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(Local6) Video Vice agents questioned after spending $190,000 on stripper investigation in Orlando   ( local6.com) divider line
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2003-02-25 04:39:54 PM  
...Winsett denied rubbing the dancer under oath...

Officer Oath could not be reached for comment.
2003-02-25 05:17:08 PM  
That's a lot of one dollar bills.
2003-02-25 05:17:16 PM  
Where do I apply to join the force?
2003-02-25 05:17:49 PM  
C'mon guys, it's not like you're Miami Vice

Tubbs- Tough Unique Bad Bold and Sassy
2003-02-25 05:18:39 PM  
Sure they weren't from Miami?
[image from miamivice.com too old to be available]
2003-02-25 05:18:43 PM  
i am sure that the tax paying strippers and drug dealers would agree that it is a complete waste of tax money
2003-02-25 05:18:57 PM  
And all I got was this lousy T-Shirt.
2003-02-25 05:18:57 PM  
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2003-02-25 05:19:13 PM  
$190,000, and the only conclusion that they came up with is that there is no sex in the champagne room.

[image from dandionphotography.com too old to be available]

2003-02-25 05:19:47 PM  
I hate vice squads. Damn Puritanical hypocrites.
2003-02-25 05:20:05 PM  
Someone send me a job app for that place STAT!
2003-02-25 05:20:08 PM  
Oh there's champagne
But you don't want champagne
2003-02-25 05:20:11 PM  
that article was really easy to mastrbat to
2003-02-25 05:20:43 PM  
In a meeting just now my boss had powerpoint open and that stupid farking Microsoft helper cat was on the screen and he turns to me and says, how do I kill this cat? I almost had to leave the room. Apparently I should have said, join the VICE.
2003-02-25 05:21:06 PM  
A prosecutor asked, "Were you just rubbing her legs there?" "No, I was not," Winsett said.

I was checking her for hidden weapons, very well hidden weapons.
2003-02-25 05:21:20 PM  
Where's the Flori-duh tag when you need it?

A cop who's cited for having sex with a prostitute is then a couple years later given the lead in an undercover case to expose prostituion. drug sales, and racketeering...?

Yeah, REAL smart there, REAL smart.
2003-02-25 05:22:04 PM  
ha ha JahJeff - timing is everything
2003-02-25 05:23:10 PM  
[image from equipegames.blogger.com.br too old to be available]
2003-02-25 05:23:13 PM  
Tooooooo funny!!!!

Gotta love Boobies

2003-02-25 05:24:16 PM  
Here's to hoping that the Spice Channel and Crime TV can join forces and show us the footage.
2003-02-25 05:24:47 PM  
[image from hotrodder.com too old to be available]
2003-02-25 05:28:20 PM  
MBI's director said that agents are just pretending to have a good time.

Suuuuureeee....Next time, they should hire gay Vice Cops, then they really would be pretending to enjoy the women.

2003-02-25 05:28:27 PM  
The Vice in Orlando?? That's one bad combination, once Don gets a hold of Minnies Ass its ALLL OVER.
2003-02-25 05:28:42 PM  
more bang for the buck in Tampa, just an hour drive from Orlando.
2003-02-25 05:29:00 PM  
"A key witness against club owner Veigle, dancer Jennifer Lethig, has admitted that she had intimate encounters with the vice agent who arrested her, Jay Laney, according to the report...MBI's director said that agents are just pretending to have a good time..."

/said this with a straight face?!?
2003-02-25 05:29:55 PM  
In November, they charged a 75-year-old woman with racketeering for selling two adult videos MBI claimed were obscene.

How noble of them...Guess Granny should have offered some gum-jobs...

2003-02-25 05:29:59 PM  
I just don't know where the public mistrust of government spending or legal officials comes from. These guys are dropping gob on our dime - and now their 'investigation' is gonna cost us even more.

I personally propose an increase of penalty for those who've been entrusted with the public confidence, and then betray that confidence. Corporate VPs, political leaders, cops, etc should be put to death for these crimes.
2003-02-25 05:30:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

We'll get right on that investigation.
2003-02-25 05:30:31 PM  
If the strippers were underage, they just might be able to use the "Pete Townsend research" defense...
2003-02-25 05:31:11 PM  
3Horn, ya beat me to it...glad I'm not the only one who caught that
2003-02-25 05:33:55 PM  
Heh, that's really smooth. Not only do they videotape themselves doing dumb shiat, they use a tape that's INTENDED FOR WORK PURPOSES. You've got to wonder.. I can just see the bunch of them when they got the gig..

Officer One: "Damn, boys! We hit the jackpot this time! We'll get paid to fark strippers!"

Officer Two: "Hey, uh, Joe, you think maybe someone will find out since we're going to video tape it all and give the tape to the media and our bosses?"

[confused silence]

Officer One: "Nahhh! Come on, let's go have some fun!"
2003-02-25 05:37:41 PM  
Yeah, I live around ten minutes from Rachel's, and I'll tell you something:
I just feel SO much safer knowing that these cops had to go to such lengths (probably about three inches) to combat such a massive danger to public safety. I mean, just THINK what might have happened if people were allowed to go in there and buy titties and coke. Dogs and cats living together! I feel so foolish having practiced so much with my Glock now. Apparently O-town has no problem with street crime, violence, etc., because OPD has the free time to run operations like this.
Wow. I think I'll go for a walk in Parramore now, since we've solved the crime problem.

2003-02-25 05:38:32 PM  
C'mon! That is only 9500 lap dances.
2003-02-25 05:48:34 PM  
Off topic - I always wanted to be vice-president. Since vice cops investigate drugs, prostitution and gambling, it would make the president of drugs, prostitution and gambling. Sounds like a cushy job to me.
2003-02-25 05:51:05 PM  
Sorry for the lousy grammar. Being vice president would make me the president of drugs, prostitution and gambling.
2003-02-25 05:52:59 PM  
This sounds like a great opportunity for politicians to go on a fact-finding mission -- for a few weeks, say, since there's no call for rushing to judgement.
2003-02-25 05:59:03 PM  
Did they not buy condoms, too? Those dirty vice cops!!
2003-02-25 06:03:17 PM  
You have the right to remain silent, what, you can't speak with your mouthful. I viewed her as dangerous, so I had to cuff her.
2003-02-25 06:06:49 PM  
02-25-03 05:29:55 PM 3horn

In November, they charged a 75-year-old woman with racketeering for selling two adult videos MBI claimed were obscene.

I wish I could find the story to link... this is like 5 minutes from my house. Jerry's General Store is run by three women of the same family, ranging in age from 30 - 75. They keep regular videos out in the open, and the adult stuff in the back.

The MBI did a sweep, busted them on selling the two videos, led them out in handcuffs, and put them at $50,000 bail. $50,000.

It was big local news. The media jumped all over it, and it was the beginning of the local investigation of the MBI that I'm sure prompted this report.
2003-02-25 06:19:59 PM  
Mice + Cheese = Obvious

'Nuff said.
2003-02-25 06:23:50 PM  
Well Well...

A Real Life episode of The Shield eh ?
2003-02-25 06:27:53 PM  
Talk about sleepiness...

A Real Life episode of The Shield eh ?
2003-02-25 06:43:57 PM  
money? who cares we can write more speeding tickets and make it back in a week.
2003-02-25 07:48:00 PM  
"The video shows two of Rachel's dancers consuming the illegal drug in front of MBI undercover agents. "Hey we never have done this before, OK?" a dancer said on video. "I want you guys to know that, alright?

The agent said, "You what?" "You've never done this? "

I see a new TV series .... Gomer Pile, MBI VIce
(Hey Guber, you ever do this before?)
2003-02-25 07:55:11 PM  
I as a taxpayer no longer wish to support this filth
I will not pay my taxes any longer until they stop "investigating" strip clubs!

I suggest we all unite behind this banner!
2003-02-25 08:10:26 PM  
spending 200k to bust strippers... and this is the same town that paints little blue squares in the downtown section where it's 'legal' to panhandle. Mind you, the little blue squares are no where near where beggars would need to go to actually make a few bucks.

Under Mayor Glenda Hood's leadership, Orlando politicians became very concerned with the city's image. Look around folks... It's flat urban sprawl. Orlando's motto is "The City Beautiful" No, it's flat urban sprawl. Unless, "The City Beautiful" refers to the strippers... then yea, right on target.
2003-02-25 09:11:36 PM  
Lutz also defended the $190,000 spent investigating and prosecuting the Rachel's case. He said that to get sex and drugs, you had to be a high-roller.

Clearly, this is yet another case of an under-funded government program. All we need to do is to throw more money at it; then they'll get those convictions for sure!
2003-02-25 09:33:33 PM  
At least the world is safe from senior citizen porn hustlers!
2003-02-25 09:38:24 PM  
"Maybe the stripper died when you started stuffing dollar bills down her throat. Maybe she died when you hit her with the chair. But I can tell you what she didn't die of...smoking"
-Peter Griffin
2003-02-25 10:16:07 PM  
The Shield? Try Fastlane. Vice cop might just be the best job ever.
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