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(Expatica)   Plane stowaway falls onto Paris house   ( divider line
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16891 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Feb 2003 at 11:56 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-25 12:37:53 PM  
"The corpse of the unidentified man was discovered at first light by the owner"

Did he not hear him hit the house? I'm thinking it would have made a loud crash/splat noise.
2003-02-25 12:38:28 PM  
"Hey, "Air Freedom" kinda has a ring to it."

I think you'll find that the CIA already has a stake in Continental Airlines.
2003-02-25 12:39:56 PM  
OK, now do you want an aisle, window, middle, or wheelwell seat?

I see. Will that be smoking, non-smoking, or freezing to death?

One final question - If I put you in an exit row, will you exit when the gear go down? Excellent. Here's your ticket and thank you for flying on Air France.
2003-02-25 12:43:53 PM  
move along people, nothing to masturbate to here...
2003-02-25 12:46:29 PM  
"HEAT! We need more HEAT!"
2003-02-25 12:46:34 PM  
great - now that frickin' song is stuck in my head.
/slightly neurotic.
2003-02-25 12:53:21 PM  
Things must be pretty horrible in this guy's country if he's willing to risk freezing to death or falling thousands of feet to his death just to get out of there.
2003-02-25 12:59:49 PM  
The view from 40,000 feet is breathtaking....oh, and so is hitting headfirst into a Frenchman's house.
2003-02-25 01:01:20 PM  
So when can we start using bombs on Frenchie Frenchman instead of people? Will they surrender if they read this post?
2003-02-25 01:03:41 PM  
Wow - a whole 62 comments so far and nobody's blamed this on Clinton yet.

Conservative slackers.
2003-02-25 01:05:32 PM  
Dateline, Paris: French attempting to negotiate terms of surrender with either Mali or Gabon.
2003-02-25 01:10:34 PM  
It's Clinton's fault!
2003-02-25 01:15:10 PM  
Excellent "5th Element" reference. Very appropriate time for a LUC BESSON reference.

\cleaners don't surrender
2003-02-25 01:18:37 PM  
Badger: Exactly what I thought. I'd just got through watching some thing about him on the History channel before reading this.
2003-02-25 01:21:07 PM  
He soooo almost made it.
2003-02-25 01:21:44 PM  
Maybe he didnt hear/see the man but smelled's France.....nevermind.
2003-02-25 01:23:24 PM  
So.. did they find the briefcase? Like, I just KNOW this was the guy bringing my $15-mil from Nigeria.
2003-02-25 01:28:03 PM they get to keep him?
2003-02-25 01:31:07 PM  
I once read an article about a kid who escaped Cuba this way. More dead than alive when the plane landed (don't think it was in the US). Odds of survival doing this have to be under 1%. Your life would have to seriously suck in your home country to take a chance like this.
2003-02-25 01:37:35 PM  

I was expecting mine yesterday. I was all set to bid on Strongbad's burrito, but the cash never came in. Some minor delay I'm sure.

/sitting here waiting for the big bucks......
2003-02-25 02:08:43 PM  
So, um...what do Frogs eat again???
2003-02-25 02:40:29 PM  
That's like an anti-human-shield...
2003-02-25 02:42:03 PM  
Here's a great article about a guy who corresponded with a bunch of these scam artists for fun. Enjoy...
2003-02-25 02:53:50 PM  
I just flew in off the plane and boy are my arms frozen

Thanks, what a great crowd.
2003-02-25 03:15:36 PM  
Man, both of you are so lucky. I wish somebody would offer me the prospect for making millions of dollars for doing nothing but sharing my financial information.
2003-02-25 05:09:38 PM  
Darwin, awarded wait...
2003-02-25 06:01:56 PM  

What would Clouseau do?

Charge Airline with littering??
Interrogate mute suspect?

Just curious.

Mods - sorry about last post. I'm still learning the boundaries...
2003-02-25 06:11:58 PM  
...i bet he was depressed when he got to france...
2003-02-25 06:48:04 PM  
where in the hell is the obligatory "and france surrenders"??????
2003-02-25 06:48:46 PM  
btw, Cake is sweet!
2003-02-25 08:46:41 PM  
In other news:
France, believeing to be invaded by frozen corpse in paris tried to surrender to the motionless man today...

2003-02-25 11:49:03 PM  
Run away! Run away!
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