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2003-02-24 11:33:21 PM  
And we all know that Fark is the ONLY source of weird news...
2003-02-24 11:33:26 PM  
I need to remember to plug in my Gamecube later.
2003-02-24 11:33:57 PM  
ok i wont
2003-02-24 11:34:27 PM  
Damn, i never get to be the Weeners!
2003-02-24 11:35:04 PM  
Holy Hell, Ginger Lynn is back in the business?
2003-02-24 11:36:35 PM  
What does he credit FARK with? Destroying his marriage? Saving the world? A little from column A, a little from column B?
2003-02-24 11:36:50 PM  
sorry guys, but rick emerson is a dick. but yeah, that's just my opinion. cool that he mentions fark though.
2003-02-24 11:39:34 PM  
Why should fark get credit, how about crediting the people who actually went out and did the reporting and writing, as opposed to the person who operates the cut and paste script.
2003-02-24 11:40:13 PM  

[image from emersonlakepalmer.com too old to be available]

Oh... you said Rick Emerson.
2003-02-24 11:40:49 PM  
speaking of radio pulling odd news from fark, I'm on to you 680AM in atlanta
2003-02-24 11:42:18 PM  
Err, so he's not on the air now?
2003-02-24 11:44:30 PM  
I agree Llamasex...
2003-02-24 11:48:23 PM  
rick emerson should totally plug Derriere Explosion

2003-02-24 11:51:15 PM  
Ouroborus: lol, i noticed 680 doing this also. 640 WGST's show prep is all FARK. but at least Kimmer has a link to FARK hidden somewhere on his website
2003-02-24 11:55:26 PM  
Brand, you take lessons from the guy from Jag Panzer? I'll probably be seeing them at this festival in June.

And one time I saw a guy in a Jag Panzer shirt at a synth-pop/industrial festival. I thought that was odd, but hey.
2003-02-25 12:00:42 AM  
OK, let me just say that I use FARK all the time when I'm on the radio. Fark helps me wile away the 20 minutes or so that I voice track for a ClearChannel station.

2003-02-25 12:04:35 AM  
Im noticing that a couple DJ's on KBPI here in Denver seem to be biting too.

I can understand running across some of this stuff yourself, but these guys are quoting 5-6 stories in a row from the Fark mainpage.
2003-02-25 12:10:56 AM  
FARK reads like a script for the DEMINSKI & DOYLE show on 97.1 FM in Detroit. It got so bad one day that I called in and told the screener "so you get all your topic ideas from FARK.COM don't you?" He hung up on me.
2003-02-25 12:16:36 AM  
Ok... you folks are WAY off topic... time for a clean up.
2003-02-25 12:27:18 AM  

[image from rickwakeman.hpg.ig.com.br too old to be available]

Oh... you said Rick Emerson.
2003-02-25 12:36:36 AM  
I hate all FM radio DJs. Every single one should be smote.
2003-02-25 12:36:43 AM  
Why? Is he loose?
2003-02-25 12:36:51 AM  
Ren_Hoek - Hey, awesome. That made my day.

GMTA. And us, too.
2003-02-25 12:44:00 AM  
2003-02-25 12:47:00 AM  
There's a morning show here in Tucson that clearly gets it's "weird news" from FARK. It's a little too coincidental when the DJ reads the stories off in the same order as they appear on the FARK website. No credit is given.
2003-02-25 12:48:09 AM  
it's=IT IS. God I'm a snapperhead.
2003-02-25 12:49:01 AM  
I cant, I despise the radio. Oh, and you as well.
2003-02-25 12:49:44 AM  
Call up the DJ and give em a bit of hell.
2003-02-25 12:55:44 AM  
I'm surprised no one's mentioned this, but Robin Quivers gives 3-4 stories from fark every day. Sorry, but I'm not a big fan.
2003-02-25 12:57:11 AM  
i learned about fark a couple years ago when i worked in portland at 1190 kex, bob miller used fark stories all the time.
2003-02-25 01:18:46 AM  
I'm a DJ in Indianapolis, and I credit Fark. But let's make something perfectly clear...we have a lot of show prep services like ePREP and Metro Source that give daily reports on all kinds of stories...and I don't know how many times I've seen the same articles appear on Fark... So if one of our services uses Fark, it's hard to blame the DJ... Or if they just happen to be good at reading news sources, they may just get similar stories through Rueters or whatever... People in radio are stupid enough...they don't need anyone's help to look bad.
2003-02-25 01:26:31 AM  
...This link brought to you by Rick Emerson.
2003-02-25 01:49:41 AM  
Feh. I've noticed z100 always gets it's crazy hollywood news or whatever from Fark (or the places Fark gets its stuff from... >.>).

It's amusing to know they're vaguely dishonest bastards.
2003-02-25 02:00:38 AM  
I plug fark all the time. WIZM FM 93.3 Never will again.
2003-02-25 02:18:53 AM  
He Stole my horses
Drank all My water
And Kilt Ma Dawg.
Some people just need killin'.
2003-02-25 03:06:32 AM  
OMG!!! Fark is copying Oddly Enough from Reuters!!!!!
2003-02-25 03:46:03 AM  
You guys are mean! I've met Rick in person, and he's actually quite nice. He only spat on me twice and left Clyde food in the kitchen.

*props to Rick*
Listen to his show......and trust me, I WILL know if you don't. *leers at you all*
2003-02-25 08:09:29 AM  
Oh you said Rick Emerson!!!

Canadian content alert!
2003-02-25 08:27:17 AM  

im with you on that one. i mentioned something about that on the D&D messageboard, but it flew off the page without a mention. even their "fans" dont know what fark is.
2003-02-25 09:04:46 AM  
Give credit where credit is due


I might add, unoriginal asshat morning drive DJ's in Seattle
2003-02-25 09:39:10 AM  
"Hello all you wacky callers, this is your morning man Victor Anus, wishing you and yours a very happy TUESDAY MORNING!! Many of you have been calling in asking me, "Hey Vic, Whahare can I get those wacky news stories?" Well callers, thats one of those RADIO SECRETS and if I was ever to tell you I would be KICKED off the AIR!! And I know all you fans would be sad to see me go. Well its 37 past the hour with news and traffic coming up, I'll be right back after this..."

2003-02-25 09:52:01 AM  
That guy is a total asshat.
2003-02-25 09:53:42 AM  
yeah he iz
2003-02-25 11:03:22 AM  
Terms of Service: Text comments posted on fark by registered users may not be reposted or broadcast without mentioning Fark.com as the source
2003-02-25 11:20:47 AM  
Bah! I Credit Fark when I am on air :P
2003-02-25 11:39:09 AM  
Yeah, it seems funny that all the local DJs have the same stories that were on Fark, and then make some of the same EXACT comments that were on the message boards.
2003-02-25 12:05:43 PM  
Both of our morning prep services use stories from Fark. I'm thinking of cancelling the contract....I can get the same stories without having to run 50 hours of barter spots. BTW....I've turned a lot of my listeners onto Fark....even our news director. Fark is the best website around!(okay, other than iseekpasswords.com)
2003-02-25 12:39:02 PM  
Amen! Hate to break it to everyone, but we do get prep material from places other than fark. Myself, I use it quite frequently, and i do give credit where credit is due. I will say those that don't cite their sources just want their listeners to think they're "so clever". Gimme' a break.
2003-02-25 12:58:12 PM  
Sorry Rick, but your show pretty much sucks. I miss Liz Wilde.
2003-02-25 02:51:24 PM  
Woot! thanks to you DJs that mention us!
I know that all of our stories are available from the source, and I'm sure other prep services go out and dig them up too. That could account for a whole lot of the "hey - he's reading from Fark" phenomenon.
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