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(Some Guy)   NEWS FLASH: PLANES CRASH INTO WORLD TRADE CENTER, PENTAGON. Our link to CNN works (thanks Metafilter). We have news and pics in comments section, if you have any post it there   ( divider line
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37517 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Sep 2001 at 8:59 AM (20 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2001-09-11 9:01:26 AM  
2001-09-11 9:03:07 AM  
That's about as much story as cnn has
2001-09-11 9:03:27 AM  
I've been in there. Holy living shiat.

Another one has flown into the other tower.
2001-09-11 9:03:52 AM  
Is this real?
2001-09-11 9:04:17 AM  
back to tv!
2001-09-11 9:05:30 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

That's pretty farked up.
2001-09-11 9:06:24 AM  
2001-09-11 9:06:44 AM  
That's a pretty large hole there
2001-09-11 9:07:03 AM  
jeezuz cryst.... i just watched another plane fly into the other building
2001-09-11 9:07:24 AM  
isn't mae east in one of the trade centers?
2001-09-11 9:07:39 AM  
2001-09-11 9:08:39 AM  
Stebain, are you kidding??
2001-09-11 9:09:34 AM  
No, dead serious.... (on the news... I didn't see it in person)
2001-09-11 9:09:40 AM  
I can't get to cnn damnit.
This is gay
2001-09-11 9:09:55 AM  
My GF is watching this all happen from White Plains
2001-09-11 9:10:24 AM  
a newscaster(?... it is Katie Couric) said the second appeared to be a 727
2001-09-11 9:10:28 AM  
bloody farking hells. On top of a securitry training here at the fort, we've got this.

This is shaping up to be a really shiat week. first we had a bomb threat this morning, after the MPs raised holy hell at the gates. Now this.

Stebain "i just watched another plane fly into the other building" meaning the other WTC building?
2001-09-11 9:11:39 AM  
Don't know about the other channels, but there's some amazing video on CBS. They have actual video of a SECOND plane hitting the tower and you can see a bunch of debris shoot out of the other side of the tower. Amazing.
2001-09-11 9:11:50 AM  
many news feeds are dead... the television towers are on top of the towers
2001-09-11 9:11:59 AM  
Someone is going to get nuked.
2001-09-11 9:12:02 AM  
check out

two planes apparently, on purpose.
2001-09-11 9:12:34 AM  
*Two* planes crashes in *both* of the buildings? What's that, a terrorist attack??
2001-09-11 9:12:45 AM  
The second plane crash looked like it was deliberate. How could the pilot not see the towers?
2001-09-11 9:12:45 AM  
Blackvampyr.. yes, the other WTC building....

who is mae east?
2001-09-11 9:13:19 AM  
OMFG People!!

I'm watching CNN and it's surreal to say the least.
This is scary and sad. Holy crap.

Squinth :(
2001-09-11 9:13:42 AM  
mae east == One of the core internet 'hubs'
2001-09-11 9:13:50 AM  
wow, never seen *all* the news sites dead like this... word travels fast now...
2001-09-11 9:14:39 AM  
Good day to be late for work!
2001-09-11 9:15:34 AM  
Fox reporting a hijacking....american flight
2001-09-11 9:16:32 AM  
Unsane...all those people.
I agree with Mme.Mersault, but I'm not sure we'll nuke the right people. :/ There's no such thing as too much force.

2001-09-11 9:16:45 AM  
Fark! I can't get onto any of the news sites! Must resort to Tv.
2001-09-11 9:17:13 AM  
Man, this has to be intentional. How could the second pilot NOT see all the smoke and shiat?

This is horrible.

Squinth :(
2001-09-11 9:17:20 AM  
OK, you guys are now my sole source for info on this - all European traffic goes through mae east and now I can't get squat out of the US..
2001-09-11 9:18:58 AM  
Most of the main sites are farked. Here's another:
2001-09-11 9:19:29 AM  
sad...sad day
2001-09-11 9:19:29 AM  
They're calling it intentional. Plane 1 flew in a straight line.

I'm thinking full salvo response.
2001-09-11 9:19:40 AM, except FARK, apparently!
2001-09-11 9:19:54 AM  
WTF! This is insane and very sad..
2001-09-11 9:19:56 AM  
Did you see the video of the second airliner crashing into the WTC???? Damn........
2001-09-11 9:20:01 AM  
FBI says they are investigating foul play/hijacking. I will try to update as I can. I hope no one gets pissed?

2001-09-11 9:20:05 AM  
from Skynews:
'Kamikaze' Attack On New York

Two planes have smashed into the World Trade Centre Towers in New York in what appears to be a deliberate terrorist attack.

The first plane crashed into the top stories of the tower, leaving two gaping holes in the side.

Minutes later another aircraft hit the second tower - the footage was seen live on TV stations around the world.

Hunderds of workers would have been in the building at the height of the morning rush-hour. Many are feared dead.

Huge palls of black smoke could be seen coming out of the tower. It is not known how many people were in the plane or how many workers were in the top storeys of the building when the planes struck.
2001-09-11 9:20:34 AM  
I SAW it happen on my morning commute. I'm shaken.
2001-09-11 9:20:41 AM  
Apparently key buildings are now being evacuated and the FBI is investigating reports that at least one of those planes was hijacked before it impacted into the building.
2001-09-11 9:20:55 AM  
ALL the farking news sites are farked. 2 confirmed planes, one into each tower, obviously terrorism.. but who? Anyone got any special signifigance on todays dates?
2001-09-11 9:21:35 AM  
Mme - only use conventional weapons though. Nuclear weapons pose too much of a threat to other countries.

Squinth - please update as needed, considering that the fort has blocked all access to ALL news sites, to prevent the workers from getting info.
2001-09-11 9:21:39 AM  
This is so completely messed up.
One of my co-workers sisters work in that building.
2001-09-11 9:23:13 AM  
farking explosions!!!!

Holy shiat!
2001-09-11 9:23:22 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-11 9:23:24 AM  
Here in UK. News seems to indicate 1st plane hit. Second plane then filmed flying into offside tower and explosion seen on other side. Reports also coming in, of plane hijacking.
2001-09-11 9:23:44 AM  
This is farking unbelievable. Bin Laden? Whoever did this must be killed.
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