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(NYPost)   406lb man wins eating contest, refuses wafer thin mint   ( nypost.com) divider line
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2003-02-24 06:32:49 PM  
Where is Kevin Spacey when you need him?
2003-02-24 09:05:33 PM  
The International Federation of Competitive Eating?
2003-02-24 10:03:05 PM  
Mmmm chicken wings. I also remember this ESPN story posted on Fark a while back:

"Oleg Zhornitskiy ate four 32-oz jars of mayonnaise in eight minutes," Shea said. "And mayonnaise is tough. I like to say he was using the spoon God gave him. He was spooning it out of a bowl and licking it up with his tongue."
2003-02-24 11:35:15 PM  
Wldncrzy14: That's the grossest thing I've ever read.
2003-02-24 11:55:15 PM  
Amateurs. The winner of Philly's WIP wing bowl ate 154 wings in 30 minutes. This guy only ate 112.
2003-02-25 12:54:01 AM  
I watched a program about these competative eaters on TV a while back. It was a barf-making spectacle. Yuck, I feel sick just thinking about it.
2003-02-25 12:54:17 AM  
isn't that a monty python movie? where the fat guy blows up after eating everything on the menu..
2003-02-25 12:54:22 AM  
Meanwhile Fox execs are trying to track this 406 pound freak to go head to head with a Blue Whale in "Man VS Beast II". The only hitch is, can a chicken wing fit through baleen?
2003-02-25 12:55:34 AM  
maybe it had too many calories
2003-02-25 12:55:46 AM  
But it is only one whaffer theen meent. It is a whaffer thin... Tweezers retrieve the whaffer-thin mintand place it on toungue of said huge glutton...Now run for your life!

Note heart in rib-cage.
2003-02-25 12:55:56 AM  
[image from wvah.com too old to be available]
2003-02-25 12:57:49 AM  
where did it mention the mint? anyone?
2003-02-25 12:59:09 AM  
okay ive read the article 4 times, it says nothing about a mint
2003-02-25 01:01:29 AM  
number 5, no mint, i feel like im taking crazy pills! whoever wrote this headline is a dork. not an ass, but a dork! FVCK!
2003-02-25 01:02:13 AM  
I wish I had some crazy pills.
2003-02-25 01:02:42 AM  
There is no mint because it's a clever reference to "Mr. Creosote" of "Monty Python's the Meaning of Life" fame (pictured above).

(Quick synopsis for those who haven't seen this awesome flick: Fat guy goes to restaraunt, orders everything on the menu and a bucket, eats a LOT, barfs into bucket, eats some more, etc etc. Fat man finishes. Waiter offers him a small mint. Fat man initially refuses, then relents and eats it. Explodes. Barf and guts fly everywhere.)

Mad props to the poster :)
2003-02-25 01:03:39 AM  
oh, okay, im sorry

poster is not a dork
2003-02-25 01:03:41 AM  

Umm....the title on the post refers to the Monty Python movie. See the pic of the HUGE guy above.
2003-02-25 01:03:49 AM  
2003-02-25 01:04:33 AM  
"It's wafer thinnnn . . . . ?"

"Bugger off!"
2003-02-25 01:05:06 AM  
i feel like the world's biggest retard, (goes on diet and becomest the worlds most moderatly sized retard)
2003-02-25 01:05:22 AM  
Ick. Just ick.
2003-02-25 01:05:30 AM  
"And how are we feeling today sir?"



"Better get a bucket I'm gonna throw up!"
2003-02-25 01:06:07 AM  
it is times like these that i realize i should go to sleep

Good night Cruel world.
2003-02-25 01:06:13 AM  

Look at the post above yours.
2003-02-25 01:06:35 AM  
"number 5, no mint, i feel like im taking crazy pills! whoever wrote this headline is a dork. not an ass, but a dork! fark!"


Read the whole farking article 5 times?? Hilarious. Hint: Next time try Ctrl+f -- then type in the word mint and hit enter. Searching this way is much easier.
2003-02-25 01:07:06 AM  
Hehehe! Sorry Lollygaggers ;) I just had to be first on ONE thread. Wheee :oP

Thespian Don't feel bad. Just watch the movie. MOST of it is even weirder. And not nearly as gross!
2003-02-25 01:07:27 AM  
It's an insult to any man to tell him that he can't eat, but this is just not right.
2003-02-25 01:07:55 AM  
Hey! That International Federation of Competitive Eating has rules and regulations too!!

If you puke, you're disqualified!!
2003-02-25 01:09:26 AM  
I once ate two entire bags of reese's pieces. You count that up and its alot more than 112. This man is nothing special.
2003-02-25 01:10:18 AM  
"Oh, dear. I have trodden in monsieur's bucket."
2003-02-25 01:10:29 AM  
Sickly Japanese people will always be the world's fastest eaters, unfortunately. Damn them and their special Japanese abilities.
2003-02-25 01:10:44 AM  
I'm still in shock about what people hold records for eating - cabbage? beef tongue? cow brains?

Pass me that bucket...
2003-02-25 01:10:58 AM  
Andonbray, I think that's over the line.
2003-02-25 01:12:01 AM  
I've seen a lot of people spark a few and clean out an entire fridge. Me being one of them . Big deal
2003-02-25 01:13:31 AM  
Why is that over the line?
2003-02-25 01:13:44 AM  
But Andonbray has a point. Why is there a competitive eating federation when there are people starving?

No rules listed on the site. I just heard about them before. Also some rule about the finish time. If anything in your mouth drops out, it is considered puking and your are DQd.
2003-02-25 01:14:20 AM  
Young Fart - Sorry, but everytime I hear about an eating contest or a town that has set a new world record for cooking the world's largest whatever, I think about what a starving kid would think of all of it. It's just a huge waste.
2003-02-25 01:14:58 AM  
This reminds me of that "gluttony" scene early in the movie "Se7en" Ugh. That movie was wierd. Gravity Kills' "Guilty" was one of my favorite songs until the "lust" scene. I just can't hear it the same way anymore.
2003-02-25 01:14:59 AM  
I dont think its over the line at all. I think it makes a great point.
2003-02-25 01:16:17 AM  
Sam Kinnison used to do a bit about starving people. I loved it when he'd get cranked up toward the end and be screaming, "MOVE OUTTA OF THE FARKING DESERT!"
2003-02-25 01:16:51 AM  
I always think about the same thing. Some people like to live in their fantasy world though and pretend the boy in your picture does not exist.
2003-02-25 01:18:07 AM  
Besides, Sally Strothers is already over there eating, er, I meant helping those folks.
2003-02-25 01:18:22 AM  
Andonbray, yeah I know, but most of those people are starving because of their governments, not because of some food company's advertising stunt.
2003-02-25 01:18:56 AM  
I dunno... I don't think this deserves the "obvious" tag... Usually it's some thin-arsed Korean guy who wins these things.
2003-02-25 01:20:27 AM  
okay........I am outa here before things get worse.
2003-02-25 01:20:56 AM  
[image from 881theburg.com too old to be available]
2003-02-25 01:21:47 AM  
Do they have a 'biggest boom-boom' contest the next day ? Maybe they can get American Standard to sponsor.
2003-02-25 01:22:08 AM  
Frank's Red Hot is nasty shiat anyway.
2003-02-25 01:22:17 AM  
Andonbray-that was very sad. Excellent point.

Spoonfed'sBuddy -Thank you for that tip!!!!
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