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(SFGate)   Psychologist and former suicide hotline crisis counselor now helps people deal with the psychological trauma of losing all their computer data   ( divider line
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2003-02-24 09:38:22 AM  
Holy crap, deal with it. Take that finger, turn it around and point it at YOURSELF, for being a total dumbass for not backing up your important information. Lost your financial records? Family photos? Important emails? It's your own damned fault. Deal with it or sell the damned thing to someone who knows how to use it. What's next, counselling for people that lock their keys in their car?
2003-02-24 09:53:47 AM  
Only in America..

Lost data makes the baby Jesus cry
2003-02-24 01:30:35 PM  
I am praying this article is satire, becuase if it is true, my last shred of hope for humanity has just been broken, beaten, battered a left lying on the floor in a puddle of it's own urine.
Why does everyone need a goddam therapist for every little nothing nowadays? What a bunch of pu$$ies we've all become.
I guess that in the old west after a guy witnessed a shootout in a saloon, he had to go to therapy for 5 years because he couldn't deal with the trauma.
Therapy for losing your data? If someone is that upset about it, someone needs to just grab them by the f--king neck and explain to them that there are countries where everyone dies of diseases, or mud slides, or guerilla warfare, or suicide biombers, or aids, or ebola, or hippo attacks, or postal workers. Losing your data ain't s--t. Grow the f up.

Arnold says stop whining.
2003-02-24 01:37:32 PM  
its only pr0n

I can find more.
2003-02-24 02:19:12 PM  
Good God. Losing your porn can't be THAT traumatizing.
2003-02-24 04:13:58 PM  
"What are you blubbering about now?"
2003-02-24 04:15:00 PM  
That's why you backup.

Dumb shiats. How long does it take to burn a farking CD?

I hate this country.
2003-02-24 04:16:08 PM  
Hey now... in defense of the victims, I've spent many a long lonely night compiling this pron...
2003-02-24 04:17:15 PM  
scroll ALL the way down... the last line of the 'followup' article below:
"This is smart legislation. It should be passed."

great journalism people
2003-02-24 04:17:19 PM  
Jesus saves.
Everyone else takes full damage.


I wonder if there is a counseling service for people who lose characters/items in MMORPG's. I know people are croaking themselves over it.
2003-02-24 04:18:18 PM  
most people fix this easily, JUST TAKE OUT UR DAMN HARDDRIVE AND PUT IT IN A NEW COMPUTER, what dumb people, but then again, im not really smart eiter
2003-02-24 04:18:59 PM  
$900 to find your happy place? This must be what they called the knowledge economy. "I know where all the free pr0n is! $900 and it's yours!! $5,000 and I'll stop the pop-ups!!! $100,000,100.00 and I'll thrown in a burrito!!!!"
2003-02-24 04:19:34 PM  
20 GOTO 10
2003-02-24 04:19:52 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
"I know that data's in here somewhere..."
2003-02-24 04:20:40 PM  
"Good God. Losing your porn can't be THAT traumatizing."

WTF ?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING ? Well, what if for example, your 30 gigs of pron is categorized by boobies size, guys to girl ratio, donkey interaction, number of midgets, similarity to Liz Hurley's face, number of watermelons involved, ect ? That would be a huge database loss ! If I ever lost that information, I'd want to invade Iraq immediately !

2003-02-24 04:21:02 PM  
I used to work gateway tech support, and got this crap all the time, I loved it, it was so much fun listening to people get mad at me for their own stupidity. I would just laugh at them. The funniest ones were when they threatened to sue us!
2003-02-24 04:21:16 PM  
Too many psychologists + too much time on hands = this article
2003-02-24 04:21:30 PM  
BrandonSi: WooHoo! Bustin' out the hardcore BASIC!!
2003-02-24 04:22:58 PM  
As a person who'd lose 10,000 hours of coding if he lost "all" his data... I'd probably skip the call to the suicide line and just try and rob a bank dressed like eminem.
2003-02-24 04:24:42 PM  
I remember back in the old days when you either beat the siht or of the computer or you wore yourself out and fell asleep. What a waste of a psychology degree.
2003-02-24 04:25:13 PM  
Dang CrazyJim... thats a little over a year straight of coding.... How's your eyesight?
2003-02-24 04:26:16 PM  
Understandable if you lose all of your porn.
2003-02-24 04:27:32 PM  
I've seen people nearly to tears when they lose important data. It can be months or even years of work completely lost. Don't tell me that's not upsetting. Of course that usually only happens once per person. People don't understand the importance of backups until they need them. I personally don't have much I can't afford to lose.
2003-02-24 04:27:49 PM  
Can I please get counseling for the fact that I have rage management problems produced by the realization that we are turning into a nation of spineless pussies who need counseling everytime something mildly out of the ordinary happens?

My hope was that the one good thing that could possibly be said to come out of these trying times is that people would finally get a sense of perspective as to what hardship actually is.
2003-02-24 04:28:39 PM  
If I lost my 16 gigs of divx p0rn movies, I'd lose my happy place.

I'd better start backing those up on cd sometime soon.
2003-02-24 04:38:28 PM  
Somebody please post a link to that dude who TOTALLY went off on the tech support line.

That's classic :)
2003-02-24 04:40:57 PM  
02-24-03 04:38:28 PM SchlingFo
Somebody please post a link to that dude who TOTALLY went off on the tech support line.

Which one? Ive heard a ton of recordings like that?
2003-02-24 04:41:02 PM  
Never mind.

I found it.

This is CLASSIC shiat.
2003-02-24 04:42:08 PM  

This one is like the holy grail of tech support abuse. I laugh every time I hear it.

I think it's because the guy starts off sane and quickly slips into madness.
2003-02-24 04:45:46 PM  
I agree that is funny stuff.
2003-02-24 04:49:30 PM  
Well, kiddies, I remember back in the good old DOS days, I whipped off an old Delete *.* and laid a smackdown on the "Y"... then watched as the entire hard drive was erased. After changing my pants I learned to use the restore feature... and recovered 2 years of budgets and assorted Lotus spreadsheets. Damn, those were the days. But going to a shrink? Rather nail my johnson to the floor.

Suck it up.
2003-02-24 04:50:56 PM  

That wav made me cry.

With evil glee!
2003-02-24 04:52:17 PM  
I wonder if that guy is aware of the happiness he has provided all of us.
2003-02-24 04:54:44 PM  
Howsabout, um, I don't know, BACKING YOUR STUFF UP??? I mean, come on! Doesn't everybody at least have CD burners these days?

Stuff like this just scares me...
2003-02-24 05:02:10 PM  


"Hello this is Chessin, your dingleberry crisis hotline counselor. I'm told that you are currently experiencing an episode of post-dingleberry psychological trauma?"
2003-02-24 05:07:10 PM  
She works for DriveSavers, which specializes in recovering data from even the most devastated computer system, such as a laptop crushed beneath the wheel of a MacWorld shuttle bus or a PowerBook that spent two days at the bottom of the Amazon River (both true stories).

Stupid farking mac users...won't they ever learn?
2003-02-24 05:09:37 PM  
I know a guy who lost his master's thesis when his hard drive kicked the bucket. He did have a back-up that was weeks old, but he was pretty damned upset ...
2003-02-24 05:17:38 PM  
For crying out loud, send me the drive & I'll recover the data.

My rates aren't that bad either.
2003-02-24 05:21:12 PM  
pft...I'm so used to destroying the evidence, what do I care if my computer does it for me.
2003-02-24 05:32:07 PM  
Whether counseling is in order or not is, of course, up for debate, but many of you who are just writing off the "trauma" of losing all your data have probably never lost all your data before.

And it isn't always an issue of backups.

[image from too old to be available] still happens....
2003-02-24 05:35:06 PM  
HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY THIS... Keep ALL your backups in another building. Preferably several counties/states away from your current location.
2003-02-24 05:45:21 PM  
proper hardware and software go a long way toward keeping data safe.

I write software. the stuff I write isn't on some public server or cd to re-install. one day I had to shut my system down (its always up 7/24 since its a server as well as a workstation) due to a planned power shutdown. after the weekend was over I turned the system on only to find the drive had suffered stiction - where the drive wouldn't spinup since the motor had seized. I was freaked out! it was my only copy of my software. I was able to get the drive to restart by holding it in my hands and powering the drive up WHILE TWISTING THE DRIVE to get some inertia to help spin the platters up. really!

after that I swore to pay for a better system. I plunked down almost $1k for a hardware raid pci card and redundant scsi drives. sure, it made a lot of noise but I literally could pull one drive out in the middle of i/o and the array would keep on ticking just fine. and failover to a hot spare and start a background copy without any operator intervention (this was a mylex card).

I also invested in a decent UPS which is monitored and shuts down the system gracefully when there's a power failure. and even a hardware watchdog timer to keep the system up in the very very rare case that a kernel freeze occurs.

all this is possible for home users budgets. used to be only data centers could afford this. now for under $100 you can get that same pci raid card and throw in a bunch of scsi drives and be pretty safe.

oh, and if you run linux, you can pick between 4 journalling filesystems! safety at the software level.

if you choose NOT to do any of that, its your choice. but don't complain anymore if you loose stuff since data security is now pretty cheap and available to anyone who wants it.

of course if you run M$, my heart goes out to you - you can try to combat things in hardware but the kernel, itself, is so unstable there's not a whole lot you can do...
2003-02-24 06:01:50 PM  
In defense of the counseling profession, I'd like to mention that this lady "has a degree in psychology" which I guess means a B.A. which is about as useful as a history degree or an English degree. You have to have a PhD to be called a "psychologist."

I realize that this is not relevant to anything that is being said in this thread, but since I'm about to spend $9,000,000 getting a master's in psychology, I thought I should defend real psychologists.
2003-02-24 06:02:26 PM  
Not everyone can afford to have a separate storage facility or the luxury of entrustment to nearby relatives or friends. In any case, as has already been mentioned, such comprehensive off-site data storage/backup also results in delays of days/weeks/months difference in timeliness of those backups, etc.
2003-02-24 06:09:41 PM  

$9,000,000 ?
Wow, that is an expensive master's degree.

For that price, you'd better emerge from the program a certified psychic empath with telepathic abilities.
2003-02-24 06:13:48 PM  
Well I personally had this experience to happen to me. I was very unhappy that all my music and pron were lost in Neverland. Do you know how HARD it is to collect and mold 3 years of music and pron...I even had my own filing system...Hahahaha

But I survived. I coughed up the dough and got my stuff back. I've now burned it to a CD and have moved on with life.

2003-02-24 06:23:04 PM  
MorePeasPlease We have a VERY good program here in Montana.

Actually, someone told me that it isn't really $9,000,000 unless you have student loans. It just feels like it.
2003-02-24 06:28:28 PM  
"Only wimps use tape backup: real men just upload their important stuff on ftp, and let the rest of the world mirror it ;)"

-- Linus Torvalds, after his hard disk failed
2003-02-24 06:31:41 PM  
2003-02-24 06:34:59 PM  
SuburbanCowboy & Tigger;

Lost data=Counselling? Don't think so.

Yet another example of the "it-can't-be-my-fault!" socitey in which we now live.

PS:Anyone you have to talk to after midnight is a "lawyer" and they're gonna SUE!

/works night shift
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