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2001-09-11 11:51:32 AM  
Source Ananova(!), at least they are up to speed:

Airline confirms loss of two flights with 156 on board

A US airline has confirmed the loss of two flights with 156 people on board.

American Airlines says its Flight 11 from Boston to Los Angeles had 81 passengers and crew on board.

American Airlines Flight 77 from Dullas Airport near Washington to Los Angeles was carrying up to 58 crew and passengers.

It is not yet known exactly where each plane crashed.

Aviation authorities have reported several planes are still unaccounted for in addition to those crashed.

United Airlines has confirmed its flight from Newark, New Jersey, to San Francisco has crashed near Pittsburgh.

The airline also says it is "deeply concerned" about flight number 175 from Boston to LA.

The company refused to say whether flight 175 is one of those that crashed and would not give details of how many people were on board. There are no further details at this stage.
2001-09-11 11:51:43 AM  
(source United Airlines...)
2001-09-11 11:51:58 AM  
The University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign, home to several government buildings and one of the most likely sites to be bombed in case of war, is not being closed today. There are buildings here which can withstand a nuclear blast.

Official statement:

This morning's acts of terrorism in New York and Washington D.C. are of grave concern for all citizens of the United States and the World. We understand that members of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign community share those concerns. This message is to remind you that it is always important to be aware of your surroundings and to immediately report any suspicious activity.

At this time, we have no reason to believe that the University of Illinois is a target. As the day progresses, updates will be provided through local media, the campus website at www.uiuc.edu and the campus emergency phone line that can be reached by dialing 265-8473.

Nancy Cantor
2001-09-11 11:52:47 AM  
From NBC

american flight 11 - 82 aboard
united airline flight 175, unknown on board

american 77 - dulles to LA, 64 aboard

united 93 - unknown on board
2001-09-11 11:52:49 AM  
Camp David plane was shot down...by our millitary?
2001-09-11 11:53:32 AM  
Salon.com has good coverage, and it's still fast.
2001-09-11 11:57:19 AM  
NBC is reporting that there were possibly bombs inside the towers, besides the plane crashes.
2001-09-11 11:58:44 AM  
09/11 11:42
Plane Downed in Maryland May Have Targeted Pentagon, CBS Says
By David Russell

Camp David, Maryland, Sept. 11 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Air Force forced down an airplane that may have been attempting a second attack on the Pentagon, CBS news reported.

The airplane crashed at or near Camp David, Maryland, the retreat for U.S. presidents, CBS said.

(CBS 9-11)
2001-09-11 11:59:02 AM  
Unconfirmed rumors talk about an f16 intercepting it. Shudder to think about the innocent crew and passengers who got mangled in between.
2001-09-11 11:59:24 AM  
Flights re-routed to Canada
All international flights to D.C. and New York City have been diverted to Canadian airports, CNN reported.

At Pearson International Airport, all flights to the United States have been halted, said Lisa Lacroix of the Flight Centre.

However, flights within Canada remain unaffected, she said.
2001-09-11 11:59:47 AM  
via CBS

Manhattan is being evacuated. (My bro confirmed this he has no idea how to begin the thought of a 12 hour commute to NJ.)
There was at the time of impact about 10,000 ppl in each of the two towers at the WTC.
2001-09-11 11:59:57 AM  
NBC showing Palestinians celbrating in the streets, chanting God is Great, "America is the head of the snake, always stands behind Israel."
2001-09-11 12:00:35 PM  
50,000 employees at the WTS.
2001-09-11 12:03:14 PM  
Unofficial: From a friend of a friend:
Hackers are launching massive attacks. Targets are Palestinian and Arab sites.
2001-09-11 12:04:07 PM  
Officials at Toronto's Pearson Airport have cancelled all flights to the United States, and all international flights to American destinations have been diverted to Canadian airports. Trading on the U.S. Stock Exchange has been suspended. All bridges and tunnels in New York City have been closed.
2001-09-11 12:05:13 PM  
From 150,000 to 200,000 people pass through the complex on a typical weekday, including 40,0000 who work there and 50,000 commuters who take trains that connect New York and New Jersey and terminate at the towers.

from an AP story
2001-09-11 12:06:24 PM  
http://quote.bloomberg.com/fgcgi.cgi?ptitle=Top%20World%20News&s1=blk&tp=ad_to pright_topworld&T=markets_bfgcgi_content99.ht&s2=ad_right1_windex&bt=ad_positi on1_windex&middle=ad_frame2_windex&s=AO54w.RYlVGVycm9y
2001-09-11 12:07:16 PM  
well... Tallahassee's shutting down. Jeb closed the capitol building, the state offices, and the colleges here are down for the day. Of course, we're still sitting around the office and I suppose we should go home now.
2001-09-11 12:08:10 PM  
Military just went to ThreatCon Delta, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to War.

2001-09-11 12:08:29 PM  
I walked home (106 st.) from work at Penn Station. I saw the smoke billowing out of the towers from my office window. It was farking terrifying.
2001-09-11 12:08:40 PM  

nothing yet about plane on ground rumor.
2001-09-11 12:09:22 PM  
United officially reports another missing pleane, total now 2
2001-09-11 12:09:32 PM  
i can see the smoke from here too. it's like a shroud
2001-09-11 12:10:03 PM  
The blade sucks. They won't have coverage until it actully gets to print.
Toledo Resident
2001-09-11 12:10:43 PM  
NBC: All Canadian flights grounded.
2001-09-11 12:11:25 PM  
Source cnn:

United confirms crash of flight 175 Boston - LA
2001-09-11 12:12:13 PM  
mr happy is a lying asshole
2001-09-11 12:12:47 PM  
Is flight 175, plane number 4 or 5 ?
Where has it crashed ?
Was pentagon hit by bomb or plane ?
2001-09-11 12:13:14 PM  
Another crash...United.
2001-09-11 12:13:25 PM  
Pentagon hit by plane
2001-09-11 12:13:33 PM  
United flight 175 was the second plane to hit the Trade Towers
2001-09-11 12:13:41 PM  
CNN.com is back up

Totally stripped of graphics and menus.

Just one story and a few pictures
2001-09-11 12:13:55 PM  
No report yet as to where...this would be #5.
2001-09-11 12:14:38 PM  
it's still only 4 planes - they're releasing the specifics for the previous crashes, not new crashes.
2001-09-11 12:15:07 PM  
""look at me im so cool, im going to make stuff up and post it on Fark so everyone will pay attention to me""

Assholes knock off the lying jerkoffs.
2001-09-11 12:15:38 PM  
US Mexican border has been closed
2001-09-11 12:16:09 PM  
United has confirmed another of their planes has gone down.
2001-09-11 12:17:33 PM  
Afghanistan says "we feel your pain" (cnn.com)
they will feel pain, no doubt
2001-09-11 12:18:06 PM  
A small piece of good news:

NPR just reported that the offices in the area of the Pentagon that the plane hit were under renovation. Most of the offices in that area were closed. It could have been a LOT worse than it was.
2001-09-11 12:18:10 PM  

this is the only story on CNN right now.
2001-09-11 12:19:21 PM  
Could someone fill me in on what you are positive to be:
# planes down & where,
# of planes missing

And also the conjecture on the same.

Thanks and I'm also wondering if it is confirmed that the Pittsburg plane was shot down?
2001-09-11 12:20:04 PM  
LA Courthouses closed; Reagan library closed
2001-09-11 12:20:47 PM  
Posted on Ebay this morning:

Bad humor... this was a ebay item added this morning. Motivated seller: "Two world Trade Centre buildings. No longer required. Some assemply may be required. Buy one or both, buy both and receive two free aircraft. " [ebay.com]. The ebay item already gone...
2001-09-11 12:21:01 PM  
re: hacking attacks. Does not look like it at this point. From CBS MarketWatch:

Symantec monitors electronic pathways (SYMC) By Chris Kraeuter
Ted Price, spokesperson for software security firm Symantec (SYMC) , said, in light of this morning's events, his organization has not detected any significant electronic terrorism attacks. "We are obviously keeping a very close eye to see if anything does happen, but we have not seen any sort of specific or increased level of activity," Price said.
2001-09-11 12:21:02 PM  
I doubt Afghanistan had anything to do with this.
2001-09-11 12:22:48 PM  
From CNN, building near WTC near collapse.
2001-09-11 12:23:21 PM  
NYC primary elections called off. I'm gonna type stuff in as I hear it on the radio.
2001-09-11 12:23:37 PM  
Terror attacks hit U.S.
Posted: September 11, 2001

People walk away from the World Trade Center as ash rains down.

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Terrorists struck the United States Tuesday morning in harrowing, widespread attacks that included at least three commercial jet crashes into significant buildings.

• In the first attack, a plane hit the north tower of the World Trade Center in Manhattan shortly before 9 a.m., followed by another plane into the second tower about 20 minutes later. Both towers later collapsed.

• About an hour later, a plane crashed into the Pentagon, part of which later collapsed.

• American Airlines told CNN that it lost two planes in "tragic accidents:" Flight 11 from Boston with 81 passengers and 11 crew aboard and Flight 77 from Washington Dulles airport with 58 passengers and six crew aboard. Both planes were en route to Los Angeles

• United Airlines Flight 93 airliner headed from Newark, New Jersey, to San Francisco, crashed near Somerset, Pennsylvania -- police said initial reports indicated no survivors. United also confirmed the crash of Flight 175 from Boston to Los Angeles.

• The Pentagon, the White House, the State Department, the Justice Department, the Capitol, the CIA and all other government buildings in Washington evacuated.

• President Bush cancelled an appearance in Florida to return to Washington, calling the crashes "apparent terrorist attacks" and "a national tragedy."

• In the first ever national ground stop of aircraft, all flights nationwide have been stopped at their departure airports.

• All international flights were diverted to Canada.

• Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, the Taliban ambassador to Pakistan, said in reaction to the news of the terror attacks that "we want to tell the American children that Afghanistan feels your pain and we hope that the courts find justice."

• In New York, more than 10,000 rescue personnel rushed to the scene. The entire downtown area of Manhattan was evacuated as far north as Rockefeller Center, according to an official at an emergency command post.

• Israel has evacuated all its missions around the world.

• The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta was evacuated. CDC was preparing bioterrorism teams in case they become necessary.

• Philadelphia landmarks were also evacuated.

• In Chicago, the Sears Tower was evacuated; United Nations in New York evacuated.

• The New York Port Authority said it had closed all bridges and tunnels into the city.

• U.S. stock markets were closed after the New York attacks.

• NATO sent home all non-essential personnel from its Brussels, Belgium, headquarters.

• The Immigration and Naturalization Service has put the U.S. borders with Mexico and Canada on highest state of alert.

• Los Angeles International Airport has been evacuated.

• Disney World in Orlando, Florida, has been closed.
2001-09-11 12:23:50 PM  
the FAA confirmed 4 planes missing BBC
2001-09-11 12:23:57 PM  
Dunnski: Afghanistan has been known to harbor terrorists, specifically Bin Laden's group.
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