, Colorado.

(my wife is a weaver...she told me what this thing was...I just thought it had pretty colors.)
2009-07-22 8:47:13 PM  
i3.photobucket.comView Full Size

Aerospace industry
Business end of a Saturn V S-1C rocket with the Vehicle Assembly Building in the background.

(photo taken in 1990 on Ektar 125 print film, scanned on a crappy neg scanner. This particular Saturn V is now under a protective shed, so this view can no longer be seen.)
2009-07-22 8:50:15 PM Full Size

Miller Brewing Company
Milwaukee, WI

2009-07-22 8:54:30 PM  
i25.tinypic.comView Full Size
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But we can fix it ;)
2009-07-22 8:55:56 PM Full Size

2009-07-22 8:57:45 PM  

farkt.ogra.phView Full Size


/For good communication?
2009-07-22 8:58:45 PM  

farkt.ogra.phView Full Size

Cement Factory

2009-07-22 8:58:49 PM Full Size

2009-07-22 8:59:37 PM  

farkt.ogra.phView Full Size

Mine Power

2009-07-22 9:01:30 PM  
2009-07-22 9:02:09 PM Full Size

The Atlantic Superior Departs New York Harbor
Big On Flickr^

2009-07-22 9:02:18 PM Full Size

2009-07-22 9:06:13 PM Full Size

Brooklyn Dock Crane from Governor's Island
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2009-07-22 9:07:12 PM Full Size

Brooklyn Dock Crane from Governor's Island
Big On Flickr^

2009-07-22 9:08:03 PM  
i3.photobucket.comView Full Size

Industry Navajo-style
Navajo rug weaver Susie Yazzie. Ektachrome slide scan.

2009-07-22 9:12:39 PM  
gwennick.comView Full Size

Orange Plant
At the Triple Z Printing company, Teutopolis, IL
This photo was my inspiration to suggest this contest.

2009-07-22 9:14:11 PM  
gwennick.comView Full Size

Sunset at the grain elevator
Casey, IL

2009-07-22 9:15:26 PM  
gwennick.comView Full Size

Cheyenne Westbound
Cheyenne, WY

2009-07-22 9:26:08 PM Full Size

Sisseton Co-Op Grain Silos
Sisseton, SD

2009-07-22 9:33:09 PM Full Size

Decommissioned Mill Works
Roswell, GA

2009-07-22 9:54:17 PM  
sacredartichoke.comView Full Size

sunset on shipping containers
click for larger
2009-07-22 10:01:39 PM  
I like big trucks and I can not lie Full Size

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2009-07-22 10:15:48 PM Full Size
2009-07-22 10:31:55 PM Full Size
2009-07-22 10:35:10 PM Full Size
2009-07-22 11:21:15 PM  
This was taken in Cuba, where even crappy little regional power plants are seen as a propaganda opportunity:

majhost.comView Full Size

(The propaganda next to Che translates as "Electic energy . . . pillar of society.)
2009-07-23 12:01:31 AM Full Size

2009-07-23 12:02:45 AM Full Size

Smokestack blues
2009-07-23 12:04:08 AM  
img263.imageshack.usView Full Size

1/3 here. These are all shots of the Willamette River and the paper/lumber mill in Oregon City. In addition, the navigation locks appear on the right bank.
2009-07-23 12:06:18 AM  
img208.imageshack.usView Full Size

2/3, more shots of the paper mill and falls. The locks were recently closed due to budget constraints, but the mills are still open.
2009-07-23 12:06:36 AM Full Size
2009-07-23 12:07:24 AM  
img263.imageshack.usView Full Size

3/3 - same area as before, slightly different angle.
2009-07-23 12:07:37 AM  
homepage.mac.comView Full Size

Fishing industry, Iceland.

2009-07-23 12:08:57 AM Full Size
2009-07-23 12:10:35 AM Full Size
2009-07-23 12:11:43 AM  
Only doing 2 this time. I like this one because you can see the earth moving after it's been turned by the blades or tines on the tiller. 1 of 2.

i141.photobucket.comView Full Size
2009-07-23 12:11:50 AM Full Size

Taken on I-24 near Metropolis, Illinois
2009-07-23 12:13:53 AM  
2 of 2. I liked the sawdust coming out.

i141.photobucket.comView Full Size
2009-07-23 12:14:49 AM Full Size

Taken near the Mississippi River near St. Louis, Missouri
2009-07-23 12:17:55 AM Full Size

Taken on the Hanjin Pheonix somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
2009-07-23 12:18:10 AM Full Size

2009-07-23 12:19:28 AM Full Size

2009-07-23 12:20:57 AM Full Size

3/3 'Teamwork'
2009-07-23 12:21:43 AM Full Size
2009-07-23 12:22:31 AM Full Size
2009-07-23 12:23:56 AM Full Size
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