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(Mainichi)   Japanese diners treated to panty-less waitresses   ( divider line
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5560 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Sep 2001 at 4:10 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-10 04:14:16 PM  
I'd go to one of these.
2001-09-10 04:15:15 PM  
"tails between their legs and pens firmly in hand."

I swear to god I thought that it said "penis firmly in hand" in that article.
2001-09-10 04:16:43 PM  
What a novel idea. Would never happen in the U.S. though.
2001-09-10 04:18:52 PM  
mmmmm, pubic hairs in your sake
2001-09-10 04:19:04 PM  
I couldn't eat there - the temptation would be too much. I was taught never to play with my food.
2001-09-10 04:25:12 PM  
Kipling was right: East is East, and West is West.
2001-09-10 04:25:58 PM  
Anything involving women and full or partial nudity is a great combination.
2001-09-10 04:26:04 PM  
Sounds like Hooters.......Hooters serves clams, right?
2001-09-10 04:30:04 PM  
And for dessert: a slice of hair-pie. Yum!
2001-09-10 04:30:59 PM  
"Its demise came when its owner and several waitresses were arrested for indecent exposure."

Really? NO WAY! I bet they didn't see that one coming!

How could anyone eat there. I mean, I'd be WAY too distracted to eat.
2001-09-10 04:38:26 PM  
NO-PAN SHABU SHABU! that's my new thing that i shout.
2001-09-10 04:41:11 PM  
Was anyone else surprised by the word japlish?
2001-09-10 04:50:00 PM  
Ah, the joys of an unspecified tip, a quilt, and a penlight.

*slaps self back to lucidity*

Gah! Don't they have strip clubs in Japan? Cultural differences my arse, this is just weird.
2001-09-10 04:50:54 PM  
Don't get me wrong. I love the cheap steaks at the topless joints. But I want my naked women up front and in the open. This whole blanket thing and the tip-her-to-look-up-her-skirt is a little perverted for me. Smacks of a schoolgirl fetish.
2001-09-10 05:02:49 PM  
Get off the ISLAND
2001-09-10 05:09:56 PM  
WoodyTX: Japanese are forbidden to display public hair. That's why they draw naked women as prepubescent schoolgirls, and that's why the whole "penlight under the skirt" thing.
2001-09-10 05:28:20 PM  
Well whoopee. So basicly these girls are just standing there, not dancing or anything? I'm with WoodyTX on this one....I'd rather have a completly naked woman dancing in front of me as opposed to a panty-less waitress and a pen light.
2001-09-10 05:30:59 PM  
Waitress: What would you like today?
Customer: You.
(Beavis&Butthead "boioioioing" sound effect)
2001-09-10 05:39:08 PM  
I'd like the beaver, please
2001-09-10 05:42:21 PM  
Does someone smell sushi?
2001-09-10 05:46:49 PM  
I've often considered bringing a penlight - or even better, a miner's cap with the built-in lamp - to the local "Glod Club". Heheheheh. Heads up!
2001-09-10 05:48:49 PM  
I surmise geisha girls did not wear anything under their kimonos. Perhaps these girls failed to shave and, therefore, got busted for stubble.

"indecent exposure"

"If any thing is sacred, the human body is sacred"
(Walt Whitman (1819-1892). Leaves of Grass. I Sing the Body Electric.)
2001-09-10 05:51:49 PM  
Think of the chopstick possibilities.
2001-09-10 06:00:14 PM  
That's almost disturbing, Dio.
I happen to be very good with chopsticks.

Phrases like "indecent exposure" are continuing proof that mankind, and not God, is responsible for creating logics and languages.
2001-09-10 06:14:27 PM  
"Waiter, there's a curly hair in my soup."
2001-09-10 06:18:01 PM  
Keeps the flies off the sushi!
2001-09-10 06:43:13 PM  
2001-09-10 06:43:56 PM  
Aeonite - "Japanese are forbidden to display public hair". Did you mean pubic?

Then how come Japanese porn stars have A LOT of pubic hair....errr not that I watch that type of sick stuff.
2001-09-10 06:44:18 PM  
I think I rike this prace.
2001-09-10 06:46:43 PM  
Hts666: yes. I was thinking "can't display public hair publically" and concatenated the words.

Japanese porn isn't necessarily produced in Japan.
2001-09-10 07:09:57 PM  
American girlie magazines distributed in Japan show no muff.
2001-09-10 07:17:13 PM  
$42 for a beaver shot? What a deal!!!
2001-09-10 07:21:54 PM  
pubic pubic pubic
2001-09-10 07:25:46 PM  
This from the country and sells used panties in vending machines.... hmmmmmm smells like girl
2001-09-10 07:30:47 PM  
2001-09-10 08:23:03 PM  
2001-09-10 09:20:23 PM  
It's not the pubic you're not allowed to show, it's the actual c*nt you're not allowed to show. A weird anachronism from when the Americans occupied the place.
2001-09-10 10:02:18 PM  
i dont know what i've been told....chinese woman aint got no hole!!!!!! (sung to black dog)
2001-09-10 11:15:35 PM  
Yah, hair was ok'd recently -- so-called "hair nude". That only applies to photographs, not live shows.
2001-09-10 11:44:22 PM  
FortunesFool, are you serious about the vending machines, because thats just too weird.
2001-09-11 05:11:57 AM  
Enginerd: Yeah, you can get knickers and phials of schoolgirl saliva in vending machines. They are a weird bunch.
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