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27736 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Feb 2003 at 9:14 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-02-24 07:43:22 AM  
You are bidding on an almost-mint condition Breakfast Burrito.
2003-02-24 09:15:25 AM  
stwongbaid. gotta love it.
2003-02-24 09:15:37 AM  
'twas a good one this week. Arrr.
2003-02-24 09:16:34 AM  
I was hoping to get the plate too...
2003-02-24 09:16:39 AM  
Boobies to say "I don't get it!"
2003-02-24 09:17:32 AM  
That was bad.

And by bad i mean Michael Jackson bad.

As in not good.
2003-02-24 09:20:27 AM  
Hehe, witchesbrew82.
2003-02-24 09:21:14 AM  
No easter eggs?!
2003-02-24 09:21:32 AM  
2003-02-24 09:22:08 AM  
The Yellow Dart...genius. Sheer genius.
2003-02-24 09:23:58 AM  
one easter egg, second to last page
2003-02-24 09:24:16 AM  
Clip on "Flip" to open the paper, move around towards the bottom of the paper, something about the Cheat's allowance or something. Click on that and it brings up an auction page.
2003-02-24 09:24:48 AM  
"Eating Five Batteries"

I nearly spewed my Coke at that one. Funny stuff - I'm slowly turning into a Homestarrunner.com fan.
2003-02-24 09:24:54 AM  
i think an Engrish paper would have been funnier
2003-02-24 09:25:12 AM  
2003-02-24 09:26:37 AM  
[image from homestarrunner.com too old to be available]
2003-02-24 09:29:11 AM  
2003-02-24 09:29:18 AM  
The word document is bigger than the .SWF file itself. That says a lot about Micro$oft bloatware right there.
2003-02-24 09:29:26 AM  
Look at the .doc version of the paper. Isn't scanning a dollar bill like that illegal?
2003-02-24 09:30:15 AM  
u can scan dollar bills all u want. i know because i am
2003-02-24 09:30:19 AM  
I'd hate to see what Strong Bad's English papers would look like. Did anyone actually download the englilish paper?
2003-02-24 09:33:17 AM  
New favorite mines! I'm've was to be spewing over the table-desk!
2003-02-24 09:33:36 AM  
LordKaT, often times?
2003-02-24 09:33:57 AM  
Strongbad's English paper

Since maybe like the Middle Ages, there have been many differing opinions about
hustle and bustle. This cannot be denied. It is my intention to sit down and play video
games for several hours.

First, moving around quickly, and with purpose, is a true sign of character.
Secondarily, bustle(e.g. hustle) yields more product for the working types. "Hustle and
bustle are like my right and left arms," said Li'l Spicy in his famous "Hustle and Bustle
Are Like My Right and Left Arms" speech. Webster's defines bustle as "excited and
often noisy activity; a stir." A stir, indeed. Finally, sometimes gross stuff can be funny.

In conclusion, I, "The Yellow Dart," think I have done a great job illustrating the
many differing opinions about hustle and bustle, may they both rest in peace. Also, I
think Strong Bad should decrease The Cheat's allowance.
2003-02-24 09:34:31 AM  
Dwedit - I'm guessing that's more to do with the scanned pictures.
2003-02-24 09:35:15 AM  
If only I had employed the "Cool Nickname" technique for my college essays and papers. Hmmm. Hindsight is 20/20.

"The Yellow Dart" is farking genius.
2003-02-24 09:38:26 AM  
That really blew!
2003-02-24 09:40:28 AM  
Ahh. Monday morning; time to lick Homestar's ass again. Here's a tip: just "remember" that every "Monday" there's a "new" "Homestar" then "you" can check your "bookmarks" and "visit" the "site" on "your own." Then the autolink picker won't have to post this link every week.
2003-02-24 09:43:34 AM  
Or alternatively since some of us like to discuss the newest HR site updates, you can just not click on the link and save yourself some anguish :)
2003-02-24 09:45:51 AM  
....to seal the deal....

Farking great
2003-02-24 09:46:44 AM  
"Hey Strongbad, I'm in your house."
"Oh. That sucks."

2003-02-24 09:46:51 AM  
I may just use it for my Tech Comm class.
2003-02-24 09:47:59 AM  
Let's try that again

I may just use
it for my Tech Comm class.

2003-02-24 09:51:49 AM  

Prehaps! I've gone making the sausage, hope and wit about me to bobbypins!

2003-02-24 09:54:06 AM  
2003-02-24 09:54:42 AM  
Anybody else try to find eBay item #33387920212? Just me? Oh. Anyway, it doesn't exist. *sigh*
2003-02-24 09:55:08 AM  
[image from dagon.bei.t-online.de too old to be available]
2003-02-24 09:56:41 AM  
If it wasn't for the battery pic, this one would have been lame. Although, the burrito egg is a nice touch. Hmmm... a breakfast burrito does sound good. DARN YOU STRONGBAD FOR TEMPTING ME WHEN THERE IS NO BURRITO AROUND! DARN YOU TO BURNINATION!
2003-02-24 09:57:26 AM  
"Can't nobdoy say that StrongBad never did nothing for the people"
Brilliant! :)
2003-02-24 09:59:37 AM  
You people are a bunch of ass kissers, that little flash movie took no creativity, it was stupid and pointless!
2003-02-24 09:59:57 AM  

o wait...
2003-02-24 10:01:09 AM  
So $2.53 seals the deal nowadays, huh?

Let's do some quick math, shall we.

In a class of 100 students (college class, low estimate), and approx 5 papers a semester...

We're talking about 1200 extra bucks a semester. Almost enough to cover the cost of your daily morning frappuccino.
2003-02-24 10:01:37 AM  
hehe nice one.
and damn it, now I want a burrito.
2003-02-24 10:03:29 AM  
2003-02-24 10:04:26 AM  
Someone from Linden NJ beat me too it, it seems:

2003-02-24 10:08:44 AM  
Wooooooo... tempting.... temmmmmpting. Do I dare bid on the forbidden Burrito?
2003-02-24 10:09:01 AM  
Funny, because it's true. Academic papers are such jokes!
2003-02-24 10:10:43 AM  
another monday morning: i got to work, watched the email, and now it is my intention to sit down and play video games for several hours...
2003-02-24 10:10:44 AM  
Written by a Preferred Customer at Dell Computer Corporation in the document properties. Not finding any easter eggs in the metatext, though.
2003-02-24 10:15:07 AM  
dare i broach the subject? what kind of foolery can we expect of that supreme troll of trolls whose formerly consistent monday morning output has been dissapointing of late? (i won't say his name...) can't wait for the alleged 'magnum opus' so we can all trash it.

/twiddiling thumbs
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